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A collection of short erotic stories. A story averages about 3,000 words. Some have sequel chapters. Also, some have been turned into books. All writing is. my own.

Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
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Principal Jefferson (MxF)

Author’s Note

In which a married couple play out a fantasy


Role Play♣️Anal Sex♣️Marriage

I look absolutely ridiculous. Zander had better make this worth it. Usually fantasy night was my favourite night of the month. The one Friday we traded in our usual date night for a sexual fantasy. We rotated turns and the sex was always phenomenal. Last month, when it had been my turn, we’d been strangers in a hotel bar. We talked about our spouses, each other, to one another while pretending to be people we weren’t. The month before that in Zander’d fantasy we’d had sex in the corner of a crowded club. This was the first time in nearly a year of our fantasy night that I felt utterly absurd.

My fingers tugged at the ends of the braided pigtails. The red pleated plaid skirt he’d picked out barely covered my shaved, panty-les püssy. His instructions had been very clear. Wear what he laid out. Nothing more nothing less. There hadn’t been a bra or panties. A white blouse was tied in my middle, my flat stomach open and on display. His fantasy outfit was completed with knee high white socks, and black Mary Jane’s. I looked like a reject from music video circa the late 1990′s.

I wasn’t sure which fantasy Zander was playing out. Was it his Britney Spears Fantasy from when he’d been just a young teenager watching the overly sexual music video? It could be some teacher-student fantasy from a porno he’d really liked. With the way I was dressed the ideas seemed endless. Babysitter naughty daddy fantasy. There was only one way to find out. His note said to knock twice on his home office door when I was ready. I thanked my lucky stars that he didn’t want me to go out in public dressed like this. That would be the epitome of humiliation. Worse even than the time he’d made me dress in a leather onesie and go to the grocery store. He had watched from two registers away as the only two items i bought were a large eggplant and lube. From a teenage cashier. The car sex that followed had made the degradation worth it.

Descending the stairs I made my way to Zander’s home office. My body was ripe with sexual energy. I could literally feel my self buzzing in anticipation. My question about the type of fantasy I was walking in to were answered by the makeshift sign on his door: Principal Jefferson. It couldn’t have been anything else with the naughty schoolgirl outfit I was wearing. I knocked twice and waited. “Come in miss Rios,” he called.

I opened the door with more confidence than I felt. I held my head low in submission as I made my way to his desk. “You wanted to see me, sir?” My voice full of contrition.

“I received a very troubling piece of information today. Do you know what that might be?” He asked, voice stern and powerful as his demanding eyes held my own.

“No, Principal Jefferson. I haven’t done anything wrong today.”

Hmmm he tutted at me. I wasn’t sure if I had been supposed to make up a transgression. “You didn’t get caught making out in the supply closet?” My eyes went wide, truly surprise with the accusation. “You can try and deny it miss Rios but we both know you were caught in the act by your art teacher. Tell me, do you always let young men feel you up like that? Are you a slút?”

I had to cross my legs and squeeze at his words. The filthy things he called me during sex made me wild with need. My püssy was already throbbing. “No, sir.”

“No, sir, what? You aren’t a slút? Or are you denying your actions?”

“I’m not a slút,” I replied. My voice full of conviction. As a general rule I hated that word and my attitude made that clear. Not liking the word on ethics alone had little to do with why it made my püssy drip whenever he used it on me sexually.

He stood suddenly, circling the desk until he was in front of me, his long, lean body towering over me as I sat before him. Half sitting with one leg on the floor and the other bent across the desk he stared at me. His eyes lingered hungrily on my cleavage. The white of my shirt did nothing to hide my hard nipples. He licked his lips while holding eye contact. I had to stifle a moan. “Not a slút,” he tutted, his hand thoughtfully stroking his neatly trimmed beard. “So you’re particular in who you spread those pretty thighs for?”

“He’s my boyfriend, sir.”

“Boy being the key word, miss Rios. Does this boyfriend of yours fulfil all your needs?”

