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"MEL POV" "L-Liam" I whimpered but he doesn't care sinked his elegant canines in my neck. The pain shot me like breaking my neck at once then I just saw was black. "LIAM POV" She is the one who I waited like eternity .I waited,waited like a beast who is ready to devour his prey. "I want to hold her,love to ruin her,I will love her untill my last breath stops" "No men can touch her.Just I Liam Knight is the one who can touch her,do things to her that she doesn't even imagined in her dreams" "MY MATE" daily updates. if you doesnt want to read my story then just leave... (lots of love💕) do not copy my stories 🔞 story I warned you already if you are not 18 then don't read it.. 💋

Erotica / Romance
Jeon wife
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Mel pov"

I just focus on my moves, the song is loud,all sweaty bodies moving around me,bumping against me,some naughty and pervert hands trying to touch my body.

You know wearing a small dress to showing a little bit of curves of my body doesn't seems to wrong to me.

This is me I work six days in a week ,the sunday is my day . I go to club enjoy myself by dancing till I can't walk . If some pervert bastard approaches me I just turn him down by saying I am with someone else .

Living like lonely person is what I am capable of no family,no parents,no love,no true friends,no one, me and myself all alone.

I lost in my own thought I doesn't even know someone is touched me and started to pull me against him. May be I was too lost in my thoughts that's why I didn't feel the touch of other person.

In my twenty five years of my life I doesnt even let any men touch me . I don't want to trust men they just use the body they doesn't want love they just want lust. They just wants to satisfy thier needs by saying I love you.

That's when reality kicked me in his hands were griping my bottom trying to grind against me I was disgusted by his touch I just pushed him away . Walking away is the best way when it comes a perverted men if we doesn't push them away they just tries to get in our pants.

In a minute I was at the counter drowning the alcohol like my life depends on it . I drank untill I felt I can't take that anymore.

I am not scared of walking alone because i know how to protect myself. Walking alone,living alone,drinking alone,working alone is what I am doing. This what I am doing in my whole life just alone, alone, alone..

As I was out of the club the night cold wind knocked out my breath . May be I drank a lot that's why I can't breath properly that's why I am feeling little dizzy . Just I was about to fall down a hand came and hold tightly like I will go away like far away.

Thats when I met his eyes the brownish eyes sparkling in the night light. The way he holds me I felt sparks all over my body like I am also waiting for this moment to happen in my whole life.

"Are you okay?" His deep voice send chills to my body. Why his touch and just a three word making my heart feel warmer?. I am thinking nonsense because no one doesn't even asked me like that may be the alcohol kicking me in.

Just I was about to answer someone snatched me away from the warm touch .
"Yo dude, stay away from her she is with me dude " the bastard who trying to grop my ass earlier thinks he is with me? Anger boiled me like a lava.

"Who the hell are you?I came here by myself who do you think you are to tell me that I am with you?"

"Come on sweets I know you are angry at me we can go my home and a little bit bed session will be make your anger go away.hmm?come on let's go"

As he was trying to drag me I just twisted his hand behind his back and kicked his back knee made him kneel infront of me and pressed his pressure point in his neck that's it his body collapsed to floor flat on face.

I was about to turn around because of tiredness and also alcohol kicked me in dizziness is made his way to my head . I was falling behind that's when same warm hand also the same brownish eyes I see. Before I black out I heard him say "mate!Baby open your eyes" and few touch on my cheeks then I saw was just black.


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