A Sip of Sin

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Ella almost had it all. She almost had the job of her dreams. She was close to having her dream home. Hell, she even had the handsome fiance girls could only begin to dream of. But what she had all her life was money. So much money it was the last thing she ever thought she had to worry about... Until now... New in town and penniless, she takes any job she can to get by. She waits tables at a local diner but it's not enough to survive. Desperate, she takes a job as an escort and on her first night, she meets the sexy, brooding Jasper Rhys. Chance encounters bring them to an arrangement that not only will give Ella the money she needs to get by but grant her the freedom she longs for. Or so it seems. She becomes entangled into the dark life of Jasper Rhys all while questioning if she should have left her old life in the first place.

Erotica / Romance
Kay Loren
Age Rating:

Chapter One

It seemed like just yesterday when I had it all. I had the perfect job, the loving fiancé, the apartment of my dreams and money. So much money that it was the last thing I ever had to worry about.

I grew up with money... Old money. My parents grew up the very same and they raised me with no expense being too good or too much. Hell, I had a bank account that surpassed the multi-million dollar mark by the time I was one.

I had it all…

Until now.

My heart pounds rapidly against my chest, drumming loudly in my ears as the elevator ascends. I can do this… I turn to the wide mirror provided in the elevator and see that my appearance has deceived my true feelings. I see a luxurious vixen before me clothed in a tight little black dress, accentuating every dip and curve of my lean frame and a matching bolero jacket. My dark eyes are painted smokey and my hair cascades down my back and shoulders in a glossy, dark wave making me look like the ultimate seductress.

But inside I’m screaming. This has gone too far! The phrase repeats over and over again in my mind. One call home and I don’t have to do this. Call home now!

But what if no one answers? What if I’ve gone too far for them to care anymore? I already fucked up majorly and made decision after decision, choice after choice that catapulted me to the here and now… This is something I’ve never imagined I’d ever degrade myself to.


“Are you okay mam?” The bell man asks softly.

Shit! I forgot he was here.

My hand falls from my stomach and I straighten up. “Yes, thank you.”

The elevator doors open wide. My heart lurches in my throat. I don’t even want to move but the man directs me to the white door directly across from the elevator so I make small steps out. He bids me a good night and steps back into the waiting elevator.

My heels click against the beige tile spurring me into a mini panic attack with each step until I stand before the door. The number 222 in shiny gold letters stares me down in the face. I can’t fathom what will happen or how but I know that I’ll walk away with a whole new experience.

The door swings open revealing a petite woman with kind, green eyes and a brown bob. I wonder who she is. She gives me a long once over with a press of her mauve lips.

I notice a lovely designer bag in her hand but her simple black slacks and black button up top look too modest for her to be the lady of the house. Maybe she’s the housekeeper? I don’t know. She stands aside and beckons me in with a wave of her hand.

Automatically, I’m in the lovely white and gold accented foyer. A round wood table stands in the middle of the white marbled floor with a large, flower arrangement atop.

“Just go down that hall dear and you’ll find the sitting room,” she says.

I mutter my thanks when I realize she’s leaving. She gives me a wistful smile before she closes the door behind her.

The doors close behind me and I know that I can’t back out now. I won’t back out.

“Hello,” I call out.

When no one answers, I walk further in and through the archway that leads into the apartment. The sheer size of the main living area is too grand for words. Opulent is the word that comes to mind when I see the far wall is made of glass that overlooks the city and illuminates the cream furniture and marbled floor in flicks of gold. A fire is blazing gently in the stone fireplace, making the living room cozy and welcoming.

From my place at the top of the step, I see a kitchen to the right of me made of pale wood and granite countertops. A dining room table made of oak sits nearby beautifully between the kitchen and glass, seating eight. One glance at the far left of the room tells me a corridor leads to the rooms of the place.

I stretch my head out to see if I can see anyone but the apartment seems quiet. I hope no one’s home so I can leave without holding up my end of the bargain.

My first night as an escort and already I landed the biggest client the agency has. That alone earned me snide remarks from the other girls and a whole lecture from Lea, the owner of the agency, who was just as surprised as everyone else that this guy picked me. ‘He’s our biggest client,’ she said. ‘Don’t mess this up’ she reminded me every half hour of the day until I arrived.

Anxious is not even the word for how I feel at the moment. My whole body is tense and I feel as if the ground will give way under me at any moment. Taking a deep breath, I call out again still hoping no one is home.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” a voice calls out from down the hall.

The deep voice instantly makes me shudder. I don’t know how I’m going to keep from blacking out at any moment.

