Un-blindly Blind Date

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A Social Media Connection Date that completed the fantasies for each other ❤️🔥

Erotica / Romance
Pleasure With Pen
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First Date - A start to the journey of Lust

Swiping is easy but getting result is tough, i kept on swiping one of the sites and luckily one day i got connected with some. She was having a downloaded baby photo and i was not sure if its fake or what, so thought of giving it a try.

Started talking with a simple hy and then hey from the other side, and that conversation continued till late night we both were totally known to each other and in between i asked about her status, boyfriend, or anything and she said she was in relation but was unsatisfied. So, that made her, to be on that application.

And that continued our talk till late night sexting on the same day and both were satisfied with such selflove we shared with each. That continued for some more days and we decided to meet someday.

Twist was that, we both had fantasy of being blindfolded and made a plan as if meeting blindfolded and not seeing each other any of the second.

Finally i booked one good place for us, went there and she said she is finally here and blindfolded myself and as she entered, i too blindfolded her from behind, so that way she can't see me. She : "Let me see a little bit, can't i get some compensation" I said, "Better luck next time, not today" and laughed.

Entering there, shut the door, locked it and let her sit on the bed, so intially we were talking normally and then i kept my hand on her thighs and was rubbing a little, i sensed her increased breathing and silence between us, intiated our kiss with me placing my lips on her neck and she moaned there.

Now we were laying on the bed side by side crasing each others body without watching anything, and i could feel her bulks on perfect places and rest managed perfectly, paused to praise her body and meanwhile she took my hand over my shorts, saying " i feel i too have cracked a big deal today" and it is a winning moment of champagne, and slowly went down on me, removed my boxer and started oggling with that hard and ready-to-eat banana.

That sudden surprise of her, i could imagine her with that sounds she was producing and in the mean time she removed her clothes and was now giving a boobs job and wow, that was my first time, with such big surprise and that too a job. That after lovely moments i was so excited exploded with my moans and further she was enjoying the shower of her champagne with surprisingly she placed her lips, licked, sucked and drank all the juices and made me lay there.

And it felt so amazing, she took charge over there and made me face sit her and i was like wtf, she is going to fulfill all of our fantasies today, which we have discussed several times and that moment for her, my lips and tongue on action while her hands were squeezing that melons and mine were squeezing her ass. It was such a tasteful moment and pleasurable, i could feel myself hard again and told her that and were immediately shifted and doing 69 in no time. Fuck she was so amazing in each second and every moment we shared together that day.

Further with a little time tasting each other and i took the charge and hold her with neck and threw on the bed, holding her legs on my chest and getting me adjust between that thighs, placing my grewn big desires on her wet and ready to be devour fire and with no wait or hint, straightway entered her and it was so beautiful, slowly getting in and listening to her moan in rhythmic moments of my body making move.

Asked her, if we could remove that blindfold, she refused and ignoring that refusal, i was more focused now on thumping her. That moment of refusal hurted me and that hurt turned into aggression and she was enjoying that rough and hard moments of push and pull. She hugged me and told me not to stop and i could feel her ejaculations of the shower and i was not stopping and there within moments melted myself there for her within her juices.

That time we had such blessed and beautiful sex whole time and left in the evening without seeing each other, blindfolded. That was our first and most memorable date of life, Un-blindly Blind Date.
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