Unexpected Storm

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7. Storm

“ What do you want to do now? I guess Andrea is not even going to wait for us to get there” Lightning up my cigarette I watch as Mia rolls her own and somehow, watching her doing that, makes the action look sexy.

“ I don’t know. “ Licking the glue on the cigarette paper she taps the edge of it a few times and, only when she looks satisfied, she brings the roll up to her lips but before she can even ask, I light the tip for her. “Should we walk home? We can have a drink there...the house is full of booze...”

“ True. Andrea kind of got over-excited about your arrival" Starting to walk side by side, I take my sweet time to appreciate every single part of Mia’s profile. I don’t know what that is, but there is something that seems to be pulling me at her. Her profile isn't delicate as every other girl yet is still feminine and sexy. “ How is life back home?” I ask watching as her hips move accordingly to her figure. She isn't so short but compared to me she looks small.

“ Boring” She doesn’t even need to think about her answer as she puffs her smoke away. “ I don’t really get along with the people there. The girls are too...girly and the boys, Jesus...they honestly seem to have two things in their heads, videogames and boobs and I’m tired of that”

" Well..they are young. Besides, how can they don't think about your boobs?" Teasing her has always been fun and now that we can play on a completely different level, is even better.

"Why are you so stupid?" Shaking her head she punches my shoulder lightly before smiling at me. " You seriously haven't changed."

“ Oh..come on. I did..a bit."

" If you say so" She gives me a stupid smile before taking in between her lips her cigarette and never, like now, I wished to be an unanimated object. "Do you have a special one back home then? ?"Somehow the little voice inside my head is hoping for a specific answer.

“ Nope. I just told you that they are basically all idiots who only want to have fun..."

“I see but..there is nothing wrong with having fun…no?”

“No...I guess, I just wish I was a little more like Andrea...” I don’t know why but her words seem to hide something from me.

“ What do you mean?” I ask, taking in the last breath of my sweet dirty pleasure and just as the smoke leaves my lips, Mia head tilt in my direction just for a second.

“ Nothing really” The way she takes back her last statement is almost cute “ Let’s just say that I’m not as comfortable as she is”

“ Which isn’t a bad thing anyway. I love her to bits, you know...but sometimes I wish she was a tiny bit less ...explosive and egocentric”

“ I know...she has kept me awake for a full week." Laughing lightly she shakes her head before looking at me again" I’m really happy she cleared things out with ..Noah?!” The way she looks at me makes me laugh right away “ I think is Noah...because that's mean I have a break.”

“ And because you get the spend the night with me..."

" That's maybe why you are happy" Grinning at me as she curves her brow, Mia gives me another reason to be intrigued even more but before I can even replay, she is already talking to me again. " Can I ask you something?"

“ Shoot”

“ What’s with all the tattoos?” She asks while slowly burning my skin with her gaze. Her bright eyes drink at first the ink on my arm, with no rush at all, studying almost every single detail and then, stepping slightly closer, she moves her gaze on my neck which is only partly tattoed.

“ You don’t like it?”

“ I actually do.” Until she answered, I didn't even realize that I was worried she could say no, but when my eyes meet her smile, a weird relief takes over me. “ I’m just... curious”

“ I believe I had a tougher time than people thought when I moved out to go and study abroad. Getting tattooed was a way to express that I guess..." Keeping my eyes on her while running my hand through my hair I take a small breath, before talking again. " They have meaning, most of them...other I don't know, I just felt to do it."

“ I see. " from her smile, she liked my answer. But why am I looking for her approval today?" Well… I guess we all had our moment” Showing me her tongue, it takes me a moment to understand why, but when my eyes land on the shiny little piercing in the middle of her tongue, her gesture make sense.

“ No way...Little Mia has a piercing?” I'm more surprised than anything, it does look good on her, in fact, it is sexy as hell.

“ Oh yeah...even more than one and..." she takes her sweet time to talk, but as I furrow my brow, she smirks at me"...a tattoo”

“ Whhhhaaat??? now I am intrigued “ And I really am. Not only because I found piercing and tattoo sexy, even though I think that they have to be on the right spot in the right person, but mainly, I'm intrigued because I've never pictured Mia with any of these.

“ Let’s just say I had a tough first year when we moved and I might start to see people from the wrong crowd..”

" And how many more do you have? And where?

“ A few..but I won't tell you."

" Why?"

"cause I'm not drunk yet. Usually, that's when I tell people my darkest secret..."

“ Is that so?" I ask while taking a step closer and watching as her chest slowly rise and fall, I grin, forcing her to stop walking for a second " you could show me then?” I can tell that thought of it either scares or excites her because when I speak, her eyes change of light and intensity and for the first time tonight, she looks away from me, moving her attention under my nose.

“ Not happening” She quickly answers before stepping back. " besides, why do you care?"

“ ...I'm curious" Those were her word after all and just as she starts to walk again I do the same. " Come on...where do you have them?"

“ I’m not that drunk yet, Storm” Unfortunately for me, we are already home and quickening our pace, we reach the porch in no time where she stops, waiting for me to open the door.

“Let’s have a drink then, shall we? So you can tell me after…” Who thought that Little Mia would bring so much excitement to this holiday. Maybe she is a new person as Andrea said, maybe I am going to get in trouble after all.

“ Am I your distraction tonight,Storm?”

“ Maybe. Or maybe I’m just truly interested…and incredibly curious ’” Getting in I wait for her to follow and once she is in, I lock the door behind us caging her for a single moment between the door and me.

“ Well, then it's gonna be a Give and Take” I can feel the air tensing for a minute but as I let her free, I realize I'm the one on edge.

“ What do you mean?”

“ I’ll tell you something, you tell me something else.”

“ And what if I show you?” Without giving me an answer Mia walks away and God, I've never liked a challenge so much in my life. Game on, Kitten.

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