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A collection of short erotic stories. A story averages about 3,000 words. Some have sequel chapters. Also, some have been turned into books. All writing is. my own.

Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
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Secret (MxF)

Author’s Note

In which a girl is in love with her best friend’s brother


Secret Relationship♣️Being Caught

“No, guys. I swear,” Vivian yelled through our fits of laughter. She was telling the most ridiculous story while Amber and I laughed uncontrollably. Amber’s signature snort coming out. “It’s not funny! It’s traumatising. I’ve been talking to this dude on Tinder for weeks and we finally have the same evening free to go on a date and this woman comes up to me while I’m waiting outside the restaurant. She introduces herself as Avery’s mom. I’d been talking to her. To her!” Amber rolled over onto her stomach, fists pounding the floor and kicking her legs up and down as she gasped for air. Her cackling cut Amber off from finishing her story. Staring at us blankly she waited for us to calm down before continuing. “Apparently the reason it’d taken so long for us to get together was because he didn’t know he was going on a date. He though it was dinner with his mom.”

“Stop,” I say waving my hand in front of me as my laughter takes over again.

“Elizabeth!” She chastised me. “I googled it. I’m not the only one this has happened to. Tinder moms was trending on twitter. They’ve made facebook groups. It’s horrifying.” Amber had rolled to her back, hands clutching her stomach as she was still unable to stop laughing. “And she stayed for the date!”

“Oh. My. God,” Amber hollers.

“Aaannnnnddddd,” she continued dramatically. “When the date was over he asked me for a second one?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “Are you going to go out with him again?”

“He’s so fücking hot.”

“Yes,” Amber and I said in unison looking at each other. Amber was finally able to breathe normally. Viv rolled her eyes at us, not denying our claim.

“You’re so lucky you’ve got a good guy, Amber,” Vivian said with longing in her voice. Amber basically had hearts across her eyes while her face went all goofy thinking about Drew. “Beth and I are the single ones.” Not quite. “Although, Beth doesn’t actually date since she’s sworn off men.” Definitely not.

“Just waiting for you to realise you’re in love with me so we can get married and adopt a bunch of babies,” I winked at her, causing her to chuckle.

“If we’re 35 and single I’m down girl.” Before Amber could start her usual speech about how we were catches but didn’t need a man anyways, blah, blah, blah we were interrupted.

“Baby,” Drew shouted up the stairs. Multiple male voices filled the entryway and carried up the stairs to the bedrooms. Amber basically squealed as she jumped to her feet and ran down the stairs. She jumped from three steps high, launching herself into Drew’s arms. He caught her expertly, this routine happened nearly daily. Her legs wrapped around his waist while he supported her by her ass. She kissed him as if there weren’t 5 other people in the house.

“Gross,” Spencer said, slapping Drew upside the head. “That’s still my baby sister,” he groaned. Amber flipped him the bird while Vivian and I pushed past them towards the living room. Spencer, Amber’s brother, was sitting on the couch across from Steve and Danny, who sat on the loveseat. Vivian took the only free chair, forcing me to sit on the couch next to Spencer. I hoped everyone else in the room missed the smirk and seductive wink he threw at me.

“Let’s go out,” Amber said walking hand in hand with Drew into the living room.

“Nooooooo,” Vivian groaned. Let’s stay in order Chinese and pizza and watch horror movies. The whined back and forth for what felt like an hour but was in reality only like five minutes. “Guys?” Vivian asked the four man-boys who were all swiping through their phones.




“In,” said Spencer, casting the deciding vote.

“Yay!” Vivian squeaked before running up and kissing Spencer, my boyfriend, my very secret boyfriend on the cheek. Jealousy bubbled within me and I had to swallow it down. She wasn’t in to him; I knew that. Vivian called for Chinese food while Danny called in our pizza order. Our group of friends worked like a well oiled machine, ordering the horror movies we’d be watching, grabbing snacks and drinks from the fridge and cupboards before settling into our respective seats. Amber and Drew were forced to cuddle on the floor in front of the coffee table. Half way through the first movie they’d end up making out long enough for the rest of us to feel violated before they retreated back to Amber’s bedroom.

Sure enough, half way through the movie, as predicted, Amber and Drew bid us all goodnight before heading upstairs. Spencer grabbed the remote, increasing the volume of the movie. Three hours and another movie later Danny and Steve were passed out while Vivian was still scrolling through the on demand channel looking for a third movie. “I’m going to bed,” Spencer said, standing up. He gave me a meaningful look, one I could read. It said to make my own excuses in about twenty minutes and go to his room. But I couldn’t. I was tired of sneaking around behind my best friend’s back. I didn’t get the chance to sneak away, even if I’d wanted, to because I fell asleep.

