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Late night oneshots 18+

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Chapter 1: Paradise (part 1)

I growled and cursed as my car sputtered.
Using what life it had left I was able to park behind a bunch of strip mall stores before the engine completely quit on me.
"Fucking crappy car" I got out and slammed my door after popping the hood.
I opened the hood, looking at the engine. Which was pretty much useless as I had no clue as to what I was looking at. I never liked cars that much. I left that job to my older brother.
I left the hood open, going to the drivers door to grab my phone when I saw her. Ashley Pikens. My ex best friend.
Hidden by my car, I watched as she got out of a slick black car, a coat around her shoulders. She glanced around quickly, almost like she was checking for people, then rushed inside an older looking store front with an old neon sign in front that said "Paradise".
Curious, I grabbed my wallet and followed. Holding my booty shorts up as I jogged across the parking lot.
Upon opening the door, I was met with strobe lights, what looked to be a bar, and stripper poles. There were girls dancing on the poles and about a dozen guys already throwing money at them as they shook their asses.
I gulped. I had to admit the girls were sexy. Three danced on the floor together. Each wearing different colors of fish nets and equally sexy outfits. One had dark skin while the other two were white. And my bisexual pussy was already getting wet from watching them.
I made my way over to the bar as the men started calling out for a three way kiss.
Ash was nowhere to be seen.
"Hi, how can I help you?"
A blonde girl with plush lips, about C cup boobs, and a bubbly ass asked me. She was wearing a crop top and panties.
She leaned over the counter, showing her cleavage. On purpose? I wasn't sure.
"Hey, I'm looking for a girl named Ashley?" I asked her.
She smiled widely. "Ah Ashley is in our VIP section, and currently occupied." She winked, making me think that 'occupied' meant something much more that I really thought it was. "But if you pay for VIP I can lead you back there and wait for her to be finished."
"How much?"
My eyes widened but if it was to reconnect with Ash, who I hadn't talked to or seen in years, then I might as well.
"I'll pay."
The girl clapped her hands, "Great! Here is a form I need you to sign, with some questions and I will need to see a form of ID."
I nodded, taking the form.
By signing this form you consent to our terms and agreements (pg 2) and agree that any accident or unintended incident that may occur will not be Paradises problem. Do you....
The form went on awhile so I ended up just skipping about half of the words and not even bothering with the terms and agreements before signing the form. The girl took it and my ID, checking to be sure I was over 21 years of age then gave it back.
"If you will follow me please, I'll take you to Abby to get prepped."
"Prepped?" I muttered under my breath.
I followed the girl behind the bar and through some doors into another room that resembled something along the lines of a waiting room. Sitting on the couch, crosslegged, on her phone, and fully naked minus the tail (Which I assumed was a butt plug) and ears, was a brown haired girl with huge tits and a toned belly.
"Abby, we have a VIP here for you to prep." The girl nodded to me.
"Sweet." The girl leapt off the couch, her tail swaying.
We made eye contact and I looked at the ground, realizing I had been staring.
I heard a chuckle.
"As you've probably already heard, my name is Abby." She introduced herself as the other girl left.
"y/n" I responded.
"You can stare at me you know. I don't mind."
I looked up wide eyed as she smirked and turned.
"Follow me babes. I'll take you to the locker room and get you ready." She laughed, swaying her hips. And I stared.
I followed her. My panties already significantly wet.
We walked through a door to the left of the end of the waiting room.
As soon as I beheld the locker room I was shocked. There were lockers but attached to the benches in the middle were dicks. Over in the corner were showers, but with no curtains. Holes in the sides, dicks attached to the side, and removable shower heads.
"The showers in here are designed to feel really good on your clit." Abby turned around, her hand between her legs and her fingers on her clit.
I just gulped.
I averted my eyes as I saw two people, a guy and girl, locked in sexual activities in one of the shower stalls.
Abby just watched me.
"What?" I asked confused as to why she was just standing there.
She chuckled. "I'm going to guess you're one of those people that skimmed through the forms?"
I guilty nodded yes.
"Well in the forms it says that paying for the VIP section, there is a 'no clothing unless authorized by the staff' rule."
Oh. I thought. I shrugged, pulling off my white crop top, my C cup tits bouncing loose as I take it off. I then slip my bootie shorts down and off of my ass.
Abby was watching the whole time. I neatly folded all of my clothes and opened one of the empty lockers, placing them in it.
Once I was finished I looked over to see Abby staring at me.
Sub-Consciously I covered my body.
Almost instantly Abby rushed over and grabbed my hands, "No no. You're beautiful, don't forget that."
I nodded and she let go.
"Follow me. We gotta get you the rest of the way ready"
She showed me to a small room with a doctor like chair in the middle.
