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To please Him

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Warning - May contain inappropriate language, sex, and violence. Karmen Sanchez - 20 yrs old, just recently got a new job as a personal assistant for a really big person and this person is something else that she is intrigued and this man’s name is Cameron Kelly. Cameron Kelly - 28 yrs old, The owner and CEO of Kelly industries. He has just recently hired a new assistant and little did he know he would try to sleep with her. Karmen will have to decide to either sleep with her boss or refuse with the risk of being fired… Warning - Another reminder this book contains inappropriate language, sex, and violence.

Erotica / Drama
Aaliyah Chavez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Karmen’s POV

Today is the day, I get to go work for my new boss. I really don’t know much about him but I know one thing, he works for Kelly industries and he is a mystery man. Who knows maybe I might find out who this mystery man is, but for now I should probably get going before I’m late.

I arrive at Kelly industries 30 minutes later— I walked in and the place was huge and beautiful. The entrance had a reception desk with a waterfall in the back of it. I’m gonna have to call Sam about this later and tell her how beautiful it is. Also, who knows she may want details about my new boss she was always nosy.

I start to walk up to the reception desk as twirling around to continue to look at the beautiful building. When I get up to the reception desk there’s a woman probably in her mid 30s with beautiful blonde hair, she’s typing and managing a phone. She says “thank you have a nice day” to the people on the phone and then she looks up at me and ask me “what can I do for you today?” I told her “hello, my name is Karmen Sanchez and I am Mr. Kelly’s new personal assistant, this is my first day” at that point I didn’t have to say much more she just goes “go to the 10th floor and say you’re the new personal assistant and they’ll take care of you, congrats on the job!!”

So I do what she says I go up to the 10th floor say hello to everyone that gets on and off the elevator. they’re so welcoming and then I walk up to another reception desk and tell her I’m here as a new personal assistant and she replies, “ok just wait he will be out in a minute!”

I found it odd that she didn’t say his name and now I’m really wondering who is this person..
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