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Unconditional Love


Kunal looked towards his silent wife who is driving his jeep at this moment, he really wanted to ask her about the conversation which she had with Priya but thought to give her some space to clear her thoughts which he knew she needed.

Kunal looked outside only to see her taking him to somewhere he couldn’t pinpoint at this moment, he really wanted to surprise his wife this time but she beat it for sure and seems like the surprise is really extraordinary.

Kunal looked towards Anu seeing her taking a long sigh followed by the shake of her head as if she is clearing her thoughts of the night talking with her friend which is true too. Anu really wanted to shake everything out of her brain at this moment to get a clear picture; she didn’t want to be biased towards Priya just because Aarav is her best friend and brother in law.

Anu still remember the shocked look Priya given her when she said that Aarav and Kunal are brothers and the shock which she received after knowing that Aarav is in the city is worth watching for sure, Anu is completely sure about one thing and that is her friend is indeed hopelessly in love with Aarav.

Anu looked towards the passenger seat only to see her husband looking towards her intentionally which had made her turn into crimson red, she can clearly read the question in her husband’s eyes to which she really contemplated whether to say everything which Priya said to her, she mentally rolled her eyes knowing very well that she will never be able to lie to him no matter what.

Kunal looked towards his wife dumbfounded when he heard the words coming out of her mouth, Anu had indeed laid everything down in front of her husband which he has the right to know considering it’s about his brothers future, Anu patted her chest inwardly feeling that she was much better seeing the expression which Kunal has right at this moment.

“You mean to say she is pregnant at this moment and she is living all alone” Kunal reconfirmed what he heard at this moment only to see his wife nodding her head in agreement.

“And Stella was the sole culprit of their fallout” Anu again nodded her head hearing her husband’s words, she really wanted to go to London and give that stupid female what she deserves, if she knew that woman will do something like this she would have kicked her out years ago when she first met her.

“I am going to ruin her, how dare she lay her eyes on my brother and add drug into his drink” Anu looked towards her fuming husband and then remember something which Priya gave her before they left the restaurant.

“Take my phone there is details which Priya collected before leaving the London branch, she even sends one copy to your brother, and he didn’t notice I think”.

Kunal took Anu’s phone from the dashboard and opened it went to the folder which she mentioned and opened only to see the full details of the waiter along with the camera footage of Stella talking to the waiter, plus how she took Aarav towards his cabin, as well as there were few reports which were stating that Stella is abusing her power, Kunal felt a like banging his head for not understanding peoples.

“It’s my fault, I should have been cautious of her” Anu looked towards her gloomy husband and know very well that he is blaming himself, Anu held the steering wheel tightly to control her anger she didn’t want to spoil their time because of someone irrelevant but that doesn’t mean that she is going to shut up, she is thoroughly going to destroy that woman who was intended to play with her family.

“Let me talk to Andrew,” Kunal said while taking his phone only to be stopped by his wife. Kunal looked towards Anu questioningly, not understanding why she stopped him suddenly, then something clicked on his head to which he looked towards her with wide eyes.

“You want to do something” Anu smiled and nodded her head in confirmation she was happy that she never needed to say too much for him to understand what is actually running through her head, if someone asks her then she can proudly say that Kunal is one of the men who can kill his enemy without using any weapons and she is really trying to study his that method so that she will not be a burden on him when the time comes.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow, Today is mine” Kunal chuckled hearing the words leaving out of Anu’s mouth, he slowly brought his hand towards her face were a loose tendril of her hair was disturbing her, he slowly removed the hair strands from her cheek and started to stroke her cheeks.

Anu took a long breath feeling his touch on her cheek and tried hard to concentrate on her driving when she only wanted to stop the jeep and kiss him senseless, her husband had indeed turned her into a shameless woman but she was happy to show this side of her to him after all it was only his right to see every shade of her.