I go over to the glass wall and gaze out. The night sky is a lovely shade of indigo ignited in a glow from the glittering city lights and various towering buildings. I’m itching to go out onto the wide, rooftop terrace and enjoy the view up close.

The memory of what was supposed to be a ‘the happiest day of my life’ enters my mind and I quickly ebb it out. I need to keep my head straight and my eyes dry if I’m going to survive tonight. I turn from the window and I’m met with the presence of a tall stranger.

Pale gray eyes give me a once over, slowly making their way down my body. So slowly those eyes linger, seemingly taking in every inch of my body. My mouth goes slack. Lea never mentioned what a hunk this guy was. His face is chiseled and sharp, perfectly angular. Not to mention, he’s tall, broad and muscular. God is he muscular. I can see his muscles bulge through his suit yet the dark material sits atop his body effortlessly. His mouth forms what I think is an approving smile after his gaze meets mine.

“Hi,” I say, my voice sounding small and almost inaudible. I square my shoulders before I try again more confidently, “I’m Cassie, your companion for the night.”

His gaze holds mine for a moment longer before he says, “Jasper. Jasper Rhys.”

Just as I hold my hand out for him to shake he turns on his heel and heads towards the direction of the kitchen. “Have a seat,” he says over his shoulder.

My legs shake and I’m grateful for how close the couch is to me. I take a seat on the long part of the sectional trying to steady my nerves. One glance at the dark coffee and I see an envelope resting atop. Two hours, a thousand bucks and I get to go home. I’ll get to cover more than half of my rent with that and just worry about acquiring the rest over double shifts at the diner. I still have to worry about food, utilities, my car payment, credit cards and cell phone bill. I’ll manage. I have to…

I hear the pop of a cork and it jolts my heart into another pounding frenzy. Calm down, I admonish myself.

Jasper returns into the living room and hands me a glass of champagne. I eye the golden, bubbly liquid for a few moments before taking it in my hand. I rarely drink but tonight I need all the courage I can muster up. Jasper watches me expectantly, waiting for me to drink first. I take a small, tentative sip of the fizzy drink appreciating the delicious, fruity aftertaste.

He sets the bottle of champagne on the coffee table and takes a seat on the couch next to me, drinking a gulp of the amber liquid in the crystal glass in his hand. He stays quiet just watching the drink in his hand as he swirls it slowly in a circle.

I clear my throat. “So you have an event tonight?” I say trying to make some sort of conversation. The silence of the room is just too much to bare.

“That’s off,” he says curtly without another word or glance my way.

The silence is unnerving and my nerves are getting the better of me. Without much thought, I drain the champagne in two gulps welcoming the fuzzy sensation dancing at the back of my throat.

Jasper leans over to the coffee table grabbing the bottle and refills my glass before I can refuse another. To my surprise, he clinks his glass with mine and polishes off his drink in one gulp. I follow suit but it takes me a few big gulps. I place the glass on the table and glance at him.

He smirks. “Another?”

I shake my head. His burning gaze is unnerving and already I feel the effects of no food and two drinks settling in. I only came here to act as arm candy for the night and if the event is cancelled then I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do. Well I know there’s one thing, but Lea assured me that I’m in control and if I don’t want to have sex, then I do not have to. Sex is not part of the transaction. Just companionship…

“Would you like a refund?” I ask.

“A refund?”

“Well if the event is off and you paid for companionship…” I trail off.

He studies me with those brilliant eyes of his. God is he sexy! This man exudes confidence and sex appeal by just sitting. His elbow is propped up on the back of the couch and he has his knuckles resting on the side of his head, still studying me.

“Sitting with me is enough companionship,” he states. “I don’t do refunds.”

I nod and gaze around the room. There’s no personal touch to his home. No family photos, paintings, or anything on the walls except for a large, gold framed mirror that hangs above a mantle. Everything is orderly and minimal yet luxurious. I can feel his eyes on me, scorching into my flesh as I look around a second time.

Quickly, I whip my eyes towards him. ”What would you like to do?”

“Depends,” he says after a thought.

“On what?”

“On you.”

“On me?”

His eyes darken with a nod. I glance down at my hands to avoid his gaze, admiring the elegant, French manicure I splurged on this afternoon. An expense I have to find some way to pay back into my budget. He’s quiet again and I could just scream with the various thoughts that race through my mind in the silence of the room.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I whisper.

“How much would it cost me to have sex with you?” he asks bluntly.

I can feel myself blanch for a quick second before the heat of my cheeks betrays me. Didn’t Lea tell him the services I offer before setting me up with him?

“I don’t do that,” I shake my head.