I gulped, looking up at him through my fluttering lashes appearing to think before answering. “Y-ye-yes,” I made sure my voice came out nervous.

“Don’t lie to me,” he growled out, hopping off the desk and trapping me in the chair, one of his big hands on each armrest. “Do you want to play a game?”

Gasping at his sudden movements I leaned back in the chair, attempting to put space between us. “What kind of game?” I let out on a breathy whisper. I didn’t have to force it; I was melting into a puddle for him.

“I’m going to guess what type of filthy fantasies you’ve got going through that pretty little head of yours. Fantasies that young Mr. Smith isn’t capable of fulfilling. I’ve already got 5 ideas, let’s say 3 of them are right.”

“And what do you get if three of them are right, principal Jefferson?”

“I get to make one of those fantasies come true. My choice which one.” I could only nod my consent. “Very good,” he praised me before putting distance between us by sitting on top of his desk again. “Let’s start with an easy one. And don’t lie. Your reaction to my words will give you away,” he warned as an after thought. “First, you fantasise about being taken over a knee and spanked. You’re dying to see if you can come from being spanked alone.” I whimpered at his words. “One for one miss Rios. Let’s see, number two,” his tone teasing. “You want to be tied up. Hands and feet bound, completely immobile while a man can do whatever he wants to you.” I couldn’t help the moan that left me.He chuckled humorlessly. “Two for two. Let’s see. Let’s see,” he said pausing for a few moments to think. “You want to be taken by two men at once. One in your ass and one in your püssy.” I didn’t react. He had gotten one wrong. The thought of being filled in both holes at once appealed to me but not being shared. I only wanted one man at a time. “Hmm,” he said. “Seems I missed the mark on that one. Can’t say I’m not surprised.”

I adjusted myself in the chair, letting my legs fall open. From his angle above me he’d definitely have a full view of my core. When he gulped I knew my actions had their desired effect. “The idea of two men doesn’t do it for you but I’m guessing that pretty little brain of yours can conjure up all kinds of ideas of what to do with another woman.”

“Second strike principal Jefferson,” I mused.

“Two-two he said. One more guess. That’s okay; I was saving the best for last. Your most forbidden fantasy is actually pretty tame, isn’t it. You want to be taken in the ass.”

“Yes,” I breathed out. “You win,” I said my voice full of desire.

“I did. And you’re in luck. I’m going to make two of your fantasies come true.”

“Which two?”

“Come here, slút,” he said grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me to my feet. Before I knew what was happening I was laid out across his knees, my impossibly short skirt hiked over my ass. I pulled my head up as I moaned. That’s when I saw the camera in the corner.

“Reality,” I squeaked out. Our code word to pause the fantasy to ask a real life question.

“What is it, baby?” He asked, his fake principal voice gone and full of concern for me.

“The camera,” was all I needed to say. He ran a hand across my back, calming me.

Leaning down he whispered in my ear. “The camera is for my next fantasy night. The one where I tie you to the bed. Where I play the tape and force you to watch me masturbate while I fück you on camera. Where I don’t fück you until you’re begging me for it.”

“Fückk,” I cursed as I squirmed in his lap, shamelessly rubbing my naked püssy against his leg, seeking any sort of stimulation.

“Fantasy,” he whispered seductively in my ear, bringing us back into the game. I nodded subtly, confirming I was ready to continue. “Now, miss Rios, let’s see if you can cum just from this pretty little ass being spanked.”

Zander rubbed his right hand against my ass, softly sliding along my flesh before grabbing a handful and squeezing. Instinctively I pushed my hips up. The first contact landed on my right cheek, the sound of the slap filled the spacious office. “Look at that pretty red mark,” he cooed before repeating the motion on my other cheek.

“Principal Jefferson,” I moaned, squirming in his grasp.

