The saw

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After leaving the house, I meet up with Caroline and Bethany. We’re headed for Caroline’s house on the other side of town. She is home alone with only her mom. We’re gonna watch a movie and have a couple drinks before I go back home. I wanted to stay the night, but Caroline’s mom said only Beth this time.

We arrive and Caroline’s mom, Linda, have the pizza ready on the table. We agreed she could eat with us, and after a while only me and Linda remains. Then the vibration goes on.
I had forgotten about the vibrating underwear, and how it is remotely turned on. I start to blush, and bite my lip trying not to moan when the vibration intensifies. Linda shift her seat so she sit right beside me and I know she can hear the vibration.
She smiles and place a hand between my thighs feeling my wetness.
I blush slightly and a low moan escapes my lips. Linda looks at me and smiles, cupping my pussy and press the vibrator in my underwear harder on my clit. I have to consentrate not to moan and sweat is pouring from my forehead because i need an orgasm so badly.
"Alison, you were talking about the blue dress you wanted to borrow from me a while ago. would you like to come to my bedroom and try it on?" Linda asks quite load making sure Caroline can hear her. "yes please" is all i can get out. i follow her closely and get to the bedroom. she close the door, and she guides me to her bed and throws me on it. the vibration in my panties intensify once again and im aching my back trying to get comfortable. "my room is soundproof sweetie. you can scream all you want. No one will hear you" linda says before locking her door. I take her word for it and screams as my orgasm hits me with full speed. My legs tremble and im a panting mess.
Linda enters the bed with me, and place a knee between my legs, keeping the vibrator in place while she bends down to kiss me. My legs are really trembling, and because i had no time to come down after the intens orgasm, i soon shoots into another one. My eyes roll back in my head, and i scream and moan bucking my hips against Lindas knee. whithout a word my chlothes are being ripped off, and my panties gets cut off. She removes the vibrator from them and place it on herself moaning loud. I look at her and scoot closer to kiss her. She looks so beautiful. Completely naked, with pink puffy lips that start to glissen with her own juises. The whole scene make me very horny, and i put two fingers deep in her freshly waxed cunt moving fast in and out making her soon tremble and clenshing around me. After her first orgasm, she removes the vibrator and gets out of bed. she walks to a big dresser in the corner of the bedroom. "Alison, baby. Do you trust me?" she asks innocent. I think for a second, but i do acctualy trust her. "Yes" i say. and she open the top drawer. She pick up a pink blindfold which she brings over to the bed. "I want you on all four, blindfolded, head down and ass up in the bed now. Can you do that baby"? I feel the exitment in this, so i immideatley says "yes". Linda ties the blindfold over my eyes, and help me in the position she wants. My ass is on full disclosure, and i can hear how she is removing stuff from the drawer. She suddenly comes back, and my hands are handcuffed to something, making moving very hard. She cuffs both hands before cuffing my ankels the same way. I can feel my juises run down from my pussy. Something metallic is plased by my entrance and slowly pushed in. I can feel myself stretching to accomodate the sice, and a moan escape my lips. The pleasure is intens. The metallic object is pushed in and pulled out in a very slow and teasing manner, making me go crazy with lust. I start to breathe more heavy and I know Im close. So does Linda. She stops just when Im about to reach my height and i feel a bit dissapointed.
Then the speed intensify and something vibrating is being placed very still on my pussy. My screaming is eccoing through the room, and i have what feels like never ending orgasms. Im not allowed down from each one, and the next is harder and better than the one before.
After what felt like hours, my blindfold is removed, and something was once again placed in my pussy. "This is a strap-on my dear Alison" Linda says and push hard and fast in and out. something cold is poured on my asshole, and something round and long is slowly being pushed in. Then the speed increases, and the strap-on and what i assume is a dildo in my ass, is being sissoered in and out making my toes curl. The pleasure is fucking intense and i love it.
"Enjoy the walk home" Linda says after a while. and I am happily going back to my stepdad.
I get dressed and leave the house after saying goodbye to Caroline and Beth.
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