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Call Girl

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When Adam calls a call girl website for the beautiful red head he meets Sophia. It's pretty clear that Adam is new to this and certainly doesn't see Sophia as a prostitute. Sophia has never met a man like Adam and he makes her re-think her whole life choices.

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Chapter One

Cynthia had told me my client was on the eighth floor and I took a deep breath in as I pressed eight in the lift. It was just me thankfully and I could do some last minute prep in the lift mirror. I pushed my tits up and checked if I had any lipstick on my teeth. I ran my hands through my dark red hair as the lift pinged open. I walked down the corridor for room 834. I had been doing this job for two years now and although it wasn't something I told my family and friends about I did enjoy it. I was always a social butterfly and going into beautiful hotels like this one always helped. Most of my clients were older, successful business men and a lot of the time they didn't even want sex, just someone to go to dinner with, show off to their friends and buy presents for. I never did anything I was uncomfortable doing and I suppose I was lucky. I worked for a classy company and some other girls weren't so fortunate. I found room 834 and took a deep breath before I knocked. I put my smile on as the door opened. I swallowed hard as I looked at my client for the evening. Oh I was one very lucky girl tonight. In short he was fucking delicious. I looked into his dark eyes, ridiculously strong jaw line and a couple of days of stubble. His hair was as dark as his eyes, flopping over to one side.
"Hi," I purred. Oh this would be easy work.
"Come in," he spoke softly. Oh I did love them shy. As I stepped into the hotel room he turned back to me. "Sorry, they didn't tell me your name. Which is awful I know."
"It's fine," I giggled. "It's Sophia." I smiled.
"Is it really though?" He smiled. Fuck! My goal tonight was to make this guy a fucking regular.
"It is. I promise I can show you my ID." I laughed, most girls did give a fake name but I couldn't be fucked to be honest. Something to remember. "They didn't tell me your name either." I smirked as he sat on the bed.
"Oh sorry it's Adam." He put his hand through his hair.
"Well nice to meet you Adam. You don't offer a lady a drink?" I smiled, my cheeks already hurting.
"Oh shit sorry, of course." He walked over to the small bar connected to his room. It was a fancy as fuck room and I was impressed.
"What would you like?" Adam asked me, turning to face me.
"Anything, I'm not fussy." I shrugged, sitting on the bed.
"Rum and coke?"
"Perfect." I shook my jacket off, throwing it on a chair next to the bed. Adam passed me my drink and I took a huge gulp.
"Sorry, I've never done this before." Adam confessed and I smiled at him, he looked so shy and it was doing things to my body.
"Okay," I purred, crossing my legs. "First thing I usually ask. Do I satisfy you?" I took another gulp of my drink.
"Yeah, you are fucking beautiful." His eyes were on my face and I knew this guy could fuck. I just did. I stood up, putting my drink on the table, Adam was sitting on the chair opposite the bed and I sat on his lap, my hand on his chest.
"You tell me what you want to do. It's that easy." I kissed his cheek. "Also, just so you know. You are also fucking beautiful," I whispered in his ear. I heard him laugh and I smiled, moving my head back.
"Which begs the question." I moved my hand to his cheek. "What does a man as attractive as you need with someone like me?" Adam shrugged, putting his drink down.
"I work loads, living in a hotel."
"What would you like to do then?" I wiggled on his lap, feeling him take a breath in.
"I want to make love to you." It was my turn to take a breath in. Jesus Christ. I don't think anybody has ever said that to me. In a fucked up way it turned me on. I was going to get respected while I fucked too? Wow. I stood up, pulling him up off his seat.
"Come on then baby, make love to me." I undid Adam's shirt, painfully slow as I felt his eyes on me. I pulled his shirt down and threw my head back. Fuck his body was gorgeous, ripped as fuck.
"You have an amazing body." I whispered, that was shit I always said but I really fucking meant it now.
"I can't wait to see yours." Adam spoke softly and it made my pussy contract. He undid his trousers slowly, letting them drop to the floor.
"Can you unzip me?" I asked cheekily, turning around. I jumped gently as Adam kissed the back of my neck, before unzipping my dress.
"Sophia, my god," he breathed out. I wore a tiny black thong lingerie set and I was glad he approved. I kept my back to him, dropping my dress on the floor, kicking my heels off. I let out a moan as his hands caressed my backside, this would be easy work indeed. I crawled onto the bed, ensuring my backside was sticking out. I turned around and his eyes were dark, taking in my whole body.
