Woman Who Kill

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Arabella a broken woman who runs from her past sets out on a journey seeking revenge on the people who took everything from her, what will she do when she comes face to face with the devil himself and finds out the dark truth.

Erotica / Action
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Chapter 1

Arabella’s Pov:

In this dark cage of Lies, I’m dangerously trapped inside. The butterflies have flown away, No longer does this soul sway. Anger, Pains, Hatred, Now my heart is left damaged. Deception, Betrayal, Lies were thrust upon, Still a mask of happiness I put on. Agony, Depression, Insanity I try to hide, All the blames is killing me inside. Lying dead I stare at the gleaming stars, Trapped inside my mind’s prison bars.

All I ever wanted was to feel something other than pain and betrayal. Mother always said “The meaning of life is not simply to exist but to move ahead, survive and conquer. She was kind, loving, and forgive she was the definition of an angel. she had the face of a Greek goddess and a heart pure of gold. Honestly, I evey my mother she had long black hair that reached her shoulders, her skin was smooth and gentle to touch and her eyes were ocean blue . my father however was the opposite of azura ,sure he had looks that could kill but his personalty and his selfness made him ugly.Father was intimidating, he work as a business man in new york and he rarely spends time with azura and I.Mother always said that daddy did business with bad people and at a young age I didn’t understnad what she meant.

on my 16th birthday, my mother decided to throw a birthday party for me, it was small and not many people came but neither the less I was grateful. father was on a business trip so he couldn’t attend but he did left me and a gift before he departed. I was so excited, not only was it my sweet sixteen but my father actually but in some effort of buying me a gift.it was the first time he had given me something, he’s always on trips or in meetings and even if he had time he never wanted to spend time with me in fact he hated me. I always tried my best to make him happy but when I do it seems to make him Angerer. As everyone gathers around to sing the happy birthday song I notice two well-built guys were standing at the door. they look anxious yet indimating. one of them had a dragon tattoo displaying on his left hand while the other had something written on his neck. I grew curious about these two men but before I could say anything mother was walking towards me with a big grind while holding the cake she made me, everyone started to sing and for the first time I felt loved and wanted. but my happiness was soon faded when the sounds of gunshots were heard. sudden screams were heard when persons dropped to the floor, lifeless bodies decorated the floor.who would have guessed this was the day I last saw my mother. Azura’s blue eyes now look empty, her hourglass body look drain and at that movement, I did what any other person would do.

I cried.

I cried sheepishly at my mother’s dead corpse screaming for her to suddenly wake up and tell me that all of this was just a sick joke. but as reality hit me I knew she was never coming back.ere…

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