The saw

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It takes about two hours for me to walk from Caroline. Lucky for me, its a clear night and there are no clouds in sight. Im sore, im horny as hell and my underwear is gone. Thank god i chose flats and not high heels.

I plug in my airpods and connect them to my phone. I choose a playlist and start walking in sync with the music in my ears. Im starting to considering hitch hike, but something my mother told me a few years ago make me really think hard about it. But, i am horny, so maybe i meet a guy who can finger me, i think. I turn down the music, and start listening after a car.

I walk for about an hour before i finally hear a car. I reach out my thumb. signalling that i would like a ride. I wait for the car to get closer, see that it is a man in his 50s driving, and then i pull up my skirt just enough to see then i dont have on any underwear.

The car stops with a scream, and then it backs up towards me. The driver pulls down the window and pops his head out. "You lost honey"? he asks me with lust in his eyes. I put on my most seductive voice, and answers him, "Yes sir". He immediatly opens the passenger door, and i climb in. I get a better look at the driver. He has a short beard, somewhat of a bear tummy and is not really much to look at. He puts a giant hand on my thigh. "Honey, i can drive you on one condition" he says before continuing. "We can find a remote place where we can have some fun of our own, i can get you to cum, or i drop you of and you can walk home from here". He looks at me with a smirk. I look at him. I feel horny, sore and tired, but the last to is not important. I push the seat as far down as it will go, before turning my body towards him and spread my legs. "Have at it" i say and slowly trace a hand from my breasts and down to my greeady cunt. He waists no time and goes straight to town. He eats me out far better than James and Linda combined. My legs tremble almost immediatly, but because of the way i sit, i cant close them. His tounge switch between flat and round as he swirls it around my clit, and when he starts to suck and nib on it, i start to scream out in ecstasy. The pleasure is so good, and he is an expert in this field. After only a couple minutes i come all over his face, and he laps up all of my juices.

"I know a place not to far from here, honey, where we an continue to enjoy ourselfs. Its an abandoned barn". He looks at me and smirks. Im so horny and very intrested in what he has packing, so i agree very enthusiastic.

About 5 minutes from the sideroad there is a big barn building, just as the stranger said. He stoped the car infront of some big double doors and opens his door. "Honey, would you mind walking in naked? I just want to walk behind that pretty ass so i know what i can look forward to" he says as he grap my pussy and roughly fingers me until i start to pant. Apparently its a big turn on for me.

I skimmy out of my skirt and pull my tank top over my head before reaching behind my back to unclasp my bra. He smiles and start to grope my ass and tits, gently smacking my ass. I can feel my pussy dripping from the attention, and i walk in front of the stranger to the barn door. He wants me to open them, so i do, realising to late that its a trap. He push me inside before quicley shutting the door behind us. He lifts me up easy as nothing and carry me to what looks like a bed. My hands are being strapped behind my head, and my feet are strapped to chains in the wall, making me spread completly out for him. "Dinner boys" the stranger says and walk away. Several men start to gather around naked, looking like starving men. I smile and lick my lips. This is weird and amazing. This is something i´ve only seen in pornos. My pussy is now dripping juices everywhere, and then the first man dives in. I moan as he hits all the right spots. He puts two fingers rufly in me before pounding like a mad man in and out making me scream. Before long i have my first orgasm. my entire body shakes, and im in heaven. Someone loosens my restraints before lifting me up. One of the men lies under me, positioning his very large member right at my back door entrance. He has som gel in is hand which he sqirts on me, and then he pushes in his dick macking me scream out in pain. A hand goes on my clit, moving around in swith strokes making the pain quickly go over to immens pleasure. Then two of the other guys position them infront of me, both pushing their beercans in my cunt at the same time. A new toy joins the game. A massager. Its placed on my pussy making my toes curl. The three men find a rythm before pounding even harder in and out of my pussy.

There are 20 men in this room, and they all fuck me at least three times in all holes. My orgasms are so intense and painfull, that i start to cry when the next one is closing in. The last guy pounds me mercilessy before cumming deep inside me giving me a good last orgasm. He slaps my pussy hard before leaving the room with the others. I fall asleep, exhausted from all my orgasms and the rough fucking.

I wake up some time later of water blasting my pussy, making me tremble, and i hear the stranger talk to one of the men there. "She is number 11. She did ask for it herself, lifting her skirt to make me stop the car for her. We have a schedule. 4 more girls to kidnap before the boss gets here in 2 weeks. She is just unlucky i guess". Tears roll down my cheeks as the orgasm rip through me. I scream it out, and before long someone is there to pound me merciless. First my pussy, which i quite enjoyed. Have you ever been fucked just as you cum? and then they fuck you to another orgasm? amazing. I fall asleep again after the pounding. im too exhausted, but the last thing on my mind, is the fact that simeone abducted me.

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