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"You have been the only thing on my fucking brain for the last week, and I cant shake the feeling that you are supposed to be mine and only mine!

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Lorenzo Romano POV

Well, another shitty ass fucking day here at the Romano house, once again. Pop’s is pissed at me for wrecking the Lamborghini he got me for my 30th birthday two years ago, trying to stop a Swedish mole from leaking information about our next big trade with the Russians. Luckily for me I got the bastard! Bad for him though because he is my personal punching bag til I cool myself down. “Who do you work for?” I screamed at him, as my fist connected with the side of his already swollen and bloodied face. “knulla dig!” (Fuck you!) He yelled at me in his language, as he spit teeth and blood on my brand-new shoes. All I could do was grin and chuckle as I shook my head. “Really? We going to do it this way?”

I turned to walk away until he spoke quietly in English. “Your whole family is going to burn Guido, and I can’t wait to fuck that little sister of yours.” As he began to chuckle. No one threatens my family, especially sweet aria, my 8-year-old little sister. “What did you just fucking say?” As I turned around and began walking towards him once again. He smiled his bloody smile, as he repeated himself. “You heard me. I can smell that tight little virgin fitta (pussy) all the way down here.” As he sniffed the air and licked his lips. I began to black out, as I walked towards him and grabbed him by his neck with both of my bruised and bloodied hands. “ses i helvetet!”(See you in Hell) I bent down and smiled at him as I whispered Italian in his ear.“non vedo l’ora!” (I cannot wait) With that I broke his neck in a half a second and threw him down to the ground, dumping gasoline all over him and lighting his body to flames, and headed upstairs to speak with pops.

Aria heard me coming up the stairs from the dungeons and squealed that high pitched squeal that makes my ears want to bleed, but I love her so fucking much. She is the one that saved Ma and Pop’s Marriage, after he had an affair with our maid. Ma of course the saint she is, forgave my father and they had Aria 8 years ago on their wedding anniversary. “Enzo! Enzo!” She ran up to me with a smile from ear to ear. I picked her up in my arms and hugged her like she was one of my children, I could ever find someone to love me and all of my flaws. “ciao mia bella signora!” (Hello my beautiful lady.) I kissed her gently on her tan skinned forehead, as she wrapped her little arms around my neck as we walked to the kitchen.

Ma was in the kitchen cooking lunch for Pop’s and the other men that work for him. I am 32 years old and do not know half of the men my father hires. It gets irritating. That is how moles are created, and we lose money and everything else. “buon pomeriggio mamma.” (Good afternoon mother.) I said to her as I kissed her cheek and hugged her. She smiled at me and took Aria from my arms and kissed the top of her sweet head.“buon pomeriggio figliolo.” (Good afternoon son.) “AY Enzo! look at your poor hands baby!” She said as she handed me a cool wet dish towel. “vai a parlare con tuo padre.” (Go speak with your father.)

I went upstairs to his office, as I knocked. Knowing he was in a meeting with his right-hand men. My older brother and My uncle. “Venire.” (Come) I opened the door and walked in, as I sat down next to my older brother Angelo. “Pomeriggio padre.” (Afternoon father) He cleared his throat. “Lorenzo. What happened? Cosa stavi pensando”? (What were you thinking) He screamed at me. Like my father, you want me to respect you, do not come at me yelling at me like you have no sense. “He threatened Aria and I...” He put his hand up and yelled. “Silenzio!” (Silence) Father shook his head like I was the one that did something wrong. “Now the Swedish are going to know something is up, when their Fucking Intel never comes home Enzo! Esci!” (Get out) I walked over to the end stand by the door and pushed everything off it and slammed the door behind me, as I ran downstairs to the garage.

Mother was in the kitchen still with Aria and now my older sister Sophia, as I grabbed my Bike keys off the wall and walked towards the garage door. “Enzo? Dove stai andando?” (Where are you going) Sophia walked out to the garage with me, as I grabbed my helmet to put it on. “Su’ torna domani.” (Out. be back tomorrow) I said, as I put my helmet on and left down the road, to the next town over’s little restaurant and bar to clear my head.