Kunal came forward and placed his lips on Anu’s cheek to which Anu just applied the brake and looked towards her man with wide eyes, Kunal chuckled seeing the reaction on his wife’s face which he wanted to eat at this moment, the desire he feels for her was unimaginable.

“Please, let me drive, otherwise you will face the consequence” Kunal chuckled hearing the words leaving her mouth to which he leaned forward towards her.

“And what if I wanted to face the consequence” Anu’s breath hitched in her throat and pulled her man by his tie and placed her lips firmly on his pink lips which were alluring since the evening when she saw him in the restaurant. Kunal didn’t saw that coming nevertheless he soon joined her and their tongue started to dance in their own fusion, after a while, Anu pulled out of the kiss and placed her head on his forehead with closed eyes.

“Please behave, we have to reach there today itself” Kunal nodded his head with a small smile on his lips, he was indeed curious to see the surprise which she planned for him. Anu opened her eyes and then looked towards Kunal’s eyes which were full of love for her which warmed her heart to the brim.

Anu slowly pulled Kunal’s Tie from his neck to which he looked towards her surprisingly only to see her bend towards him, he took a lung full of breath to control his erratic heart which was ready to jump on her at any given moment only to come to earth when he felt her hand moving behind his head and tying the tie as a blindfold to which he chuckled for his wandering thoughts.

“So we are near I guess” Anu smiled hearing it and nodded her head that’s when she remembers he can’t see her so she accepted verbally and started the driving. In between Kunal again started to tease her some time he will slowly move his fingers over her hand and sometimes he will play with her tendrils and there was a time when Anu have to make her heart so strong not to jump on him in the car itself when he stared to play with her waist.

Anu took a sigh of relief when they reached their destination and she pulled over the jeep in the parking and came out and went towards Kunal’s side, she opened the door and slowly asked him to come outside, who said that every time men should be the one who gives their woman surprise when in love you have to give each other surprises occasionally, after all, it’s not like men are the only one in the relationship.

Anu took Kunal a few steps behind and then slowly opened the blindfold, Kunal slowly opened his eyes, it took a while for him to adjust to the light and when he saw what was in front of him he looked dumbfounded towards his wife who is looking towards him with all the love she has for him.

Kunal looked all-around knowing very well that this is one of the mountain properties which he wanted to buy long ago but the couple who had this property was not ready to sell it to him no matter how he negotiates with them, he really wanted to build a home hear away from the city where we can see the stars and can feel the fresh air without pollution and the plus point is they can see their city from here very clearly.

More than the place what surprised Kunal most was the beautiful house which stood there in all its glory, it’s a beautiful two storey home with white in colour, the pathway which is leading to the house is filled with gardenia which is one of his favourite plants, the two sides of the stone path was filled with that plant. On the left side, he can see a beautiful garden with different types of flowers and a beautiful swing was in the middle of the garden while on the right side they have a cute gazebo.

Kunal sucked in seeing the beautiful place and know very well that she had indeed planned for long for this, his eyes were suddenly filled with tears seeing it, the people who say that only men should shower with all this to their women are wrong there are few times when even men need to know that they are worth their woman.

Anu looked towards her emotional man and knew instantly that he loved her gift very much, she never believed that only men should shower all this on women, she indeed believes in equality, in this generation, people indeed say that they believe in equality but they forget that they should be equal in showing their love, how their partner wanted, just how their partner is showering on them.

Who said only men can give costly gifs to their wife, who said that men never needed the assurance the warmth which they are showering on their other half, who said that it should always be men to stand forward and wife should be in the receiving end, no she doesn’t believe that, if he can give her why can’t she, if he can fulfil her dreams then why can’t she fulfil his desires, why should only men fulfil their other half’s their girlfriend’s wishes, why can’t a girl do the same thing to her man, if it was in Anu’s hand she will fulfil every single desire of her man no matter what she needed to do.

Seeing the happiness the love in your partner’s eyes are worth all the trouble you had gone, isn’t it? Kunal looked towards his wife not knowing what to say how to say, he never thought that she can fulfil his dream to have a home here after all this stupid is indeed afraid of heights which only he knows.

