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DDLG Series 1 : The Stepdad

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Leah Saven, a 18 years old who loves spending time with her books and sketch pads. Virgin but definitely not innocent.  Ever since she read those erotic novels, She craved for the pleasure, the roleplay. Then one day, her mom brought a guest.  Kane Volkov, 32 years old. Russian with grayish eyes and black hair. Leah knew that it's a sin.  Leah is trying hard to resist the temptation. What will she do if she found out that her step-dad is craving her as she craves him too? Will Leah be able to resist?  Or let go? Enjoy reading peaches! 🍑✨

Erotica / Other
Serenity Lopez
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She pushed him back that made him stop kissing her. " Kane! Stop! I can't do this. What about mom huh?!" She blurted while gazing at him.

Kane stayed silent while staring back at her, not backing down. He cupped her left cheek and kiss her forehead.

Leah felt the butterflies in her stomach when he did that. She is so conflicted about whether to let this happen or do the right thing.

She closed her eyes when Kane claimed her lips softy. She never felt to be kissed like this before. So passionate yet wrong.

Kane slowly let her lips go and staring into her eyes. They say the eyes speak all the words that your mouth couldn't. She can't help but see his emotions in his gray eyes.

Determination, fear, desire, and...love.
Is he playing with me? Or he is sincere?
My mind can't process anything now.

" I don't know what to do, Kane. I'm so scared." She muttered while leaning towards his touch. Kane smiles merely and kisses her forehead, once again.

" What do you want me to do, Kane?" she asked as he leans towards her right ear and whispered.

" Let go, kitten." Leah gaped at him with surprise. He carried her that made her wrapped her legs around his waist.

Leah gasped when he throws her down on the bed. She can't take her eyes on the man in front of her, whose slowly unbuttoning his polo shirt.

He showed his polo shirt away and slowly crawling on top of her. From this sight, her body can't help but be aroused.

She felt her throat went dry when he licked his lips. Their body fits like that's where they are meant to be.

Kane starts nipping her neck softly that earns a small moan from her. She felt herself tremble under his touch. He suddenly stopped and stare into her.

She kept staring back while stroking his chest when Kane confessed.

"I love you not your mom. It's you who I wanted to be with. Not her. Not anyone else. Just you, Leah," he said with a smile on his lips

Leah felt her heart fluttered from his confession. The next thing she knew that she was kissing him with all she got.

The kiss turns into more. Her hand has gone through his black hair and pulled it gently that made him groaned.

Leah pulled away and breathed without removing her gaze to his.

" Give in, kitten. Come to me. Come to Daddy" He whispered between his kisses. She opened her mouth to answer.

To be continued.......

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