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Awkward Threesome

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Chapter 2

Madison was coughing up her tortilla chips, spreading them all over the table. She had this tendency to make a mess everywhere she went, like a tornado. Her personality actually resembled the same. She was my best friend, looked like a Barbie doll and was gay, to the great despair of a lot of men. I’d seen the incredulity in many a guy’s eyes when she rejected them gently. I think a lot of them didn’t quite believe it. Most likely because a Barbie doll isn’t what many expect a lesbian to look like.

“You did what?!” she choked, reaching for the coke zero in front of her to swallow chips that must’ve gone up her windpipe. She somehow managed to miss it and nudged the glass over, making the liquid spill all over the mess on the table...

I had just told her about my threesome-ish actions with Hunter and Malik and the sharp intake of breath that had caused, led to this whole chaos developing right in front of me now.

She hastily grabbed a few napkins, tipping over the napkin holder too while she was at it and then she was quickly dabbing the coke and tortilla bits together.

I barely reacted, because I was used to this. It always seemed as if her brain couldn’t do two things at once. It was either her mind going ballistic on my embarrassing news or coordinating her gestures properly, but not both at the same time.
Though it could be a bit distracting and sometimes annoying when I was dragged into one of her messes, I couldn’t help but find it endearing and cute.

“Yes… You heard it right. Please, don’t make me repeat it”.

She dropped the wet napkins out of the way and leaned over towards me, curiosity in her eyes.

“Two men! Hunter and Malik even! Pfeeew, girl, I had not expected you, such a goody two shoes, to do that!”

“I hadn’t either.” I replied dryly and then sipped on my Tonic. I loved the bitter taste and the drink had just felt really appropriate today.

“Did you guys talk about it afterwards?”

It had been over a week now and no, we hadn’t, so that’s what I told Madison.

“I honestly prefer it if we never had to talk about it” I confessed to her.

She nodded, knowing me well. We had known each other since kindergarten where I was drawn to her exuberant personality that was already there at the age of 4 and never went away. I admired her for her ability to simply be and not be holding back much.

Not like me. I wouldn’t exactly call myself introverted, but I definitely wasn’t as outgoing as she was. I was careful about what I said, careful about who I surrounded myself with. Guarding my feelings, thoughts and opinions was what I did ever since my parent’s divorced when I was at the tender age of 9. It had come as such a surprise to me, it had simply upended my whole world and I would be damned if I let anything else ruin my reality ever again. No, thank you.

“I’m actually a bit worried for the guys…” I said, trying to divert the topic away from myself a little bit.

“Yeah, I can imagine it must be a bit weird for two best friends to be doing the nasty with a girl at the same time!”

“Shush!” I hissed, looking around me “… you don’t have to announce that to the whole world.”

Unperturbed by my embarrassment, she continued: “You think Hunter wants more from you still? Or Malik, for that matter? I know you had a little escapade with Hunter a month or so ago and I have seen him stare at you many times, but I had no idea Malik was into you as well...”

I had been thinking about that too.

Malik had been with Catherine, a History studying girl for quite a while. Everyone had thought they would marry someday actually, going by the vibe they had been giving off: always clinging to each other, whispering in each other ears, comfortable with each other in a way that made my single heart long for a similar experience… I had no idea what had happened, but one day I saw them pass each other in the hall way and actually ignoring one another. It was quite the surprise.

He was just as private as me though, despite being the president of APEL. Malik was lean and tall. Even taller than Hunter. His North African heritage giving him this exotic, dark vibe. Like an Arabian prince or something. He was far from it though. His mom was a Flemish Catholic woman and his Tunisian dad had only stayed long enough to give him his name, to then disappear back to Tunisia, leaving Malik to be raised by a single mom. It hadn’t been easy and it most definitely wasn’t a royal childhood.

I sighed.

“I’m not sure… I doubt it, actually. He only just broke up with Catherine. And as for Hunter… I think he does. There was already something growing between us before that party.”

I fell silent. Pondering about both boys once more, but Madison didn’t keep her thoughts inside and added: “But what do you want now?”

Yes, that was the million dollar question, wasn’t it?

Before all that awkwardness, I had been angling towards Hunter. He was… glorious and his upbeat temperament spoke to me. He made me feel desirable. But then there was Malik too now. His whispering my name was still echoing in my ear, pulling my strings.

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” I tried.

“Hell no. You do that every time anything becomes remotely interesting.” Madison huffed, crossing her arms over her ample bosom, a stubborn look appearing on her doll face.

