She Is My Master

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Enter the world of Club Euphoria where all of your deepest...darkest desires are fulfilled to fruition! Sex is only the beginning in the untamed world of BDSM. Come explore with us! A bisexual couple dares to experiment by joining a very exclusive sex club. They soon discover that there is more than meets the eye at this underworld establishment. Will the two of them get more than they bargained for or will their deepest desires come true?

Erotica / Romance
Eve Masters
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The Club

Peter and I have been together for going one 10 years now. We started dating in high school, senior year. It didn’t become extremely serious until we entered university. I have to admit that I was nervous about taking that next step with him. I definitely had planned to be on top, being on the bottom is not something that I would readily agree to. Thankfully, his timid nature and willingness to please me is not only reserved for our daily life but also for sex. He does anything that I tell him to do in our day to day habits and now with sex. Peter and I both were tenser then I would have liked that first time, but after going through the motions that night, it became much easier. We started using toys recently. I enjoy tying him up with leather straps, my ties, his ties, rope. He didn’t complain or put up a fight especially since he did agree to being restrained whenever the mood hit me, same goes for the anal plugs, mouth gags, paddles, and restraining his entire body in fun positions. Just the other night he let me bound his wrists and ankles with leather cuffs at which point I proceeded to hook him to the fun suspension bar that I just purchased from The Hustler website, in a bent V shape. I latched his wrists on the hook above his head to the D-Rings hanging on the cuffs, then brought his legs straight up in front of him so that his organ and lush black hair just above it were fully exposed hooking the D-Rings attached to the ankle cuffs to that same hook. Then I strapped a few wide leather straps around his body binding him in that position. After that night, I came up with the best idea ever so that I may enjoy even more bountiful delicious torment of him.

“So Peter, what do you think?” I was eagerly awaiting his response to my proposal. It had been something that I have wanted to do with him for quite some time now. Even though I’m the dominate one in our relationship, I didn’t want to force this on him. As it is I myself had never been to a sex club and although I was very anxious about going to one I was still also a bit nervous. The look on his face when I said the words ‘sex club’ was one of shock and then an expression that said “Are you crazy?” It was going on about ten minutes now since I asked him. He stood up and began pacing back and forth, with his left arm under his bosom, his right elbow on his hand, and his index finger in a hook shape on his chin. It’s his ‘deep thinking’ pose, so I knew that this might take a while. Believe it or not this is the same pose he had when we decided to take our relationship to the next level and move in together. And now it has been fifteen minutes….

“Okay,” He started, turning around slowly to face me. “I’ll give a try, but only two or three times before I make a final decision.”

“Great, I’m sure that you won’t regret it.”

“Seriously, Matt, why do you even want to go to one of those places? It is naked bodies, debauchery, and I don’t even want to think about all the kinds of smells emitting from it.”

“Don’t worry so much! It will be a good experience for us. Besides, debauchery and naked bodies everywhere is something to behold, don’t you think?”

“Yes, a regular orgy fest….just don’t try to insist on any orgies, foursomes, etc. because that I refuse to do!”

“You really should keep an open mind. You might see someone that you like or I might see someone. Never know what could happen in one of those places.” The thought alone of having a third between us made me all the more excited and nervous at the same time. Now I am ready to go.

“Welcome to Club Euphoria, where all of your inner most fantasies will come true.” A woman dressed in nothing but a bustier with a garter and crouch less thongs greeted us at the door. The club was very grand held inside of a large estate on the outskirts of town. I read that it was the baby of a wealthy man by the name of Eager Stiles. He was walking up to us wearing a very clad black Vera Wang suit with sliver cuffs links brimming with diamonds clustered around a black onyx, he has very distinct features, strong jawline, a thin moustache, and short tapered black hair that was in a very sleek style that didn’t cover his face, fair complexion. Very well put together as if he just stepped out of one of his many magazine photo ops.

“If you would both follow me please and we can go over the rules and membership expectations” He has a very distinctive voice, which seems to ring out as he spoke.