"In the contract, if you had read it all, you would have known that we, as a staff, service our VIP customers with a special drink," She pointed to a glass full of a red drink that looked a lot like koolaid. "That will help the customer with their stamina. Increasing it to about ten fold of what it would normally be. But," She opened a drawer and produced a vibrator. "To in sure that the customer gets the best experience, they have to under-go getting very very very horny." With each very she got closer and closer to me. Her lips inches apart. I licked my lips. Wondering what her plush lips tasted like. Her lips curled into a smile before suddenly she kissed me.
I moaned as she pushed me so I was sitting on the doctors chair. Our kiss deepening as she licked my lips and asked permission to enter. I let her tongue in.
As her tongue explored my mouth I felt her free hand roam up my body and to my tits. Pinching them I moaned.
She pulled away for a breath and started kissing my neck. I barely heard the vibrator as she turned it on. Placing it on the inside of my thighs.
"Fuck, Abby. Stop teasing." I moaned.
She chuckled, "Thats the point y/n."
But I was pleased as she placed the vibrator right on my clit. I moaned, my back arching as I pushed my hips up.
I felt her lips travel down to my free tit. Clasping it in her mouth and sucking on it. Pleasure coursed through my body and warmth traveled down to my clit.
I started feeling a knot form in my stomach. "Abby. Keep going." I moaned, biting my lips.
Contrary to what I wanted she suddenly backed off. Turning the vibrator off.
I whimpered.
"Here drink this." Abby handed me the glass of red liquid. I drank it. Closing my aching legs. Studying Abby as she rummaged through a draw full of what looked to be strapons. "You have an option to have a strap on, but, I know that some girls prefer to be the bottom so often don't take one." She held up two, one sparkly purple one about 8 inches, and another hot pink one about 9 inches. "Whatever way you want, we will compensate. In the main room we also have a variety of different toys that you can use if you wish. As long as you clean them before and after use."
I was barely paying any attention. My clit still throbbing from the vibrator that was used on me and still horny as hell.
"Hell I personally prefer to have a strapon in reach. Just cause im more of a switch than anything." She shrugged. Sliding the Hot pink strap on onto her legs.
I bit my lip, standing up I grabbed her head. Kissing her. Not caring about anything she had just said. Pulling away I said, "Im too horny right now to care."
She just smirked, her hands wrapped around my hips. "Thats normal." She suddenly picked me up. "So am I."
I moaned as her strapon sank into my pussy. She shoved me against the door of the room. Her hips pounding into me as she kissed me hard.
She pulled away. "Though I'm more of an audience fucker than anything." She opened the door and we shuffled into the locker room, every step making the strapon pound into my wet cunt.
She sat down on the bench, kissing my neck. "Ride me y/n"
I gladly obeyed. Rolling my hips as I felt the rubber dick move inside me. I moaned as suddenly it hit a spot inside me. I continued to move the exact way. Soon Abby realized and thrusted her hips, meeting mine half way, and pounding even harder into my G-spot.
I was literally falling apart in pleasure. Looking up as Abby kissed my neck I witness two guys. One was black with a eight pack, 9 inch cock, and a platter full of shots of the same liquid Abby gave me earlier. The other was white, six pack, 8 inch dick, and tattoos all over his body.
Both were jerking off to us fucking. Which just turned me on even more than I probably could have been at the moment.
I moaned, watching them. "Fuck Abby. I'm so close!" I could feel the knot in my stomach grow tighter and tighter as I neared my orgasm.
Abby took my lips in a deep kiss thrusting even harder into me.
I fell. My vision grew white as immense pleasure coursed through my body. Abby slowed her pace but continued moving, riding out my orgasm.
When I came too I noticed the black guy had moved closer.
"Care for a drink?" He asked offering the platter of shots.
"Yes please Sebastian." Abby reached over and grabbed a shot, drinking it quickly. She motioned to me to do the same.
I took it. Moaning as a rush of horniness flowed over me and my strength renewed from my previous orgasm.
Both Abby and Sebastian chuckled.
Abby moved my hips off of her strap on and I pouted at the loss of the fullness.
"Sebastian will you do me a favor and take y/n here, to the main room? She's looking for Ash."
"With pleasure." Sebastian smile, "And in return, we have another VIP here who needs some help." He gestured to the white man behind him.
Abby licked her lips. "Of course."
"Follow me, y/n" I followed Sebastian out of the locker room back into the waiting room just as I heard grunts and the sound of sucking noises coming from where we left Abby.
We took a hard left into another door at the end of the waiting room and through a smaller hallway. Once the hallway opened I smiled to see the room before me. In the middle were three stripper poles, which had seats around them. Then in another ring were a bunch of couches. Outside of the couches, lining the walls, were sex machines and shelves full of different toys and bondage stuff. Scattered throughout the room were groups of 2 to 5 people engaged in sexual intercourse.
But what caught my attention most was the naked girl in the middle of the room.
"There's your girl." Sebastian smiled.

Thanks for Reading guys!
There will be a part two but as of rn I'm a little to hot and bothered. XD
Remember to remain horny guys!
-Kyra <3
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