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Secret Desires

Taylor curses loudly while he’s laying on his couch in the living room. He had just broken up with his now ex girlfriend Lilly. She complained about him being an asshole and not giving her what she wanted and today was the last straw. After a long session of yelling at each other she decided to end their relationship that lasted for about a year before storming off from his house. He tried to keep his cool for the longest time and accept her as who she was. But sometimes she’s a bit too childish and acted like a spoiled bitch if he had to be honest. He tried his best to deal with her attitude but the relationship was a toxic one.
But right now, he’s angry with her. How dare she used those condescending words. He wants to have a talk with her older sister Kate, which is his friend as well. Searching for her contact he messages her.
K: What do you want? Not satisfied enough with making my younger sister crying her eyes out.
T: I don’t know what kind of bullshit she had said to you but I want to talk with you.
K: There’s nothing left to be talked about. It’s over Taylor.
T: For god sake please let me talk with you Kate.
K: What do you want to talk about?
T: Her of course. And the real reason why we broke up in the first place.
K: Fine. Where and when?.
T: My house. Tonight at 8.
K: Alright but if you tell me lies about her I will make sure your life’s a living hell.
T: Yeah yeah whatever.
And with that, their conversation ended and Taylor throws his phone aimlessly to the couch while sighing deeply. This is not going to end well. He knows a lot about her and one thing for sure, she’s scary when she’s angry. She is not scared to humiliate a boy by throwing him to the floor then stomps on him to add salt to the injury.
And to make things worse, he’s horny right now. Like, super horny. Because, early into his and Lilly’s relationship where he could still tolerate her, after a long session of yelling at one another they usually make it up by having a rough angry sex. And today’s case is not any different, albeit with the absence of his now ex girlfriend.
He growls loudly when he could feel his semi erect dick throbbing at the idea, as if acknowledging his current predicament. Sighing in frustration he decides to jerk off to several nudes of Lilly which he still have as of now. But, seeing her again even in a picture kills his mood and even angers him even further. He needs a girl to be fucked stupid. And fast.
“Wait a minute…” He said to himself. A bright bulb appears on his head. Realizing what could happen he chuckles evilly while waiting for his target to come to his house, tonight at 8 pm.
X – X – X
Kate parked her car on Taylor’s driveway. Locking the door of her car, she begins to walk to the front door and knock on Taylor’s front door. No response. His house is a simple two floored building painted in cream and light chocolate. There are noises inside his house indicating that he must be inside. He probably too occupied with the stuff he’s currently in.
Kate knocks on the door louder but still no response. Cursing to herself she kicks the door in frustration. To her surprise, it swings open violently, prompting her to apologize in her mind. Closing the door gently this time, she roams through the house. The lights in several area are off, the TV in the living room is on and currently broadcasting an evening news.
“Hello? Taylor?” She called him out. No response. “Taylor it’s me Kate. I am here to talk with you. Please don’t waste my time anymore” She said again with a huff. Still no response. “Taylor I swear if I find you messing around with me I will make sure I would stomp on your tiny dick and force you to eat it” Kate growls deeply. Even with the obvious threat from her he’s still nowhere to be found.
Kate decides enough is enough. “Alright then, if you want to play like this then so be it. But don’t try to crawl on your knees begging me to have mercy when I am- MMFFFF!”. Someone covered her mouth from behind and wrap an arm under her breasts and forcibly leading her into the living room. She tries to scream and punch whoever that is but proved to be futile as the assailant is much stronger than her.
The person leads both of them to the dimly illuminated living room, pushing her against the wall while his hand roams around her body to feel every contour of her beautiful body. “W-WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” Kate screamed when she managed to pry the person’s hand from her mouth. “Strawberry hmm? I am starting to think you are actually came prepared for this special occasion” The heavy voice startles Kate. “T-Taylor?! What do you think you are doing?! You fucking insane!” She said still trying to fight back.
“I am doing what I supposed to do from the first time I saw you, claiming you as mine” He said licking her neck lustfully. “Y-You… fucking bastard!” Kate stuttered a bit which is noticed by Taylor. “Stuttering hmm? I guess you too are starting to enjoy this” He said groping her boobs from her blue shirt. “YYOU’LL PAY FOR THIS! Kate screamed. Don’t deny it because Lilly had been talking to me about it for the longest time” Taylor said lathering her neck with saliva using his long and coarse tongue.
“W-WHAT?! SHE TOLD YOU ALL THAT?!” Kate screamed in surprise. “Yes Kate. Now, why don’t you relax and let me show you what a real dick looks like” Taylor said, his hand traveling south to rub her crotch to get her turned on. “G-Get your filthy hands off of me you sick fuck!” Kate screamed. “Keep talking like that babe. Dirty talk is one of those things that turn me on even more quickly” Taylor growled into her ear.
Kate shudders in response, her fur standing on end. “Now, be a good girl and suck me off” He said twirling her around roughly. He catches both of her wrists and presses his body against her. “Can you feel it? Feel how aroused I am now. Feel how big my dick is through my pants” Taylor breathed into her right ear as he licks her earlobe.
Kate’s eyes widened in amazement. It shouldn’t be possible for a male’s reproduction organ to be that big. But her doubt was shattered when she felt the long shaft grinding against her. She swore to herself that his dick’s length ended near her kneecap. That’s how long it was. It’s insane.
“Come on. Get on your knees. Or I will blackmail you and tell Ben that you came here to suck my dick off so that you can break up with him to fuck me everyday” Taylor threatened, showing his pearly razor sharp teeth. Kate nods in defeat, going down onto her knees, while pulling his shorts down, revealing his black boxer. A very evident bulge is visible and she had to stifle a gasp of surprise.
“I know? Big as fuck right? Don’t worry you’ll get used to it” Taylor snickered slapping her cheek lightly. “Now show me your talent that has been wasted on Ben tiny dick” Taylor said. Kate nods in response and pulls his boxer down slowly. Suddenly, his massive dick springs out, smacking her right on the nose. She yelps and recoils back in response, her jaw slackens in disbelief. It’s a true monster.
A monstrosity of a cock measured at 10 inches long and nearly 3 inches in width. The veins on the red skin is visible and literally throbbing with every heartbeat. His knot, is also massive. A tennis ball sized knot. Kate couldn’t understand how it would fit in her pussy, let alone in her mouth. “Admiring my dick hmm? Take your time baby, I want you to enjoy this as much as I do” Taylor cooed while his hand urging her to just swallow his dick already.
