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Erotic One Shots

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Explore your deepest desires and kinkiest thoughts with this book. In Erotic One Shots, you'll find kinks that are normally forbidden or to taboo to talk about. Read at your own discretion. Who knows, maybe you find a new fantasy. ;) (DISCLAIMER: This story includes kinks such as BDSM and Incest. If you do not enjoy these kinks or have trauma over either, please do not read. Also, NO KINK SHAMING! There is no underage characters in this story, and all of the characters are consenting adults. I DO NOT CONDONE SOME OF THESE KINKS, so please do not take it such ways. Thank you!)

Erotica / Romance
Camila Johnston
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Ferris Wheel Shenanigans

Hi readers, I'm assuming you're here to blow off some steam, and maybe something else too. Don't worry, this is a safe place. All your dirtiest fantasies that you aren't able to express are here, and possibly more. Without further ado, relax, read, and enjoy... ;)

-Camila Johnston

It was hot on the day of the annual fair in Annabel's southern town.

Even in her short dress and sandals, Anna could feel sweat accumulating on her brow. She was desperate to cool off, and when she saw the Ferris wheel just up ahead, she tugged on her boyfriend's arm.

"Can we please ride the Ferris wheel, Nick? This heat is killing me and it's shaded!" Anna begged.

Nick didn't like Ferris wheels. In fact, he didn't like the idea of heights. Nonetheless, he would do anything for his girlfriend. They had been going out for almost a year, and he figured he could set aside his dumb fears just for a five-minute ride.

Sighing, Nick looked at Anna's puppy-dog eyes. "Fine, but only because I love you."

Giggling, Anna excitedly took Nick's hand and led them to the giant structure. She handed the worker their tickets and didn't miss the way the man glanced at Anna's large tits.

In a way, Anna liked the attention she got, and it made her undeniably wet. This encounter was no different, and she had to press her legs together as they got onto the Ferris wheel.

As they got onto the ride, the worker announced the safety instructions, but Anna couldn't pay attention.

A low throbbing echoed in her core. She bit her lip as a naughty thought played in her mind.

What if Nick fucked me right in this seat? She wondered, looking over at her boyfriend who was clutching the cart for dear life.

It would be a good way to calm his nerves... she absently wondered, slipping her hand into his shorts.

Nick jerked as Anna cupped his balls. By now, the Ferris wheel was beginning to move, and Nick tried to keep his cool.

It took only a matter of moments for Anna to get him hard, as she fondled his balls and stroked his shaft slowly. His nerves began to dissipate, and Nick only thought of flipping up Anna's dress and having her ride him.

That was exactly what he did.

As soon as Anna was on Nick's lap, she teased his tip for only a few seconds, before slipping down onto his shaft. Her movements were quick and frantic as she humped his cock fervently.

Their moans combined as Anna slid up and down Nick's cock with complete ease. As the Ferris wheel climbed its way to the top, the couple were too distracted to look at the view of their town. Instead, they were focused on reaching a climax, which was desperately close with each hump.

Nicks balls hit Anna's clit, making her moan deeply. She was sweating even more now due to the speed she rode him but didn't mind one bit.

Just as the Ferris wheel was coming down, the two had a violent orgasm, which made them both shake as Nick unloaded his cum deep into Anna.

When the ride came back down, Anna crawled off of Nick, well fucked and satisfied.

This was their boldest quickie yet, and Anna knew they would be back next year for more.
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