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Model Forced into Slavery Part-2

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This story continues on from "Model Forced into Slavery - Part-1". This chapter works as a stand-alone story. Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for mature audiences. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters are fictional and not intended to resemble any real people. Comments welcomed (especially constructive comments that I can use to improve).

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Jack adjusted his black silk kimono; it was short, coming down to his mid thigh and he wanted it to be open so he appeared available but not blatantly so, leave something to the imagination he thought. Jack had worked at Cartwright and Palmer for almost seven months, initially he had found working as a prostitute hard, but he soon relaxed and now he enjoyed the vast majority of his ‘dates’. He knew he was good at his job but he still felt slightly nervous before meeting new clients.

He knew little about his ‘date’, she was said to be mid-twenties and English. She had booked the adjoining dungeon and asked Jack to ensure a selection of dildos were available. To pass the time Jack played with a large pink gel vibrator, one of the four he had on the table in front of him.

The lady came through the door, attractive, she was dressed in a business suit, with short blond hair, she was familiar...then it hit Jack with the force of an over excited rhinoceros that the woman was his ex-girlfriend Emma.

“Jack, what a surprise.”

“Emma, what are you doing here? Get out, I am busy, go away please.” Jack spluttered as he wrapped his now all too small kimono around himself, “Please, Emma leave.”

“No Jack, I have gone to some effort to get here and as for busy I have booked you for the next couple of hours, so we have lots of time to talk about old times.”

“Come on Emma, please go.”

“Jack, do you normally call your clients by their Christian names?”

“Err... No.”

“Then how do you address them?”

“I normally call them ‘Mistress’.”

“Then please extend the same courtesy to me.”

“OK, things are not as they look...”

“Oh Jack, they are, I have read all about you on your web-site,”

she took out a piece of paper “I read you are ‘fully bi-sexual’ and are ‘very keen to satisfy my every desire’. You are ‘a sweet, sexy guy who is very friendly and loves to meet new people. You are very gentle and polite, but look a little deeper and you have a naughty side that’s waiting to get out!’ Lovely, I also find you are ‘naturally submissive’ and am told ‘I’ll always have a fantastic time with you’ and I should ‘let you show me how eager to please you are’. Perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick but I guess you are not an insurance executive.”

“Alright Emma, you have had your fun, now go.”

" ‘Mistress’ remember. After coming all the way out here to see you I am hardly going to pack my bags and leave after a two minute chat, you must agree.”

“How did you find me?” Jack cradled his head in his hands, for God’s sake he didn’t know where he was, so how could she?

“Jack, it is a long story, it all started when a client showed me a photo of you in some rather fetching green knickers, the rest was detective work. I confess I am rather proud of my investigation, perhaps all that time reading Agatha Christie was not wasted.”

“OK, you now know my secret, please leave.”

“Jack I have a few questions, first off, why?”

“The modelling contract I thought I had fell through and Cartwright and Palmer made me a very attractive offer. You know I had not been getting much work and this will set me up for life.”

The security guard on duty desperately called Marie-Becky, “Ma’am, you had better come here, we might have a serious problem. It appears that an ex-girlfriend has tracked down number 14 and is in with him.”

Marie-Becky knew exactly what this meant and the potentially catastrophic consequences if she managed to spring Jack and he went to the press with his story of being kidnapped and forced into prostitution. The company would close in minutes, worse she would personally be looking at serious prison time. She ran to the closed-circuit TV monitoring room.

“Get Head of Security, the tart does not leave until I say so. Delay her by whatever means necessary, physically if need be. What has he said? Has he revealed he was kidnapped?”

“No ma’am, he has indicated he is here by his own free will.”

“I suppose he is embarrassed, but is everything on tape?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well get someone to go over the tape carefully to make sure he has not dropped some hint or other.”

Back in his room Jack was very uncomfortable, “Come on Emma, sorry Mistress, you don’t expect me to perform for you.”

“I do Jack. I don’t remember you giving much thought for my feelings when you dumped me last year. So let’s start, get in ‘the position’.”

