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Short erotic stories😈🥵😏

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Tahaela and the brothers

Ugh I can’t stand this , why do these things always happen to me I think as I pick up my all to tight gym clothes senior year with junior year clothes unfortunately I don’t have a junior year body I consider it fat but hey who cares fat bitches. Need love too I walk to coach and tell her the problem can you believe this bitch have the nerve to say “your gonna have to deal with it there’s no skipping out on gym today” and shrugs her dingy ass shoulders ugh I stomp back into the locker room where I find my friend Anne-aleese (Annalise)
I come to my locker and basically snatch my my clothes out the locker “no luck?” Anne asks “none” I answer back she give me the I’m sorry look I run to the bathroom stalls and close the door so I could get dressed when I walk out all I could see was the fat my thick mocha colored thighs my double D size 34chest the little muffin top I have the stretch marks underneath it all the cuts on my wrist the big lips I have and the basic brown can’t work for shit . Eyes I have (hence why I need glasses Harry Potter style) the only thing I like that i see in the mirror is my braids so I focus on that I dress and walk out the bathroom “ fat ass “ I hear from none other than the queen bitch her self Regina instead of popping off on her I politely say “thanks for the compliment “and simply walk away that stick of a bitch can suck my none existent dick that’s the only. Thing she good at anyway I walk shoulder to shoulder with Anne when we got inside the actual gym our coaches were doing roll cal my name was last “tahaela Malkia” I said here and that was supposed to be the end of it and the I. Walked the four most popular boys in the school who just so happened to be in my class same coach and all they come in looking very disheveled with smirks “ your late Roman,jasper ,Hayden, Ryder “ they replied “sorry coach……we got Caught up “ with smirks on their faces for some reason I guess they could feel my eyes on them but idk how when like the whole gym was watching even though they were named the brothers they aren’t related to each other at all but anyways they had decided to look at me the same time I was looking at them well staring I mean I have a good reason too they are FYNE like FYNE FYNE jasper and his Irish self has red curly hair with freckles everywhere at least that’s what I’m thinking his eyes are so pretty green like the forest you could get lost in them for years he has a jaw that. can cut through marble I’ve seen the abs baby and them pouty pink lips that I wanna bite mmmm🥵🤤 ok I’m back on. Topic Chile anyways he’s 6’4 bitch he is tall . Well all of them are but you get my point moving on to……. Hayden, Hayden is from New Zealand He is FYNE too they all are but anyways deep blue eyes black hair with highlights in them he also has abs😏 and big ole pink lips he has a sharp jaw like all his friends 6’3 in height look he was just FYNE now on to my Asian soft/hard boy just imagine a 6’2 Asian god with grey eyes that pierce your whole soul but let’s just say it’s not the only thing you want it to pierce if you know what I mean *wink,wink* his skin looks so soft he also has big lips but not too big you like just right that is my boy Ryder jet black straight hair shaved undersides now finally Roman my Russian blonde hair amber eyes 6’5 in height he’s muscled up but lean with it he’s the on,y one that grows a beard but he shaves it he has a five o’clock shadow and is the only one with visible tattoos his neck that I wanna suck on so bad and his arms I know they travel to his torso I just know it even though he’s the only one I’ve seen that hasn’t taken his shirt off anyways those are the boys but when hey looked at me. “WHAT ARE YA DOING JUST STANDING THERE GO PUT ON YA CLOTHES” my coach yelled and then they were gone