“Such a good little slút. Already moaning for me. That was two,” he commented as if he wasn’t affected too. But he was. I could feel his generous bulge pushing against me. “Let’s see how many spanks it takes before you come. How many do you think, whöre? Shouldn’t be too many. Hmm hmm hmm. No more than 10?”

I groaned in frustration and determination. I’d definitely hold on for at least 10. Zander chuckled at me; he knew damn well what was going through my mind. He made quick work of the next four slaps. Left. Right. Left. Right. With each contact of his hand on me I got wetter and wetter. His pants would have a wet spot when I finally stood up. I whimpered as I lay across his lap. Four to go. Four more without coming and I wouldn’t have to look at the smug look on his face. The look of pure male satisfaction at being able to make me lose control at his will.

“Fück!” I yelled when the next slap came down below the curve of my ass, right in the middle at the juncture of my thighs. Close to my püssy.

“Such a naughty mouth. Not surprising, considering you’re a whöre,” he bit out. His tone condescending and demeaning. The change in tenor had me spilling even more of my juices on his leg. “I feel how wet you are, slút. I thought you weren’t a slút.” When I moaned instead of answering he landed the eighth slap to my ass, right in the middle. “Answer me,” he bellowed.

“Yes, principal Jefferson! I’m a slút,” I cried as a wave of pleasure washed through me. I was dangerously close to coming. Two more without losing it. I could do this. Zander palmed my cheeks before sliding his index finger between them, sliding lower and lower until he found my dripping entrance. He chucked but spared me from the snide remark I’d been expecting.

“Such a good whöre,” he said nonchalantly as if it were the least important thing in the world. I was panting and writhing on his lap, desperate for release. Zander, or rather principal Jefferson landed the next two consecutive slaps to the juncture of my thighs. The sensation sending vibrations of pleasure straight to my throbbing clít. I came with no hope of being able to prevent it. My back lifted up along with my legs as my centre pushed further into him, my hands grabbing the side of the desk I could reach in an attempt to anchor myself to something, anything. “Such a pretty slút,” he muttered softly. “On your knees,” he commanded after waiting for me to come down from my orgasm.

I stood, as gracefully as I could manage, and dropped to my knees in front of him. “Suck my cöck like the good little slút you are,” he demanded, releasing his cöck from the confines of his slacks. My mouth watered at the sight of him. Taking his bulbous head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around him I stroked him up and down with my right hand, twisting my wrist as I approached the head. “Such a good cöcksucker,” he said, his hands finding their way to my pigtails. I continued to stroke him as I licked the underside of his shaft, from his balls all the way to the head, leaving generous amounts of saliva on him. I looked up at him from my knees as I circled my tongue around his head again. “Just like that, whöre,” he groaned as I wrapped my lips around him and took him to the back of my throat. Fondling his balls with my hand I kept my pace on his cöck, sliding up and down, sucking harshly as I pulled back, licking around the long thickness of him when I went back down. “So pretty with my cöck in your mouth.” I melted at his words of praise. Pleasing him like this turned me on.

I pushed myself all the way down on him, my nose pressed firmly against his pubic bone as I forced my throat to relax and I swallowed around him. He let out a guttural moan and I couldn’t suppress the smile, even with my mouth full of him. He fisted his hands in my hair as I hummed around him, sending vibrations over his entire length. “Fück!” He yelled. “That’s good slút. So good,” he cried out again before pulling himself back, leaving only the tip in before slamming himself back into my mouth. He held my head steady as he fücked my face. I opened my mouth as far as I could and let him use my mouth for his pleasure. His moans and groans were like music to my ears. Spit was running out the sides of my mouth as I looked up at him, watching him lose control. His rhythm broke and he stilled, spilling himself in my mouth. “Shit. Shit. Shit!” He exclaimed as he came. Before I could swallow he’d pulled out of me and pushed his thumb between my lips. “Open,” he commanded. I opened for him, letting him see his seed in my mouth. “Such a cum slút. Swallow,” he demanded. I closed my moth around his thumb, sucking on it as I swallowed. “Tell me miss Rios,” he continued. “Do you like being a cum slút? Like being such a perfect little high school slút for your principal?”