“Y-Yes but… give me some moment… oh my god…” She muttered under her breath. “Come on Kate, I am getting impatient now” Taylor said tapping his right foot a bit annoyed by her anxiety. He decides to coax her out even further. He begins tapping his dick against her head. “Come on, I know you want to suck at this big candy cane. Come Kate, it wants to feel your tight mouth” Taylor said.
Finally Kate is starting to move again. She begins jerking him off with both hands and even with that she couldn’t envelope it with both of her hands as there are still some area untouched. That’s how big he is. “Oh god… yeah Kate that’s the stuff. Keep doing it” Taylor moaned massaging her scalp. Kate continues to jerk him off, still unsure about this. “B-But, aren’t we supposed to talk about Lilly?” She asked. “Fuck Lilly. That can be done later. But now, I want you to make me cum” Taylor said.
Kate begins to grow bolder. She begins to pepper his head with gentle kisses, each time she did that his head throbbed and twitched excitedly as a response. She then grows even bolder, taking his head inside her mouth. Taylor was unprepared and in response thrusted deeper into her mouth, choking her a bit.
“G-God damn it Taylor! You almost killed me!” Kate snarled in annoyance. “S-Sorry but you are just too damn good!” Taylor argued back though his mind is mostly clouded with lust now. Kate rolls her eyes in irritation. Typical boys. She immediately goes back to blowing him. Taylor moans loudly, her soft tongue wrapped around his shaft tightly before bobbing her head up and down. “That’s the stuff Kate… fuck you are really talented at this”.
Kate couldn’t believe she’s blowing Taylor right now in her house. This is wrong. She’s with Ben. He’s her boyfriend. While Kate admits that Ben is a bit not endowed down there,
But slowly, that nagging feeling in the back of her mind starts to erode away. She just deepthroated him in one go, a feat that shocked Taylor. “Oh my god Kate! Fuck that feels so good!” Taylor growled and begins to face fuck her. Kate realizes what’s happening and tries to escape only for Taylor to grip her head harder. “No! You stay here while I fuck that cute little whorey mouth of yours! Try not to gag!” He said and thrusts so deep that her nose meets his pelvis.
Taylor let her stay in that position for a good 10 seconds while Kate slobbers all over his cock and balls before he pulls back, allowing her to breathe once more. Kate coughs up a lot of her saliva, drenching her chin and chest, causing her blue shirt to become wet, revealing to Taylor what she’s wearing underneath.
“Ahh naughty girl, red bra hmmm? I also like red, especially on a girl” Taylor said licking his lips hungrily at his prey. “Oh god… cough cough. W-Why you have to be so rough…” Kate said still clutching her neck in pain. “Because I know you love it! Tell me, how does it feel like to slobber all over my big dick?”
Taylor asked while stroking his dick near her face. “I-It’s… nice…” She admitted. “I am sorry what was that Kate? I couldn’t hear you! Say it louder please” He urged her despite him already hearing what she said.
“I said it’s nice okay! Just shut up already you crazy bastard!” Kate snarled at him. Unfortunately, she did the wrong thing. “No Kate, I will shut you up” Taylor said with a dark tone causing Kate to whimper in fear. Next thing she knows is that she’s being flipped upside down being pinned against the wall on her back. Her head is facing the ground while her legs are being held in the air by Taylor’s hands. She could see his throbbing cock which is just hanging an inch from her mouth.
“LET’S SEE IF YOU CAN STILL TALK WITH A BIG COCK IN YOUR MOUTH AND THROAT!” Taylor roared slamming his entire length into Kate’s oral orifice. “MMMPHHH! MMFFF!” Kate screamed but found herself unable to do so. “YEAH KEEP DOING THAT YOU SLUTTY BITCH! OH YES YOUR SCREAMING FEELS GOOD AGAINST MY DICK!” Taylor said. He starts to facefuck her rapidly and violently.
Kate gurgles and gags violently while trying to push Taylor’s thighs away from her head but it’s just no use. He’s too deep in the lust now literally throat fucking her like a horny beast. Her hands flail around but she couldn’t do anything. He’s literally fused her to the wall. His thighs are on the side of her head, while his crotch is moving closer and farther with every single thrust. His balls are slapping her in the eyes, the heavy musky scent is driving her crazy.
Meanwhile, Taylor has ripped her jeans apart, revealing her glistening wet red panties. She must’ve been wet from all that throat fucking for a while, judging from the size of the puddle on her panties. “Hmmm smells so fragrant. I wonder, if it tastes as good as it smell” Taylor growled lustfully. He sticks his long, thick and coarse tongue to her sensitive swollen pussy, earning a muffle gasp of surprise from the female currently being facefucked.
“I take that as a yes Kate” Taylor replied grinning evilly while licking his lips. He then continues eating Kate, ravaging her poor pussy with his animal like tongue. Kate’s legs are buckling under the intense pleasure. She had never been this wet when she was with Ben. He’s too oblivious on what to do to make a girl feel amazing. He would only focus on one thing and abandon another. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Taylor is a god of sex.
He knows every single spot on her body that could elevate her state of euphoria to higher levels. His tongue expertly explores her rarely explored pussy. Ben would never let himself do it. It’s too weird for him and always gave him unpleasant feelings if thinking about it too much. Taylor on the other hand, didn’t hesitate.
He literally rapes her with his powerful tongue. Slithering to her deepest part in her pussy. Coiling his tongue on her pussy lips and kisses her clit roughly before repeating the whole process. His fingers also play a role in this session. Finger fucking her causing her eyes to roll to the back of her head. It’s so thick and even with just two fingers in it’s far thicker than Ben can ever get.
“MMMFFF MFFFF!” Kate screamed. Her throat vibrates on his sensitive dick causing his legs to buckle. “Keep doing that and I will reward you nicely bitch” Taylor growled, for the first time addressing Kate with dirty name. Kate’s being facefucked at inhuman speed by Taylor. His cock is literally reshaping her throat and mouth while his heavy balls smacking against her head.
