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"Liam POV"

Chasing the rogue is what I am doing right now.I want to rip his skin while he is alive,I want to hear his pained screams,I want him to beg me to spare his life, I want hear is painful agony. Because of him I lost my pack members, because of him thier family is in pain. Someone's mate,someone's child,someone parents. He will pay for it.

I speed up my target is the rogue who is running infront of me. "Alpha he will go to city if we doesn't catch him before he cross the road"my beta Nick mind linked me ."you people chase him from behind I will go catch him from other direction" i mind linked them and ran in the opposite direction of where he was running.

Just he was about to cross the road I pounced on him pinning him to solid ground choking him with my claws "you think I will let you live after what you have done to our pack?"
"Let me rip him apart right now" my wolf "Trev" is being impatient to kill him,but I do have to ask something from him so delayed his thought.

"Where does your alpha is hiding?" He doesn't seems to answer my question. So I started put pressure in his throat.
"P-please don't k-ill me,I t-take orders from h-im ,he gave -orders through mi-mind link ,I don't k-know where he is h-hiding".my wolf starts to growl with anger I know he wants him dead.

"I am giving you last chance before I rip your head out of your body now tell me. Where does he is hiding right now?"
"I don't k-know". Thats it my wolf came up and I just saw what he is doing ripping him apart by the throat and enjoying the enemy's blood in his mouth.

"Alpha we have a meeting with Sam today at club" my gamma drake told me this like five times from the morning. I just nodded my head and headed to my house to get ready for the meeting. You must be thinking who is this Sam guy? Let me clear up that he is also my pack member and he runs a business in human world/city. He transfers money to my pack.

As I was headed out I hear a giggle from the kitchen I know who is that my sister Elle and her mate Jack. She found her mate when she was twenty one and she also have two children's ,her first child was girl baby she was five year and her name Cherry and the second baby is boy he is just one year old his name is Dellon. I just smiled seeing them living happily. If mate was here then I also living happily as them.

When my mate thought crossed my smile faded realising that I doesn't even found my mate till now I am waiting for her like ages.Now I am twenty eight but I didn't found her. May be I am mateless that's why I didn't found her. At this particular thought my wolf started to growl furiously at me."shut the hell up we will find her I am damn sure and I trust my nose rather then your thoughts".I know that he doesn't like the thought of being mateless, he thinks one day we will find her, hold her,kiss her,make love with her. In the other side I am loosing the hope to finding her.


If I already knew my meeting is at the bloody damn club then I am damn sure I didn't agreed at the meeting . Fuck I might throw up right now all the sweaty body's ,and all the smell of arousal making my mind spin. Drake knew I will scold him for doing the meeting here,that's why he ran inside and sat at the counter ordering drinks .

As I was about to catch up with him a delicious scent hit my nose,that smell is making my body to get goosebumps. That smell is like fresh nature and fresh fruit."mate!mate!that's our mate go follow the smell,follow the smell". I opened my eyes and followed the smell untill I am out of the club. Looking straight I found a girl wearing a short dress that reached her mid thigh,and her long black hair. I knew something was wrong when she starts to wobble on her feet,as she was about to fall down my first instinct was to hold her tightly . My eyes darkened at the smell of her delicious scent.

When her light brown eyes met my darkened brown eyes I lost my breath she is indeed beautiful I can't explain her beauty that much beautiful she is.

"Are you okay?" When she was about to answer someone snatched her from me,my wolf will come out and rip him apart make a big fuss at the first meeting with my mate I know that. "let me out I am gonna kill him,let me out you cockhead".He can't stand the thought about someone touching our mate. I was about to stand infront of him and cut his bloody damn hands.

Untill he spoke"Yo dude, stay away from her she is with me dude" anger boiled inside of me I am sure I am gonna cut his dick and make him eat his dick. Untill she furiously spoke.

"Who the hell are you?I came here by myself who do you think you are to tell me that I am with you?"

"Come on sweets I know you are angry at me we can go my home and a little bit bed session will be make your anger go away.hmm?come on let's go" I am seeing just red right now. I was about to rip him apart untill she twisted his hand and kicked his back knee made him kneel infront of her and he was lying flat on his face.

I am so proud of my mate she is a fighter also she know how to deal with those bastards. She was about to turn around but she was falling behind I ran at her and catch her in my arms her cold body warmer in my touch she is slowly closing her eyes. Next thing I know that I am panicking shaking her "Mate!Mate! Baby open your eyes!please baby open your eyes!"I am patting her cheeks to make sure she is awake but she passed out.

I fastly mind linked drake telling him to come out and he hurriedly came out and my one look he knows what have to do he helped me to open the car door and I sat her in my car holding her tightly. I am happy that I found my mate, I found her in an unfortunate way but still I found her,my sister and the pack members will be happy to see that I found my mate. I will not let her go, but in my mind a question pop up.

Is my mate is human?


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