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Taboo- A random collection of dirty one shots

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🚨Most of the content labels are specifically for the chapter Prison Guard. This is a growing collection of erotic one shots. Most of which revolve around taboo relationship tropes. I revel in a good scandal. I’ve been developing this collection for awhile, but I’m going to release it gradually unlike how I approached my first novel. Author’s Note: Stories with an asterisk in the title currently have more story to be told. If you would like to read more about any of these stories, astrisk or not, please let me know. Trigger Warning: These stories are rated 18+ for mature language and graphic sexual scenes.

Erotica / Romance
Saoirse Writes
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The Godfather

I’m laying in my bed catching my breath. Breakup sex with my ex was out of this world, but I’m bored with him, which means it’s time to move on. So, as soon as he pulled out I booted him. He really is a good lay, he’s just a shit boyfriend. I roll my eyes as he makes his overly dramatic exit, slamming the door on the way out. Once he’s gone I pull the blankets over me, and close my eyes to rest for a bit.

A little while later I’m rudely awakened. The rude individual in question is my Godfather, Jax. I jolt awake when I feel him jump on the bed to wake me up. However, he obviously isn't expecting to find me nude under my blanket. His sudden motion on the bed pulls the blanket down, exposing my bare breasts completely to his gaze. As soon as he sees them he freezes, staring at my exposed chest. I watch his eyes become hooded as they fill with a lust that takes my breath away.

I’ve always found him beyond sexy, but I knew I could never have him. He's my godfather and at 38, he's 20 years my senior. Up until a few months ago, he was also married. Despite our age difference, and his friendship with my parents, I’ve always considered him one of my best friends which explains his presence in my bed, but not his reaction to my nudity. “Jax” I call in a sing-song voice. His eyes instantly snap from my exposed tits to my face, and I smirk at his faint blush. I think I might like this game.

I angle my body towards him as I slide the blanket covering my naked body even lower. That look in his eye is all consuming. It lights a fire in me like nothing else ever has. Screw it, I'm going to push this as far as it can go.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” I pout my words. I know he can’t resist my pout. I slowly run my hand up my stomach to one of my exposed breasts and massage it gently before I begin to play with my nipple. I close my eyes, moaning quietly in reaction to my own touch. “Gods baby, what are you trying to do to me?” He groans, his voice hoarse with desire.

I open my eyes to look up at him. “I’m not sure what you mean.” I whimper. I hold his gaze as I trail my other hand down my stomach under the blanket to massage the sensitive nub. He grips the blanket sliding it further down my body to watch me as I slide two fingers into my heat. My desire grows and I moan again. “Fuck” he swears, now attempting to look at anything but me as I continue to pleasure myself. I moan louder as I pinch my nipple. The sound draws his gaze back to me, but when he sees what I’m doing to myself he tries to look away again.

My fingers aren't enough. My body craves him so I sit up, and crawl forward. When I reach him I pull my godfather’s face back to meet my gaze. When our eyes meet I see a fire burning in them that matches my own. Moisture pools at my core as I shift again to straddle his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck, tightening my hold, and pressing my bare breasts against the soft fabric of his t-shirt.“Don’t you want me, Daddy?” I pout.

He immediately takes my hips in a rough hold, and grinds his hard length up against my core. “Of course I do, baby.” He purrs. A dark smile crosses his face as he runs one of his hands into my hair pulling me to him and conquering my mouth with a searing kiss.

Kissing Jax is everything I imagined it to be and more. My pussy clinches with need as I slide my hands from around his neck, down his chest, to the hem of his shirt and lift it over his head. I thought he might try to stop me, but instead he helps me get it off.

Despite his actions he says, “Willow, baby I don’t think this is a good idea.” I lean forward pressing my breasts against his now bare chest, and move my mouth to his ear. "Daddy please!” I whimper softly, grinding my core down on his hard shaft as I continue my plea. “I ache to have you inside me.” His hands grip my ass as I grind against him again. I hear him groan out his desire for me.

I know I’ve won, but I continue to play with him anyway. “I promise to be a good girl for you daddy. Please!” I say the last part on a whimper. “Fuck baby, Daddy has wanted inside that sweet pussy of yours for so long.”, he groans, as he rolls us so that I’m now on my back with him on top of me. Then he leans down kissing me again.

I reach down between us to unbutton his jeans, pushing them down just enough to free his hard shaft, before I wrap my arms back around his neck and cross my legs behind his back. I whimper into his kiss as I feel him teasing my wet folds with the tip of his cock. I break the kiss to place my mouth against his ear and say the words that cause him to snap. “Please fuck me, Daddy.” And he caves.

