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Beautiful Chaos

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The Beginning


"Nova! Get your ass done...NOW! We're going to be late at the rate your going." Damn she was mad. Why she always have to be so angry? What was there to be mad about she has a life anyone would kill for, at least on the outside.

We were suppose to get dressed 'nice and neat' for our dinner with our new neighbors. We just moved here about a week ago and they've been trying to get us over for dinner the entire time. Usually my family tries to suck up to neighbors and seem like one big happy family incase they hear my parents holler at me or each other. Fortunately, people buy into my parents crappy façade, and think they can do no wrong.

"Hurry please before she drags you down the stairs again." My brother Zeke said, looking out for my defiant ass as always. He was the only reason I haven't left this family. If he wasn't here I would've taking the first train to New York and finished highschool at my old school since I was 18 years old I could move legally and didn't have to move. But alas, I only stay here for my brothers sake.

"Alright bro I'm coming, just a few more touches an I'll be right down," I said as I applied my eyeliner. Trying to look my part, I chose my white blouse, blue denim jeans, and white flats with some subtle jewelry. Innocent, proper and classy; but cute, elegant, and a lady of society. Just the look I was conditioned to fit.

After putting the back on my other earring, I made my decent from the stairs halting in my tracks to seeing a sight I didn't expect to see. The neighbors were here.

I thought we'd be at their home, I said to my self in my head.

"What had taken you so long sweetheart? Could've sworn you had disappeared with all that time you took." She laughed as she made the double-sided comment. I knew she was mad, and I was going to get it later. But how was I suppose to know about this surprise arrangement ?

"Sorry mother, I had lost the back to my earring and had to search for it in the carpet threads. It was surprisingly hard." I said.

My mother nodded seaming pleased with my cover up. At this point I've become a pro at cover up comments. After dealing with a double life it's to be expected. To have to put a mask on for the public, to never show that side outside, I get tired of being perfect for my family in public. Which is probably the reason for most of the fighting I do with my mom and dad, because after a day of wearing my mask I take it off at home and all hell breaks loose.

"We decided to come over tonight for dinner, our house isn't exactly up to par with our cleaner being on personal leave and all. We are so sorry for the intrusion." Mrs. Rivers had said.

"It is no trouble at all Mrs. Rivers, no problem at all. You are welcome to our home anytime." My father had said, subtly checking her out. I could tell mom could see it too because her momentary glare came across her face.

"Where is your lovely son? I never got a chance to thank him for helping us with our boxes on our move in day." My mother said.

"Thomas? He will be here shortly he's just trying to be macho man grabbing the last of the food. Insisted on getting it himself." Mrs. Rivers laughed.

"Don't you have any other children, besides Thomas I mean. Are they coming as well."

"Why yes we do, two others in fact. Our daughter, Olivia, is overseas at the moment. She's studying Law abroad in Italy. and Killian? Who knows, that boy is a wild card. Always in some sort of trouble who knows where." Mr. Rivers said.

"Is not! That boy may get himself in a little trouble here and there but he's a good kid. You just push him hard." Mrs. Rivers defended her son. I was so surprised at how open she was about their home problems.

"Yeah, If nice kids are supposed to be complete dick-headed, fuck-wads now a days." I jumped in surprise and turned to the unfamiliar voice behind me.

All I could say if I had the courage to say it out loud, would be holy shit. This guy seemed as if he walked right out of a magazine.

Sorry y'all for the short chapter. I promise just bare with me right now just trying to keep my train of thought, since I have so many plans for this new plot line to the story.

Thank you for your support and patience!

Stay easy y'all <3
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