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Awkward Threesome

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A story about two best friends and a girl. About the importance of bromance and how a girl better not comes in between. About a threesome gone awry…

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


My name, a whisper against my earlobe. It wasn’t much more than a sigh.

A soft hum from my throat seemed to confirm that yes that was me, Zoe. It was about all that I could realize at this point as Malik’s warm lips nibbled that ticklish spot below my ear. You know that spot. That one. Yes. Despite all that warmth a shiver ran over me.
And another sound escaped me, one that had no longer to do with confirming anything.

I found my fingers grasping his dark curly hair and I reveled in how it felt. I had been wondering about that, somewhere in the back of my mind. When he flashed his white teeth at me. Or when his brown gaze seemed to glitter full of mischief.

My other set of fingers were currently splayed on a hard chest. Not Malik’s though. I seemed to want to keep that body away from me as I pushed against it with my hand.

Why? What was going on, really?

It seemed that Hunter, the name to that body, had the same thought as he grabbed my wrist and jerked my hand away from his chest. He wasn’t even gentle about it. He just yanked it and then suddenly my index finger was sucked into his full lips and into his mouth.

It made me gasp and I momentarily forgot Malik’s presence, turning my head towards Hunter, my eyes snapping open and colliding with his sky blue eyes. My golden boy. Sun kissed skin, sand colored hair with blond streaks, he seemed to come straight from a surf board. Had the body of a surfer too.
My gaze dropped to my finger he was suckling on. Why was that working for me? It seemed silly enough. But it did work, oh, did it work for me.

My eyes closed again when the over flooding whirlpool of emotions made me.

I wasn’t really sure how this had come to be.

I heard loud music next door. Right. There was a party going on. Organized by APEL or Art, Philosophy and Exotic Languages student group, I remembered. Malik was its current president and Hunter his best friend and vice president. I had been volunteering to help with this party.

Both guys weren’t strangers to me, mainly because they were well known to our faculty, but a few weeks back Hunter had invited a bunch of people to his studio to work on a project for one of the classes we shared. We “got to know” each other better then. After a few hours of unexpected and shameless flirting with me, he had annoyed the rest of the group so badly, they all left me there with him alone. He had been trying so very hard that I seemed unable to resist him and after a kiss I had gone down on him. No idea what had come over me, but I just sank to my knees and well… did it.

Just then my ride had arrived interrupting us.

Uncomfortable moment. Frustrating too, I bet.

Nothing else had happened since. I mean, we hadn’t really had the chance to talk about it and I was no longer sure I actually wanted to by now. He’d asked for my help with the organization of this party and I had agreed. It seemed harmless and comfortable enough, so why not? Right?

And here we were now, in a back room full of stuff. More like a storage room, really. I was sprawled on an old three seater, with Malik on my left and Hunter on my right touching me.

How did this happen again?

Hunter removed his lips from my finger with a plopping sound and pulled himself against me, my arm flopping limply down next to me. His lips crashed on mine, a groan being stamped on my mouth. Again, he wasn’t very gently about it. His teeth clashed against my bottom lip and I actually tasted blood. He swallowed my yelp though and like a millisecond later I had all but forgotten about my busted lip as his tongue ran over it and then dove inside me.

The kiss was powerful and borderline aggressive. Still, I kissed him back just as fervently.
He tasted salty and of beer. Logical, as he had been drinking one beer after another. I liked it. His flavor suited him and I couldn’t get quite enough of it as I swirled my tongue against his.

Meanwhile Malik had shifted away from me when Hunter and I started kissing. I hadn’t realized his absence yet, until I found him standing on his knees between mine, nudging them open.

Oh boy, he was going there, was he?

His hands, no, his beautiful, long fingers drifted hesitantly over my thighs up and up. Despite the coarse skinny jeans or maybe thanks to it, I seemed to feel what he was doing more intensely. Oh god! He was doing it slow and soft and careful. It felt as if he wasn’t entirely certain that this was okay.
So, so different from Hunter.

I stifled the urge to scream, because this was rapidly becoming way too much and way too fast for me. All those hands and lips, there seemed just too many on me to keep track of what was happening. I had not planned on this. And I was pretty sure neither of these two guys had planned on this either.

How the hell did we get here?

Hunter was not only the vice president of the student club, he was also a deejay.
Come to think of it, he was supposed to be doing just that now, wasn’t he? Who was playing music right this minute? How did the frigging deejay of the party end up here with me and his best friend.

Yes, I was sure my head would explode pretty soon now.

Malik’s fingers reached my soaked core and I’m not entirely sure how the guy knew where to go when I was still fully dressed, but he touched me right. So right!

Hunter had to swallow another one of my yells.
He was still kissing me, while his surfer body pressed hard against my side, the evidence of his arousal pushing against my hip, when one of his hands started to drift towards the nearest boob.