I cry out with both pleasure and pain as he suddenly thrusts his hard shaft deep into my pussy. He comes alive at the sound of my cries. “Fuck baby!” He groans against my neck. I keep my legs wrapped around his waist, as he grips my ass with both hands, and continues his rough thrusts. “Daddy is so proud of you baby. You’re taking my huge dick so good. Fuck, your tight cunt feels even better than I imagined.”, he purrs.

His dirty words only serve to drive me further over the edge until finally we shatter together. He continues to pump into me, drawing out my orgasm as he fills me with the evidence of his pleasure.

I sigh with happiness, as he slows his movements and seats himself deep in my heat, holding me close. I smile against his neck as I revel in this perfect moment. I can’t believe, after craving him for so long, my womb is finally filled with my daddy's cum. I can't believe that all this time he’s been dreaming about me too.

Before long he rolls to his back, pulling me against his side. I wrap my arm around his chest and look up at him. I close my eyes, practically purring, as he runs one hand through my silky locks. I open them again to find him smiling down at me. His beautiful smile turns to a frown as he says, “Willow, baby, we’re supposed to be at the manor in thirty minutes for your mothers party, remember? I was supposed to give you a ride. I just came in to change and figure out why you weren’t answering your phone.” He speaks quietly as he continues to run his fingers through my hair while I rest my head on his well defined chest.

After a moment I shift so that I’m now mostly on top of him and look down into his eyes as he gazes up at me warmly. “I don’t want to go Daddy.” I pout. His warm smile doesn’t falter. I shiver, my need rising once again as I feel him gently run his hand down my back, over my ass. He rests his hand on my ass, before gripping it firmly, as he finally replies, “I know baby, but it’s important to your parents, and they already know I’m here. Either you go with me or I go alone. It’s up to you.”

"Fine," I pout. He smacks my ass as I roll out of bed so I turn and stick my tongue out at him. Then I let him enjoy the view as I saunter into the bathroom. I was hoping he might feel tempted to follow me. I should have known better though.

I put my hair up before getting in the shower. When I’m done I do my hair and make up then walk back into my room to find something to wear. When I come out, I find that he’s changed from his other clothes into his suit, sans jacket. He sits on the bed, watching my every move. I walk to stand in front of my closet, and smile as I feel him come up behind me.

He pulls the towel off revealing my naked body to his gaze. Then wraps his arm around my waist, and pulls me back against him roughly. I’m pleasantly surprised to feel his hard length pressing against my ass. He leans down, placing his mouth to my ear and whispers. “I want you to wear the blue silk dress that I bought you, baby.” He emphasizes his point by leaving a trail of kisses down my neck. I moan my reply as he discovers a sensitive spot. “Yes, Daddy.” I answer in a breathy voice.

“You’re being such a good girl.” He praises. I sigh with pleasure as his hand reaches between my legs and starts massaging my clit. “I know you don’t like these parties. If you promise to keep being a good girl for me, I will reward you when we get home. How does that sound, baby?” “Yes, Daddy.” I moan. Then because I’m no liar, I add, “I promise to try and be a good girl, but only for you.” He chuckles at my reply as he removes his hand from my needy core, pulling another whimper from me.

He reaches around me to pull the dress he wants me to wear out of the closet. Then he surprises me by helping me get dressed. When he’s finished, he turns me to face him and takes my face in his hands, kissing me gently. Unfortunately he pulls away when I try to deepen it, drawing another pout from me. He just smirks and releases his hold on me to put on his jacket. I grab my clutch and he takes my hand, pulling me out of the room all the way to the car. He helps me in and buckles my seatbelt before walking around to the driver’s side to get in.

I’ve only been here 30 minutes and I’m already beyond bored. On top of that, I don’t know how he expects me to be good when he has every skank in this room all over him. To his credit, he doesn’t act interested in any of them. This unfortunate situation has been a normal occurrence since his divorce. It’s fucking annoying, and I’m about to go tell him so until he finally breaks away from some blonde chick and makes his way over to me.

He smirks as he says, “Don’t pout, baby. We don’t have to stay much longer. You’re being such a good girl. Daddy’s proud of you.” I feel the heated blush spread across my face at his praise. I can see the desire burning in his eyes as he says, “You’ve always had such a pretty blush, baby.” I smirk as I notice the tent in his pants. I get as close as I can without it being obviously inappropriate and whisper, “That looks uncomfortable Daddy. Meet me in my old room and I’ll take care of it for you.”

