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Completed On 01/20/21 Not for anyone under the age of 18 My nights were magical. They were like something out of a fairy tale that was too extraordinary to be real. Each night completely different from the night before. Each night was mysterious and had me floating on cloud nine. They all had me begging and craving for more. They all were amazingly rewarding in their own right. To experience what I went through I dare you to join me in this mind-blowing adventure. I dare you to venture into the unknown. Most importantly I dare you to walk away before getting what you crave and deserve. I must warn you that my story is not for those that are scared to try new things. This story is for those that don't mind taking a risk. For those that love excitement. For the kind of fun seeker that is willing to dive straight in without a safety net to catch them. For those that see the big red flashing signs that read "Slow and Be Very Cautious" and still willingly dived right In. So to all you lovely people that are ready to experience this mind-blowing ride with me, come on aboard this exhilarating event. My name is Haley Kolter I will be your host throughout this journey. I can personally guarantee you that this will be an adventure you will never want to end. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Erotica / Romance
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Character List

Haley Kolter:
Occupation: A attorney at Larson Law Firm and the sole heir to Kolter & Kolter Entertainment in New York City in charge of all legal matters.

Ashton Landers:
Occupation: Ex-Marine Sergeant now CEO of Jones Enterprise in New York City, Atlanta Georgia, and San Francisco California.

Dante Reyes:
Occupation: Famous book author of In Between The Sheets at Exotic Publishing Inc in New York City.

Justin Kyles:
Occupation: Head Neurosurgeon at Thompson's Medical Center in New York City.

Kaio Miller:
Occupation: The new and upcoming lead singer of the boy band Eye Candy under Star Recording Label in New York City

Vihaan Rao:
The leading male actor in Married to Mr. Right at Global Mass Entertainment New York City.

Kim Dae-won:
Occupation: Owner of two hottest nightclubs in New York City called Perfect Taste and Triple Threat.

Axel Garcia:
Occupation: Master Chef and owner of Lex's Exquisite Taste in New York.

Michael Godwin:
Occupation: Professor of Body Art at the Creative Art Institute in New York City.

Lena Jackson:
Occupation: Coding Specialist and a pain in Haley's ass.

Zayn Amari:
Occupation: Head Game Analyst at Kolter and Kolter Entertainment

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