I have no idea how they could’ve had such an amazing timing, but just when Hunter’s thumb flicked over my nipple, Malik’s caressed the little knob between my legs right over a seam of my jeans.

Well, there was no holding back the scream that came out of me then. It seemed primal and full of lust and it truly changed the tentative, rather clumsy atmosphere we had found ourselves in.

The air seemed to thicken as Hunter started dry humping my hip and Malik tried to find a spot for his own pelvis to push between my legs.

Now, that seemed to have been a mistake of Malik.

Hunter froze against me and the hand that had been squeezing my boob rather firmly, shot away from me and collided against Malik, pushing him away, while he was actually still kissing me!

Malik didn’t like that though and he struggled against Hunter, trying to come back to us.

And I kind of agreed.
If this was going to happen, it should be fair and all parties involved should get equal attention. Right?
So, I ripped myself away from Hunter and pulled Malik over me, his long body sinking into mine. And then we were kissing too.
Oh dear, I liked that. He smelled and tasted just as exotic as he looked. Spicy, rich, dark.


My right arm was coming back to life again, it was searching for Hunter, trying to include him in this, trying to pull him back, to touch him, but I was unable to find him. I was vaguely aware of him grunting something angrily, and I felt how Malik’s arm was being pulled away from me once more.

Panic bloomed in my stomach. This was not going the right way, was it?

Malik had to stop his languid kisses and got up on his arms snapping his head towards his best friend in a gesture that could’ve easily be interpreted as “what gives, dude?” He remained silent though, his eyes burning into those of Hunter.

If looks could kill… I fear I would’ve been the only one left alive in that room.

I came up on my elbows as well, my mind desperately trying to think of how to salvage this super awkward situation. My body was protesting heavily. It was actually screaming at them to please, please continue, that this was going to be so good. Why? Why stop?

People can fantasize about threesomes all they want, but in the end it’s about a certain willingness to share, isn’t it? And ask yourself: do you know many heterosexual men that like sharing?

I cleared my throat, inhaled while gathering my courage and said:
“I think maybe we better stop whatever this is.”

Both testosterone filled blood bags turned to me slowly. They blinked at me. Once. Twice. I simply blinked back.

“Hm. Yes. Maybe that’s best.” Malik muttered, got up and all but stormed out of there. Leaving me with a very agitated Hunter.

He was pacing the room by then, combing his fingers through his hair in despair and cursing between his lips.

“Oh, fuck, this isn’t good. Fuck.”

“No shit” I replied dryly.

He stopped pacing and turned his attention to me.

“I’m so sorry, Zoe. I… we… I didn’t plan for this to happen. God, this is so fucked up! Malik didn’t…I mean we didn’t plan this, you have to believe me. Malik… he’s… I… Well, I wanted to punch the fucker for touching you. I mean... He’s my mate, my best friend.”

And his shoulders slumped and suddenly he seemed to be no older than five instead of about twenty.

I stood up, went to him and touched his arm.

“Hey man, are you suggesting I instigated this?” I joked.

I’m sorry, but I had to try and joke about it. I could see his distress and nervousness. Malik hadn’t been much better. These guys were now worried about their friendship status and though when I had to think on it, I couldn’t see that I was alone to blame for all this, I still felt sorry for them.

One shouldn’t underestimate a real bromance. Ever.


Hunter reacted confused and that made me even more worried.

“Ugh! I was going for a smile, Hunter!” I quipped and then I pulled him in my arms saying “Come here you…”

“Don’t worry…” I muttered against his chest “… all will be fine, I’m sure.”

He released a very deep sigh that I felt rumbling through me as he wrapped his arms around me, while he planted his chin on my head. I patted his back and I realized how weird this was. Shorty was comforting the giant in her arms.

“Oh, by the way…” I said while pulling away from him before things became awkward once more “…weren’t you supposed to deejay tonight? How is there music playing?”

Hallelujah! Finally, a smile broke through his face and it did something to me. His smile was radiant, really. It seemed to light up the entire room. He was so gorgeous when he smiled. Simply because it was such a confident, happy smile. I loved it when he did and I vowed then and there that I would do my best to make him smile a lot more.

“Are you trying to be clever, smarty pants? It’s a playlist, of course!”

That luminous smile still playing around his lips, he tried pulling me back to him, but I resisted.

“How lazy…” I smirked and turned away from him towards the exit, suddenly desperate to leave this room that seemed to smell of sex despite nothing actually happening there.

Well, not exactly nothing. Right?

I had no clear memory of what happened later that night. It was a bit of a blur. I had been dancing, aware of both Malik and Hunter being there in the shadows. Probably watching me. Probably watching each other watching me.

They would have to have “a talk”. We would all have to talk about it, sooner or later.

Ugh. This was such a mess.

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