I don’t wait for a reply. Instead I turn and walk away. Once I’m far enough away from the party I start walking quickly up the stairs and down the hall to my old room. It’s pink and frilly and awful and I was never allowed to change it. That’s one of the many reasons I moved out as soon as I turned 18. I also know it’s the last place anyone will look for us.

I feel my pussy clinch with need as I hear his footsteps coming down the hall. He comes in, locking the door behind him, before turning to frown at me. “Being a tease is not good girl behavior, baby.” He practically growls his words. My panties are soaked at the stern tone of his voice. I try pressing my thighs together to stave off the aching need growing in my core.

“I’m not a tease.” I pout. His face is serious as he speaks again. “Come here, Willow.” His command is rough, and I don’t hesitate to obey. I walk towards him until I’m directly in front of him. “On your knees.” He snaps. I drop to my knees in front of him. I can’t seem to fight this control he’s got over me. My pussy is completely soaked just from his commanding tone. I’ve never liked being told what to do before. It’s almost scary how much I want to do everything he says without question.

I reach for his belt, but he smacks my hand. “No, Willow.” He snaps again. “Put your hands behind your back, and don’t move them until I say so. If you disobey I will tie them together. Do you understand me?” His tone makes my pussy clinch with need. “Yes, Daddy.” I pout, but my voice is breathy with need, as I put my hands behind my back. He runs his hand down my cheek as he says, “Good girl, baby” His praises bring another blush to my face.

I watch from my position on my knees, as he undoes his own belt, then his pants, freeing his large cock. It now stands at attention almost level with my mouth. I almost reach for it. Luckily I remember just in time that I’m not allowed to do that.

I watch him start to stroke himself as he says, “Here is what’s going to happen, baby. First, Daddy’s going to fuck your pretty mouth. When I’m done we are going to go back downstairs to say our goodbyes to your parents and our friends. When we get home, we’re going to talk about exactly what it means to be Daddy’s baby.” He pauses and I clench my thighs together again. The need to touch him is almost overwhelming. Finally he says, “Now, you are going to open your mouth and suck my cock. You may use your hands if you wish to."

He’s never spoken to me like this before. Nobody has ever spoken to me like this before. I’m self aware enough to know that I’m your quintessential wealthy teen socialite. My parents give me whatever I want as long as I don’t embarrass them, and they don’t have to have anything to do with me.

I guess I got lost in my thoughts, because he snaps me back to attention with a growl as he grips my chin roughly. He maintains his hold as I take his cock in my hands and run my tongue over the tip, licking up the precum dripping from his slit. I moan as I feel him thread his hands into my hair. He tightens his grip as I open my mouth and take him inside. I swirl my tongue around his shaft before sucking hard then hum happily as I listen to his pleased groans.

I continue my motions, taking him deeper with each stroke. “Fuck, Willow. Your mouth is heaven, baby.” He groans. I reach up, and give some attention to his balls, rolling them back and forth gently with my free hand.

As soon as he feels himself slide past the back of my throat his control snaps. “I’m going to fuck your pretty mouth now, baby.” He growls. He grips my head in both hands using his rough hold on my hair to keep me still as he starts thrusting his hips against my face. “Fuck yes, baby. You’re being such a good girl letting Daddy fuck your face. I grip his thighs to stable myself as he continues thrusting himself deep into my throat. My lack of a gag reflex is definitely coming in handy right now.

Fuck, I’m going to come baby, and you’re going to swallow it all.” He groans right before he stops thrusting, and I feel his cum filling my throat. I swallow it just like my daddy told me to.

When he’s done he pulls out, tucking himself back in his slacks, before helping me to stand. Once I'm on my feet he takes my mouth in a dominating kiss. When he pulls back he sighs and says, “You’re fucking spectacular, baby. Let’s go home.” I smile and reply “Ok Daddy.”

He leaves first to go back downstairs. When I get downstairs nobody seems to have even noticed my absence. We say goodbye to my parents just like he said. Instead of going back to my apartment, we went to his home. He helps me out of the car and takes my hand, leading us straight to his room. As soon as we cross the doorway he wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me against him. I moan as he threads the other into my hair, conquering my mouth in a demanding kiss.

After a minute he pulls away, putting unwanted space between us. I pout as he smirks. “You need to understand something right now Willow. I am in control here. If you're a good girl, and do what Daddy says you will be rewarded. If you’re naughty there will be consequences. If you don’t want to be my baby and follow my rules tell me now. I will take you back to your apartment right now and we will pretend like this never happened. However, if you choose to stay, then you are mine and only mine."