“I know,” he says. “But I’m asking you Cassie. What would it cost me?”

My throat goes dry. I’m not a prostitute. I know most of the girls in the agency offer sex as part of the deal and they are by far the most popular and highest paid but I do not do that. I only offer companionship in regards to dinner, events and other social activities. Not sex.

Yet the two glasses of champagne make me feel bolder than usual. “You couldn’t afford it,” I challenge.

“Try me,” he retorts.

Before I know it the amount is out of my mouth. “Ten thousand.”

“That’s all?” he huffs.

“Cash,” I add. “Plus tip.”

There is no way in hell he -or anyone for that matter- has that kind of cash on hand.

He laughs to himself before retreating out of the room. He disappears through the corridor and comes back five minutes later with a thick envelope in hand. He tosses it onto the table with a gentle thud and gazes at me.

I notice he has taken off his jacket only leaving on his white dress shirt making him look even broader and muscular than before.

“Ten thousand plus a very generous tip,” he says. “Want to count it?”

“No,” I shake my head, still gazing at the thick envelope now resting next to the other. I know he’s good for it. I can see the green stack of bills peeking through the slit of the envelope and the joke is on me. Ten thousand! With that money, I wouldn’t have to work so hard pulling in extra shifts at the diner.

“One thing,” he says and instantly my attention is averted and fully on him. “I like being in control.”

I can only nod. For ten thousand he can control me the rest of the year for all I care. He leaves the room again and his absence leaves me with a thought. I too have to set boundaries if I’m actually going to go through with it.

When he returns with a fresh glass of scotch and the crystal decanter I lay it on him.

“One time only,” I say boldly. “With a condom. No kissing.”

He regards me with a ghost of a smile and then says, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Good. That’s settled.

“Stand,” he commands and I obey without a second thought.

He resumes his seat again as well as his burning gaze.


It takes me a second to register what he asked of me but one arched brow tells me he won’t ask me a second time. Slowly, I peel off the long, bolero jacket around my shoulders welcoming the cool air on my skin and toss the material off to the side.

My heart pounds again in my ears and I can feel my body flush under his hungry eyes. I feel stark naked already before him even though my dress is still on. I contemplate how to go about removing my dress next without making a fool of myself. Should I pull it up over my head or slide it off my body?

Jasper stands in front of me for a moment before reaching down to the table and pouring another glass of champagne. He holds the glass in front of me.

“Drink,” he commands.

I’ve already had enough champagne. I take a small sip but his hand on the glass coaxes more into my mouth until I have no choice but to polish off the drink yet again. I pull my head away from the glass when the alcohol burns my throat, dropping a thin stream of liquid down my chest and atop one of my breasts. Jasper places his hands on my waist and leans his head down, licking the trail of liquid off of my skin, tickling me with his soft lips and tongue. My head bows back at the sensation but I don’t touch him.

A soft mewl escapes my lips when his tongue ventures atop my breast and kisses me there. A delicious kiss with his tongue and it leaves me wondering what his lips on mine would feel like .No kissing! He pulls away and sits back down on the couch, beckoning me to continue on.

I bite my lip, reaching around to my back and zipping down my dress, careful not to snag the custom, designer piece. The only valuable piece of clothing I brought with me… I pull my arms out of the straps and let the material pool around my waist for a few moments before I slide it down over my hips and then let it fall around my feet.

I’m left standing in my black lacy bra and matching panties. I step out of my heels, kicking them to the side before I grab ahold of the lacy tops of my silk stockings.

“Leave them on,” Jasper says and then calls me over to him with a crook of his finger.

Sheepishly, I make my way over, kneeling before him. I rest my hands on his thighs and see that he already has an erection straining against his slacks. I’m flattered he finds me appealing but inside I’m scared, freaking out for what comes next... and after that.

He watches me expectantly, waiting for me to make the first move. My hands reach out before I can register what my mind is screaming at me to do. I’ve attempted this once before and I can try to do it again. Although he- I will not allow myself to think of his name now- was a limp dick asshole who couldn’t get it up, he falters in comparison to Jasper Rhys who I’m sure by judging the long, thick erection against his thigh, is packing.

Just as my hands are on his belt, he seizes my hands in one of his and hauls me up to my feet. I’m surprised by this move and even more so when his face is close to mine, so close that our lips are almost brushing against one another. Wild, gray eyes watch me, staring deep into mine. He’s even more handsome up close.

I study his face closely. Thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes shadow his lovely, gray hooded eyes making them appear to be lined and darkened. His nose is perfectly angular and his lips are the perfect shape and shade of nude. He’s the epitome of a modern day Adonis. Even his hair is perfect; slicked back effortlessly down to the back of his neck. He brings his hand up to my face and with the back of his finger he strokes my cheek tenderly, his eyes never leaving mine for a second.

