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Chanel a plus size goddess finally gets to shine for the first time. Some time being the star attract to much attention and the wrong kind of attention. Chanel is a shy 25 year old girl who is moving to the big city of New York to attend NYU (New York University).Being a freshman Chanel wants to finally introduce her new confident self. and with doing so she catches the attention from the future leader of the most ruthless and riches mafia in the world. But not the kind she wanted.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1

It was a hot summer afternoon day. 25 year old Chanel Banks and her best friend Raelynn was out shopping in the new boutique that opened up in the small town of Birmingham Alabama. The girl were shopping and preparing them selves for their freshman year of college at New York University. They where leaving i three days. Chanel was so stressed out because she wanted this year to be perfect. It would be the first time Chanel introduce her new and confident self to the world. Chanel is a shy plus size beautiful Goddess. Growing up Chanel was bullied a lot because she had more than what society says a normal girl her age should have. She was 5'3, she has shoulder length brown curly hair. Big brown eyes and a very curvy and thick body. She had the most beautiful and innocent face, with two very deep dimples on both fluffy cheeks. She was simply breath taking. NO one really got a chance to see all of her glory because she hid her self behind hideous baggy clothing that was three times her size. She hated attention, so she did everything she could to keep it off her, but this year all of that changed. Its a new woman in New York and she is to die for.
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