Coach was just starting to finish the rules when in they came looking unbelievably sexy “ 5 people to a group this time I’ll let you choose” yes I said and it seems like me Anne had the same idea because we were walking towards each other but then Jonah and part of his friends walked up to her (jonahs been Anne’s crush for like forever ) I seen him ask her something she sounded so nervous and I know she was gonna say. No so like best friend I am I walked over there and answered for her “sorry but” I cut her off right there and slung my hand round her shoulder there is no way she is missing this opportunity “but yes she will be joining your group “ she looked at me with shock and anger sorry bestie but it’s for your own good “ are sure I mean you don’t” Jonah started to say “ oh she is realllly sure” he said ok and started to walk and had to literally push her off me so she could go I walked away so proud of myself then the thought came up who am I going to partner with? Huh I looked around and everyone was partnered up guess I was sitting this one out after all then I see them the bothers walking straight towards me oh shit then I see Regina come up and ask them something batting her lashes and pushing up her tits oooooo Chile ok I thought I was saved until I saw the shaking their heads no and her stomping off to her group of bitches that are in the trenches then without breaking eye contact walked towards me when they finally made it I didn’t realized I had backed up wait where’s the fourth one jasper , hayden, Ryder…….. then I hit somethings hard almost fell if it weren’t for the hands that caught me ……. Wait hands that ain’t no wall I look at the hands that are around me and see tattoos oh shit I think I just found the fourth one I turn around and it’s none other than ROMAN oh shit there’s no where for me to run they have surrounded me I knew everyone was staring Hayden was the first to speak I think he the nicest one out of all of them “so we were wondering if you would like to join our group” I looked at him baffled and started laughing my ass off then when I sobered up I said “oh wait your serious” they shook they’re heads yes I didn’t really have much of a choice now did I so my answer was “yes” they said great with all they’re accents like literally no one was American none of them we started to get into our places one person was supposed to be on top of everyone’s shoulder the object of them game was to get the opposing team to surrender or fall off of course we had Matt’s form this “ok so tahaela will sit on top of our shoulders” I looked at them like what bitch do want me to die despite having Matt’s that fall still gonna hurt like a bitch and I’m big I cant be on top “oh um I can’t be on top s one of you are gonna have to be on top” I said they all looked at me and laughed wtf was so funny? “What’s so. Funny” I asked “why can’t you sit on the top give us a good reason?” Said Roman
“Isn’t it obvious I’m too heavy that’s a lot of weight even for five guys” they laughed yet again ok this is getting annoying “ why are yall laughing I’m serious” I say irritated “we’ve benched more than you your gonna be lightest out of all of us” said Hayden “I swear to mf god if y’all drop me I will make sure to bring you all down with me “ I said on a serious note they all chuckled and I rolled my eyes and got on top of their shoulders then the game stated round after round after round till we got to reginas group guess she ditched her friends and rode on the back of some of the beefy guys back she looked at me and sneered I rolled my eyes at her and put my game face on and then the whistle sounded let the games begin

I’m sweating I sure the guys are sweating my thighs are starting to ache I’m pretty sure the guys shoulder hurts I see Regina she’s sweating to bur her beefy arm guys look more tired then the brothers I looked down at the guys and asked “hey do you guys wanna stop we can if you want I mean I know I’m heavy” they were just about to answer when stank ass Regina said something that made me lose it “they don’t want you just like your mom” my whole entire face drop I looked up and saw her gaze she was laughing “she didn’t want your fat ass so much that she killed her self just to get away from you Im not surprised that your father left you I mean I would too if my daughter looked like you” I was seeing red now “Regina that’s enough!” Said jasper but I wasn’t paying attention to him I was only seeing and hearing her then she did this ugly. Ass face which I guess was supposed to be a pout and batted and gently pushed up her tits “how are you gonna defend her all I’m only telling the truth she has no family no one likes her she just an ugly orphan”






That’s all I heard “I’m gonna kill this bitch” I whispered barely anyone could hear it but think the boys heard “charge at full speed” they looked up at me and they’d even the look in my eyes and nodded then they ran Regina was still in the middle of her rant about me and when we finally did hit her I had already grabbed her hair and drunk her down to the ground and started beating the plastic out of her I was screaming and crying at the same time she was yelling for someone to help her and the coach was yelling me too stop kids were screaming some chanting fight fight over and over some saying to get me off her some yelling this is what she gets but all I could see and hear is my moms voice her smile her face………….her dead body laying lifeless in the tub full of her blood finally I felt hands on my body pulling me off my friend crying and standing there bc she knew that in this state it’s better to just let me do what I have to do I was fighting trying to get back to Regina to kill her I wanted her dead then I heard shushing “shhhhhhh it ok princess”said one of the brothers and it calmed me down i stopped fighting I sat there and sobbed i Gripped Hayden’s shirts “everybody get out now!” Yelled Roman I could tell by the accent to make a long story short I was called to the princepals office yeah I was suspended for a week and guess what nothing napped to Regina since “she’s a victim” I rolled my eyes to that I had already told Anne to go hang with the boys usually I’d ride home with her but I guess I can walk home 10 miles home I didn’t really have anything but like 15$on me so I was hoping I could walk half the way then call an Uber for the rat well I started then I heard a horn honk it was the brothers in the fire red Jeep they had “hey get in Bee we could drive u home” I tried refusing but they just wouldn’t let me so I accepted

15mins later
“Um where we going” I started to realize we weren’t heading in the direction of my house “we’re going to our home” said Ryder i was shocked “y?” I asked “because we want you and we’ve been in love with you since we were kids we know you feel the same no need to deny”he said so casually unable to say anything I just shut-up