“How?” Kunal asked the one word to which a small smile spread across her lips what she will say, no if it was on her hand she will never say what she lost to gain this land from those couples but she indeed felt it was worth, so the loss was not loss right?

“Happy anniversary hubby” Anu looked towards the time and said seeing that it was already twelve in the night to which Kunal just pulled her in his arms and held her tightly, Anu placed her head on his chest while he placed his head on her head they closed their eyes contently.

“Happy anniversary wifey” Anu smiled hearing it and held onto him tightly, there was so much emotion running across his head, his heart at this moment, he felt like words are failing him, even though he doesn’t speak too much but when it comes to her he expresses himself very well but right now he felt like it was not possible, he felt a lump forming in his throat.

Kunal know very well that the couple will not agree to sell this land, after all, he even doubled the price yet they didn’t budge from their standpoint, he really wanted to ask her how she gets the land but stopped himself from asking further in fear that his heart will break if he comes to know the compromises she would have done, but deep down he had made a note to investigate this matter.

Anu came out and looked into his eyes “Let’s go inside” Kunal nodded his head in agreement after hearing the word leaving from Anu’s mouth.

Anu opened the door and came inside the home; she had sent the servants away wanting to have privacy with her husband which they hardly get. After coming inside Anu showed him the rooms and other things in their home and then she went towards the fridge and took the butterscotch cake which was his favourite flavour and kept it on the kitchen slab.

It was only them so no need for anything extravagant, Kunal smiled seeing his favourite flavour, he felt like he is on cloud nine seeing the shower of love he was getting from his wife. They blow the candle together and cut the cake. Kunal took the first piece and fed her followed by her doing the same to him.

Anu went towards their living room and played a beautiful melody, even though she has zero knowledge of instrumental tunes but she knows he loves this very much and this one was his favourite. Kunal chuckled and came forward and took a small box from his coat jacket and forwarded it towards her.

Anu looked towards it and then looked towards her man, she smiled happily and took the box from his hand and opened it only to see a beautiful pendant in white gold as he knows she really detests the colour of gold. And the special part was that the beautiful locket of the pendant, a double heart pendant, one heart is in a downward position while the other one was in an upward position with a blue diamond on the downward heart while the other one had pink diamond suddenly something crossed her head to which she looked towards her man with unbelievable look.

“Don’t tell me this one was the real one?” Kunal chuckled seeing the cute expression his wife was having at this moment, how can he give something which will not be worth anything, that too to her out of all people in the world, he nodded his head in agreement, he really had worked hard to get hands-on those pink diamonds.

Anu just shook her head in disbelieve, but she smiled seeing the two letters and words in her pendant which made it more valuable than those diamonds, K&A FOREVER. She forwarded it towards him asking him to wear it around her neck which he obliged happily, after wearing it he placed a small kiss on her nape to which she shuddered.

Kunal turned Anu around and forwarded his hand and bowed like a gentleman asking her for a dance to which she happily placed her hand on his, he wound his one hand around her waist while his other hand is holding her hand, Anu naturally placed her hand on his shoulder and started to move to the rhythm which he is making.

With a flip Kunal was back hugging her and started to kiss her back sensuously to which a moan left from her mouth, Anu closed her eyes tightly and took a long breath trying to control her senses which were losing because of her husband’s sweet torture.

Kunal again turned her and made her face him and placed his lips on hers, anu wounded her hands around his neck while he pulled her towards him more and started to suck her lips like he was sucking his favourite candy, Kunal slowly put his hands inside her top which left a moan from Anu’s lips.

Anu felt weak on her legs feeling the tortures Kunal is putting her through, “where is our room” Kunal asked still kissing her, anu flushed another shade when he mentioned their room after all she had really made arrangements for their night. Anu pointed upstairs to which he finally pulled her in his arms and started to move towards their room where she is pointing.

