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Pizza time

Ding Dong!
Ah it’s finally here!. Taylor stands up from his couch, grabbing his wallet and put it in the right pocket of his beige colored cargo pants. He hears the person pressing the bell button again in case he didn’t hear the first. “Yup! Coming! Coming!” He said jogging to the front door.
He opens the door and to his surprise, the delivery person is a female. And it’s not just any female. “Oh hey Kate! Wow! I didn’t know you are working as a delivery person!” He said. The female in front of him is Kate. She’s his fellow college student and they’re a close friend to one another. So this being unknown up until this point came as a shock for Taylor.
“Yeah I just got this job on Domino’s Pizza like a week ago. Just want to make some extra money you know” She said giggling. “That’s good to know Kate! You are the most hardworking person I know!” Taylor said complimenting her with a genuine smile.
Kate blushes red under her fur. Hearing him complimenting her like that makes her heart soars high above the clouds. And actually makes her excited down there. “O-Oh! T-Thank you Taylor! T-That’s nice of you to say” She stuttered.
Taylor could only laugh at her before asking her what’s the bill. “1 Pepperoni, 1 Chicken Wings and 1
Coke. That would be 23.50” Kate said. Taylor pulls out a 20 dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill and gives it to Kate. In return Kate gives him the foods. “Keep the change Kate. You’ll need it” Taylor said. “Aww you’re so sweet Taylor. But, are you sure that’s the only tip you gonna give to me?” Kate said biting her lower lip. Her fingers playing with the button of her delivery outfit.
Taylor blinks for a bit, placing the foods on the floor beside him. “Oh you want that tip?” Taylor asked suggestively, knowing what she meant. “Yes… that tip please” Kate purred, her eyes darting to the large bulge in his pants. Without warning Taylor grabs her by the throat and pulls her violently inside his apartment, closing the door and locking it before shoving her against the door kissing her lustfully.
Kate lets out a muffled moan as her hands are roaming around his head. She’s been infatuated with him for a while and the fact that he doesn’t wear anything to cover his hot body that made a lot of girls in their campus drool lustfully makes this even harder for her. Luckily, she could tell that he has the same feeling for her, evident from the free peeps he got from her when he thought he was sneaky. He would take a peek of her cleavage whenever they were hanging out together or her ass when he walked her home.
Now it’s like a dream come true.
His tongue is licking her pearly white tongue, begging for her permission to enter her mouth. She happily accepts his offer and opens her mouth, which in return Taylor quickly invades her mouth roughly. Kate lets out another throaty moan while Taylor growls deeply while dueling her tongue into submission. His larger, longer and stronger tongue has brought her weaker and smaller tongue into submission.
His tongue slithers around hers, before pulling it out of her mouth and begins sucking at it lustfully. “Mmrrfff… T- Taylor … mmrrfff…..” Kate gurgled incoherently as her tongue is being raped by him. After he made her tongue numb he jams his tongue down her throat without warning. Being much taller than her, he simply yanked her head back by her blonde hair to give him easier access to tongue rape her throat. Kate is getting intoxicated with lust.
Taylor then forcibly rips her jeans open, revealing her red lacy panties that causes his dick to throb even harder. “Such a slutty girl” He whispered to her, rubbing her pussy through the panties. Kate whimpers and buckles her legs towards his hand, wanting to feel more of the sensation. Taylor unzips his jeans and by stomping his feet he manages to set loose from the garment, leaving him in his black boxer only with an obvious excitement plastered against the fabric. Kate had to physically shudder in anticipation.
“Ready to get your tip slut?” He whispered while licking her throat lustfully. Kate could only whimper and nod as a response. Taylor tears apart his boxer, not caring if it’s ruined. He only wants to get balls deep inside her tight pussy. Kate’s eyes widened at his size. To say that he’s well endowed would be the understatement of her day. It’s fucking huge. He’s well over 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. Purple veins running around his shaft wildly and pulsating with each heartbeat which she could feel.
Her pussy literally squirted a bit at the magnificent sight. It seems surreal and impossible for a male to have such massive penis. But it’s there. It’s real. And it’s about to be inside her real soon. “I know, shocking isn’t it?. Most of the girls I dated were the same. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it when I am pounding your pussy into oblivion” Taylor said earning a whimper of excited fear from Kate.
Taylor shifts one arm below Kate to support her as she’s currently suspended mid air with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. His free hand guides his throbbing pulsating cock to her opening. Kate could’ve sworn his organ is radiating intense heat from a distance. It makes her pussy quiver in excitement.
