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She Is My Master

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Enter the world of Club Euphoria where all of your deepest...darkest desires are fulfilled to fruition! Sex is only the beginning in the untamed world of BDSM. Come explore with us! A bisexual couple dares to experiment by joining a very exclusive sex club. They soon discover that there is more than meets the eye at this underworld establishment. Will the two of them get more than they bargained for or will their deepest desires come true?

Erotica / Romance
Eve Masters
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Shall We? Excerpt

A year has passed since we joined Club Euphoria. We went a few times out of the week. But honestly, the things we do in our room are pretty much the same things that we do at home minus the use of the fun toys that were provided. Sure, tying Peter up, making him wear a collar chained to the bed post was fun, but not what I wanted. I have minimal enjoyment. I was all too thrilled when Mr. Stiles called to inform us of a potential woman that meets our profile. It was right after New Year’s Day that he called with the good news.

“There is one thing, though. She needs to meet personally with you Peter to discuss a tiny change in your desired role play.” He had told Peter. I asked him out of curiosity what Mr. Stiles meant, but he refused to say. I pretty much had an idea given the fact that he desires to have absolute power control. I know, I’m the dominate one in our relationship, but I don’t have absolute power over him. Do I? I don’t think that I do, he is more then allowed to say no. I’m not too forceful. I guess that like me he wants to do all the work, have all of the power, restrain another person, doing whatever he wants them to do without question. But that’s a Master/Slave relationship. Maybe that’s why she needs to meet with him personally.

Today is Friday, I went to the room, Peter went into the office with Mr. Stiles to meet and talk with the woman that was interested in us.



“Miss Thompson, this is Mr. Yoon, Mr. Yoon, this is Miss Thompson.”

“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He reached out his hand for me to shake. He is a very sexy man to look at. Slim features, well-groomed, beautiful medium length styled hair, dark brown eyes, about 6’0” it looks like, much taller than Steven. To be honest, he reminds me of one of those Hallyu stars! But I don’t mind, he is very sexy after all and I do love Korean dramas. Guess you could say that he looks a little like Choi Jin Hyuk from ‘Emergency Couple’ with slightly longer hair.

After about twenty minutes of talking we finally came to an agreement. He would be submissive part of the time and in control most of the other time. With the two of us both being switches, it wasn’t a bad agreement. We signed a separate contract, but I still needed to see them in action to make my final decision to have his partner included.

“Now, I know the agreement was for the two of you not to be split up but if she doesn’t like what she sees, we will have to do just that. Do you still wish to proceed?” Mr. Stiles asked Mr. Yoon earnestly.

Mr. Yoon has a look on his face that reads that he is not backing down. His expression reminds me of Steven. It didn’t make me happy but the contract is already signed, which means that I must take his partner too. I have to have someone that I can ultimately control or it would defeat the purpose.

“Yes, I do.”

“Okay, if you would head to your room please.” Mr. Stiles arose from his chair as did the two of us. “Miss Thompson, if you would follow me please.”

I follow Mr. Stiles to an empty room on the other side of his office. He sits me down in a big fluffy chair facing a monitor. He leaves closing the door behind him. Once the door was closed the monitor turns on. I can see into their room. The room is very beautiful, something that I myself would have chosen had it not already been taken, now I see the ones that took it. His boyfriend Matthew Hyun is as gorgeous as his picture. His body is just as superb, I’m in awe. Watching them is very pleasing. I must admit, I do have a thing for two men making love, and these two…rawr! Matthew’s hair is much longer than Peter’s is and is a dark cinnamon color with a touch of blonde ombre at the ends that is tied back with a black ribbon. His body is tanner then Peter’s and more chiseled, while Peter is sculpted he is slimmer then Matthew so he doesn’t look as big, still the same height though. They complement each other well. I like what I see so far. Matthew has Peter tied to one of the canopy columns, both hands wrapped together in a silk scarf above his head standing with legs apart, pounding strongly into him. Matthew is levering himself with his hands cupped around the column directly in front of Peter’s chest. Peter is wearing a blindfold that I only recently notice as I pan the camera closer.

