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" We're enemies, Maya," " You mean rival? " " How does prey and predator sound?" " Hide and seek?" " No, hunt and kill," " I won't be the prey," " Maya,... I never said you're the prey," " But I won't be preying you or anything? What are you trying to say?" " You're not my predator or prey, Maya. Your mate is." " Alpha-" " Shh. Don't mention that puppy, " " You're stuck with me, Amaya, I need you as a bait, in fact I'll be returning you a favor," " What do you mean? I'm not asking you for any sort of favor," " Oh my, my silly thing. What makes you think that the attack of a wolf gang in urban area resulted in one particular death, which is your aunt, is natural?" "She... She's my mother.." " And she's dead, you get that, Amaya?" " Your mate has something to do with her death and I will help you revenge," " What do you want me to do?" " Simple, mate with me," " But we already did it now? " " No, let me show you... how to MATE,"

Erotica / Romance
Sweet sweat
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Amaya ( Read as uh-ma-ya ) = Dreamy night fall

" Maya! "

" Maya! "

" Here! I'm here! "

The noises followed by stumbling girl who was rushing towards the mention of her name, her knee-length skirt tangled to God knows what.
She silently cursed as she clumsily fell forward after getting her skirt end off a nail which was sticking out of no where from a table.

Her vision blurred for some moment as she tried to get up.

"Amaya! "

" I'm here! I'm here" the girl remorsefully slapped her forehead as finally regain her posture and rushed towards the staffs-only room.

Amaya thought that she should have listened to Jenna and waited till their boss finished with the lecture.. instead of the silly attempt to make a quick run to the toilet.

She made a nervous chuckle at her hopeless dilemma. She would get reprimanded by her boss or she would wet her pants. Thanks to her OAB.

Her racing thoughts halted and her smile dropped as she held her wrist behind her to approach the line of staffs.
She wasn't looking anywhere but straight forward at the clock to avoid the tension building up in the room.


Amaya had been staring at the clock, it was solid 15 minutes. 15 minutes and still the boss was lecturing 20 of the staffs.

Amaya looked up at her boss still in her trance as they shot an asperity look as if they held the responsibility of the collapsing society.

Amaya never realized that her boss had that grudge hooked in their heart about her being straightforward with her words in smart-mouthing their sexuality.
In fact, she never realized she had offended her boss by asking if they had extra sanitary pads, during shift.
The boss was outrageous about her bubbling up questions on not having pads despite being a female.

Amaya was more than happy when the middle-aged man walked in. He was the knight in shining armor.
He had helped her at the risk of being fired , and helped her understand the temper of her transgender boss.

The fact he was her uncle, her aunt's ex didn't much bother her since the man was only here for weekends and he would be gone for another weeks.

Her nervousness kicked in as the need to use toilet screamed into her brain cells. She was reciting a mantra, " In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, the emptiness for this bladder deemed the urgent care. Have mercy on my bladder, Amen. "

" My comrades. I want each of you to wear happy smiles at least. I wanted to apologize if my lack of presence letting you down. But, during my stay here, show me how I made a right choice by selecting you. Eh? Slay the day, move!"

Amaya wanted to giggle at his choice of words but sighed a controlled breath at the tightening of her bottom. Chills spiked through her spine. She was trying so hard to suppress the urge to just sit right there and finish the business.

But a voice quashed her stamina of contracting muscles between her legs.

" Amaya, to my office, now!"

It was her boss.

OAB (Overactive bladder is caused by a malfunction of the detrusor muscle, which in turn can be cased by: Nerve damage caused by abdominal trauma, pelvic trauma or surgery.)
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