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Big Red's

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Skylar is your averge girl with struggles and a best friend. Until she met him, with her powers now awakened she must battle evil. Chairoice is the king of all vampires, his only interest is keeping his clan safe and hidden. That is until he met her, Nana had seen her in a vision. Who was she? What does she me to him? Who is she to the vampire race?

Erotica / Action
Tabbi Woods
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POV King

Drip, drip, drip, drop the sound echoed all around me, I could taste a copper sweetness of blood dripping down my throat. I was instantly surrounded by the dead’s memories, pink sandals with sparkles touched the ground. Pushing back, she swings forward again letting out a squeal the higher she rose. A woman’s voice rings out from a distance. “Sarah come inside; it’s getting too dark to play on the swing”

“Coming Mama” the voice sounded small, hopping off the seat she looks down at her stained tan dress. She knew her mom was going to be upset, dragging her sandals in the bark chips she prolongs the inevitable. My vision of the memory distorts, I notice the hunched figure in the brush. The child continues walking towards her front door unaware of the danger, I wanted to warn the little girl but I know she wouldn’t hear me. I watched the girl’s lasts moments as his hands reached through the brush just as she was passing by. The girl tries to scream but his hand covered her mouth silencing her, pure terror traveled through her spine. She was terrified of him, I stood over them watching as the crow sunk his teeth into the tiny body. I could hear the sloshing of fresh blood as he intended to drained the child dry, her blue eyes blinked once before staring blankly into mine. The door opens to reveal the mother, the crow’s head snaps up, turning his neck abnormally to the right he watches the mother step onto the porch. Grunting he drags the girl away leaving a trail of red. The mom’s head turns in the direction of shaking branches.

“Sarah” the girl’s mother says softly, she was plump with short blonde hair. I watch her round the brush gasping, she sees the blood trail and screams. The crow disappears leaving the girl’s body behind. Repulsed by the child’s blood that flowed within me, I return to my own thoughts, plagued by the events I had witnessed. Her blood was like a sickness eating at my flesh. I knew I would find him and when I did, he wouldn’t be alive for long. I’d make sure it didn’t happen to anyone so young. Like the little girl whose blood became my life source, in a way she lived in me. It was almost time, a few minutes passed ever so slowly before I could hear the hissing and creaking. The coffin proceeded to open; through the darkness I make out countless scratch marks. My eyes snapped open to a dark room, night time was approaching; I knew the moment I inhaled. I reach my hand up grabbing the side of the coffin they put me in for twelve hundred years. Sitting up I hop over the edge my feet land softly on the grey concrete, the cold air hits my naked body but I don’t feel the breeze. My eyes scan the room making out the red colored bricks. I instantly knew where I was, Big Red’s club. The one from Nana’s vision, I was in the basement that had been dug directly under the club. Which meant that the club’s dance floor was above the room I occupied, looking to my left I spotted a stack of clothes neatly folded by a brown door. I walked on steady feet arriving at the pile; I grab the black shirt and throw it over my head. Yanking it down I then reach for the Calvin Klein micro briefs, pulling them over my legs followed by the black pants. Damn they forgot socks and shoes, sighing I step in front of the door. Twisting the knob I pull; the bolts rip off the hinges.

“Shit” my voice bounced off the walls with an echo. I lean the door against the wall, stepping out of the room I look down the hallway, making my way through this labyrinth is going to be a bitch. It had been a longtime since Nana’s vision of this place, this was where I’d meet her. Nana said that my mate would be here in twelve hundred years. Just thinking of her made my blood and body sing, but then I remembered how I was before. I loved tearing into flesh, I relished in the hypnotic taste of fresh blood. As the blood leaves their bodies, how fast they turned cold to lifeless. How could anyone love a killer like me? She’d take one look or hear the stories of the tyrant King, and run. Even when she did run, how would I react? If I forced her to stay, she would be afraid or worse loathe me. Not to mention if I tried to touch her, she would jerk back and at that point I’d rather be dead. I grit my teeth in frustration, before Nana’s vision I had thought Selene the moon goddess hadn’t given me a mate. Nana showed me her in a vision, but the only thing that the vision manifested was a birthmark of a crescent moon behind her ear. The tell sign she was the one I was looking for, Nana said it was our destiny to fight the demons and save humanity. I remembered my reply being “like hell, I think ending the world might be fun” I sunk my teeth into the body pulling back only to lick the blood off my lips. I smiled venomously, back then all I could think about was the bountiful blood that would come of the end. Snapping back to reality I face a light brown wooden door, grabbing the door handle as gently as I could. I pull and the door opens with a creak. In front of me are spiraling black stairs leading up, I grab the railing and using my vampire speed flew up the stairs to another door. Only this one was different; it had a place for your hand to be inserted and scanned for ID. Placing my hand in the scanner a giant needle struck one of my veins pulling a sizable amount of blood, the reader replied with a woman’s voice.