"Come to bed with me." I whispered. I had a good feeling Adam wanted the girlfriend experience and I was eager to please. I watched him as he came above me on the bed, his beautiful face inches from mine. I stroked his cheek, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter. Normally I had to close my eyes and think of a sexy male model, but certainly not tonight.
"You're turning me on." I told him, my other hand on his chest. Adam laughed lightly, kissing my neck.
"I bet you always say that." I scoffed, grabbing his hand and putting it into my knickers. I squealed as he rubbed my clit, his eyes wide.
"Okay, I'll take that back." I threw my head back giggling.
"How do you want me?" I asked, my hand still on his face.
"I want to taste you." Adam whispered, I squealed in excitement.
"You do?" I laughed.
"Yeah I do, would you mind?" I put my hand over my face. Would I fucking mind?
"I certainly wouldn't mind." I said quietly, watching him pull down my knickers, throwing them to the side. I sat up more as Adam opened my legs, my hand going to the back of his head. I closed my eyes as his tongue ever so gently licked my clit, making me arch my back to him. I can't remember the last time I was eaten out and my skin prickled in excitement.
"Adam gosh!" I said loudly, my head against the headboard. The pace of his tongue quickened and I grabbed his head harder, ecstasy all over my body. I let out a groan as he took my clit in his mouth, adding a finger inside of me. I was so close to cumming and I didn't have to do a thing to help me get there.
"Adam, you're so good at this." I whispered, biting my bottom lip.
"I'm glad you approve." I felt him smile against me, grabbing my thigh. My orgasm started to tickle my body, both hands on his head now.
"Adam, I'm cumming!" I moaned, looking down at him in between my legs. His head was moving up and down slightly and it was getting me off. As it hit me I closed my eyes again, calling out.
"Adam!" I screamed, my body relaxing. I opened my eyes as he sat up, running my hand down his chest.
"Now you?" I asked, winking at him. Adam shook his head, getting in between my legs.
"No, I need to get in you now." His voice was much darker and deeper, I looked down at his rock hard dick, my eyes rolling. I suddenly came back to reality.
"My jacket pocket. Condoms are in there." Adam nodded, getting up to my jacket. I watched him take a condom out, ripping the packet and rolling it down his dick. I never fucked bare even though I was on something. Adam made it tempting though. Adam returned to his spot in between my legs, moving my legs further apart. I bit my bottom lip as I watched him enter me, his eyes on mine.
"Sophia, fucking hell." I tightened my pussy for him, his hands going to the back of my head. He slowly pushed my head forward, allowing me to watch him stroke in and out of me. Adam's eyes were still on mine, his mouth slightly open. I could feel his dick twitching inside of me and I grabbed his arm. His dick inside me felt like nothing else, it was a perfect fit and his pace allowed me to feel him, making me feel full.
"I knew you could fuck." I confessed, my guard coming down. Adam chuckled, one of his hands moving to my chin, pushing my head up.
"You make this easy. You're the sexiest woman I've ever seen." I threw my head back at his compliment. Moving one of my hands to my nipple. Adam lent forward, taking the other in his mouth. It was the most amazing feeling and I was climbing my orgasm.
"Fuck!" I half shouted, half groaned. "Keep fucking me like that." I begged.
"Sophia," he moaned out, kissing my lips. It shocked me, most men don't fancy kissing a prostitute but clearly Adam wasn't most men. I gave into his kiss, pushing my body closer to him, letting my mouth take his tongue as he pushed it in. We came apart and I slammed my eyes shut, my orgasm hitting me.
"Ahhhh!" I groaned, my hand tight on his arm.
"You cuming for me Sophia?" He asked cheekily.
"Baby fuck! Fuck!" I hadn't had an orgasm like this in years, anything close was made by myself. "I could let you fuck me all fucking day!" I shouted, most likely informing the whole hotel.
"That can be arranged." Adam said cheekily, dropping his hand from my head and kissing my neck. I could feel his chest beating against my own and I wrapped my arms around his neck, his pace slowed. He really was making love to me now.
"Cum in my pussy baby." I whispered to his cheek. I felt his arms tighten, wrapping one around my back and lifting me slightly.
"Sophia, I'm going to cum." Adam said like it was a bad thing and I giggled in his ear.
"Hmm Adam, cum for me." I was slightly disappointed. I really wanted to keep fucking this man. His lips came to mine again and as he bit my bottom lip I felt his dick pulse, his head dropping. I placed my hands flat on his back, knowing he was done. His face came to mine and we smiled at each other.
"Please Sophia, let me take you to a late dinner." My smile got larger as I nodded.
"I would love that."
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