The saw

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I guess most of you have heard of the movie saw. The pig Amanda that captures people in her warehouse and sets traps for them so they have to try to escape, or die. This is kind of like that, but instead of being tortured, they are being pleasured beyond good with wild, dirty and pure sex. Enjoy!

Elin Jakobsen
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First encounter

Women from all over New Jersey have disappeared for weeks now. Over 10 young women between the age of 18 and 22 have mysteriously gone missing. It’s been awarded an award to the person that can identify the serial kidnapper and bring the poor girls back home.

Here is a list of names of the missing girls.

-Emily Johnson age 18
-Hanna Edwards age 18
-Lisa Mason age 22
-Maddison Eberly age 19
-Catherine Hawk age 20
-Erika Laurens age 20
-Stephanie Jameson age 21
-Samantha Jameson age 18
-Carol Abrams age 21
-Alice Carlson age 18

If you have information on the missing girls, please notify the police or their parents.

I close the paper. The girls have been kidnapped around their birthdays. Mine is today. I have plans with my friends later, and they end up in me walking through town at 2pm.

I get up from the couch and remove my shorts. I have some time for myself before my friends get here. I make my way slowly to the end of the hall where my stepdad sleeps.
My mom died 2 years ago, when I was just 16. Since then I have lusted for James. Since it’s my 18th birthday, I want to get my self a treat. And hopefully loose my flower at the same time.

I stalk closer to the door. I hear him snore in there. I remove my panties and my tank top, and walk naked into the room. I got my full body wax yesterday, so I’m completely bare. I stalk over to the bed, and lie down besides him, careful not to wake him.
Still in his sleep, he lays an arm on my inner thigh. I feel my breath getting stuck in my throat. He carefully moves his hands closer to the center, and my breathing hitches.
He snores a bit louder now, but I know he’s still asleep. Then, with no warning he starts to run fast circles in my sensitive spot, and I moan load, opening my legs wider. I close my eyes while I enjoy the feeling. I am so close to cum, when the hand stops.

I turn my head, and James looks at me.
“Baby girl, what are you doing? He asked. “I want you. It’s my birthday. Please daddy. Take my virginity for my birthday” I whisper the last words. He looks like he’s in pain. “Please daddy. I have saved myself for you” He turns to face me, and kiss my forehead gently. “One time doll, and only for your birthday” he lens down and capture my lips in a hard, starving kiss. One hand is gripping my hair, and the other one is cupping my double D breasts, carefully swirling his finger around a nipple. I start to moan with pleasure. His mouth finish ravishing my mouth, and he place kisses down my neck, and down to my perky nipples. He places his mouth on one nipple, swirling his tongue around, and his fingers caress my other nipple. He takes his time with both nipples before trailing his kisses down my stomach and down to my virgin pussy. He kisses my inner thighs, and smell my wetness before diving in.

My back arch and my legs shake, while my screams is echoing through the house. The pleasure is beyond magnificent, and before he is satisfied, I have orgasmed 4 times!!
“Relax your back sweetie. I’m going in”. He position the tip at my tight entrance, and push in fast and swift. He push through my virginity, and the sharp pain quickly becomes pleasure. He moves fast in and out, and he touch my inner walls. I’m a moaning mess, and I scream out my pleasure while he pounds hard and fast in and out. I come 3 more times before he finishes and pours himself deep inside me.
The sweat is making my skin moist, and I’m a panting mess.
We lie in each other’s arms for a bit, before we get up and start round 2 in the shower, then round 3 on the bathroom floor. After the third round, I have to go and meet Caroline and Bethany. He give me one last orgasm, and place a vibrator in my underwear for me to wear. I can’t wait to go back home.
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