“Prepare my cock for fucking slut” Taylor said shoving three fingers into her mouth and her throat, probing around to obtain her hot, slippery saliva. Kate isn’t prepared for the sudden intrusion coming from three thick appendages and found herself being finger raped again. Her pussy quivers uncontrollably, creating more and more excitement juice, making her pussy even more slippery.
Taylor on the other hand is enjoying his rough ministration to Kate’s oral orifice. Her tongue is being played and tossed around by his fingers, massaging it and pulling it sharply, all the while probing the back of her throat.
Finally he finishes finger raping her mouth and pulls it out, revealing that he has gotten enough hot saliva from her mouth to coat it around his shaft. He grips his cock with his hand and strokes it up and down to lather her saliva around it until it’s glistening wet. Then, he returns to teasing her pussy lips with his massive bulbous head.
“T- Tay… don’t… t-tease-ahhh! Me…” Kate purred trying to hold back moans of pleasure. Taylor is shocked that she already gave him a pet name. “Tay? Is that my pet name?” He asked. “Y-Yes baby… oh god… your cock feels so good rubbing against my wet and horny pussy…” She moaned deeply.
Taylor grins mischievously. “Then… my pet name for you is Katie… prepare to get fucked stupid Katie!” Taylor said slamming all ten inches into her hot and tight pussy. Kate’s voice is gone when he hilted all the way inside. Suddenly her legs begin to spasm uncontrollably. Kate begins to scream loudly and uncontrollably. Taylor, not wanting his apartment neighbors to know, puts a hand to cover her mouth, effectively muffling her moaning. But he found her muffled moans extremely erotic and arousing.
“Shhh… keep moaning you sexy dirty bitch! It sounds so hot…” Taylor whispered in her ear. Kate’s eyes roll to the back of her head as she continues to spasm wildly, her legs shaking violently because of the orgasm. She continues to squirm in his grip for a good minute before her entire body slackens, leaving only ragged breathing as a sign that she’s still alive.
Taylor grins evilly, looking at her exhausted form. Kate couldn’t even look at him without his aid by grabbing her chin to pull her head forward so she could see him again. “I take it you enjoyed the moment?” Taylor teased. Kate’s ragged breathing causes Taylor’s cock to throb uncontrollably inside her red pussy. “I…I-ahhh! Loved it… Fuck you are a god…” Kate whispered while caressing his cheek. “Well… I hope you are ready for this!” Taylor said pulling out until his tip remained before slamming back into her while his knot is slapped against her crotch.
“AHHH FUCK! TAYLOR!” Kate screamed. She hasn’t fully recovered yet from the first assault and now he’s already onto his second!. What kind of a sexual beast he is?! To be able to recover in such short span of time?. But all questions aside, Kate loves this side of him. Wrapping her legs even tighter around his waist she begins spewing lewd noises from her open slutty mouth. Taylor grunts deeply, forcing more of his cock into her slutty pussy.
He is slamming his pelvis against hers, wet, lewd slapping noises filling his apartment room. He couldn’t care less if his neighbors heard what’s going down right now. He could simply tell them to fuck off. Moreover, his apartment walls have acoustic panels since he loves gaming so much and sometimes got too carried away and spewing loud profanities. The chance of Kate’s screams of lust being heard are slim.
Which is why he’s going to make her scream like a bitch in heat.
“I-I’m close Taylor! Fuck me! BREED ME! I WANT YOUR CUM TAYLOR OH FUCK!” Kate screamed. “I am close too bitch… I want you to take my knot like a hungry slut! Make your pussy welcome my big fat knot happily you bitch!” Taylor growled yanking her head back to lick at her throat lustfully. Kate yips at him sexily while playing with her clit to make her go off like a fountain.
Both wolves howl in delight as they cum to each other. Taylor also successfully knots her with his thick fat knot, effectively blocking all exit way for the cum to pour out in case of an overflow. Kate could feel his cock, which is already insanely large, goes bigger inside her pussy. She could feel it pulsating, dumping gallons upon gallons of cum into her welcoming womb, filling it to the brim.
But even when it’s full he hasn’t finished. He continues to pump more and more cum into her and that feeling alone triggers her second orgasm of the night. She could feel her stomach is gaining a bump like a pregnant lady. Probably like one or two months pregnant due to the cum volume being dumped into her slutty pussy.
Taylor on the other hand couldn’t believe how tight her pussy is. Her walls are literally trying to milk his balls dry. They are so eager to obtain all the virile baby batters from his balls. The feeling is just amazing and out of this world.
