Daring Contrast

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(STEAMY!) Book 3 in the Dare Brothers series. (18+) Four gets asked to make a simple cargo run with the seaplane but never expected Genevieve to be his returning cargo. Can Four handle this uptight, prudent, innocent rich girl? Can he immerse her into the Dare family or are they too different? Genevieve comes with her own set of secrets and struggles; she's just trying to escape her future. Will Four Dare be the one to set her free? This is a novella (55k words) Book 1: Dare To Take A Chance Book 2: Dare To Try

Erotica / Romance
Nordika Night
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Chapter 1 - Four

The wind blows with so much force that the snow whips up, creating a deadly whiteout, the propellers on the helicopter making it ten times worse. I stand in the open door, leaning over the ledge of the chopper, waiting for my team to get into position. My partner is fastening my lines and harnesses to my body, ensuring that everything is done right and tight.

“You ready?” he shouts over the roar of the spinning blades.

I give him the thumbs up, turn my back to the open air and climb over the ledge of the chopper; I give another thumbs up as they start to lower me down towards the rocky, jagged, snow-capped peaks of the Denali Mountains. As I descend, the lost and injured hiker comes into focus through the whipping snow, the flares we instructed her to use burning bright.

My feet hit the packed snow, and I crouch down beside her to do a quick assessment; broken leg, hypothermia, delusional, and frostbitten.

“Hey there, sweetheart. You ready to get out of here?” I try to give her a grin so that she knows she doesn’t have to panic anymore. It’s my turn to take on her wellbeing; she did a bang-up job keeping herself alive this long.

Her teeth chatter and clack together, her breaths are ragged, puffing out frosty air, she’s wrapped in a sleeping bag, and she’s in a weird position, like fuck, her leg should not bend that way.

“Yes,” she hisses through chattering teeth.

I make quick, steady work of getting her bundled up and protected from the wind as my partner is lowered down with a stretcher. We get her in the basket, radio for them to pull her up and then one by one, we get pulled up, and we’re off to the Anchorage hospital. We call it in ahead of time, check her vitals, get an IV line into her, and slowly start to warm her up and do whatever little bits we can until we make it to the actual doctors. I’m trained in field survival, not the complicated shit real doctors pull off.

I got involved in search and rescue after high school. I took extensive training worldwide, and now I mainly do it out of my home state, but sometimes I still get the call to go elsewhere in the world. With the number of tourists who come to Alaska for adrenaline-fuelled back-country trips, we’re pretty busy here. I fucking love the thrill of it, definitely an adrenaline junkie myself; I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself, how many fucked up situations I can get people out of and how well I’ll handle it. I’ve seen some pretty fucked up shit over the years, but I still fucking love it.

We land on the helipad, get her out and onto a gurney; the doctors wheel her away while a nurse hangs back to get the recap.

“Twenty-nine-year-old female got lost on Denali when a storm blew in. Been in frigid temps for about twenty-two hours. Hypothermic, started her on IV fluids. BP erratic and low in flight. Chest sounds show a pleural rub and rales, started her on oxygen in flight. Right tibial fracture with a puncture wound, patient is slightly confused and disoriented, didn’t find any obvious head trauma,” I finish the basics of her condition when we found her. It’s hard to tell if any of that is even accurate; we have the weather, the roar of the helicopter, and turbulence to combat our medical assessments with. Our main job is to get her out of there and get her here. We did that.

The nurse nods and leaves us on the helipad. We fill out paperwork and then head back to base; my shift is over, and I’m heading home in time for Jed’s fight tonight!


“Are you fucking drunk, Jed?” I scold my brother as I wipe the blood out of his eye and nose. “This guy is literally a fucking rookie! Why the fuck haven’t you finished him yet?”

“Dragging it out a bit.” Jed gives a cocky grin and his usual excuse; asshole.

“Yeah, well, it’s making you look like a fucking pussy. Knock him the fuck out!” I scold.

“End this, Jed. Stop fucking around.” Laken, Jed’s girlfriend, shouts from behind me. She’s a better motivator than I am. “I could kick this guy’s ass; stop embarrassing me.” She gives Jed a daring grin and winks at him.

“Well, fuck. When you put it that way,” Jed laughs and bounces back to the centre of the cage.

I step back and stand with the rest of my brothers, Laken and Nina, to watch Jed end this fight.

Kade wraps his arms around Laken and taunts her. “You call that a man? Come to my bed, and I’ll show you what a real man is.” He kisses her cheek and laughs. Laken smacks him in the chest and wraps her arm around my youngest brother. Kade is one hundred percent in love with Jed’s girlfriend; there was a big blow-up about it last month, but they’ve managed to handle it with class and tact. Laken loves Kade with all her heart, but she’s in love with Jed. We all love Kade, and we can’t blame him for falling for Laken; she’s a fucking catch, and he fell for her at the same time Jed did. I have no doubt the three of them will work it out.

“Knock him the fuck out, Jed, or I’m going home with Kade tonight!” Laken taunts Jed.

Jed smirks, takes one hit to the jaw, and knocks the guy flat on his ass, completely out cold.

Jed wins, and the warehouse turns into a fucking nightclub of sorts; music pumps from somewhere, people are dancing and drunk as fuck, and after the day I’ve had, I’m ready to let loose.

This chick is grinding all over my dick, and I can tell she wants to fuck; I’m not completely into it, but what the hell, I haven’t fucked around all week. I’m pretty drunk; the music is so damn loud I can feel it against my teeth, and the lights are flashing and blinding. I can’t even fully tell what she looks like, but I know she’s platinum blonde and a little curvy. Sold. More into it than I thought.

She tugs me away to some back hallway and starts kissing my neck and jaw. “Are you one of the Dare’s?” she breathes against my neck.

“Why?” I am immediately skeptical. Lots of chicks try to work their way through all the Dare brothers.

“I heard that you can all give the best orgasms. There’s an entire fan page about your family.” She runs her hands down my stomach and hooks her thumbs in my pants.

“Seriously? That’s fucked up.” I’m leaning against the wall, her body pressing against mine; she does have nice firm tits. But a fucking fan page? That’s pathetic.

“Do you want to talk or fuck?” She purrs. Okay, maybe she’s my kind of girl. I want the action, none of the emotions, and a rowdy time. Looks like we’re in the same boat.

Ah fuck it; I could use a quick fuck. I pick her up by her legs and slam her into the wall. I hike up her pink dress, slide down her panties, pull a condom from my pocket and fuck her in the goddamn hallway. I think I gave her three of the best orgasms of her life.

But by the time I get home, I find myself wondering if I’m getting over the whole fucking in the hallway of a rave phase of my life.

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