“I-I’m gonna cum!” Taylor groaned speeding up the process of facefucking and throatfucking her. Lewd sloshing sound emanates from her worn out mouth and throat, while he on the other hand continues to eat her out roughly. Then, at the very last second before he cums, he decided to bite on her clit and pull it out while sticking three fingers as deep as it can into her pussy and create a hook that pinches her G-spot, causing her to scream extremely loud and her legs buckle as a reaction.
Her reaction also caused him to blow his seed all over her stomach and throat, slowly filling her to the brim with each pulse filled with his potent seed. Her on the other hand, sprays him with her orgasmic juice. But he is not done yet. He continues to finger her wildly while chewing on her clit to intensify the orgasm even further, which he does successfully. Kate’s hands flailing around, her legs wrapped and unwrapped from Taylor’s head while her tits jiggle uncontrollably.
She also in danger of choking on his cum and lack of oxygen. She has been oxygen deprived for well over a minute. Her vision had started to grow darker on the edges. Finally, Taylor let go of her, carefully letting her fall to the floor, her back against the wall while she is coughing a lot of his cum from her mouth to her waiting hand. Meanwhile. Taylor is stroking his dick on her cheek trying to smear it on her face to make her look sluttier.
“Wait, no. Suck me dry and clean slut. I want this to be clean in one minute” Taylor said running the tip of his dick on her lips. Reluctantly, Kate sucks him off once again, drying his dick from the mixture of her saliva and his cum. Taylor moans and attempt to facefuck her again but not that rough and deep as before as he’s still enjoying his afterglow with her. “Damn you and your amazing mouth and throat. I didn’t know you had that in you” Taylor said massaging her scalp.
“But now, let’s move on to the next part shall we slut?” He grinned. Kate yelps loudly when Taylor throws her to the ocean blue colored couch that’s wide enough for a person to sleep and long enough for four people to sit. Kate decides not to struggle anymore, which helps a lot for both of them as Taylor lines up his dick against her entrance.
She kinda like being roughly fucked by him. “Damn, your pussy is throbbing Kate. You must be wanting this for so long hmm?” Taylor said leaning close to her face, his dick grazing against her entrance. He must be doing this on purpose!.
“Y-Yes-AHH!” Kate gasped when the tip of his dick slides into her pussy a bit. “I have been… ohh… waiting for this…” Kate whispered. “Heh, I guess those sneaky peek while I was changing in the school’s locker room were true. You did try to get a good look on my cock” Taylor grinned to the shocked Kate. “Y-You knew?!” Kate gasped in disbelief. “Yeah. You have no idea how much I wanted to run to you and shove you inside and fuck you stupid Kate. I had to restrain myself because I was still with Lilly. But now, let’s get wild baby…” He said kissing her passionately. “I… mhhh…” She melts into the kiss.
“No more, I want to fuck your pussy with my monster cock raw…” Taylor said. Kate shivers when he said that. It gives more excitement running through her nerves. “GLUK! MMPPHH” Kate’s mouth is suddenly being invaded by Taylor’s fingers. He toys with her tongue and throat for a bit before withdrawing his fingers from her mouth, now drenched with her saliva.
“You… could’ve used an early warning…” Kate said between coughs. “True, but where’s the fun in it?” He grinned evilly. He uses her saliva to bathe his shaft with it. He groans in delight, as her saliva is hot and slimy. “Here, I have some leftovers” Taylor said smearing it on her face. “Wait… one more thing” He rips her shirt and bra open, earning a surprised scream from Kate.
“Damn what a luscious pair of tits you have there. Maybe wrecking your pussy could wait for another couple of minutes. I want to mark your tits as mine” He said and straddles her stomach. His cock is resting against the valley of her breasts.
He begins thrusting his dick in and out of her valley, and to her open mouth. “Come on. Suck at my cock while I titfuck you” Taylor said his tongue lolling out to the side weakly. Kate obliges by opening her mouth even wider as Taylor continues to fuck her luscious tits. She wouldn’t blame him though. Many boys at school often drool at the size of her tits. Most backed down when she was taken by Ben but still, she can proudly say that she has the sexiest tits in her school. No one can deny that not even the girls and her friends. It’s like she’s been blessed by Aphrodite herself.
But now it belongs to one man only and even that man isn’t her man. It’s Taylor. Her friend and currently fucking her tits like no tomorrow. But she wouldn’t deny the feeling of his veiny dick against her chest is turning her on a lot. It’s bumpy and throbs every once in a while. She could feel her core is heating up once more and producing a lot of juice for later orgasm. But it’s drenching her pussy and her crotch area. “God Kate… your tits are so fucking amazing and so soft… fuck me… you must be taking care of your assets very carefully… “Taylor groaned as his dick entered her mouth again.
“Squish my dick with your tits Kate. It’ll feel amazing” Taylor said impatiently. Kate does what she’s told and her immediate response is a loud, throaty growl from Taylor. Indeed, her tits would feel amazing but he didn’t realize it would be better than his imagination. Kate continues squishing her boobs against Taylor’s shaft. Toying with her nipples and using her mouth to apply a sudden hard suction on his coming head. Taylor had to support himself to the arm of the couch above Kate as he begins to ride her tits hard.
“Oh god… you are so fucking hot you know that Kate? You fucking slut with magnificent tits” Taylor said slapping her face. Kate moans in delight and squishes his dick hard with her tits. “Oh yes that’s it! Keep doing that you fucking slut! I love it when you use your tits to fuck my hard cock!” Taylor growled happily. Kate then tries to rub her nipples against his shaft. She succeed and the result was amazing. Taylor growled and literally grope her tits violently before using it as a handle to titfuck her even harder.
He growls loudly and she could feel his balls throbbing once more, eager to shoot more potent seed to her. She decides to open her mouth wide, tongue rolled out of her mouth and locks her gaze to his, who’s grunting deeply with each thrust against her fleshy mounds. “That’s it… good girl. Taking initiatives right now hmmm?” Taylor said. “I AM CUMMING! ARRGGHH!!!” Taylor roared in delight crushing her tits against his throbbing dick and cum right into her waiting mouth. Kate yelps in delight when some splashes her in the eye and nose but keep her mouth open regardless.
“Take more bitch!” Taylor said shoving half of his length into her mouth. Kate’s eyes widen in surprise but she’s more prepared now and decides to milk his cum more by bobbing her head back and forth eagerly. After a minute, Taylor finally stopped cumming down her throat. He removes his dick from her mouth and wipe the remaining dripping cum onto her nipples, shuddering every time his shaft met the hardened pink nubs.