Kunal stopped kissing and looked at her intentionally knowing very well that she had made some arrangements for the night when he saw her changing into another level crimson, but what he saw after reaching their room was something which he never imagined.

The room is decorated with different types of orchids, from pink to purple, white to orange and the bed is covered with rose petals, the room smells heavenly with those smells and he was sure she had spread a few aromatic oil or something for sure. The dim lighting was making the place more romantic, Kunal looked towards his wife who is currently looking towards him with a shy smile yet bold form how he cannot love a woman like this.

Kunal went inside and closed the door after putting her down he just pushed her to the wall and trapped her there in between the wall and him, he looked towards her eyes intentionally and saw the same passion dancing in them as well which he is feeling at this moment. Kunal bend down and placed his lips on Anu’s neck to which she took a large breath.

“You planned well” Anu sucked her breath feeling his hot breath on her neck, what will she reply to him when her head is not in right place at this moment. Kunal looked above in her eyes only to see the raw desire in them which made him aroused, he just planted his lips on hers and the next thing that happened was what made them each other forever.


“How about we finish our unfinished business which always gets interrupted by our family or friends” Kunal moved away from her lips and looked towards her with desire filled eyes while saying those words, on the other hand, Anu just pulled him more towards her.

“And what do you think I am doing by arranging the room like this” Seeing the provocation of his wife Kunal just took his wife in his arms and moved towards the bed, with each step Anu felt a fluttery feeling erupting deep within her heart, she was not able to hide the anticipation of this exact moment, who will believe that after three years of marriage they still have not consummated yet.

Kunal slowly placed Anu on the bed and then looked towards her with those hooded eyes which had literally made her go weak on her knees, Anu gulped hard knowing very well that her husband will eat her alive tonight for sure.

Kunal slowly started to caress Anu’s cheek followed by her eyes and finally landed on her luscious lips, he gulped slowly to control his raging desire, he really doesn’t want to scare his wife on their first night, slowly he brought his hands towards her neck, Anu just tilted her neck to give more access for his ministration unable to control himself further Kunal bend down and placed his lips on her beautiful neck.

He started to shower her with his butterfly kisses along giving her love bites to which she could just moan, Anu was not able to control herself and she knows very well that wetness started to form in her down parts which made her shy. Kunal immediately made her sat on the bed and took her top in a jiff.

Kunal took a large breath seeing those full bloom bosoms trapped in that beautiful see-through bra which was begging for his attention, he sucked a long breath seeing the beauty in front of him, he started to roam his hands on her hands followed by her waist which was a feast to his eyes finally landing on her boobs, he pulled off the bra with a single tug to which Anu just gasped, that was after all her new bra which she brought for today which was lying dead on the floor.

Even before she can mourn over the dead bra she was pushed back on the bed followed by Kunal’s attack on her first nipple taking it in his mouth, he started to suck it like a child is drinking the milk while his hand was squeezing the other boob, Anu sucked a long breath feeling the sensation which he was awakening in her.

Kunal started to play with her one nipple with his fingers while he started to continue his attack on the other nipple Anu was trying hard to concentrate on what was happening only to end her all attempts in futile when his hands started to roam all over her body “Umm…… Neel…..Aahhhh…” a sweet moan again left from Anu’s mouth which drives Kunal crazy.

“I am going to make you scream my name all night baby” Kunal latched on to her other boobs equally giving attention to both of them so that no one feels jealous of each other, that’s when Anu felt that the cloth on her husband which made her offended so she started to pull it off, Kunal understood it very well and took off the offending coat and threw it across the room, he was unbuttoning his shirt button when she placed her hand on his hand and the ripped the buttons apart.

Kunal felt amused seeing it, a beautiful smirk formed on his lips seeing the eagerness of his wife; they have waited for years for this one moment how can they not use it to the fullest. While Kunal was showering his love on her boobs Anu started to roam her hands across his bare upper body with each curve each up and down she felt more wetness forming between her legs.