He pauses as he moves to take my face in his hands. Finally he speaks again. “I love you Willow. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in this world, but I will understand if you want to walk away.” I smile up at him as I slide my hands up his chest and around his neck pressing my body against his. “I love you too Jax. I can’t promise I’ll always be a good girl, but I do want to be your baby.” I watch his whole face light up right before he slams his mouth back down on mine.

I feel one of his hands slide down my back to grip my ass. I whimper when he breaks the kiss and turns me away from him. Then I shiver as I feel him slowly slide the zipper of my dress down until the dress slides down my body and pools on the floor at my feet. He slides his hands down my sides, until his fingers latch onto my thong then slowly slides the scrap of fabric over my hips and down my legs.

He steps back and says, “Turn around, baby.” I do as he says. I feel wetness flooding my core as I watch him take me in. His eyes are hooded. His lust is clear on his face. “You’re breathtaking, baby” He purrs. The awe I hear in his voice lights my whole body on fire. “Thank you, Daddy.” I say softly.

“Now I need you to be a good girl and undress me.” He says. The commanding tone is back, causing goosebumps to cover my skin. I do as he says. Removing his suit jacket first, then moving to his shirt. I remove his tie. Then I start to unbutton his shirt as I place kisses down his chest as I go. When I reach the waistband of his slacks I unbuckle his belt, and undo them before pulling them down to free his very impressive erection.

When I’ve finished undressing him he says, “I want you to get on the bed and lay down on your back.” I feel my pussy clinch in anticipation of finally having him inside me again. I climb on the bed and lay down, but he doesn’t follow me right away. Instead he walks around to stand at the foot of the bed. “Spread your legs for me baby” he purrs. His voice deepens with his desire as I part my legs, exposing my slick folds to his heated gaze. “That pretty pussy belongs to Daddy now, Willow.” He growls.

Desire soaks my core again at his claim. I watch him climb up the bed until his head is between my legs. He hooks my legs over his shoulders as he says, “You were such a good girl for me today, baby. It’s time for your reward.” He purrs. I whimper with need as he starts to kiss and nip his way up the inside of my thigh until he finally reaches my core. He runs his tongue up my slit, drawing a soft moan from me.

“You taste divine, baby.” He purrs into my pussy. I cry out as he sucks my sensitive clit into his mouth. My pleasured moans grow louder as I thread my hands into his hair. He stops sucking and thrusts his tongue deep into my channel, swirling it around. I grip his hair tighter, thrusting my hips against his face, as he fucks me with his tongue. “I’m so close, Daddy.” I moan.

He moves back to suck my clit, humming his pleasure at my words. The vibrations only add to my pleasure. He slides a finger into my channel and it clinches him tightly. “I fucking love eating this tight little pussy, baby” He growls as he starts sliding his finger in and out of me adding another finger as he curves them up to find my sweet spot. It’s all too much and I fall apart around him.

He licks me clean of my desire before he finally sits up. With my legs still on his shoulders, he lines himself up with my entrance and thrusts himself into my aching channel. I watch his eyes flutter closed as his face fills with ecstasy. His eyes snap open and he looks down at me. “Fuck, you are perfect, baby. You have no idea how badly I’ve craved this sweet pussy.” As he speaks he starts thrusting into me harder, gradually increasing his pace.

“I knew how wrong it was. Fuck, but when you came home from boarding school for the summer two years ago all grown up with perfect tits and your soft curves. You were every man's wet dream. It’s been absolute fucking torture knowing I would never have you.” His words continue to push me closer to the edge, as he pounds into me at a brutal pace. It feels fucking amazing. I’ve never experienced pleasure like this.

“When you’d come stay with me, it took all of my self-control not walk the few feet down the hall to your room and make you mine but fuck, baby you were worth the wait.” I cry out my pleasure as he reaches down to rub circles over my swollen bundle of nerves and growls, “Come for me Willow.” I fall over the edge screaming his name as he buries himself deep in my core, filling me with his cum.

He pulls out and lays my legs gently on the bed, before climbing up my body to take my mouth in a bruising kiss. When he pulls back he presses his forehead to mine. “Am I a monster, Willow?” he asks in a soft voice. I reach up to take his face in my hands. “You’re not a monster, Jax. If you’d have come to my room then I would have given myself to you wholeheartedly, just like I am now. I love you.” He smiles down at me pressing a gentle kiss to my lips then says, “I love you too, Willow.”

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