“God you are such a slutty bitch Kate. I knew it came natural to you and only need the perfect guy to make it come out” He said slapping his cock against her cheek trying to smear his cum across her face once more. “I know… I am your slut Taylor…” She purred, slowly accepting her role as his sex toy and cum dump. She is slowly beginning to get addicted to his cock and cum. She’s becoming his personal cum slut.
“God you sound so naughty when you said that. I am going to reward you for that” Taylor said removing himself from her stomach. Suddenly, she feels a long rod impales her pussy, all the way to her womb. Her scream is caught in her throat. It’s so sudden yet so powerful that she lost her voice. Only after Taylor thrusted for the second time she let out a powerful scream of bliss, literally squirting all over his dick and crotch. His knot also tapping her pussy lips.
Taylor nearly came as well. Her pussy is tighter than her mouth and throat. He had to clench his teeth and balled his fists to keep him cumming early. He wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. And cumming early isn’t part of the plan.
“Fuck fuck fuck… oh god Kate how the fuck you are so tight there? Is this because of Ben dick unable to part your pussy wide open?” Taylor said his tongue draping against his mouth. “Ahh… fuck… you… Taylor… you are so… fucking huge…” Kate said through her exhausted moans. “No. I will fuck you Kate. Get ready” Taylor said and slams his cock right back into her with such force that she recoils from it. Thankfully she had a pillow under her head to dampen to shockwave but still, it’s a powerful thrust from him.
“God damn you feel so good against my cock… I am definitely going to enjoy this as much as you do…” Taylor said thrusting into Kate and out of her slowly. He wants her to enjoy this as well ,which she does. She loves the sensation of him entering and leaving her pussy. Whenever he enters her she feels full and whenever he pulls out she feels empty and cold. His cock also throbs wildly in her pussy and it’s hitting all the good spots and especially her G-spot.
Kate is gripping onto his arms, his strong and rigid arm provides her with the much needed anchor against his powerful thrusting to reshape the insides of her pussy. She could feel it’s pushing and enlarging her pussy all around. She couldn’t do anything but to revel in the pleasure and moan loudly with every thrust he did.
Kate writhes under Taylor and to him, it’s the sexiest sight he has ever seen in her entire life. Not even sex with Lilly was this hot. “Damn Kate… I think you left Lilly in the dust for in the body department. You are so goddamn sexy and your tits are so big… Lilly was nothing compared to you, you sexy bitch” Taylor said licking her neck lovingly. “A-Ahh… fuck… And you are one… handsome bastard with a large prick…” Kate retorted back. True, her younger sister Lilly, while hot, is nothing compared to her. It’s like night and day. She has bigger tits and sexier shape than Lilly. Better hourglass body than her. Better ass than her. Everything is better for Kate.
And Taylor wants to take full advantage of the treasure he got now. “Oh Taylor! Faster! Please! AHHH…” Kate moaned erotically arching her back. Taylor growls and begins to fuck her at an ever faster tempo, causing the couch to shake back and forth. Kate grabs on the arm of the couch, accentuating her breasts to him even more. Taylor couldn’t help himself but to latch his mouth to one of her tits.
“Oh god! You really- Ahh! Love my tits don’t you?” Kate moaned, feeling his tongue flicking her nipples wildly. Taylor growls in response, as if saying “damn right I do” to her. He also flicking the other nipple with his free hand. “Oh fuck fuck!! I am close! Cum with me baby…” Kate moaned to his ear. Taylor immediately unlatched his mouth from her tit and kissed her deeply, moaning into each other mouths as they continue to fuck roughly.
His knot is also threatening to pop into her cunt. Kate could feel the twin red orbs are forcing their way to widen her pussy for them to enter. Kate’s eyes roll to the back of the head once more, and wrap her legs around Taylor’s waist. The couch continues to groan under their intense love making, threatening to break if they go any wilder. Unfortunately, that was the case as they increased their speed into such tempo that their hips became a messy and sweaty blur.
Both Taylor and Kate let out a throaty moan as the came onto one another. Taylor’s knot had also successfully entered her pussy, locking them in place. Taylor continues to hump her violently even though his knot already locked them in place. This only further enhances the state of euphoria they’re
in right now. Kate couldn’t scream and just letting out gurgling noise from her throat as she’s overloaded with bliss inside her system. Taylor continues to duel her limp tongue and she’s helpless to do anything about it. Moreover, it feels so good and so lewd, to be mouth raped by his long and big tongue.
After staying locked for a while Taylor pulls out his dick out from her pussy, releasing its content to the couch below. “Oh fuck… you came so much…” Kate purred looking at the mess they made to the couch. “It’s your fault that you are so damn sexy you wild bitch” Taylor said stroking his cock in a teasing manner. Kate cocks her eyebrow. “Me? Wild bitch? Oh no…” She purred and scoops a handful of cum. “You haven’t seen the true meaning of wild bitch, my sexy stud” And with that she pours the content in her hand into her mouth, making sure Taylor could hear her swallow it erotically, tracing her fingers across her face down to her breasts to flick her rigid nipples. All while she was looking at him naughtily.
Taylor’s cock instantly comes back to life and Kate yelps playfully when she’s being carried away from the couch and moans throatily when she’s being slammed against the wall. Kate’s arms go above her head to make her already big luscious tits look even bigger. Taylor wastes no time and began molesting her tits with his hand and mouth once more, while she locked her legs around his waist once more. “Ahh! Naughty boy… You surely have a thing for massive milk jugs don’t you hunky boy?” Kate purred.
Taylor gazes at her intensely before placing a hand to cover her mouth effectively muffling her. “You talk to much. Now I am going to make you scream wildly” Taylor thrusts back into her deeply while holding her right thigh with his free hand and starts fucking her that way. Kate’s moans of delight are of course, muffled by his hand and she somehow finds this whole act extremely erotic in its own way. “Mmfffhhhh… mmmm…” Kate moaned through his hand.
