Prison Love

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Two mafias met in jail, only one thing was the problem, both hated each other, how would the hatred turn into love~ To know more, please continue to read the story~

Erotica / Romance
Stella Saloria
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The sun was shining through the yard, everyone were either training or working.

“If your value your life, get out of here!” He screamed in the other persons face, meanwhile another guy was laying on the bench, with his hands behind his neck, he’s legs crossed and was looking into the clear sunny sky

“Let him go” the laying man said while still looking into the sky

“But-” he got cut off with an slap to his face.

“Didn't I say, let him go” he said while glaring into the other guys soul

“Yes sir!, you, go!” He said while avoiding his eyes from fear.

“Tch! Go and fück off!” He said, while laying back down again.

The other guy ran off.

“Why run your mood Castilian” another person came beside Castilian

“Tch! Just not in a good mood”

“You would always get in a better mood when you would smoke” the guy said while sitting on the bench

“Well bad for me, I can’t go out and buy cigarettes” Castilian said while standing up

“Where are you going”

“I don’t know Jonathan, where does a man goes when he is about to piss his pants?” Castilian said with an smirk and grinned at Jonathan that had his mouth wide open

“Well let me come with you” Jonathan stood up and went towards Castilian

“Why do you wanna come with me? To help me unzip my pants or to do something…. Else…?” Castilian had an huge smirk on his face while Jonathan, he’s assistant that also got sent to jail, looked angry.

“Castilian!” Jonathan said, with an angry voice

Castilians smirk immediately dropped and soon, Castilian towered over Jonathan with an angry and deathly glare

“I don’t think you have the right to raise your voice at me” Castilian said, while narrowing his eyebrows

“Just kidding!” Castilian laughed so loudly, that everyone around them began to look they’re way.

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