This was Jack’s personal Rubicon, was he going to obey or not? There were no half measures either he got down on his knees naked before his ex-girlfriend or he refused risking the wrath of Cartwright and Palmer and losing over $100,000 in accumulated pay. What would Marie-Becky’s reaction be? He hoped she would be sympathetic but she had stressed to Jack the need to be obedient to clients so many times. He simply could not risk it. Slowly he took off first his kimono then his knickers and knelt before Emma. She had won. He didn’t think he had ever felt so totally humiliated in his life. Emma was elated, she gazed at Jack’s stunning body, she found his nakedness and submissiveness almost unbearably erotic.

“You are shaved.”

“Yes Mistress, House rules.”

“Jack, on your feet, I want a good look at you.” Jack rose and stood naked in front of Emma. She circled him staring at his nudity, stroking his bottom then his cock, quietly she mused,

“Jack you always were a beautiful boy. I wish I had you to myself, but a least you’re mine for the next two hours. We are going to have some fun. But now show me the dungeon.”

Jack picked up his dressing gown and put it on, as he reached for his knickers he heard Emma say, “No Jack, you won’t be needing those.”

Jack led Emma to the dungeon. She stroked some of the equipment, examining the whips, paddles and collars. “Jack you seem to be pretty expert at this submissive stuff. When I read your web-page I didn’t even know what all your services were. What are CBT and OTK for instance?”

“CBT stands for ‘cock and ball torture’, OTK means ‘over the knee’ when a client spanks me...Mistress.”

“So clients take you here and whip you, pour wax on you, bugger you, really anything they feel like?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jack was so embarrassed he could not look at Emma in the eye, but still knew he had to answer her questions.

“OK, I like the idea of OTK, come here and bend over.” Jack did so, moving so his cock was positioned between Emma’s thighs, raising his kimono so Emma could see his bare arse and automatically spreading his legs.

She saw the faint welts and marks, clearly this was serious stuff. She stroked his bottom almost tenderly, then felt obliged to give him a good spanking. She hit one buttock then the other, quickly then slowly always leaving Jack uncertain as to what might come next. Gradually she felt Jack’s bottom heat up and turn pink, it was a lovely sight. She felt guilty at getting so much pleasure out of humiliating her ex-boyfriend, but she just couldn’t resist it. It was so much fun having Jack at her mercy, actually she could imagine liking having any man over her knee if they were as beautiful as Jack.

Emma ordered Jack to shed his kimono and kneel before her. She then put a black leather collar on him, the leather was new and stiff and Emma had to strain to get it on, but it was worth it. She knew Jack had now submitted and was hers, the fight had gone out of him. He looked gorgeous naked on his knees. Looking at the equipment she knew she had to have a bit of a play. Emma told Jack to go to St Andrew’s Cross and bound his ankles and wrists. His buttocks looked perfect. She whipped him with the cat-and-nine-tails, not hard, just enough to show who was boss. She whipped him initially on his bottom, then his inner thighs. Jack relaxed slightly as he worked out it was not going to be a severe whipping, but it was still painful and more to the point that it was Emma tying him up and humiliating him.

Emma had one last wish, she got a cane and struck him three times quite hard across the buttocks, she saw three beautiful stripes and knew she had properly marked her slave. She wondered how long Jack would have the mark, probably not much more than a day, but she delighted to give him her personal stamp.

She had never really planned to torture Jack at all, but she could not resist when offered a willing slave and a well stocked dungeon. She released Jack from the cross.

“Can I wear the kimono, Mistress?”

“Yes, let’s go back to your bedroom the champagne should be arriving any minute. After that perhaps we can make love, or I should probably say I will order you to have sex with me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

As they sat at his small dining table Emma looked down at Jack’s discarded panties and asked, “Jack, the thing that really made me curious was the advert said you were ‘fully bi-sexual’, are you really?”

“Well Mistress, I prefer women but Cartwright and Palmer insist I take men if they ask for me. I found it difficult at first, but the thing is one gets professional pride as a prostitute the same as in any other job. I want to serve my clients as well as I can no matter what their preferences. I now find I get great satisfaction from serving even the most unattractive men and women if I know I have given them an enjoyable time. I am now used to the gay sex, most men treat me quite well.”