Taylor on the other hand is fucking her relentlessly. This is also the first time he’s trying to fuck a girl in this position and truth to be told, this is so fucking hot and arousing for him. He couldn’t believe he’s actually doing this to his ex girlfriend’s older sister. And she’s actually a wilder girl than Lilly ever was and genuinely enjoying this as much as he does. Lilly mostly only want vanilla sex and after that, nothing. Just one round of sex and for a guy like him, one round sex is never enough to satisfy his huge lust.
Moreover, Lilly had always been a reluctant one in giving him blowjobs. Kate? She swallowed his entire length like a champ and an expert slut. He couldn’t believe he didn’t bat an eye all those years ago when Kate was still single. He was too focused on getting Lilly and forgetting the fact that Kate became hotter the older she gets.
“Taylor… ohhh my god… you are such a fucking animal…” Kate moaned loudly after she succeeded removing his hand from her mouth. She then begins to suck on his index and middle finger while maintaining eye contact. Taylor could feel he just shot a pre into her womb, and Kate also felt that. Both moaned in delight at the sudden warm sensation as Kate’s walls involuntarily clenched his shaft as a response.
“Let me show you what a predator can do to its prey. Prepare to get fucked stupid bitch” Taylor snarled and place both hand on her ass cheeks before starting to jackhammer the fucking bliss into her tight pussy. “AHHH YESS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME TAYLOR! BREED ME! I WANT YOUR DELICIOUS FUCKING CUM!” Kate screamed while giving him the fucked stupid face. Saliva flying everywhere from her mouth and her pupils are replaced by hearts.
“Fucking hell you kiss Ben with that slutty mouth? What a naughty bitch you are I should punish you for talking with such foul language like that!” Taylor growled and begins to suck on her neck roughly. “Ahh fuck fuck FUCK! MARK ME TAYLOR! MARK ME AS YOURS! GODDAMN IT LEAVE TRAILS OF HICKEYS ON MY UNCLAIMED NECK! MARK ME AS YOURS NOT BEN EVER AGAIN! I LIVE ONLY FOR YOUR CUM AND COCK!” Kate screamed nonsense to fuel his lust even further. And it worked perfectly.
Taylor growls deeply and pistons even harder into her, turning her insides into jelly. Kate begins to hyperventilate, tongue lolled to the side while her face showing nothing but absolute state of euphoria. “I’m gonna cum inside you whorey cunt you bitch! Take my seed!” Taylor growled and clamped his jaw on her shoulder. Kate moans erotically and push his head deeper to her shoulder to amplify the pain mixed with pleasure.
His knot once more gets inside of her and begins shooting gallons of virile cum into her welcoming womb. She could feel her womb being filled to the brim before her pussy is starting to overflow. She tweaks her nipples with her fingers to amplify the feeling even further while still enjoying Taylor’s fangs embedded deep in her left shoulder. It’s so arousing and yet, it makes her feel safe and loved.
Taylor then unclamp his fangs from Kate’s shoulder, revealing two small holes that’s leaking a trail of blood. He licks it up as an apology for Kate. “You are one fucking bastard you know that right? I can’t believe you made me addicted to your dick in a short amount of time” Kate purred. “I am glad I did that to you babe” Taylor said pecking her lips lovingly.
“You did but I believe…” Kate said reaching down to cup his balls roughly. “These bad boys still have a few rounds left to go…” She cooed sexily. Before Taylor could react she pushes both of them away from the wall by twisting her flexible body and use her hands to push them away. Taylor wasn’t prepared for this and ended up laying on the coffee table near the drenched with cum couch. Now it’s Kate’s time to straddle him.
“Stay boy” She purred booping him on the nose. Taylor is literally dying from the pressure of the situation. He’s killing himself with the excitement of the suspense. Kate slowly lowers her pussy to his twitching cock, eager to strike back at her womb once more. “Aww twitchy guy wants nothing more but ravage my womb. So eager…” Kate cooed giving his head a lustful kiss. “F-Fuck that’s so… hot…” Taylor groaned in desperation. “Wait… stay here big boy” Kate said leaping off of him. His head is circled with question marks as Kate goes to his kitchen.
Then, she comes out from the kitchen, and Taylor could’ve sworn he somehow got harder than what he thought his maximum hardness. Kate brought two items, one whip cream can and one cherry from his freezer. “I am a bit hungry. And needs a dessert before you fuck me raw again” Kate purred. She pulls open the lid of the can and sprays his dick with the whip cream, covering him with thick layer of the edible substance. “And now for the topping!” Kate exclaimed happily and places a cherry on top of his dick.
“What… the… fuck…”. “Bon appétit!” Kate declared sexily before devouring the cherry and the whip cream in one go. “Holy… FUCK!!!” Taylor shouted loudly at the sudden pleasurable sensation. The coldness of the whip cream and cherry meets with the hotness and wetness of her slutty mouth and throat. She twists her head left and right trying to get as many whip cream as possible from his towering cock. Taylor is definitely not prepared to face this new kink which he instantly loves. He’s definitely adding this to his favorite kink list.
“Mmmhh slllrrpp mmmm sluurrpp. Oh that’s the delicious stuff…” Kate purred with his cock inside her mouth. The hotness of her mouth had begun melting the frozen whip cream and causing it to drench his crotch. Kate was quick to react by slowly slurping all the melted whipped cream from his saliva covered cock. “Oh my fucking god… this is so hot right now…” Taylor groaned when Kate ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. “Mmm so many delicious whip cream… must not go wasted…”
Kate purred continuing licking his dick like it’s a big lollipop. “Fuck! I am going to cum!” Taylor roared unable to hold his orgasm much longer. Kate immediately put her face in front of his wildly twitching dick before he cums on her, painting her white. Her face, her hair, her boobs. Kate giggles cutely and eats most of the cum before letting a small portion of it smeared on her body.
“Now, let me fuck you Taylor” Kate cooed and line his cock straight to her waiting engorged pussy. “Here it comes TAY…” She cooed and dropped himself onto his cock literally. “T-Tay? O-OH GOD FUCK!!!” Kate is tighter than ever before. Probably because she’s aroused after eating cherry and whipped cream from his dick. “Ohh fuck… your dick is instantly standing at full attention after being massaged by my pussy walls… mmm such a naughty boy you are Taylor” Kate cooed leaning towards him to give him a French kiss which he happily accepts.
