Love Bites!

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Let the record show that I've done everything in my power NOT to be a total loser. I'm an average student, a decent daughter, I've played by the rules. Not that it's ever gotten me far. My best friend, the most popular girl in school, treats me like a ghost. The boy I love barely knows I exist. I may as well be a turd on the underside of my parents' shoes. And what's worse is that being named Aphrodite, after the Greek goddess of love, only lures the wrong kind of attention, bringing me more misery than anything else. With these thoughts, I almost stop fighting against the creature, as its hold over my throat tightens. Almost. Instead, I beg for my life. And it ignores me. "You're going to thank me for this," it says, and I almost want to believe it's true.

Erotica / Thriller
D. Remi
4.8 9 reviews
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PART ONE: Love Bites! Preamble

Catherine Hansen is an innocent young woman, credulous and unguarded in every way. Naïve to think that her walk home today along the John O’Connell bridge would be exactly like the countless before.

Uneventful. Safe.

No. She was perfectly calm. The creature, it knew this, recognized it from her scent--the smell of an unperturbed heart, pumping her blood evenly through her body. There was nothing to indicate that this girl was expecting her ensuing demise, and a part of the creature was disappointed.

It relished in the stirrings of fear, an animalistic, orgasmic feel that made its mouth water. A perfect specimen this girl was as well, with a thick train of gorgeous golden hair flowing behind delicate shoulders, down a tiny waist, accented by rounded hips and long legs.

Maybe she had a significant other? In its eyes, it would be a simple venture to form an attachment to one so beautiful. She might’ve had a child, even. All readying, delectable possibilities. And with them in mind, the creature stepped out from the brush, grinning delightedly at the automatic shrill escaping the beautiful girl’s full lips.

It closed its eyes, taking in the delicate sound, alongside that of her escaping footfalls against the asphalt. It looked down disdainfully at what the sun was doing to its withered flesh, took a moment to watch the girl’s risible attempt at keeping her own skin before it pounced.

When the Sitka Police eventually found her, bound in foreign silk, the orifice of her torn stomach had been emptied from its innards, with even most of the blood missing, and now lined with a horde of feasting maggots. Her breasts, like the rest of her now ashen skin, had shriveled down to the size of prunes, her lips popped, seeping collagen, blue eyes gauged, legs unnaturally twisted, and golden tresses ripped from the scalp, her beauty a distant evocation.

Catherine Hansen was an innocent young woman, not one deserving of a fate as gruesome as this.

Not that the creature cared.

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