They’re taking. Me to their house what in the holy fuck is going on right now oh hell naw this shit right here is fucking crazy yeah I might be in love with them and want to give my. Soul body and heart but I’m too guarded for that…….to much has happened that of I do give someone my heart and they. Break it I don’t think I can make it through a second time I get out the car. And walk towards the house the Thunder struck yet again I jumped scared asf but something caught me I turn around to find ……,..my soft boy smiling at me for some reason it just feels right to be in his arms I reach my hand up and put it on his face and stare in to his grey eyes one of the ones I love and I can feel myself smiling to he looks down at my lips I know what he is thinking my mind is telling me to pull away or I will get hurt again but my heart and body is telling me to do it so I do I kiss him with all my might I put all my love and desire into it I love him I want them all beside me inside me. I want to feel the pleasure they could bring me I want to. Feel the love I want them to caress. My naked body to value me treat me as a queen “what are you thinking about?” I look up to see Ryder everyone else had already went inside it started raining “I’m thinking about how y’all could love me and I never knew it or do y’all really love me?” His face look so sad “of course we love u whats not to love comeon let’s get inside “ when I was inside I was shivering despite Ryder being behind me “oh bee “ said jasper as he came up and Felt my. Skin I shivered but not from the cold “oh your shivering go get her a shirt we got to get you out of these wet clothes “ I don’t know why I said it but it just came out “I’m not shivering from the cold “ I said I looked down in embarrassment I felt fingers gently yet firmly lift my chin up I look in to jaspers eyes “then why are you shivering? Is it because I’m Touching you is it making you wet for me Bee huh? Do want me to eat that little. Pussy as they watch” I’m my god I just got in the house and I’m wet down there and up here “yes”……..I MOANED IVE NEVER MOANED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN FOOD “0lease” now I’m begging they smirked and picked me up like a rag doll what in the hell next thing I knew I was on the bed my pants were of along with my panties when I felt the cold air hit my wet folds I snapped my legs close I didn’t shave why would they want to see my hairy coochie mh mh “open your legs let us see u” said Ryder I shook my head no “ princess please open you legs we wanna see you “ said Hayden looking at me with pleading eyes and jasper too damn it NO I don’t need them making fun of me “QUEEN open your legs” said Roman oh no I spread my legs I didn’t mean to but my body just responds to him they looked at my privates then me I had already looked away hands over face tears in my eyes despite telling people off about my body I’m very insecure about it the stretch marks cellulite fat all that how jiggly my thighs and ass are my boobs aren’t perky I felt a hand on my hands moving them away hayden wipes a tear away from my eyes “your-“. “Don’t I don’t need to be told that I’m not beautiful that I’m ugly I just don’t wanna hear it” they looked“ surprised “I was gonna say your beautiful shaved or unshaven stretch marks or not your beautiful” they smiled at me reassuring me that they wanted me jasper looked at me questioning me with with his green irises I nodded my head and smile I laid down and tried to relax I felt his hot breath on my slit I shivered then I felt it the blooming pleasure the overwhelming feeling of the Roughness of his tongue and the sucking on my clit had me screaming I was twisting and turning clawing at the sheets I felt this knot in my stomach it was almost pleasurable then something else started building up “STOP STOP” jasper stopped automatically they all looked at me in confusion and concern “what’s wrong Bee?” I looked at them with horror written on my face “I felt something like tingling and a knot and then I felt like
I was going to explode is there something wrong with me?” They started to laugh what are they laughing at I. Starte to lose my legs and then they stopped “ princess what you are feeling is something called an orgasm next time just let it flow out it will feel good “ I nodded my head and laid back jasper started again I was grinding against tongue and twisting and turning then I felt something prod at my opening I looked down to see Hayden’s tongue on my clit and Ryder and Roman kissing….wait Ryder and ROMAN R KISSING?! Tongue and all again priding at my entrance distracted me then I felt it a tongue slide into my heat I hissed n pain “omg your so tight Bee your squeezing my tongue right now” I didn’t have time to think about what he said because next thing I knew I exploded I screamed at the top of my lungs and I felt a gush come out of me……..wait. A gush?! I sat up so quickly “omg. Did I just pee omg I’m so sorry this so embarrassing “ I started to get up and uas I was getting my legs went out and as I was falling before Someone caught me I looked in the corner and safe Ryder riding romans dick his head thrown back in pleasure Roman caught me falling and laughed which I guess In turn hit the spot for ryder because i seen him cum in a loud moan and Roman a groan “ you might not wanna try doing that a Bee I didn’t pee on me I squirted it’s a good thing it’s the strongest female orgasm which is surprising guess none of the boys u were with ever made you orgasm” I looked down in shame noting that I only had my shirt and bra on “wait Queen are you a -a virgin?” I nodded my head yes embarrassed by the fact. they lifted my chin and looked into my eyes “we’re glad that you have us the honor of giving you your first orgasm “ said Ryder I smiled I was starting to feel sleepy I yawned “seems like the drop is kicking in “ I was confused but was to tired to ask next thing I knew I was laying down with an arm wrapped around me but I was uncomfortable I knew what is was so in my sleepy state I took my bra and shirt off and got back under covers butt ass an naked tans snuggled into whatever was laying next to me it wrapped around me as I layer there and closed my eyes