We followed him walking through the front of the club. There was a large circle shaped couch in the middle of the floor with people laying on it having sex. I could make out about five, men and women wrapped around each other, sweat everywhere, one woman sucking another one’s engorged hard nodule, while one man is pumping in out of her in the anus, the other woman is licking and suckling the one other man’s small hard penis, and cupping her breast at the same time. The last woman that I see is lying on top of her kissing the man whom is being sucked. To the left of us we pass by what looks like booths with some people clothed just sitting, talking, and drinking regular and flavored water. Some other booths around the room has beds with naked bodies on them doing all kinds of things, most involved food like chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, while others had ice, women and men wearing nothing but their jewelry. It is really a sight to behold. For a moment I thought that I saw an ocelot chilling underneath a table at one of the booths. I turn around to look at Peter to see his expression and to my surprise it is pleasantly calm. He is looking around same as me but didn’t gasp or flinch as is his normal for something that is completely and utterly out of his comfort zone. Peter is somewhat of the conservative type. Shit…he barely likes to dress in front of me! Crazy I know since we have sex and sometimes shower together. He’s a bit strange, but I love him.

As we continue to follow Mr. Stiles, I notice that we are now in a long black corridor with black doors along either side. Some of the doors have name plates with different names on them.

“These rooms are owned by some of our most prestigious and eccentric members. I guess you could say they are for our VIPs. The more that you pay, the more that you will receive.” He answers my silent question astutely.

“There doesn’t seem to be that many of them. Is there a reason for that?” Peter asks looking to each door quizzically.

“Let’s just say that it’s not so much the price of the room, it’s the quarks of each member.” He continues once we enter his office at the very end of the corridor directly in the middle. It is a very lavish and neat office much like him. Black leather couch next to the door, two big comfortable chairs in front of a very sleek and contemporary desk where we sat, a beige memory foam type of rug that stop right in front of the couch, on the other side of the room was a black leather chaise. He has very contemporary art and designs throughout the office.

“Club Euphoria is not only a sex club, but a club that seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desires of its members that choose to fulfill said fantasies. It extends from any fetishes that you might have to BDSM and role playing. There is a special room specifically designed for voyeurism. In this room, our VIPs are able to choose a partner or partners to their liking who will then become a part of their role play scene. Most people stay with these same partners each time they visit the club or they switch them per their preference. That being said, on your membership applications I noticed that both of you have a strong bondage fetish, one of you has a sadomasochist side to you that seeks to be disciplined, while only one I can see has a desire to be more dominate and is slightly sadistic…,yet still has a slight docile side as well. Both of you also would be open to possibly a threesome with a woman not another man. That goes back to your sexual preferences being ‘bisexual’, which is common here. So I want to ask for the types of women both of you are interested in.”

As Mr. Stiles speaks we both look at each other in surprise, I guess there are some things neither of us knew about the other. Well….this is going to be fun. Yay.

“I like a woman that is strong willed yet somewhat sensitive and not too overpowering.” Peter answers turning from me to look at him. There is a small glint in his eyes as he speaks. “She should know exactly what she wants, be physically attractive, slim, very beautiful face, long hair. Not a fan of women with short hair, too boyish in my opinion, smooth skin, sexy, and very desirable.”

“Hmm…” Mr. Stiles tapped his finger on his desk. “I’m not sure if we have a woman like that here. There are men like that here, but a woman….no. At least not yet, and you Mr. Hyun?”

“Umm…about the same, but I do have a thing for black women. Not too dark, not too light, kind of in the middle with the skin tones. Smooth skin, pretty features, and long hair too, knows what she wants, basically everything that Peter said. I’m just picky about the race or ethnicity, hope that’s not a bad thing.”

“Oh, of course not. We have many members that are that way. It’s a part of their desires and fantasies to be with someone they normal have a hard time meeting or getting close to. However, at the moment we do not have any female members that fit either description. Many of the black female members that we have do not participate in role play and those that do are already taken by other VIPs as subs or slaves. Did you have a racial or ethnic preference as well Mr. Yoon?”

“Not really, I didn’t really think about that. If we end up being choosing as a pair for a threesome then I would be okay with the woman if Matt is okay with her.” He said looking to me for a similar answer.

