Unexpected Storm

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6. Mia

Cleaning my mouth with the back of my hand, not ashamed of the secret animal I am when it comes to food, I look up from my empty plate just to meet the most amused smile I’ve ever seen.

“What?” I ask, grabbing my pint and swallowing my last chips, I take a sip of my sweet drugs, enjoying every single bubble that crushes against my tongue.

“ Nothing. I forgot what an animal you become when you eat, it’s always so... amusing”

“Thanks,” I say, showing him my proud smile. “ My mum tried her best to make a nice girly girl out of me...but I’m afraid my dad succeeded better in making me his spitting copy.” The memory of my dad even being sore always causes me to smile and, to be fair I like talking about him. Since he passed I’ve never been able to talk about him without making my mum suffer, the reason why for the last year I’ve barely spoken about him.

“Do you...How are you doing Mia? I mean...after everything that has happened, how are you holding up?” I can sense his nervousness while asking me the question and I have to say, this side of him always attracted me. He is a distant, emotionless cocky bastard on the outside, but when you start to get to know him, he can be so much more. With Andrea in fact he has always been nothing but a sweet little puppy.

“Uhm. I honestly don’t know. I think I’m doing fine...is just, you know, I can’t really talk to anybody about it. Not with my mum anyway because is still too soon for her and not with my friends there...because they have no memory of him”

“ What about Andrea?”

“Oh no, of course. I do talk to her. She has been there for me all the time.” Tapping my finger on the glass in front of me I take a deep breath before looking at him again “ the thing is, even back then I didn’t want to bother her or anyone with my sadness, besides it was good for me to try and distract myself you know? Now I only wish I could talk with someone, like I’m doing with you, and let the memories take over….”Smiling at him once more I shake my head slightly before taking one more sip of beer. “ What I’m saying is that It’s nice and I appreciate the fact that you don’t look at me with pity”

“ Pity?” He asks curving his brow after taking a long sip of his beer.“ Trust me, there are many ways I could look at you Kitten and with pity, will never be one of them” The way he grins at me makes my stomach clench yet he manages to make me smile and to be fair, I haven’t smiled or laughed so much in the last year as in the past few days.

“Gosh Storm! You are such a dirty mind” I say while throwing chips at him and just there as his warm and husky laugh fills his chest, my heart stops and my stomach clenches so hard that it is almost painful.

“Yet, you are the one that catches dirt in my words, Missy…” His eyes are dark all of a sudden and for a second he seems to be thinking if say something or not. Yet he does “it’s almost like you never left “

“ I know. It feels weird...but is true. I mean, it’s been what? 3 years?”

“Yes...and nothing anyway, almost nothing has changed anyway” The way he accentuates the word “almost” while looking directly into my eyes shakes my curiosity but I don’t even need to ask because his lips are already parting to let out his thoughts. “ You have changed. In more ways, than I expected”

“ What do you mean?”

“ To start, as you mentioned on the very first day, you have boobs.” Catching his smile is difficult for me not to chuckle but when his face turns suddenly serious, I instantly bite my bottom lips, catching his attention flip for a second between my lips and my eyes “ ..and you are confident. Three years ago you wouldn’t look at me for more than two seconds and rarely, you looked me straight into the eyes. Today not even once you looked away from me and if it made you uncomfortable, you surely hid it well...of course, you are also a hottie now, but that you already know” Winking at me he takes a sip of his beer and for the million times today he manages to steal a smile from me, which is one of Storm many qualities.

“Are you saying that I was an ugly child?!”

“ ...Ugly no. An introverted shy kitten, yes.”

“ I can’t even remember when and why you started to call me Kitten, you know? You always had a nickname for us depending on the situation but Kitten stuck with me forever, why?”

“ I don’t know. I guess it was because the first time I saw you, you were dressed like one and then it just suited you”

“ Mh. I’m not convinced...but it makes sense.” Finishing my beer up I look at the phone realising just now that I have 10 texts from Andrea “ Oh gosh, I have ten messages from Andrea”

“ Everything ok?”

“ Uh...Yes…” I say while going through all the messages. “ Looks like the old-time are back”

“What do you mean?”

“ I’m gonna have to stay on the sofa tonight”


“ she is apparently coming back home with some company”

“ She is seriously worse than me”. Shaking his head Storm drinks up his beer too and, asking for the bill he turns his gaze at me. “ That means that just like the old-time you are sleeping with me, Kitten.”

“ No way. Are you out of your mind?!” He must be out of his mind for sure. We can’t possibly do that, I’m not a kid anymore..and he is not an innocent teen either and surely, we aren’t so pure of heart to be sharing a bed, not anymore.

“What? Are you scared?”

“ Would you stop? I’m not scared...It’s just, we are too old for that Storm. We are not kids anymore…” And I haven’t slept with anyone since I’m old enough to do so.

“ So what? It will be just like the old times...besides, I have a bigger bed now where there is plenty of space, the sofa is too uncomfortable.”

"Uhm" Taking a deep breath I think about the possibility ahead of me. One I could sleep on the sofa, sure it is uncomfortable but not so much..however, knowing Andrea, she would probably forget that I’m there and so I would have to witness her horny times. Two, I could sleep in her parents' room, yet it is very close to Andrea's room, which means I could hear everything so no sleep at all. 3 I could sleep with Storm...which has always been the safest option, what could go wrong anyway? Is not like we like each other..besides If I say no, he would probably think that I like him.

“ Fine. But keep your hands for yourself”

“Your wish is my command, Kitten” This is going to be a long night. What did I put myself into??

What can go wrong?

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