I woke up to my phone buzzing on my chest. 1:30am. I had nearly a dozen texts from Spencer. The last one from just a minute ago. Come upstairs. I sighed, knowing that if I didn’t he’d just come down and get me. The entire house was sleeping anyway. I tiptoed out of the room, careful not to step on Steven who was passed out on the floor. I climbed the stairs as quietly as I could, avoiding the squeaky parts of the steps that I’d had mesmerised since we snuck out of this house as teenagers. Not bothering to knock I opened Spencer’s bedroom door. The door was on the opposite end of the house to his sister’s, thank God. “What took you so long?” He asked gently.

“I fell asleep.”

“Come here,” he called from the bed. I didn’t move from my spot against the door. “Lizzie?” He asked, using the same nickname he’d given me as kids. It used to irritate me, but now it made me want to melt for him.

“I can’t keep doing this,” I said, tears filling my eyes. I loved him completely, but I loved Amber too. He was on his feet in an instant.

“What do you mean?” He asked, barely keeping his voice in check.

“Lying to her.”

“Then let’s tell her.” We’d had this discussion before. After we’d been secretly seeing each other for three months and then six months. It’d been nearly a year and we still hadn’t told her.

“She’ll hate me.” Her only rule when we’d become friends was for me to not date her brother. Her sexy older brother. She’d hated the way girls would try and get close to her to get to him. I hadn’t. I’d kept that rule for nearly 10 years of friendship before finally caving.

“She lost her right to be mad about this when she started sleeping with my best friend.” He had a point.

“Your sister can be irrational,” I said hesitantly. I love my best friend, but she had a temper only Drew could tame and was wildly unforgiving.

“Don’t do this,” he all but begged. “I love you,” he whispered, trapping me between his body and the door.

“I love you too,” I said before his lips captured mine. There would be no more discussion of telling his sister. Not tonight anyway. That was tomorrow’s problem. Giving myself over to him I let him command the kiss. Even if things were to end badly I couldn’t regret this. The best, most honest relationship of my life. I just hoped it wouldn’t cost me my best friend.

“Stop thinking,” he whispered against my lips before sweeping me into his arms bridal style and carrying me to his bed. I was unable to follow his command as my mind was still swirling. The consequences of my choices throughout the last year bubbling to the surface. “Looks like I’m going to have to fück it out of you,” he whispered darkly before pinning me to the bed, his hips between my legs as he used his muscular body to hold me to the bed, my hands held in place above my head. I whimpered at his words, at the vulnerability of my position. Using his free hand he pushed my pyjamas down my legs, along with my underwear. “Don’t move your hands,” he said releasing my wrists while he continued sliding my pants down, leaving me naked from the hips down.

“Spencer,” I moaned when he buried his face in my püssy, his nose pushing against my throbbing clít while he inhaled my scent. “Do you know how hard it is for me to control myself in a darkened room with you? Even when it’s full of our friends. I’ve wanted to cover us in a blanket and finger your pretty little püssy for hours on end while we watch movies with our friends.” My breath hitched at his words. “You’d like that wouldn’t you little Lizzie.” The nickname made me groan, his tone was mocking the same way it had been every time he’d called me that as kids, before we started seeing each other, now it made me drip for him. Opening my legs further for him I whimpered. He still hadn’t actually touched me.

Placing a delicate kiss to my clít was the only thing he did before abandoning my core all together and sliding kissed down my legs, kissing behind my knees all the way down to my ankles. I was a trembling mess, whining in desire. “Spencer,” I whispered his name in the dark when he began kissing his way back up my body. Licking his way through my folds he made his way from my dripping core all the way to my needy bundle of nerves.

“You always taste so good,” her murmured before wrapping his lips around my clít and sucking. My hands flew to his head, pushing him to me.

“Bad girl,” he tutted at me before reaching into the nightstand and grabbing the handcuffs. I gulped but made no move to protest when he fastened my hands around the bed post. “Much better,” he cooed before making his way back down south. He held me open, while simultaneously pushing me down. I tried bucking my hips up, searching for more pressure, more pleasure but he was too strong. I was completely immobile. His expert tongue worked against me in fluid motions, applying the perfect amount of pressure to build my orgasm. Pulling away he blew his warm breath across my weeping slit.