“Ah, that’s another one, did you want to be a pair in a role play scene or go your own ways and would you whether have a woman choose you or you choose her?”

“I would like us to be a pair, can the choosing be a two way street?” I gave him my answer quickly. Even though at the moment there wasn’t anyone for us to have a threesome with.

“Yes, we are on the same page with that.”

“It definitely is a two way street. Both parties have to see eye to eye, sign an agreement. It’s a bit of a process. Especially if you decide that you like each other and want to stay specifically with that person or persons.”

“That sounds good.” Peter nods with a gentle smile spreading across his face.

“Until we have a new member that joins and you meet their preference they meet yours, you are free to do as you please in the member’s only area. Unless you wish to upgrade your membership status today and fulfill some other desires that you might have that we didn’t cover in the application.” Mr. Stiles smiles. He has a very pleasant demeanor. He smiled almost the entire time.

“What do you think Peter?” I asked him but I was not expecting the answer I received.

“I think that this is a good time to upgrade our membership and just wait until the woman of our dreams stumbles into the club.” He said reassuringly. I thought for certain that he would wait until we got a better feel for this place. But I guess his anticipation for adding a woman to the mix and acting on our fantasies was more than he had ever hoped for.

“Good, here are your VIP badges. We have the Platinum Room, The Dark Dungeon, Sands of Arabia, The Velvet Room, Leather Ecstasy, The Gold Room, & The Silken Haven currently available for permeant purchase. Temporary rooms are used by all VIP members that wish to use them and switch each time that they come. The fees on these rooms are also lower, the permeant rooms are a bit higher however, and you have the privilege of no one else using your room. Only the two of you would have keys to it and yes it is locked always with only the maid service and butler service coming in and out. The temporary rooms include a voyeur screen, beds, chairs, accessories, toys, no time limit on these nor the permeant ones. This is a nocturnal club. Leave and come whenever you feel the need to on any given night. This is the Dark Dungeon.” He opens one of the black doors with a gold plated name tag on it that reads ‘The Dark Dungeon’ there is a blank space underneath it. “The empty space on the name plate is there to hold the name of the member or members that will own this room. Now this room is designed to meet both of your fantasies. We have the Saint Andrew’s cross, spanking horse, sex chair, ceiling suspension chains, sub cage, bed, and personal bathroom. Each permeant room has its own bathroom.”

The Dark Dungeon is indeed dark, with a light musk scent in the air. The floor is a bare dark wood that looks as though it has been waxed recently. Peter walks around the room taking it all in, touching the cross which is in an X shape, feeling the chains hanging from the ceiling directly in the middle of the room, running his hands across the toys table. I stand in the doorway just looking into the room. It is nice to say the least, but a bit too much for me. I mean there are leather cow whips, chains, leather collars, I’m not really that into leather and chains enough to want to be in this room, especially cow whips, a flogger or paddle maybe but not a whip.

“I would like to look at the Gold Room and the Silken Haven.” I tell them. I think they can tell that I’m a little uneasy about this one.

Peter looks up from the sex table he had ventured to next and says, “You don’t like this one, huh? That’s fine. I’m not completely sold on it. I’ll look at a few more if you want.” He starts walking towards me. Mr. Stiles turns walking out in front us.

“This is the Gold Room.” He tells us as he places the key inside the keyhole to unlock it. When the door opened, I thought I was going to faint from the strong scents coming from it. “Oh, sorry about the smell,” he apologizes noticing how taken aback we both are, “Not sure if you noticed, but each room has its own distinct smell, to give it an added pleasing feel. What you smell now is a mixture of rose merry, lemon, and floral type of cologne. Strong I know.” He informs us kindly.