About 20 minutes later I made it to the little restaurant and bar and parked my bike behind the building with of course Pop’s spy’s following me all the way here. I never can get away. How do they expect me to meet a woman and fuck and get married, if they are always up my ass? Orgy? “va via!” (Go away) I said to the two men that sat in the black maserati-levante. They didn’t budge. Whatever.

As I walked into the bar, I sat down and grabbed a menu, when suddenly a beautiful waitress caught my eye, as she was walking to everyone's seats. Her hair was so long and beautiful, even though it was up in a bun. Probably work dress code. Her green eyes caught mine for a split second as she quickly walked past me and looked away.

God her body was to die for! I have to have her! I got up to use the restroom real quick to clear my head and splash cold water on my face. She would never go for a man like me. I’m too rough around the edges. My lifestyle isn’t for a woman like that. It is far too dangerous. I have to forget about her. Even if it kills me.

Olivia Grace POV

Well another day at Rizzo’s Bar and Resturant. I have been waitressing for about 10 years now. Ever since my father and mother passed away in the car accident. Some days are better then others. Some days I wish i just died with them. Other days I am glad to still be on this beautiful earth. “Good afternoon Alice.” Alice was like a second mother to me. She let me rent the apartment above her resturaunt. It isn’t five star or nothing, but it is what me and my pup Harley call home.

I got Harley 6 months ago to help me with my nightmares of the car accident. She is a big help to me and I am so glad I have her, She is my best friend. “Hi doll. You ready for tonight? We are probably going to be swamped on this beautiful Friday.” I smiled at her, as I tied my apron around my waist and grabbed my notebook and pen. “yes mam!” Alice hugged me and smiled. “That’s my girl!

I went to the sink in the kitchen to wash my hands and to say hello to Antonio. Alice’s husband. My second Father. “Good afternoon Antonio!” Antonio was making hommade ravioli and lasagna for lunch. “Why hello Beautiful!” He said smiling at me. “Did you sleep well?” I smiled back and hugged him. “Yes actually I did, And you? Antonio chuckled, as he kept cooking. “Baby, when you hit 60 like me, you don’t get a lot of good night sleeps.” I nodded my head, as I stole a piece of fresh hommade garlic bread. “I seen that!” Alice said as she walked up behind me and Antonio. “What? I can’t help it!” I exclaimed as both Alice and Antonio chuckled. “Well time to get cooking!”

My best friend Kira came in to start her shift with me. “Good mornin all you beautiful Italians, except you Olivia. You swedish babe!” I chuckled as I flipped her off playfully. “Now ladies, play nice.” Alice said through the order window and smiled. “Yes ma’am!” Me and Kira yelled back as we went to work.

Kira was a few years older then me. She was about to be 34. Alice introduced us, when I began working here. She was beautiful, with her long tan legs and her dark brown hair. God I wish I was Italian, or at least part, but no I got stuck being Swedish. “Are you going to my cousins party later tonight?” Kira asked me as we were setting tables before we opened. “I don’t think so Kira. I am so tired of partying. I think I just wanna stay home for a few months.” Kira scoffed as she rolled her eyes at me. “Whatever, suit yourself.” I smiled at her.

Alice walked up to us as we were putting silverware on each table. “Olivia honey. When are you going to start dating? You are 28 years old, and time doesn’t stop for anything or anyone.” I sighed. “Alice, nobody wants me. I am a lost cause. My parents are both dead, I have a deadend job. No offense.” I said as Antonio was listening through the order window, as he shrugged his shoulders. “None taken, you ain’t going anywhere.” He said as he smiled at me and I smiled back.

I moved to the next table as Alice followed me. “You know Liv. I have a few good looking Italian friends who have good looking sons, I could probably hook you up with one of them.” I shook my head no. “I’m sorry Alice, I can’t. It isn’t the right time for me right at this stage in life. I am just getting enough money to pay for my car and apartment. I am happy where I am at life right now. Thanks anyways.” She hugged me tightly as she spoke softly. “Just promise me to do it soon. I want grandbabies.” I chuckled as I nodded my head. “You will be the first to know. I promise.” With that we opened the restaurant and waited for customers to come in.

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