Kunal started to move downwards and started to plant kisses on her tummy then started to suck her belly button he started to use his tongue to lick which made her moan loudly, Anu threw her head behind and held his hair through her fingers, Kunal looked towards his wife whose eyes are closed at this moment. He slowly went downwards and started to kiss her navel, Anu’s toe curled involuntarily she started to anticipate more and more from her husband.

Kunal finally took off her skirt and then started to take off his pants, there is only a single piece of clothing which is covering them right now, Anu slowly sat on the bed and started to roam her eyes all over her husband’s body, she slowly rose on her knees and started to roam her hands on his body.

Kunal sucked his breath seeing the ministration his wife is doing on his body, Kunal groaned when Anu pinched his nipples to which Anu looked towards him to know whether he was enjoying it or not when she was confirmed that she is doing right she placed her lips on his nipples which immediately made him open his eyes only to see lust-filled eyes looking at him while torturing his nipples with her mouth.

Kunal allowed her to do what she wanted to do, he threw his head behind when she started to lick his body following behind her sweet biting, Kunal was sure that he will not leave her tonight no matter what, not able to control himself any further he pushed her down and came on top of her, he placed his lips on hers and started to kiss her aggressively, Anu loved every shade of her man then how can she not love this.

Kunal came downwards and looked towards the waist chain which she was wearing at this moment, which she started to wear three years ago, She was not able to wear her nuptial chain because of their secret marriage, so she changed the nuptial chain into a waist chain which only he knew, he started to kiss her waist with a renewed energy he gave a sweet bite over there too which Anu could only moan his name louder.

Anu moaned loudly feeling each caress he was doing on her body while climbing up covering her body with his own, chest to chest, he slowly parted her legs which she allowed, he settled between her legs and slammed his manhood above her covered womanhood which made both of them moan together with the unknown pleasure which they were craving for years.

“You are my desire, even wines can’t be as intoxicating as you are, you are my dream, my passion, my everything, baby I am going to mark you as my own tonight, you will be mine forever and ever” the sensual promises which Kunal was making to her were making her hot on another level, Kunal placed his lips again on her lips and started to kiss her like never before while roaming his hands all over her body.

Anu was trying to adjust to this sensation when he suddenly started to ground his manhood into her still covered Womanhood, anu just threw her head behind feeling this new sensation which had blasted her mind Kunal is no further away from this, the slow-motion which started become a full-on dry humping which made both witless, Kunal started to kiss on her neck while she was biting his neck to control those emotions which were bursting inside her.

Not able to take any further Kunal slowly slid his hand down and started to remove her lace panties while her hand moved towards his boxer which was offending her at this moment which he immediately removed and then he came on top of her again and crashed his lips on her while his hand finally started to move towards the one place which it didn’t touch till the moment.

Anu sucked a cold breath when she felt the touch of his finger on her womanhood which left her withering in unknown sensation, he slowly started to play with her clitoris which made her shook uncontrollably, finally, he entered his one digit into her core the first touch had made them shiver in anticipation after all it was their first time feeling something like this, feeling each other this intimately.

Anu was really tight which made Kunal suck a long breath, he started to move his finger so that she will ease into these sensations when he felt like she had eased then he added the second digit which made her take a long breath, even though it was slightly painful but the intrusion was welcomed.

While his finger was working on her womanhood his mouth was making her whimper, she really doesn’t know what was making her moan out loud, was it the work of his finger on her lower part, or his mouth which was sucking on her boobs again, finally, he pulled the digit out of her core to which she whimpered by the loss of touch only to suck in a cold breath when he put his finger on his mouth.

Anu suddenly felt more turned on than at this moment, she looked at how his Adam’s apple is moving while he was sucking his finger which is covered in her juice, her eyes changed into a darker shade feeling the desire she has for her husband, she had seen very clearly how his eyes are changing too with desire.