I woke up to smelling breakfast I start to get up then I felt an arm tighten against me then it all came back I got ate out by the brothers I GOT ATE OUT BY THE BROTHERS
“Holy shit” I said then I thought about the pleasure they gave me I’ve never felt it before I mean I’ve tried to pleasure myself I even used toys but it either hurt,felt weird, or just felt like I didn’t know what I was doing which let’s be honest I didn’t anyways I unconsciously started grinding back on Ryder who has morning wood by the way I heard him groan and pull my hips forward and grind into my ass *gasp* I gasped when he got on top of me I automatically spread my legs to fit him between them no his rod was laying on my sex I felt the heat of it my clit was throbbing at this point I looked into his eyes and he looked inside mine next thing I new we were feverishly kissing I felt him rub my sex with his rod and god did. It feel good I moaned out “god your so wet for me “ he said “please I need it make me cum please” I cried out he leaned down and kissed me He positioned his rod I gasped I wasn’t ready yet “I’m not going to take your virginity I just getting lubed up” I nodded my head I felt the tip of his mushroom head rub my Clinton circles putting pressure on it I moaned out it felt so good then he stopped I was about to say something but then he grinder down hard on my clit I don’t know what sound I made but I’m pretty sure I drew blood for scratching down his back so hard but it just felt so good he went faster and faster but I needed more pressure so I rolled on top of him and grounded down on him even though I was really wet I still had friction as I was thrusting my hips forward and grinding down at the same time he was pushing up meeting my thrusts down I felt my orgasm starting to speed up incredibly I was a moaning screaming mess I had tears rolling own my face from the pleasure that I was receiving it was too much I cried as I scratched down his naked torso “I’m gonnna cuuuuuum!” He groaned and went faster and thrusted stronger then I exploded my eyes rolling into the back of my head my body shaking liquid spilling and squirting out of my wet cunt when I came down groom my high I felt warm a sticky substance on my folds I reached down to touch already knowing what it is I reach down and touch my sticky folds with the mix of our juices together slightly touching my over sensitive clit which caused me to Yelp and jump but the Yelp soon turn into a Moab and that moan turned into an orgasm. Not as strong as the before though when I came down from my high I finally looked at him and I got up and ran butt booty ass naked and into the bathroom I went and locked the door I heard him pounding on the door “ there’s nothing to be embarrassed about your beautiful” he told me I still didn’t answer I know he still there then. I heard foot steps he knocked on the door lightly “look I have a robe for you to put on clean itself up I would have one it for u but omebidy decided that they wanted to run” I creaked open the door and took it tied it around me how did I get myself into this situation?. I know I should be disgusted and want to get out of this situation but am I wrong if I said that I want them all of them idk but we’re gonna talk about it today when I have the robe on securely and have done my after care things I open the door and walk down stairs to see them having breakfast in nothing but towels ryders sitting in Hayden’s lap jaspers sitting on romans lap and they’re just eating just normally I look out the window and there dark clouds it’s raining I would usually sit at home with one hot tea or hot chocolate but can’t really do that now can I “Good morning queen did u sleep well?” I nod my head as I reach the end of the staircase the kitchen is beautifully done but it’s more modern and homey than rich and lavish then you would think jasper then gets up pulls out a chair and gestures for me to sit in it I slowly walk over to the table well more like wobble I’m still sensitive from this morning I sit down and they fish out my food and I eat like pig out eat I moan and all that (see I told I don’t moan for anything but food ok and maybe them but in my defense what would u do if had incredibly handsome men who you’ve been in-love with since u could remember finally paying attention to and giving you orgasms and what not) after I finish eating I feel they’re eye on me and when I look up surprisingly they’re not disgusted they’re…………loving and admiring? I see Ryder get a paper towel and wipe my face if I could turn red bitch I would pit Mars to shame and that’s saying something “thank you I said in a meek voice “ my brain scolded me

Subconscious:Oh so now we meek huh?
Me:Shut up🙄

Vagina :I would be meek for them anytime
Both sub and me :SHUT UP!
Vagina :cockblockers😒
This is going to be a long week and an even more interesting year
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