“ID scanned, searching, name Charoice Sebastian King, status Lord. ID accepted please proceed” the door opened and I step through it. There I was greeted by Rague, my blood brother, he was once human. I had found him in an alley dying from ischemic heart disease, I recollecting old memories. It was the day Nana had sent Jidual to give me a message about another crow awaking, I couldn’t believe another vampire turned. The plan was for me to stop by Nana’s place, since she has my demon sword Carnage. I remembered the many fierce battles we shared; Nana had told me the story of how I appeared in front of her as a baby holding this sword. How she tried to take it from me, and was badly injured. Thing was she told me the sword was connected to my soul and I was the only one who could wield the ferocious beast within. Reminded of her warning ’if any but you were to touch the sword, they would be severely injured.’ Nana was wise but I didn’t need Carnage to take out a crow. Though Crow’s feast on anything, not just humans but other vampires, they’re incredibly strong. It takes three normal vampires just to take down one crow, I sigh looking to my left. That’s when I saw the body, detouring from my original plan. I walked down the alley I stood before a man lying on the ground. Death stood over his body, I knelt placing one knee on the ground, my arm landing on my bent knee.

“What are you doing?” Death sets his eyes on me.

“Hey” I say. The man sputters up blood in a fatal attempt to talk, but I shushed him. “Do you want to live?”

“Who are you?” he stutters.

“It’s mine” Death growls, ramming his fingers through his chest he pulls his scythe out and thrusts it in my chest.

“Answer the question” I say indigently, the wound in my chest splatters blood on the concrete.

“Don’t” Death seethes. “It’s mine King”

“What kind of question is that!” he says with exasperation, he nods then coughs more blood splatters hitting me in the face, my pulse spikes.

“The price you're paying is a steep one.” Death reached his hand out towards the dying man, I grabbed it. Red engulfed the black pits of Death’s eyes

“Don’t Interfere King or I’ll kill you.” Death snarls, the man jerks up scooting away from us. Damn he sees it, a look of complete horror etches into every line in his face. I bet right now he was seeing a ribbed skeleton covered by a shadow, while one end of Death Scythe is currently in his hands. The other half currently stuck in my chest, with my blood pooling out. Thing is while vampire’s have amazing healing abilities, they can’t heal if something is blocking the wound. Looking down at the man on the ground I watch him spew blood up again.

“The fuck is that? Fuck this!” he shouts trying to stand on wobbly legs he manages to kick a garbage can towards us, letting go of Death’s hand I pull the scythe out. I sped out of the way, Death gets sprayed with garbage, chuckling I use my vampire speed. I slide in front of the man. Grabbing his shirt collar, I pull him forward biting into his neck. He’s stunned, that means my venom worked. I grab a knife from my boot and cut my palm open. Squeezing my palm, my blood drips down into his half open mouth. Death stands arching his back, he roars then fades into nothing. I turn back towards the man and gripping his shirt I stare into his eyes; he gasps in surprise. He’s seen the real devil, I smile maliciously.

“The cost was your soul” I sneer

“King?” Rague is standing in front of me, a look of concern evident on his face. “What’s wrong?” he asked

“Reminiscing in old memories” I state. “What have I missed?”

“Alot” he sniggers, and I clap him on his back hard.

“Catch me up” I grin.

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