She sensually grinds her nipples against his chest and it surely did send some electrical jolts through his body. He retaliates by twisting her nipples roughly and she moans in delight as a response. “What a fucking slut. You think I won’t notice you’re grinding your hard nipples against my sensitive chest? Well guess what? I fucking did” Taylor growled. “I know. Just trying to know how long for you to take action” Kate shot back seductively.
Kate slowly starts to ride her, her ass cheeks making clapping sound as she fucks herself with the big rod of his. “God how can you be so fucking big? Ohh… are you sure you’re not taking penis enlargement pills just to satisfy me?” Kate said while continue fucking him groping her tits in the process. “Nope. All natural. Just like what you love” Taylor replied through clenched teeth. She really does making this harder for him to not cum quickly even though he just came like five minutes ago. But she so unbelievably tight that he couldn’t hold back the urge to cum again.
“Fuck Kate you are going to be the death of me…” Taylor groaned feeling his balls going overdrive in producing sperm once more. She’s a sex goddess that’s for sure and he has met his match in sex. “Don’t worry I’ll keep you alive so that I can drink your delicious cum everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yummy…” She said sucking on her fingers. “Something for my lovely hunky man” She said offering her saliva covered fingers for him to be sucked.
Taylor immediately grabs her hand and sucks her fingers hungrily while maintaining an eye contact with her, showing his eyes are burning with passion and lust. Once he’s finished he moans in delight. “Fuck that’s so hot”. His hands travelled to her ass and grope her ass cheeks lewdly while helping her hopping on his massive dick. “I-I’m close Kate… ahhh fuck…” He groaned. “M-Me too baby. Cum with me! Paint my womb white with your hot sticky cum! I want it! I want your puppies! Make me your bitch!” Kate screamed loudly while her tongue is hanging to the side, one hand playing with her tits while the other one roaming on Taylor’s chest.
Taylor sees this and decides to take action. Taking one hand off of her ass cheek he gropes and squishes one of her tits while sucking hungrily one the other, raising his torso in the process. Kate didn’t expect him to do such thing and the result is spectacular. “AHHHH I’M CUMMING!” The two scream in lustful unison. Taylor’s knot once again locks in place, while pumping an abundant amount of cum into her already overloaded womb. But Taylor isn’t finished yet. He has one more trick up his sleeves.
He flips Kate around so her tits are smeared against the coffee table and he begins to knot fuck her swollen pussy. He hits her clitoris repeatedly and his knot is squishing against her G-spot. The result? Kate releases one last earth shattering, window breaking scream as she could feel his knot is literally fucking all three sensitive places. Her pussy, her swollen red clitoris and her worn out G-spot. She couldn’t stop screaming Taylor’s name as she rides her amazing orgasm, sending her to cloud sixty nine. After a full five minutes of knot fucking her and rendering her mute and unresponsive from the sensation. Taylor finally stops fucking her and pulls out of her in one swift motion, eliciting a sharp gasp from Kate as a stream of cum begins matting the carpet with dark spots. Taylor carries her to the couch and lays her on top of him as she snuggles to the crook of his neck for warmth.
“Oh god… you wrecked me like never before Taylor… I couldn’t… believe it. I felt like… dying out of euphoria you know…” Kate said. “Me too… you are one crazy bitch…” Taylor said still trying to catch his breath. The two then start a make out session slowly, while trying to recover from the passionate sex.
“Still want to talk about Lilly?” Kate asked. “Fuck her. I don’t need her. She’s a self entitled bitch and I don’t want anything from her again” Taylor growled at the mention of her name. “What about Ben though?”. “Oh fuck him too. Our relationship already falling apart and I couldn’t care less. Him and his pathetic dick could go fuck themselves. I already have a better one. A real man to take care of my needs” Kate said licking his neck lustfully. “Kate… aren’t you satisfied yet…” Taylor moaned as his monster cock begins to rise. “Well… are you?” She challenged back. Taylor almost lunged at her but then a bright idea came to his mind.
“Wanna tell them to fuck off? In a naughty way?” Taylor asked. “Sure. I am down with it” “Be a dear for me and fetch my phone from my pants” Taylor instructed. Kate smiles at him and tip toes to his heap of shorts and grab his phone before returning to the cuddling position. “Let’s do a French kiss pic, while you are drenched in my cum” Taylor said. Scooping up a handful of cum from her pussy she smears it on her face and hair before kissing Taylor passionately while their tongue wrestle one another. Middle fingers up. Eyes to the camera” Taylor said through the kissing. “Say ahhh…” They both moaned as he takes a pic. He then sends it to two different people, Lily and Ben and write a caption for the pic before throwing the phone to the coffee table.
“Now… let’s begin round 2” Taylor said growling seductively before throwing Kate to the mat below and starts fucking her silly once more.
X – X – X
Both Lilly and Ben were just surfing through Instagram when they received a text pic from Taylor. Curious, they opened the text and look at the pic. To their horror, it was Kate and Taylor, making out passionately while sweats glistening off of their body and Kate’s face and hair drenched with Taylor’s cum. The text below their face reads:
“Good luck moving on losers. Because we already have”.
X – X – X
Both Kate and Taylor are laying on the floor while Taylor is fucking her pussy roughly once more from behind. Kate moans everytime his big cock kissed her womb’s entrance. Her hands wildly groping her big round tits while Taylor is licking the back of her neck lustfully.
Suddenly, Kate got a new, naughty idea. It’ll probably hurts a lot but the prospect of him inflicting pleasurable pain to her is making him wetter than before. Kate places a hand behind Taylor’s head and pulls his head closer to her. “Please… stop… ahhh… I have a better… naughtier idea…” Kate said moaning in his face.
Taylor immediately gets excited and his cock twitches inside her, causing Kate to moan deeply. “Alright, what’s your idea you dirty slut?” Taylor asked kissing her neck erotically. “I… ahh… you might want to stop kissing me neck if you… ohhh fuck right there… want me to tell you…” Kate said caressing his head. “Don’t care. You can tell me while I am licking your neck” Taylor said. Kate giggles and shares her idea.
Kate then pushes Taylor away from her, causing Taylor to wiggle his body away from her a bit. Kate, looking back at Taylor gives him a lewd smirk that causes his dick to throb sharply. Kate slaps both of her ass cheeks loudly, the noise reverberates through the room.