Oh. Oh. I knew that look. I knew I wouldn’t escape her inquisition any time soon if that look came into existence.

I sighed again.

“Okay… Honestly? My body still wants them both and preferably at the same time.”

A heated color rose up my cheeks at that. I was so surprised I dared to utter that aloud, even though it was to my bestest of friends, someone I really trusted.

She looked a bit shocked by my utterance as well.

“Woah…” she breathed “… punch me if I ever call you goody two shoes again!”

I snorted at that and then we both broke into a fit of laughter.

It was then that my eyes connected to Hunter, striding purposefully towards our table.

Oh shit.

He casually greeted Madison, but his steely blue gaze remained on me while he asked “Can we talk, please, Zoe?”

Madison had scampered away from there so fast, I seemed to have no choice but to agree and here Hunter and I were now sitting uncomfortably instead.

“Zoe…” he started.

And I looked up from my wringing hands in my lap into his disarming face. He was such a beautiful boy. He kept taking my breath away. I actually couldn’t believe someone so popular had wanted me so far.
Granted, I had been momentarily insane when I had dropped to my knees before him, but he had still enjoyed it. Enjoyed it loudly even.

Way to be distracted this fast, Zoe! I chided myself.

Hunter wriggled nervously on the bench that had Madison’s ass on it just a few minutes ago. He cleared his throat and started again.

“Zoe… erm… I… we…”

I decided to help him out a bit, a kind of curiosity rising in me anyway, when I interrupted his stuttering.

“How are things between you and Malik now?”

His eyebrows rose, but he thankfully took my cue and shrugged: “We talked. We talked a lot over the last few days. He’s a bit of a mess ever since he and Catherine broke up. She dropped him quite suddenly, you know and he still doesn’t quite understand why. It all left him in a state of uncertainty and he had been drinking quite a lot that night and he just… acted that night, I guess. He’s offered his apologies profusely for what he did at that party, Zoe.”

I frowned. Apologies? Why? That didn’t sit right with me somehow.

What did Malik do wrong that he needed to apologize for it? He was just as single as we were! And it wasn’t like what he did was unwanted either. It hadn’t felt like a mistake to me. In fact, I had thoroughly enjoyed Malik’s touches, his spicy smell, his wet kisses and his body pressed against mine…

Damn it. Here I went again. I had to be better, I was more than a bunch of uncontrollable hormones, wasn’t I? Definitely. Surely!

My frowning must’ve given Hunter the wrong idea, as he sighed and offered “He’s so mortified towards you too, you know. I’m afraid, he’s been actively avoiding you and I think he kind of counts on me to clear the air…”

Though Hunter meant it to be comforting, thinking I was somehow offended by both of them accosting me simultaneously, it slowly dawned on me that he couldn’t have been more mistaken. I was actually a little hurt that Malik felt that what we did was wrong. I felt rejected and it wasn’t a nice feeling.

As I continued my silence, Hunter kept talking “But as I said, we talked a lot and we both agreed that we wouldn’t let this come between us. He’s such a great friend. The best, really. Such a good sport. He’s actually rooting for us…”

Wait, what was that last part?

“Us?” I muttered, my one brow lifting questioningly.
“Oh… eh… yeah, that’s what I also wanted to ask you, or well, not ask per se, but tell you, I guess.”

Golden boy was seriously rambling by now and I hadn’t the faintest clue what he was trying to say. Of course, afterwards, going over the conversation again and again it all made perfect sense and I was simply an idiot for not recognizing where he was going with this at the time.

Hunter took a deep breath as if to steel himself for what he was about to say.

“I like you Zoe.” He stated simply.

“You like me?”

“Yes. I do. A lot, actually. You must’ve realized during that group project when I was embarrassing myself… And ever since that day, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. I wrote a haiku for you after you left…” He admitted.

“Really? A haiku even?” I smiled at that. It seemed so unlike this surfer dude to write poetry for anyone, but apparently that was what Hunter was about and I kind of liked it. Quite a bit.

“It wasn’t very good, though…” he sighed and before I could ask him more about it, he quickly continued “… In any case, I hope you and I can explore this further. I want to be with you, Zoe. I want to be your boyfriend.”

I stared at him while he scooted closer, his sky blue eyes boring into me, as if he was trying to mesmerize me with their intensity. And he kind of did. He cupped my cheek and without realizing I leant into it while holding his gaze and then we were kissing.

And just like that I found myself with a boyfriend.
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