“Yes, principal Jefferson,” I replied. “I love being your slút.” My voice came out sultry and seductive.

“Which one of your other fantasies should I fulfill? Hmmm? Tie you up and fück you? Or should I bury my cöck in that perfect ass?”

My only response was a moan. He dragged me to my feet before kissing me aggressively. His hands squeezing my still sensitive ass while he pushed my hips against his, his erection growing against me as he explored my mouth with his tongue. When I wouldn’t submit to his dominance in the kiss he bit my bottom lip. I moaned, breaking the kiss as his lips found their way to my neck. I was whimpering with need from his assault. He manoeuvred me so that my chest was against his back, facing the desk. Pushing me down roughly he pressed me to the desk as he dropped to his knees behind me. His warm, wet tongue against my core had me screaming and pushing myself off the desk, my hips moving of their own accord against his hot mouth. He worked his mouth and tongue against me slowly, short torturous licks and sucks, never giving one area enough attention to send me over the edge. “Please, principal Jefferson,” I begged.

“That’s a good slút. Beg for it. Beg for my cöck.”

“Fück me. Please. Please fück me! Oh god, please,” I cried out harder as he slid a lubed finger into my back entrance. I felt his teeth against my cheek as he drove his finger all the way in. I couldn’t help the way I pushed back against his finger. “More, please.”

“I love listening to you beg, whöre.” His voice was filled with love and pride, even when his words were meant to degrade me.

He slid a second finger in with the first, preparing me, stretching me to take his cöck. I felt his tongue lick along my cheek, tasting me as he tortured me with his fingers. I heard the lube squirt again and when I looked over my shoulder I saw him applying it to his cöck. Wet noises filled the room as he stroked his lubed erection, making sure he could slide into me easily. Standing he kicked my legs further apart before aligning himself with my ass.

“Relax, slút,” he barked out before pushing his thick head past my ring of muscle. I relaxed, bearing down so he could slid in.

“Mhmnmjg,” I moaned while he filled me completely. He stayed still for a few minutes, waiting for me to adjust and tell him he could move. “You can move Principal Jefferson.” The longer we kept this up the harder it was for me to stay in character. He moved both hands to my hips, holding me in place as he pulled out and hammered back in. I gripped the desk, holding on as he set a brutal pace, plunging back in harshly every time he retreated.

“Look at you. Bent over your principal’s desk, taking his cöck in your ass. Such a pretty, pretty whöre,” he cooed.

“Mmmm,” I cried, his words had a direct line to my clít. His rhythm never faltered as he continued to thrust into me. My cries of pleasure filled the room along with the sounds of his legs slapping against my thighs.

“I’m going to fill your tight little ass.”

“Fück! Fück, principal Jefferson. Fill me. Oh God, please!” I screamed.

“Play with your clít slút. Show me how you make yourself cum,” he whispered in my ear, his chest pushed against my back. I snaked my hand between my legs, rubbing my clít in slow circles. “Faster,” he barked. “Get there slút. Come on my cöck.” I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was past the point of no return and he needed me to get there too. I stroked myself faster, letting his dirty words and the gravel in his voice drive me over the edge. My ass clamped around his cöck as I spasmed against my fingers, my own orgasm pulling him over the edge with me. He shot his load deep within my walls as I came on a silent cry. My mouth a perfect o as I convulsed. “Fück! Fückkkkk!” Zander screamed out his own orgasm as he buried himself in me and held us both still while he filled me.

I felt his lips against my neck, whispering things I couldn’t yet comprehend while he nibbled against the sensitive flesh. I heard him click something next to my head and realized he’d cut the camera off. I winced as he pulled out. He sat in the chair across from his desk and pulled me into his lap, kissing my temple. “Am I still in trouble principal Jefferson,” I asked in mock contrition.

“You have no idea, miss Rios,” he said with a wink before stealing my lips again.

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