Beautiful Chaos

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“I dont remember when it happened, when the chaos became so beautiful neither one of us knew what had hit us.” The storm that had wrecked Novalie Stanford’s world started in High School has followed her to her future. Like most disasters, this one had a name. A name so feared it made everyone tremble in the city, and he had that name. But what always got Novalie in trouble was she didn’t care, her life was already hell, all she knew was she wouldn’t take shit from no one anymore. Not even the great Killian Rivers could make her kneel, and that was his one goal… in more ways than one. The scene before the storm is always something beautiful…until the chaos settles in.

Erotica / Drama
Lili Vaughan
Age Rating:

Author's note

Author's Note


You will see throughout the book mature content, disturbing details, foul language, smoking, drug abuse/use, and a bit of abuse.

Not for those who easily get upset over things as such.

With that....ENJOY<3

Also all rights to this book are owned by me, myself, and I.

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