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Happily Never After

I pulled into the driveway of the lakehouse. I felt like I couldn't get there fast enough. It was time. Two weeks was far too long of a wait, but I knew no matter how much time had passed it was always well worth it. I cut the engine, grabbed my bag, and exited the vehicle. The short walk up the steps and into the side door took no time at all. I open the door and close it behind me making to lock the door and deadbolt so the neurotic freak I'm about to fuck is at ease that his fortress remains locked down like his emotional exterior.

I see him standing in the kitchen already pouring himself a glass of peach pecan whiskey. I glance at the time on my phone it's only 4:23 in the afternoon. He looks up at me and gives me a nod of acknowledgement. I give him a slight smile as I walk past him to set my bag down in "my spot". I turn around and notice that he's staring at me - one arm holding his glass of whisky and the other propped against the kitchen island. I don't miss the way the muscles in his forearms flex as he leans back further into the island. I swallow hard. All I can do is imagine those arms flexing as he's thrusting into me over and over.

He clears his throat and it brings my attention back to his face. "How was your day?" He asks.

"It was adequate. How was yours?" I reply with a slight shrug of my shoulders. He gives me a nod and then gulps down the rest of his whisky.

He hums to himself for a brief second. "That's some good stuff." He says as he inspects his now empty glass. I walk past him to the fridge and pull out a bottle of wine from my shelf and grab my little cup out of the strainer in the sink. He takes the wine from me and removes the cork before handing it back so I can pour a glass. We move completely in sync like we know what to do. And we do. It's our routine. Every Wednesday night.

I pour my wine and he let's me enjoy the first sip before extending his hand towards me.

"Come here" he commands.

And I reach out my hands to his extended one and allow him to pull me in. He wraps me in a hug and then kisses me gently. No words are spoken between us. But this is it. This feels like I'm finally home. I can breathe again.

Something I would never mention to him though. We have an understanding. A mutual agreement. And that's something I'd never fuck up by verbalizing my feelings out in the open. We both feel it, yet both terrified to confirm it and figure out what it means. So we don't.

I drive to his house straight from work after the day has taken its toll on me and a gym session on my lunch break. We are eager to dive into each other, but he allows me the moment to freshen up which I am grateful for.

He then leads me to the master bathroom and turns on the shower for me as I begin to undress. He always knows exactly what temperature I like it at. He tries to be a gentleman and avoid staring as I slowly step out of my jeans. I smirk as I catch him doing it anyway. He sighs as he walks towards me. He pecks me on the lips and grabs a handful of my bare ass right before he slaps it.

I grin as he goes right back to two handfuls of cheeks. He smiles at me and tells me to hurry up. One more ass smack and he walks out the door to give me privacy.

I step into the shower and hurriedly wash my body head to toe with his loofah and body wash. I step out of the shower and wrap myself in his big comfy towel and try to dry off as quickly as I can. I throw on a pair of leggings and a t shirt knowing he won't be able to resist me for long and put my hair in a messy bun on top.of my head.

I walk back to the kitchen where I know he will be waiting for me. He gives me one look before he nods his head towards the bedroom. Before I can even step across the threshold he picks me up and throws me onto his bed. He stares at me momentarily from the doorway before he commands me to remove the leggings. I stand up on the bed and turn around as I wiggle them down my thighs. I hear him groan as they come off.

He flips the light switch off and climbs into bed with me. Lips find mine instantly and our bodies mold into each other. He pauses briefly to take my shirt and bra off and to remove his own clothes as well.

He hovers back over top of me as I lay back on the bed. I'm ready and eager to feel him slide inside my pussy. I'm already wet and can't take the anticipation anymore. I pull him to me as he grips my thigh and pulls it around his waist. He kisses me again but harder and full of need as I start grinding my hip into his. He grabs his *slightly above average* sized cock and lines it up at my entrance before I wiggle my hips and dig my heel into his ass before he plunges into me. He chuckles as I let out a deep contented sigh. Yep. This is where I'm meant to be.

He gives me half a second before he begins lightly thrusting into me. I grip his arms as he begins to pick up the pace. I'm so desperate and needy for him and I need to cum badly. He starts thrusting deeper and harder into me as I wrap my other leg around him. It doesn't take long before I start getting close. He knows exactly how I like it.

When I feel the pressure start to build I dig my nails into his shoulders.

"Fuck" I whisper. He picks up the pace and starts to place kisses all over my face and neck until I cum. He pauses briefly to allow me a second to catch my breath before he starts plunging back into my pussy and I'm writhing under him again. "Eric, I'm going to cum again" I tell him.

He smiles as he continues his pace and I'm cumming yet again.

He pulls out of me and makes his way down to my thighs. He presses a few light kisses to my stretch marks there before he begins to lick my folds.

Up and down. Side to side. Zig zag. Until I'm grabbing his hair and pushing his face deeper into my pussy. I can't stop my hips from jerking so he grabs my thighs and holds me in place completely spread wide open before him. He dives into me again and makes me cum 2, 3, 4 more times until his face and the bed are both drenched with my cum. He's not satisfied until releases my thighs and notice they are still shaking.

"Are you okay?" He asks with a smirk.

"I think so."

He laughs. And begins kissing my face so I can taste myself all over him.

"Roll over" I tell him.

He acts like he doesn't want to comply and tries to wrestle me, but eventually he gives in. He wants this. He really does, but he's been made to feel selfish for asking for it. For having needs of his own. It's the least I can do to show him how eager someone can be to please him and only him. I straddle him and kiss his lips then down his jawline to his neck. I lightly suck and bite as I grind on top of him. This is one of his favorite things and I love making him squirm. He finally gets to where he can't take it anymore and needs some relief. I slowly kiss my way down his chest stopping briefly to suck and lick one of his nipples as he laughs and shakes his head.

Grinning ear to ear I kiss and lick my way down his body that he hates and has been made to feel so ashamed of making sure I pay attention to the little bit of extra weight he carried around his mid section. This man deserves love. He craves it. He's just terrified of trusting someone again.

I gently bite the skin between his thigh and the base of his shaft as he squirms trying to align his dick with my mouth. I continue to lick and suck everywhere except his dick as he continues his frenzy.

"Sierra. Please" he whimpers.

As this request I can't help but stop my antics and lick from base to tip before grasping his shaft in my hand and giving it a few good pumps.

He sighs contentedly. "Thank you".

"My pleasure" , I respond as I eagerly suck his entire shaft into my mouth. I give it a few slow sucks from base to tip as I pump it before I begin face fucking his dick. He grabs a fist full of my hair as I begin my assault. And right as he feels like he is getting close to cumming he grabs my hair to make me stop.

"Let me finish you"

"I need to be inside you."

And with that I straddle his waist as I lower myself back onto his shaft. I don't get a second to revel in how good he feels before he grabs my hips and begins to rock me back and forth on his dick as he thrusts inside me. He feels so good. And he's so fucking sexy as he dominates me from below.

I start feeling the pressure building up again and I can tell he's getting close too. He grips my hips harder and harder as he chases his ending. I start clenching as I near my own and he finally is able to fill me with his warm seed.

I collapse on his chest as we lie there momentarily coming down from our sex high. It doesn't take long before he is up and bringing me a towel to clean myself up.

He crawls back into bed and pulls me to his chest. A few more sweet kisses as he lightly caresses my hair. I snuggle in close cradled to his chest as I listen to him fall asleep.

And all I can think is fuck I'm in love with a broken man.
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