“So they fuck you? I need to see this. Show me, put this dildo up your arse.” She threw him a large bright pink vibrator. Jack caught it, he wondered if things could get worse, he took a deep breath and reached for the lube. He opened his kimono, spread his legs and started to lube himself. He had done it many times before and normally enjoyed the cold wet feel of the gel on his sphincter, this time there was no enjoyment. Emma, still in her business suit, watched intently. Jack then started to force the dildo up his anus, he concentrated trying to relax but it was hard, eventually he got the end in and started pumping. There was a knock on the door, Emma told the waitress with the champagne to come in. Jack was about to close his legs and hide the dildo, but Emma was watching, “Keep on, I am sure the waitress has seen many boys pleasuring themselves, it won’t embarrass her.” To the waitress, “Two glasses, thank you.”

Charlotte poured the champagne all the time watching Jack as he kept pumping the dildo. He had spread his legs wide, resting them on the chair’s arms and he was forcing the dildo deeply and fluently into his now well lubricated arse. Emma put her arm around Charlotte’s waist had got her to perch on the arm of her chair. Jack now had an audience.

There was another knock on the door, a young woman in a business suit came in, this time Jack did not try to cover himself, “Excuse me Miss Lewis, there appears to be a problem with your credit card, could you please come and discuss this with the manager.”

“Go away, I am in the middle of something. I will sort it out later.”

“Sorry Miss Lewis, but the manager insists. I am sure Jack will be here when you get back.”

Emma rose, “Jack it seems you have a temporary reprieve, get in ‘the position’... now lick my shoes”. Jack removed the dildo and got to his knees, then got down on all fours and licked Emma’s shoes. Emma watched his naked bottom sway back and forth as he licked, now totally submissive to her wishes. After Jack had done this ultimate supplication to her satisfaction, Emma went out and was escorted to Marie-Becky’s office.

They had met when she arrived, so she sat down without being invited, “There is nothing wrong with my credit card, so what do you want?”

“Well Miss Lewis, I am not sure you were entirely honest with us. I get the feel you have met Jack before.”

“Yes, we used to be lovers.”

“So are you here as some avenging angel to rescue your true love?”

“No, he seems fine, in fact he is in great physical shape. He is free to do anything he wants, if he wants to be a prostitute I am sure he will be very good at it. He seems to like the job or at least get satisfaction from it. I can’t run his life. I assume he could walk out of here if he wanted and he obviously doesn’t, so I am not going to try to make him. I have no moral hang-ups.”

“Good, so how did you find him?”

“A combination of luck and some dogged investigations. I would like to stress I did this on my own and people like Mel Standish who vouched for me knew nothing of my real motives.”

“So what now? Do you want to return to Jack and complete the session? You know he is finding it pretty difficult.”

“I know and I don’t really want to hurt him, remember I loved him once. I suppose I resented him finishing with me and when I saw a photo of him kneeling in some silk panties I was curious and wanted to make sure he was all right. When I found I had the power over him I couldn’t resist, you must admit he looks adorable when he is on his knees naked.”

“He does. Can I offer you another of our whores?”

“No, it is a kind offer.”

“We will of course refund you your fee, will we see you again?”

“No, I think it would be better if I don’t return. If you will permit me I would like to retain my membership for your London operation.”

“That will be no problem Miss Lewis. I hope you will enjoy your visits. Can I, and more to the point Jack, rely on your discretion?”

“Yes I can assure you, your secret is safe with me. Can you let Jack know I still have great affection for him and he should look me up if he ever returns to the UK?”

“Of course, Miss Lewis.”

Marie-Becky let out a huge sigh when Emma left. She thought they had survived, but by God it had been close, she had seen herself in some bright orange jumpsuit, it was not a flattering picture.

She called the Head of Security saying she wanted Emma discretely tailed and her phone and computer hacked, if there was any chance that she was going to the Police she must be stopped by any means necessary. He should check the CCTV to make sure that Jack really had not somehow told Emma how he came to work for Cartwright and Palmer. If Jack really hadn’t said anything it reflected well on him and perhaps he was worthy of her trust, but a lot of checking would need to be done before she could relax, in the interim Jack had to be watched twenty-four hours a day.


The bell rang, Jack was now used to Marie-Becky’s regular staff meetings and wandered into Conference Room 2.