“I want you… to fuck my ass so hard that I couldn’t sit for a month. Glaze my fucking ass like a donut…” Kate purred. Taylor’s eyes are widened to the size of a saucer, his dick standing at full attention, still enthralled to her words. Kate then feels something hot and big probing her anus to enter. She moans loudly and could see Taylor literally glued his body against her while grabbing her tits as an anchor. “Shut up slut” He said plunging three fingers into her mouth to silence her. “This is going to be fun…” He said darkly and licked her neck lustfully.
He then slowly enters her extremely tight anus. He didn’t expect her to be this tight. “O-Ohhh god… Kate!” He moaned deeply at the sudden hot sensation. Her ass is much, much tighter than her pussy and his expectation. He tries to thrust deeper into her, only to be met by some resistance. He pushes in again and manages to get another inch into her. Kate moans throatily and she grabs one of her ass cheek to pull it outwards so Taylor could penetrate her even better. But i is already at his limit.
“I-I’m gonna… FUCK!” He roared. Taylor couldn’t hold it back and came right in her ass. He pumps dozens of load filled with virile cum right into her anus. Kate moans in delight when the hot feeling of his cum splattering her ass. She couldn’t help herself but to pinch her left nipple and playing with her still overflowing with cum pussy, rubbing it fast to keep her excited.
Taylor on the other hand is breathing raggedly. She had just made him cum in several simple thrust. This wasn’t supposed to happen!. He’s supposed to be ravaging her without mercy now and yet, he’s the one who got bested by Kate!. His pride is shattered. Taylor tweaks Kate’s right nipple earning a pleasant moan from her. “God… you’re so… fucking tight Kate…” He breathed. He smacks her ass cheek eliciting a giggle from Kate.
“So this is the mighty Taylor? Reduced to nothing but a weakling by only several thrusts into my ass? How pathetic you must be to not be able to handle my ass” Kate taunted him, leering at him with a
seductive look while kneading her ass cheeks.
Taylor looks at her dead in the eyes. No one insulted him like that and hoping to get away with it easily. Especially when it’s Kate. She’s so done for him. Grabbing her by the hips he impales himself back into her with vigor while growling deeply at her. “Don’t you dare, taunting me like that slut! Now you are going to pay for saying to me!” Taylor roared and began to fuck her ass roughly.
Kate screams in bliss as her ass is being torn wider than ever. His massive cock is stretching her ass into its absolute limit. It’s painful and causing burning sensation it’s extremely hot and arousing for her. Taylor raises her right leg straight to the air, allowing him to penetrate her even deeper than even before, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. “A-AHHH! Taylor! FUCK TOO MUCH! YOU ARE SO BIG! MY VIRGIN ASS COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I-MMMPPFFF…” Kate’s screams of plea is muffled with his hand. “Shut it slut! You asked for it! So you better endure it while it lasts you whore!” Taylor snarled at her and smacks her ass roughly.
Kate yips into his hand, muffled noises being produced from her throat. She begins to finger herself at an incredible speed. Her fingers playing with her sensitive labia and clitoris, rubbing it roughly and lustfully. Her pussy is flowing with abundant juice, once again covering her crotch and his thigh with her excitement. “Oh god Taylor! F-Fuck! I am close! I can’t hold it you’re fucking me so good in the ass!” Kate moaned loudly. Taylor grabs her neck roughly and pulls her head closer to his. “That’s what you get for being such a bitch! I’ll fuck you up real good!” Taylor growled increasing his fucking tempo even higher than before.
Kate’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, arms going limp while her tongue is lolled to the side of her mouth slapping against her lips wildly. “AHH AHH AHH FUCK! FUCK FUCK TAYLOR! OHH YES FUCK MY ASS!” Kate screamed. Suddenly, Taylor could feel her anus walls clamping down hard on him. He nearly cum with her if it wasn’t for his quick thinking to bite down on his lips. While it drew blood it was worth the pain. He didn’t want to cum for the second time while Kate only had one.
Kate on the other hand let out a high pitched squeal mixed with moan of bliss. Her ass is convulsing against his shaft, as she came once more, drenching the mat under them with her sweet juice. Her legs are spasming wildly while her whole body shakes in utmost pleasure. Her head is limp against Taylor’s. And Taylor hasn’t even finished fucking her as he’s still thrusting into her deeply and roughly.
“T-Taylor! D-DON’T! P-PLEASE I- AHHHH FUCK I AM CUMMING AGAIN!” Kate screamed as she came for the second time in a row in such a short span of time. Taylor is satisfied knowing that he had beaten her in times of how many they came. And he hasn’t even knotted her ass. He begins to wonder what would it feels like to knot her tight virgin ass.
After a wild spasming session from her that lasted for about 3 minutes she was finally stop writhing around. Kate is moaning nonsense while caressing his head. “Oh my god… Taylor… you are fucking amazing. My ass feels so sore…” Kate said. Taylor chuckles darkly. “That’s what you get when you made fun of me. Remember that in your lust filled brain slut!” Taylor growled cupping her tits roughly.
“I-I will Taylor! Ahhh so rough! Now… let me clean you up…” Kate said as she removes herself from him and literally crawls onto his cock to slurp at it lewdly. “Holy fuck Kate… oh my god! You are one hell of a kinky and slutty girl!” Taylor moaned throatily. He didn’t expect her to go down at him after fucking her in the ass.
But he wouldn’t care nevertheless.
“Get to work and clean my cock slut!” Taylor said wrapping his legs around her neck and starts facefucking her once more, which she absolutely loves. Loud noises of gulping and sloshing is emanating from them across the now sex scent laced room. After he felt that it’s enough he pulled Kate away from his cock roughly, showing her glistening wet face from her saliva coating it.
“Say, how about we go to my room and we finish this?” He asked. Kate simply answers by straddling him and kisses him passionately. “FUCK ME IN THE ASS AGAIN!”. That’s all she said before throwing her tongue into his mouth.
Taylor smiles in the kiss and hoists her up using his powerful legs as he carries her upstair. His cock is slapping against her pussy when they are walking through the flight of stairs, causing Kate to giggle lightly to the pleasant feeling.
They finally arrived in his bedroom. Taylor throws Kate to his bed, causing her to squeal at the sudden change of position. She giggles for a while before her mouth is claimed once more with Taylor’s mouth. They both roll around the bed while making loud lewd making out noises.