After the most enjoyable show, Mr. Stiles walks in.

“So, Miss Thompson,” He started to speak as he walked in clapping his hands together. I stood turning to face him. “What do you think? Are they both to your liking?”

“I believe that you already know the answer to that.” I smiled gingerly he smiled back.

“Well then, right this way.”

I follow him back to his office. We both took our seats waiting for Peter and Matthew to join us. As we wait he takes out a file from one of his drawers and hands me a document.

“This is the agreement that I signed with the couple. Look over it and tell me how it sounds to you.”

After a few minutes of reading the agreement I didn’t see anything wrong with it or any additional terms that I needed to add. As I hand it back to Mr. Stiles the two of them walk in.

“Mr. Hyun this is Miss Thompson. Miss Thompson, this is Mr. Hyun.” Mr. Stiles introduced us. After getting acquainted all of us take our seats on the couch in Mr. Stiles’ office, he sits in the chair opposite us. “Now, so that everyone is clear. The arrangement as it stands is this: “Miss Thompson is the registered Domme of Mr. Hyun and Mr. Yoon. The aforementioned pair is hereby registered as submissives of Club Euphoria; however the submissives are open to all other Dommes/Doms that wish to use them. Should the time comes that a certain level of trust has been acquired and all parties herein decide to further the bond by using collars; The status of the relationship will change and only Miss Thompson will own and have control over said submissives. She may at that point, do with them as she sees fit provided that the rules of Dom/Sub relationships within the BDSM community are followed…..etc.’ In the event that one or both of you would like to change this relationship to a Master/Slave, as stated in the agreement you may do so, just come to me for the change or I will come to you. Sound good?”

“Yes,” Peter and Matthew said in unison.

“I’m fine with everything.” I agreed.

“Wonderful,” Mr. Stiles cheerfully responded, “There are not many Mistresses, Masters, Doms, Subs, and Slaves here but even still we do have a strong BDSM community that holds regular meetings here, events, parties, different things of that nature. All of you have the choice to participate or not, it’s not required just a bonus. Events, parties, auctions, galas, are part of the package with no added fees as all of you know. Are there any questions.” He waited patiently ready to respond to any questions that we might have.

“I do have one question.” Matthew leaned in a little.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“There was mention of possibly combing all of our fees or have one of us pay a partial annual fee?”

“Oh, yes. That is written in the agreement. Let’s see….” He thumbs through the file in his hand and we do the same.

“Here it is.” Peter had found it first.

“Ah, ‘partial payment’ for Miss Thompson…would anyone like to have that changed?” Mr. Stiles looks up and looks to each of us.

“If we combine the fees won’t it be cheaper and easier?” Matthew asked. It is a good question.

“Maybe we should wait until the trail period ends to see if we are completely satisfied with each other before combining our club dues. I think that for now the partial payment for Miss Thompson is best.” Peter chimed in with a serious tone and facial expression. I have to say, he does make a valid point, we will be in a short trail period to make sure that all of us are happy with this arrangement.

“I’m in agreement with Mr. Yoon. Let’s wait until the end of the trail period before finalizing it.” I said.

“So am I.” Matthew decided.

“Alright…if that is everything…” Mr. Stiles approved gathering the files and standing up. The three of us took to our feet and the shaking hands circle commenced. “Remember, after the trial period when the final decision has been made I will give you a copy of the room key, Miss Thompson."

“Yes, I understand Mr. Stiles.” I give a small smile, ready to begin our role playing.

“Now, once inside this room, your role play will begin.” Mr. Stiles leads us to the couples’ room I am directly behind him with Peter behind me and Matthew bringing up the rear. “Miss Thompson, may all of your deepest fantasies come true.” Mr. Stiles quietly says as he turns to leave.

Grinning malevolently, my gaze follows Mr. Stiles towards the door, at the same time turning my entire body around. My gaze turns to the couple, “Gentlemen shall we?”

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