“Good Morning. Two major announcements. First, staffing, Amanda is retiring, she will be leaving at the end of the month, her leaving party will be on the 25th. On a positive note, we have two new recruits Hailey and Carol; both are experienced call-girls but may still need a little advice on how we do things at Cartwright and Palmer, so please make them feel welcome. Secondly we have a party. You may have heard of WMP bank, it has been in the news recently after losing a fair bit of money due to some rogue trader, anyway they are celebrating their centenary and we have been chosen to staff one of the parties they are throwing. WMP are interviewing in London this week and will be here next, they will interview girls next Wednesday and guys on Thursday. This is potentially a prestigious and lucrative deal so I would ask you to make every effort to get chosen. Details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment but it seems you will be the after-dinner entertainment, it seems the girls will be expected to serve up to four clients, the boys two or three. Most will require pretty vanilla services but it seems we are being asked to create a few dungeons for their clients that are that way inclined.”

On Wednesday evening Jack asked Louise what to expect. “Pretty straightforward really, some girl form HR interviewed me. I think she just wanted to make sure I have two arms and two legs, oh and perhaps a pussy. Anyway she knew nothing about being a whore so no hard questions. I am pretty sure I passed but we don’t get told officially until next Tuesday.”

It was a pretty relaxed Jack who knocked on Conference Room 1′s door the next morning. To his surprise there were about half a dozen women in the room rather than the single interviewer Louise had faced. Three women were seated at a table facing a single chair.

“Jack, welcome, please take a seat.” When he had sat down the lady sitting in the middle continued, “My name is Samantha Price and I am Senior Vice President in WMP’s HR department, my colleagues are Sabine and Ute.” Pointing to her left and right. “We are interviewing for entertainers for one of our Centenary parties. So, Jack, you are a prostitute?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“About eight months, ma’am.”

“You are bi-sexual?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“From your ratings I can’t work out which sex you prefer or are you genuinely indifferent? Your client feedback shows you were rated 9.34 by men and 9.41 by women, so which is it?”

“I prefer women ma’am, but I try to satisfy my male clients to the best of my ability.”

“Good answer. Now stand up and take off all your clothes.”

Jack was surprised by this, Louise had given him no warning and there seemed an awful lot of people in the room, but Jack realised he had no choice so quickly removed his shorts and T shirt and stood before the women. Jack had conquered any embarrassment about being naked in front of one client but still had great difficulties when there were a number and if they were in normal work clothes. Kristin, Sabine and Ute stared at him making no comment. Jack also noted that the secretaries had got up from their desks and were also gazing at him. Jack knew better than to try to cover himself so clasped his hands behind his back and hoped this would not continue for much longer.

“OK, Jack turn around.”

Jack did as he was told and heard some suppressed laughter. “Right Jack, thanks. We will need some photographs. Could you please go next door where Clara will take few shots. Please ask Tim to come in.”

Clara had been the photographer the first time Jack posed in the nude, she immediately recognized him, “Jack, good to see you. How are you enjoying Cartwright and Palmer?”

“Very much ma’am, thank you.” Jack was sure this was the ‘right’ answer, he was not sure it was true though. There was no doubt that he had been forced into prostitution against his will and would be obliged to work for Cartwright and Palmer for three years, this being so he was getting used to life and perhaps he really was enjoying it.

“Good, I thought you would be a success in this profession. I just need to take a few photographs for the party. First a standard naked front and back.” Jack stripped again and posed for as required.

“Now I need you in the WMP uniform.” She handed him some shiny black latex shorts and a light blue cropped top with the WMP logo on it. It took some effort to get the shorts on, they were very tight but Jack conceded very erotic, the top was easier, it left his flat stomach exposed. Clara got Jack to pose standing, sitting and kneeling on all fours. Lastly she had him pose in a black G-string.

Jack was pleased when he heard he had been chosen for the party. Those who had been successful were bussed to a smart Hotel in Augsburg, WMP’s HQ. The party itself was to take place in a banqueting suite on the ground floor and WMP had hired the all the rooms on the first floor for the ‘entertainment’.

On his arrival, Jack was shown to room 245 and told to change into the WMP uniform and prepare his room for the evening. He replaced the hotel sheets with some made of satin, placed scented candles around the room and arranged his toys; a couple of whips, condoms, lubes and a vibrator. Jack knew the atmosphere was important and with the lights dimmed he felt the room now had the feel of a brothel, this should get his clients into the mood.

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