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Late night oneshots 18+

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Chapter 2 - Paradise (part 2)

Warning: Name calling, rough sex, bondage, and sex toys.

Enjoy! ;)

After leading me into the room Sebastian went off, offering the drinks to a couple of people who had just 'finished'.
Ash was in the middle of the room. Bent over the slightly raised platform where the stripper poles were with a guy grinding his dick on her ass cheeks. He was buzz cut and wasn't fat but not totally fit either.
Her hands were tied behind her back and there was a cloth around her eyes.
I slowly started making my way over. Watching as the man grabbed her hair then pounded his dick in her pussy. As I got closer I could hear her moan.
"Fuck yes." She bit her lip. "Pound my pussy so hard."
The man slapped her ass cheeks.
Watching her reminded me of when I used to the be one behind her.
"Fuck y/n!" She screamed as I pounded my strapon into her wet pussy. She had been teasing me all day and deserved to be punished. "Yes! Fuck your bad girl!"
I pulled her hair, ripping her blindfold off making her look into the mirror in front of us. "Watch as mommy fucks your pussy hard for being a bad girl Ash." I slapped her ass. Showing no mercy as she whimpered, her ass sore from the previous spanking she had received.
*flashback ended*
I was brought back to the present as I reached the two. I came up behind the guy. Kissing his neck and letting my hands exlpore his front while I pressed my tits on his back.
He groaned and I whispered, "Shhh... I don't want her to know im here."
He nodded, going along with it. He slapped her ass again. "Your suck a fucking slut Ash." He growled.
Continuing to kiss the mans neck I whispered, "Do you want her to eat me out blind folded daddy?"
"Yess." He groaned.
I moved slowly. Letting my hand brush over Ashes back gently.
"Who is that daddy?" Ash asked the man pounding her pussy.
"Someone who wants in on the fun." I Took my position in front of Ash. The man pushed her head down into my pussy. "Eat her out slut, while I fuck your pussy."
"Yes daddy." Ash said, obeying him as her tongue reached out, flicking my clit.
I moaned lightly, keeping eye contact with the man as I rolled my nipples in my hands.
Ash's tongue flicked my clit. Moaning as I felt this I bit my lip.
"Fuck yes eat me out slut." I groaned.
Ash hesitated for a second but continue to lick me. Her tongue played circles around my clit. I moaned as she moved her hands up and started fingering my pussy.
"Hmm you taste so good." She said quickly then licked as much of my pussy as she could. Gathering as much as my juices. She fucked me with two fingers. Curling them and making me moan.
The whole time the man watched this.
"Fuck thats so hot girls." His pace quickened and Ash exclaimed a loud moaning scream.
"Fuck yes! Right there daddy!"
I watched as the man neared his orgasm. Slightly disgusted at the idea of him Cumming in my girls pussy I moved and said, "I want to taste your cum daddy."
He gladly pulled his dick out of Ash's pussy. Inserting three fingers and finger fucking him while I kneeled down and took his 7 inch dick in my mouth. I could taste Ash's juices on his dick.
Licking the tip I kissed down to the base of his dick. Playing with his balls using my hands I took him fully in my mouth. Letting him deep throat me.
He tangled his hands in my hair and started face fucking me. "I'm fucking cumming." He groaned. I moaned my approval and he instantly shot his load down my throat. I quickly was able to swallow all of his cum.
He pulled his fingers out of Ash's pussy then groaned, "That was so fucking hot." He pulled Ash up then kissed her lips. "I'll see you next week slut. I got to go now." He untied the blindfold and she smiled at him. I was behind her.
"See ya Jake. Best of luck with your interview." Ash casually waved as he turned to leave.
Before Ash could turn around I wrapped my arms around her and purred into her neck.
"I knew you were a slut, but not this much of a slut. Teddybear."
Thats when she finally recognized me.
Thanks for your patience guys!
This one is kinda short but hope you like it!
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