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Short erotic stories😈🥵😏

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This is just somethings my dirty virgin mind came up with hope u enjoy 😊 PSA:NOT EDITED!!! There may be some spelling errors I don’t own this pic just found it online

Erotica / Romance
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My two alphas and the yacht

My two alphas and the yacht
They took me on a surprise trip that I didn’t know I had agreed to it was winter break but it only got chilly where we were at. There was a giant yacht my mates were handsome AND rich

“Surprise!” They said in union

“OMG A YACHT !!!” Wait why is there a yacht are we staying here for Christmas break?

I jumped up and down like a school girl and hugged them both and ran on with my suitcase and got inside and explored amazed at everything

“Do you like what you see?" Lincoln said

“Yes it’s beautiful”

“Your beautiful “

I ran and jumped up and hugged him instantly wrapping my legs around him and kissing him when I felt another presence

“Colin........ you like to sneak up on people I’ve realized “

“Just you” he takes me out of Lincoln’s arms and crashes his lips on mine I felt two large members one from behind one in the front

“Nooo ....... we cant-“ I moan from Lincoln lips on my neck where his mark would be and Colin kissing my collarbone I had to use all the strength to tell them to stop

“ Colin , Lincoln we need to stop I wanna eat before any kisssing and touching ok”I heard a growling
of disapprovement I hopped down and turned to the kitchen to find something to eat “so where are we going?”

“Well we have some pack business so probably the Caribbean’s somewhere else to”

“That’s gonna be beautiful “ we ate and I got ready for bed which was wearing nothing completely naked they walked in with nothing but sweat pants on I walked out with nothing they stopped and looked at me crazy

“Why are you looking me like that?”

“ your sleeping naked?” Colin asked

“Yeah why?”

They looked at me again I looked down and saw the giant boners

“Oh I know you didn’t think that I was going to be uncomfortable be cuz you can’t control your dicks “

“Well what do you want us to do ? We can’t help it “

I shrugged my shoulders

“Maybe try beating your meat it may relive it “

“Are you serious jacking off you think that’s gonna help us “

“Well “
“Idk but I need you to sleep with me your the only reason I don’t have nightmares and you keep me warm”
They looked at each other and said

“FYNE “ we got into the bed I felt one of their boners poke my ass and another one poke my stomache I got so horny so fast I was hoping they couldn’t smell my arousal

“We can smell you” Colin growled

“Is it really that noticeable”

They both said in union “YES”

“I’m sorry I’m trying to control it I don’t know how to your poking me in places that “ I suddenly felt something rub against my slit teasing my clit I grabbed colins shoulders for support god it felt

“Huh ahhh ........ hahhhhhh”

“Mmmmmm when did you take it out ?!”

“That’s for me to know and you not find out “ he kept teasing me with his jr I wanted to cry my core was clenching down almost painfully I knew there would be a wet spot in the bed from my wetness I could feel it dripping down my legs I knew what he wanted me to do but my pride.............. ugh fuck my pride I want it
“Please” I begged he still didn’t do it I knew I had to do more “please papi daddy please?!” Hoping they would give in….. and they did I felt Lincoln’s pole circle my opening then push in god I getting full “yes Lincoln mmmmh” I said with my eyes closed he groaned and pushed in and out relentlessly he picked up one of my legs and continued to hammer inside of me “OH YES OMG YES “ he slowed down I whined “no pls go faster pls I need it “ I lookup to see colin with his amber eyes blazing I knew what’s was about to happen I spread my legs wider welcoming him in I felt him grab His pole direct it to my vagina opening I closed my eyes and waited for the pain it always happened. then I felt it the pain it hurt so much I let a tear slip I felt a finger wipe it away as they settled into my depths their mushroom heads kissing my cervix I opened my eyes to Colin who I knew It pained him to see me in pain they both hated hurting me I put my hand in his jaw and reached back and put my other hand Lincoln’s jaw and said “I’m okay keep going the pain will go away it always does” I say reassuring them they nod they started moving slowly ,slowly the pain ebbed away and all that was left was pure bliss “yeeeees yes yes omg papi dadddy!” I kiss Lincoln as they are pounding me my breast bouncing up and down I felt Colin reach down play with my clit and sucked my pebbled pierced nipples that threw me over the edge I squirted like my life depended on it they fucked me through my orgasm prolonging it they hit my magical spot i screamed at the top of my lungs “RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE “ “right there baby let papi and daddy hear you” and they did “I’m cumming I’m cumming cum with me pls” I closed my eyes and screamed out there names and again squirted all I remember is feeling a gush of their warm hot cum and the feeling of them pulling out of me the a warm rag them getting back into bed whispering “I love you” and nothing.


I’m pregnant………
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