This room is very beautiful and modern with a really sleek bed, black blanket, and gold sheets, black and gold pillows. Deep black thick curtains that cover a bay window, the view is amazing you can see green for miles. A toy table is on the right of the entrance with collars, a leather hood, butt plugs, dildos, floggers, paddles, whips, nipple chains, penis locks, other locking toys, same as the table in The Dark Dungeon, the only difference is that there isn’t a chastity belt and the rope here is jute rope. The rope in the Dungeon is a type of rope that is tightly laid. I prefer this loose laid three strand jute rope better. I have a particular preference. The floor is fully carpeted with black carpet (must be a bitch to keep clean) a soft gold rug at the foot of the bed embroidered with a black trimming. Peter is inspecting the Master chair made of soft black velvet so I walk over to the sub cage hanging from the ceiling just to the left of the bed. It is painted gold and has the loops at the base for the ropes to go through. I like the room. It’s not bad at all. There aren’t any chains.

“Now would you two like to still see the Silken Haven?” Mr. Stiles asks grinning wide eyed at us seeing how intrigued we are with this room.

“While I do like this,” Peter begins, “It would be nice to see what the Silken Haven is like before making a final decision.” I nod in agreement.

“Right this way.” Mr. Stiles guides us to the room across the hall from this one.

Walking in, I already knew. This is the one! It is larger than the Gold Room. The area where the bed is sits up on a platform with silk curtains encircling it. The colors and the scent are beautiful. The Master chair is larger and looks more like a throne with gold accents at the top of the seat in a Victorian design; the material is satin that covers the entire base of the chair, with beautiful gold arm handles also in a Victorian design. There is of course a sex table much like the one in The Dungeon, a sex chair, and suspension hooks in the ceiling on both sides of the room.

“The material around the legs is removable with chain/rope hooks built into the legs”, Mr. Stiles says as Peter and I both inspect the chair. “The colors in this room are interchangeable per your preference as well as the soft floral scent. The canopy bed has black marble columns. The curtains on the bed and around the bed can be closed or open given the level of privacy. As mentioned in the application there are cameras all over the club including inside of the VIP rooms, however, if you close these curtains around the bed, you are out of the camera’s eye view.”

Demonstrating he closes the curtains then opens them again, he does the same with the bed. “Now, we might not be able to see anything, but we can definitely hear. To make sure that none of the ‘no slander, racist, or derogatory’ remarks are made.” As he steps down from the platform making way for Peter and me, he stands by as we look over the bed area. It is a very nice dimly lit area, black aromatherapy candles on both night stands which are a contemporary black with golden nob handles. Peter opens the top drawer of the one on the right revealing all sorts of fun toys and lube and condoms inside of it. I turn to look at the sub cage at the end and to the right of the bed, just at the corner of the platform, and it’s very beautiful, with padding underneath a silk violet pillow. The bars seem to be real gold; it is cold to the touch with black silk thin ribbon wrapped around each bar.

“Yes, it is real gold…about 8k. I don’t worry about it because our members are very wealthy as you well know. It’s not necessary for them to steal. That is also why I have no problems holding our club parties and different events inside of the main house.” It’s like he can read my mind. I sat on the bed to feel how firm it is, Peter follows suit. I really like it, not too soft but not too firm.

“How much is this room? I think that Matt and I are on the same page.” Peter comments as he looks at me. He glides his hand inch by inch towards mine and cups it lovingly.

“Yes, I like both this one and the Gold Room, but this one more so.” I do like both, but if we could have this one I would definitely be happier.

“This room runs around $10,000 per year, plus your annual VIP membership fee of $5,000. Not including the basic membership fee that you have already paid, your total is $12,000. Should I charge the card that’s already on file?” Mr. Stiles explains to us as we head towards the door and start walking back to his office to finalize everything. “Now, once you decide to add the woman to your package, she will of course pay the VIP fee plus the partial fee of the room. And depending upon the agreement that the three of you come up with this will be your annual fee paid any way that you choose.” He hands us the contract for the room and tells us all of this as we look it over. “The room will undergo daily cleaning and maintained whether you use it or not. Here are the keys, no one except the two of you may use the room and then however many partners that you decide to add later on. Now as it stands I have you registered as a couple, did you want a Sub/Dom title or Master/Slave?”

“Umm…I haven’t made a decision yet on that.” I lied, I already know my preferred position, but I can’t let Peter know that yet.

“Yea, me either. We should be registered as a couple for now.” Peter took me by the hand after he had spoken.

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