Mateos wife

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In order to control the mafia he must marry but who will that unlucky girl be ?

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1 arguments

“I will not hear about any more of this” my father yelled at me “Son, I apologise for yelling but it is tradition and just the way it is I married you mother before I controlled the family gang. Before that my father did and so did his” he spoke in a softer tone this time. It is tradition in my family to marry before having the mafia in your own control however I’m not interested in marriage only the mafia.

“Fine then but this is a load of bull shit why do I need a fucking wife to control the mob she will only get in the way” I argued back to him but my father just walked away.

Suddenly in walks my mother I love my mum I really do she is a beautiful and strong woman and I respect and admire her very much but I was not in the mood today “I suppose you have been asked my dad to try talk me into marring”

“Well yes but would it be such a bad thing to have a young pretty girl to look after you and to have your children besides do you not want somebody to love and to love you?”

I could never say no to my mum really I couldn’t but the way she said it maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing having I wife. All of the sudden, having a wife sounded kind of nice so I decided “ Ok mum I will marry if it make you and dad happy, gives me the control of the mafia and on the off chance makes me happy to then I will decide to marry.”

“Thank you son you have made your family and mafia very proud and happy? My mother said lovingly to me.

Later on my brothers asked me to come to a club with them to drink and celebrate didn’t sound to bad so I went along with it I put on a crisp white shirt and some black trousers with a gold belt, I styled my dark brown hair neatly into a slicked back hair style and put on a pair of expensive black boots.

I hopped into my favourite G wagon it was matte black with red interior (including seats) and I headed to dark leopards club by the beach in Naples it was a 35 minute drive but for me only 20 mins I love how fast this car is I said to myself hitting the accelerator speeding well over 80 mph approaching 110.

I parked my car in the private parking area and I wen in the back way where to guards where waiting for me one of them who was called Giovanni took me to where my brother and friends where sitting in the vip lounge waiting for me I sat down and was welcomed by my friends Luca my brother gave me some whiskey and we all just had a good time.

“Hey boys I feel like dancing” my drunken brother piped up
“Yeah me to” his friend said even more pissed
So after that we all decided to go down stairs to the dance floor to go find some girls i immediately saw who I wanted to dance with god she was hot.

Drifting away from my friends convocation I was mesmerised by a gorgeous blonde girl with long strait hair touching her hips I could tell she had deep blue eyes and a dark pink almost red shade of lips and white clear glass looking skin god I was aroused seeng her wiggle made my cock twitch and come alive I was almost horny until I saw a sight which made my body boil in rage and anger.

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