Finally after three minutes of cumming he is finally finished. Only ragged breaths being exchanged between them. Taylor pulls out his knot and cock out of her, eliciting a throaty loud moan from Kate as her still sensitive pussy being roughly grinded with the knot and cock. The cum pours out from her swollen pussy down to the mat below.
Taylor then lowers her to the ground, her kneecaps and lower legs being painted by his and her cum, mixed in a lewd substance. Taylor then taps his cock onto the shuddering form of Kate on her knees. “Clean it slut. Give me your best blowjob” Taylor snarled.
Kate, now fully intoxicated with his musk, wastes no time in lunging onto his cock, slobbering and slurping all over it trying to collect the remaining cum from his shaft and head. Loud and lewd slurping noises filling the room as Kate worships his massive cock.
“Oh yeah that’s it bitch… keep slobbering yourself all over my cock. You nasty slut!” Taylor growled tapping her cheek while his cock is sheathed inside her mouth. Kate continues to produce more and more lewd and vulgar sounds using her mouth to please his thick shaft.
Taylor is slowly losing his patience once more as he slowly caressing her blonde hair. Her tongue wrapping around his shaft and playing with his head is simply too arousing to be ignored. She’s extremely good at this. Much better than his exes back in high school.
“Fuck you bitch you are so goddamn talented with your slutty mouth! Now take this!” Taylor grabs both of her head by the hair and the back of her neck and slams his entire length into her throat. Kate chokes and gags on his cock but he didn’t let go. She’s slapping his thigh begging him to let go but it only serves as a fuel to his lust.
He then pulls back, giving Kate the much needed break. But then he slams back into her throat before she could say a word. Right now, Kate is at his mercy. Her throat is his to be fucked. And right now, her throat is as tight as her pussy. This is just too good to be true. Kate’s throat literally accepted his entire length the second time he thrusted his entire length into it. Normally it would take his exes couple of times to get accustomed. But her? Only two thrusts.
And right now he’s face fucking her so hard that his balls are slapping her chin powerfully. Loud slapping noise, skin against skin is echoing through the room. Kate on the other hand, is drowned with his intoxicating musk. She couldn’t believe she’s enjoying his rough treatment. Maybe he’s the one she’s been looking for. She has been in several relationships before but it only went to making out and nothing more. Because she’s not that interested and moreover all of them were asshole.
But with Taylor it’s different. She’s genuinely attracted to him and he’s a nice and polite guy. So this side of him turns her on so much. And, rough fuck is her fetish.
“I am gonna cum down your throat you slut! Get ready to drink my fresh potent seeds!” Taylor growled speeding up his facefucking. Kate’s head is literally banging against the wall repeatedly but the pain is dulled by the pleasure she’s receiving right now. She couldn’t care less. All she cares about now is getting that delicious cum in her stomach.
“AARRGGHH!!” Taylor growled loudly as he almost knots her mouth and force feed her with his cum. Shot after shot of plentiful cum being dumped right into her stomach. Then he pulls out his cock out of her mouth and begins stroking it so the cum is pouring onto her face and tits. Kate moans seductively as she massages her boobs and nipples while relishing the feeling of his cum on her body.
Taylor finishes cumming on her body and he sits on the nearby couch. Kate on the other hand still scooping up handful of cum from her body eating it lustfully while making sure he could hear her gulping it down like a slut. After she’s finished she straddles his waist while giggling madly.
“So how was the tip Kate?” Taylor asked. “Oh the tip was big and plentiful” Kate giggled emphasizing on two words. Taylor chuckles and grabs hold of her right tit. “I am glad you enjoyed it and I am sorry that I ruined your outfit” He said sadly. Kate’s heart flutters like crazy. Even though he had been fucking her like nothing but a whore just a few minutes before he still retains his kind nature.
“Oh it’s nothing to be worried about. You are lucky you were my last delivery for tonight so I wouldn’t get any sort of punishment from the restaurant. Plus, my outfit is ruined so i’ll just stay here for the night” She explained while grabbing his cock from behind. “Well I am glad that I didn’t create any problem for you” He said holding back a moan.
“So… does this mean we are a couple now?” Kate asked. “Are you serious Kate? Of course we are!” Taylor said happily. “I had a crush on you for a long time you know”. “Me too!” She quipped happily. But then, their gaze onto another darken. “Say… now that we are an item, how about I give you more bountiful tip?” Taylor asked.
“Oh?! What do you have in mind?” “Outlast me while I am eating you and while you sucking me off. I am sure you could use more… delicious tip” Taylor growled. Kate simply flips herself around so her face is on Taylor’s cock and her pussy on his. “Game on Tay…”.
And from that point, moans and groans of pleasure could be heard in his apartment until the sun rose from the horizon.
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