“It will hurt,” Kunal said while placing his manhood over her womanhood to which she nodded her head understandingly, he slowly started to ease himself inside her to which she held his shoulders tightly, unknowingly her nails dug into his shoulder which he ignored, halfway through they were already a moaning mess, finally not able to control he gave a full thrust to which she just bites his shoulder in a pain.

Kunal stood still for her to adjust to his size, even though the wait was killing him but he know very well that she will be in pain if he didn’t wait, after few minutes Anu felt like she adjusted to his sheer size to confirm her theory she started to move her hips slowly when she was confirmed that it was okay she started to move fast which was a clue for Kunal to move.

Kunal slowly pulled back and gave a full thrust “Aaahhhhhhh……. Neelllllll…..” which left a loud moan out of her lips she closed her eyes feeling him deep inside her. Kunal placed his lips on hers while thrusting inside her continuously.

Anu roamed her hand behind and grabbed his ass while he squeezed her boobs between their thrusts, “Oh Neel…… Harder…….” Anu shouted to which Kunal increased his thrust.

“seeing you under me, thoroughly fucked is worth all the wait I had,” Kunal said while thrusting into her deeper “Being with you loving you and hearing your moan was everything I wanted to do” Kunal pulled her hips up and thrust into her in a new position which left her breathless with the sensation she never knew her man can talk like this.

“Fuck baby, I want to fuck you like there is no tomorrow, I want to be inside you all day and night, I wanted to make love to you in every nook and corner of our home, I want to ram on you like this forever and ever, I want to eat you raw” Anu never knew her husband can talk like this dirtily which is making her more aroused than before she loved this side of him which was also only for her, only she has the ability to see them and she was proud of it.

Anu knew very clearly that she was around the corner, she will come at any given moment, Kunal knew that as well to which he started to thrust harder and deeper it only took three more thrusts for Anu to blast her head off she felt like she had reached heaven, she could feel him exploding inside of her while her womanhood was squeezing him tightly inside her.

Kunal looked towards his wife who is laying and looking like she had travelled back from heaven isn’t that what he is feeling at this moment, after their climax, Kunal just falls over her while she held him tightly above her, they were still very much connected with each other with his load still inside her, they are still basking with the aftermath of their lovemaking still trying to get down from their height.

Finally, after few minutes Kunal slowly pulled himself down and laid beside her while pulling her in his arms to which she willingly went, they laid like that for few minutes when he suddenly started to roam his fingers on her body again she tried to control her moan badly for only to release in just a few minutes, then his ministration followed her all night.


Anu opened her eyes slowly and looked at the time only to see it was nearing noon to which she could only roll her eyes, after all, who will know better than herself that Kunal left her to get some sleep by six in the morning, he didn’t leave her for a whole night not even for a second.

A slight blush came on her face remembering the night events, she looked towards her husband whose upper part is covered with nails and bite marks which she had given him during their lovemaking and she was sure that she will be a sight to watch as well.

“Do you want to go for another round” Anu widened her eyes hearing the statement and slapped his arms looking at him angrily!

“Didn’t you ever hear baby; once the door is open it will be hard to close” Anu rolled her eyes hearing it to which he chuckled.

“I am hungry,” Anu said with a pout to which he pulled her down and placed his lips on hers after few minutes he left her to which she looked towards him disbelievingly.

“That’s what I was saying baby, I am hungry,” Kunal said suggestively to which she looked towards his lower part only to see the member is standing at this moment.

“My tummy is hungry, I want food” Finally she said frustratedly to which he chuckled and nodded his head in confirmation.

Kunal took the boxer which was laying down and worn it, then went to the washroom, he filled the bath tub with hot water and then came out, he slowly took her in his arms throwing the sheets which were covering her body to which she looked towards him in confusion.

He slowly placed her in the bathtub and placed a warm kiss on her forehead, finally, she understood what her man meant, and Anu closed her eyes feeling relaxed under the hot water while Kunal went to the kitchen to make something.

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