What is he thinking?

Something seems to be bothering him but before I can ask, he gently nudges me onto the longer section and climbs on top of me. He makes no move to kiss me but instead leans down and brings his lips down to my collarbone leaving sweet kisses and nips in a trail down to my bra. He frees my left breast and clamps his warm mouth around my nipple, suckling gently at first before biting it. I cry out but he soothes the bite with his tongue leaving me wanton against his mouth, panting and groaning for him to continue.

He turns his attention to the other breast and mirrors his previous actions except this time; one of his hands ventures between my legs and rubs me through my panties. Oh my god! I lean back on my elbows, my breasts fully pushed out for him, and surrender to his teasing and skillful fingers, making slow circles in my sweet spot. My breathing picks up and just when I feel my body about to explode, he stops and stands.

“Take off your panties,” he says as he quickly undoes the buttons on his shirt.

I do as he bids and toss them to the side.

When he pulls off his shirt, he is sculpted and tattooed all over. Both his arms are covered in intricate, detailed sleeves of grey and his chest has the design of two, smoking pistols with a rose on each side of the barrel followed by a weaving pattern all around, stopping at the base of his neck. Every inch of his skin is tattooed. From his neck on down all the way to his back he’s marked.

He pulls a condom from his pocket before he undoes his belt and zips down his slacks. I lie back, quickly averting my eyes to the ceiling so I don’t see just how big he is. He’s on top of me again moments later, kissing my neck and jaw softly. The feeling of his soft lips on my skin again has me moaning softly for more. I feel something blunt at the front of my entrance.

This is going too far! I have to tell him now.

“I’m-“ my words are cut off when he plunges deep inside of me, ripping through my virginity.

A cry seizes in my throat. I clutch onto his shoulders as I feel the slight burn and full feeling of him inside of me. He stills for a moment. His breathing is harsh and ragged before he groans. “You’re fucking tight.”

His eyes are gazing down at me and then flicker down to my mouth. I muster up a small smile as best as I can manage through the pain of him inside of me. He pulls back and then eases into me again, gently this time, giving me a chance to get accustomed to this strange, alien feeling. His fingers massaging my clit are a welcome distraction from his slow, painful thrusts. A moan escapes my lips after a while, ceasing all feelings of pain now replaced by pleasure. My hips roll up slowly into his as he thrusts again.

He shifts his weight, kneeling now on the cushion as he grabs onto one of my thighs, wrapping it around his waist while he places another hand on the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him. Then he pounds into me relentlessly. One thrust after another until all I can hear is the smack of his body against mine; our moans and pants filling the room.

Something inside of me builds up making every muscle in my body tense. I grasp onto his forearms, stiffening and see that he is watching me, his mouth slack open. And then it happens. I explode around him, crying out incoherently, bowing my head back, surrendering to the feeling I tried to suppress. He leans over me, burying his head into my neck, thrusting several more times before he stills, groaning as he pours himself into me.

We stay like this for a few moments until the faint sound of vibrating comes from the floor. He pulls out of me, making me wince. Quickly, he reaches down to his discarded slacks, pulling out his phone and gazes at the screen. His eyes harden for a moment before he excuses himself, leaving me lying there naked, in a sheen of my own sweat mixed with his.

My legs are wobbly as I stand but I coax some life back into them as I retrieve my panties off the floor and slip them back on. I can hear Jasper speaking loudly from down the hall, shouting to whoever is on the other end of the phone. God. He’s scary when he’s mad! I’m glad I’m not on the receiving end of that call.

I turn to find my dress but go cold instantly, seeing the blood on his couch, evidence of my lost virginity. Fuck! I hurry and dress praying he doesn’t come out and see the stain. This is mortifying! I should have just told him! Maybe he could have laid down a towel or sent me off. Maybe when he sees the stain, I’ll get the same treatment he’s giving to the person on the phone. The thought makes me shudder.

I eye the envelope on the coffee table for a moment before deciding to leave without it. He can use the money to buy a new couch. I’d rather work a full 24/7 shift nonstop than face him again and explain the blood on his couch. Hastily, I gather my heels and purse and high tail it out of the apartment. I can still hear him on the phone as I repeatedly press the button for the elevator to come up.

The elevator is slow to come to a stop and just as the doors depart, I fling myself out and into the parking garage. I look for my car. The white BMW is still parked in the same place I left it. I climb into the car quickly, turning the ignition on and driving off not looking back.

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