“Oh Taylor… I…. mmmhhh… Stop please…” Kate said between the lustful kisses. She pushes him away from her, earning herself a threatening growl from Taylor. “Let’s try something new baby” She trailed sexually. Taylor tilts his head in confusion as Kate crawls away from him on all fours. But then, it hits him like a train. He then smiles evilly.
Kate on the other hand, spreaded her legs apart, while lowering her upper torso against the bed, while her ass is in the air, high above her head. She wiggles her ass before Taylor, trying to get his attention, which was successful as Taylor’s full attention is at her, along with his throbbing cock. She puts her head on her folded arms and looked back with such naughtiness that Taylor couldn’t help but to growl while showing his pearly razor sharp teeth.
“Now tay… I want you to come here, grab both of my ass cheeks, and start fucking my asshole into oblivion. Can’t you see? It’s begging for your big, fat, long cock to be buried inside again. My ass wants nothing but to get painted white with your thick, white, and hot virile cum. Come in me tay. Oh fuck… I could feel you thrusting in and out of my virgin asshole” Kate purred in the most lustful tone she has produced this far. She even plays with her pussy and pinching her clitoris to make it more obvious for him.
Taylor growls one more time, the deepest for tonight, before lunging at her, sheathing himself right against her asshole in one perfect thrust motion. Kate, while still gasping in pain for a bit, is slowly getting used to his rough fucking in the ass session. Taylor’s tongue lolled to the side, unable to cope with her tightness. She is simply too good for him. And his cock is literally throbbing madly inside her, trying to stretch her ass even wider.
“Eeeyaahh! Fucking hell Taylor your cock feels even bigger in my ass!” Kate screamed. “That’s because you are so fucking tight in your slutty ass!” Taylor replied back snarling at her. Kate yips in a mixture of pain and pleasure when Taylor spanks her ass once more roughly. The spanking noise was very loud, reverberated around his room for a bit.
“But now! I will make your ass no longer a virgin! Tonight I would make your ass wide enough so everytime I fuck you in the ass you would feel no more pain but just absolute pleasure and bliss!” Taylor yelled at her and begins to thrust in and out of her quickly. “Ahh fuck yes Taylor! FUCK MY ASS! MAKE MY ASS NO LONGER A VIRGIN! FUCK MY WHOREY ASS!” Kate screamed on top of her lung.
“That’s the spirit bitch! Keep screaming lewd nonsense like that you slut!” Taylor barked her orders. Kate moans deeply as Taylor starts to spank her ass again and again. Taylor is spanking her mercilessly. His larger hands slapping against her heart shaped, bubbly ass cheeks with so much strength that you could hear the force behind it. Taylor keeps spanking both of her ass cheeks until both of her ass cheeks are radiating heat and glowing red. Taylor has successfully marked her ass as his. No one else gonna fuck her in the ass but him. This ass is his.
Kate could feel the throbbing pain from the nerves in her ass cheeks. She could’ve sworn she could feel a little bit of blood flowing out and a simple gentle graze could bring immense pain to her ass. She is sure that she wouldn’t be able to sit without a pillow for the next one month. It’s stinging her and causing her brain to throb in pain but also mixed with fetish pleasure.
“I have marked your ass as mine Kate. You are mine and no one else. Not even Ben. You can kiss his tiny dick good riddance!” Taylor growled while still fucking her ass roughly and deeply. He has ungodly stamina and is still going faster and faster. Every single thrust could bring a moan from her now hoarse throat.
“A-Ahh… I don’t give a fuck about Ben. He and his pathetic dick had left my mind ever since you facefucked me with your real men sized cock. I only exist for your pleasure. I am your living sex toy. I live to get fucked by you and to drink your cum. Breed me like a whore Taylor!” Kate said slapping her ass with her hand, causing a pleasurable sting through her nervous system.
“Fine the bitch! You asked for this!” Taylor said and begins to fuck her even harder than ever before. “AH YES LIKE THAT TAYLOR! OH GOD I COULD FEEL YOUR COCK THROBBING INSIDE MY ASS! CUM INSIDE ME BABE! FUCKING DO IT!” Kate screamed to help him get closer to cumming. “FUCKING MARK ME AS YOURS WITH YOUR DELICIOUS CUM!”.
“F-Fuck Kate! You dirty talking like that…” Taylor said. He grabs her by her hair and pull her head close to his face, arching her back while her boobs are exposed to the somewhat cool air, her hard nipples visible in the dimly lit bedroom. Her boobs jiggling wildly up and down in sync with his thrusting.
“I am going to knot you in the ass bitch! HERE IT COMES!” Taylor growled in her ear. Kate’s eyes flew open widely. “W-WAIT TAYLOR! YOU CAN’T- AHHH FUCK! YESSS!!!” Kate screamed loudly as she could feel his big knot locked inside her. But Taylor isn’t finished yet. Even with his knot lodged inside her he is still fucking her, effectively knot fucking her like crazy.
This drives Kate wild and she begins to squirt uncontrollably, drenching the bedsheet around them and even creating a puddle under her near her pussy. Taylor growls loudly and slams his knot and cock as deep as he could inside her asshole. He ejaculates the most cum tonight into her wanting ass. She could feel him pulsating inside of her while his hands groping her boobs shamelessly. She also fingering herself and pulling her clitoris to amplify the pleasure. Both moan and groan in delight riding their orgasm to its fullest.
It wasn’t until five minutes later they finally finished writhing and moaning. Taylor then pulls her close to him, spooning her while locking his arms around under her boobs. His head resting on her left shoulder, licking her cheek gently and full of love.
“Well, how was it Katie?” Taylor asked. “It’s… indescribable…” Kate breathed. It’s genuine. It was so spectacular she was speechless. “I am glad you like it babe” Taylor said kissing her cheek. “I am so sleepy now. That fucking session exhausted me a lot” Kate purred onto his arm. “Me too Kate. You were just simply amazing”. “Goodnight Taylor. I love you so much” Kate said slipping into dreamland. Taylor chuckles lightly and kisses her one more time on the cheek. “I love you too my Katie, see you tomorrow morning babe…”.
It didn’t take long for Taylor to slip into dreamland, joining Kate in the peaceful dream they shared. And before you ask, yes, they resume their lustful fucking there. Needless to say they are going to have a long and happy, but also kinky relationship ahead.
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