“Spence!” I screamed, too loudly. I bit my bottom lip in attempt to keep myself from making too much noise. Spencer either didn’t care or was too distracted by his ministrations to notice. Sliding two fingers into me I bit down on my lip harder, nearly drawing blood. His fingers filled me, fücking roughly into me in and out while his tongue flicked against my clít at exactly the same rhythm. “Oh God,” I cried, my orgasm building.

“Let go for me, Lizzie,” he cooed before wrapping his lips around my clít and sucking harshly while he pushed his fingers in to his last knuckle, stilling them inside me.

“Mmmmngg. Yes!” I cried as I came around his fingers and on his tongue.

Immediately stepping off the bed he stripped himself of his boxers before rolling me to my stomach, my trapped arms now crossed as he pulled my hips up.

“It’s been too long since I’ve been inside you,” he commented before burying himself inside me in a thrust to powerful I had to bury my head into the mattress to prevent myself from screaming. Once the wave of pleasure pain had passed I pushed myself back up to my hands.

“It’s been 2 days,” I replied while he gripped my hips.

“Two days too long,” he quipped, pulling me roughly back against him while he pushed in. “I love this püssy,” he groaned. “Fück.”

“Don’t stop,” I begged, already on my way to my second orgasm. Spencer chuckled before stopping and pulling all the way out. Looking over my shoulder I glared at him, only causing him to laugh at me more. He ran a finger through my slit, coating it in wetness before sliding it between my ass cheeks.

“You still haven’t let me take you here,” he said lowly, his voice husky with desire. Unable to speak I shook my head. “Soon?”

“Soon,” I breathed out.

“Then we’d better start practicing.” He pushed the tip of his index finger against my tight back entrance, rubbing it softly, coaxing me to relax for him before pushing it inside me, my wetness adequately lubing the small intrusion.

“Shit,” I moaned. Keeping his finger inside me he pushed his cöck back into my püssy. “More,” I begged, loving the feeling. Groaning he gave me what I wanted, fücking his finger into me in the same rhythm he fücked my püssy. Spencer grunted in pleasure as I contracted myself around his finger and cöck. Finding my own rhythm I pushed back into him in time with his thrusts, forcing him to push his finger deeper into me. “Another,” I begged. Sliding a second finger in next to the first he stilled, giving me a moment to adjust. “I’m going to cum,” I cried the stimulation causing me to go over the edge and he wasn’t even moving inside me. My püssy clamped around him as I screamed louder than I should have, shaking. “Spencer,” I cried again.

“I got you, Liz,” he whispered in my ear as I collapsed onto the bed, empty and spent.

“We’re not done yet,” Spencer warned as he pushed his chest against my back, his head next to my ear. He slid easily back inside of me, his entire weight resting on me while he pumped slowly in and out. “Who owns this püssy little Lizzie?”

“You,” I moaned in response.

“That’s right,” he whispered licking the shell of my ear.

“I’m close again,” I whimpered.

“That’s right. You’re going to cum on my cöck again.” I moaned loudly at his words. The aching of my clít was dulled by the pressure from the sheets as he pushed my hips further into the bed. “Where do you want my cum?”

“In my püssy,” I said before thinking. He apparently wasn’t as shocked as I was because his rhythm didn’t falter. Stupid as it was I only ever wanted one man to fill my püssy. My husband. Spencer knew this.

“That’s right, baby. I’m going to claim what’s mine tonight. And then tomorrow I’m going to claim you in front of everyone,” the gravel in his voice sending chills over my spine.

“Claim me,” I whispered knowing the full meaning of the words.

“Cum,” he groaned in my ear. When I felt him spill himself inside me I came around him, milking every last drop from him as I did. Rolling off me he undid the handcuffs before rolling me onto his back. He pulled my legs apart, watching as his cum dripped from my püssy. “So fücking sexy,” he said, sliding his fingers through it before pushing it back in, causing me to tremble. “I love you, Elizabeth.”

“I love you too, Spencer.” I should have gotten up, gotten dressed and returned to sleeping on the couch. But I didn’t. I fell asleep wrapped in Spencer’s arms, his soft, even breathing lulling me to sleep.

“Spencer!” Amber’s rattled voice came through the door as she pounded on the door. “Spencer!” She called again. I could hear her, but was still too asleep to fully register what was going on. Suddenly the door swung open. “Have you see-” Amber cut her own words off. I was naked in Spencer’s bed. Neither of us covered up, having kicked them off because of the heat in the middle fo the night. “What. The. Fück!” She shrieked.

I didn’t have a response. Spencer groaned groggily before grabbing the sheet and pulling it over us. “Told you I’d claim you,” he whispered in my ear while his sister and my best friend stared at us dumbfounded.

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