Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 11


It pissed me off I had to work through Saturday. Knowing Stella was at my house made it worse. I needed to leave and get back to her as quickly as possible.

The meeting with senior managers that reported up to me was stressed as super important, and yet everything they discussed throughout the day should have been an email. Their concerns were just so paltry and small compared to my desire to get back to the dancer.

Stella had been so upset last night, and I hated leaving her alone now. Something was obviously wrong after her practice yesterday, but she was pretending to be fine. I didn’t want her to lie to me, but I tried to remember that she didn’t owe me any answers. No matter how badly I wanted to know everything in her life.

As soon as the day was over, I rushed out of the office like a Bat Out of Hell. Antonio could tell that there was too much on my mind as he drove me home, and the ride was mostly silent save for the low podcast on the radio.

Outside, the clouds were thin and grey. The rain had let up for now, but it would have been nice to see some sunshine. For me, that was Stella. I didn’t care how long it rained or how dark it was as long as I could get home and see her smiling.

And if she wasn’t smiling, then I would make her.

“I’m home!” I called from the foyer while tossing my coat haphazardly in the closet. No sound greeted me, and I investigated the kitchen. The lights were off, nothing more than the weak light outside lighting up the kitchen and dining room.

I was sure that she was staying home today, so I went up the stairs in search of her. The living room was empty, and concern crept into the back of my mind. Up another set of stairs, I saw the door to my bedroom was cracked, although it was pitch dark within.

Silently pushing the door open, I stepped into my bedroom. With the curtains drawn it was pitch dark, but I could make out the shape of Stella laying in the bed. With my pillow squished tightly against her face.

The picture of her laying in my bed with my pillow hugged in her arms did things to my heart. I took a quiet, deep breath and moved to the edge of the bed. There was a slight crease in her forehead and a frown pulled at the corner of her sweet lips.

I wanted to ease whatever was weighing on her, even in her dreams.

When I left for work this morning, Stella was still asleep in my bed. Looking over her outfit and hair, it was clear she’d gone out today and must have fallen asleep when she got back.

She was sleeping so soundly that I couldn’t bring myself to wake her. Instead, I kicked off my shoes and stripped down until I was only in my undershirt and pants. Since she cuddled up on my usual side of the bed, I slid under the cover behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Stella stirred in her sleep as I pulled her against my chest. I shushed and ran my hand over her side until she settled again. A soft sigh left her, and her body melted against me.

And it was enough just to hold her like this. To feel her softness against my body and inhale her sweet perfume. I never cared to cuddle before Stella came into my life, not really. But I longed to hold her any chance I got.

Feeling her in my arms now made the pains of my daily life fade away. None of it mattered when she was with me, against me. I could feel her perfect skin and delight in the curves of her body fitting against me flawlessly.

My arms around her tightened, crushing her as much as I thought I could get away with while not waking her. But a hushed moan slipped from Stella, so quiet I almost thought I imagined it. That was, until her hips shifted, and her ass was pressing harder against my groin.

Oh, she’s awake now. On top of being awake, she was trying to be discreet about rubbing her backside over me. For now, I would play along. So, I pushed my hips forward and let her feel my growing erection. Without speaking, we fell into a tranquil pattern of gently grinding on one another under the cover.

That is, until her little whimpers grew louder and there was no more hiding the fact that she was awake and entirely aware of me in the bed behind her. Stella’s breath hitched when I grabbed her hip and buried my face in her neck.

“Hey baby,” I whispered against her skin, inhaling her scent.

“Viktor,” she said my name in a low, breathless tone. “When did you get home?”

“Not that long ago.” I pulled her earlobe between my teeth and felt the shiver down her back in response.

“Oh, okay.” She lifted her leg for me when my hand wandered over her thigh and into the top of her leggings. “How was your day?”

I liked that she was still trying to converse with me despite how things were heating and escalating between us. My hand found her sweet spot over her panties, and I rubbed my finger over her clit. Her body shuddered, and I wanted to squeeze her harder.

“My day was tedious, to be honest. But it’s better now that I’m here with you.” I kissed the side of her neck and continued teasing her clit through her underwear. She rocked her hips in time with mine and breathed faster.

My dick ached in my pants, and the gentle grinding of her ass was making it worse. I desperately wanted to shove my dick into her and fuck her brains out. But a louder voice in my head told me that right now Stella was in a sensitive place, and I needed to be gentle with her. Perhaps I should use this time to exercise my control over myself instead.

I pulled my hand free of Stella’s leggings and grabbed her, turning her as I moved onto her. She grunted when I pushed her flat onto her back in the bed and laid over her. Her wide blue eyes gaped up at me, but she didn’t stop rubbing herself against my body resting between her legs.

“How would you like to help me relieve some stress?” I smirked at the way her eyes widened. She had her own anxieties that needed to be relieved, and I thought a session would be a good way to get our minds off our worries.

“Okay.” She nodded her head, licking her plump bottom lip as she stared at my mouth. Her evident desire wanting to kiss me was too lovely for me to miss the opportunity. Slanting my head down, I pressed my lips into hers, locking our mouths in a sudden kiss that was sure to leave her breathless.

Breaking the kiss, I took a moment to appreciate the kiss fueled haze in Stella’s eyes before pushing up from the bed. I pulsed the comforter back, leaving Stella uncovered. But she was still fully dressed, and I didn’t want that.

“Alright, baby, go into the bathroom and get ready for me. Strip down to your underwear and come back.” A simple command. But she was scrambling off the bed and moving to the bathroom door at the tone in my voice.

While she was gone, I went to the bottom drawer in my closet and pulled out the black case she was now familiar with. However, we would use the items in here differently this time.

Stella was clearly submissive. She had a spark to her that drew me in, but when we were in the bedroom, she obviously enjoyed being dominated and told what to do.

On the other hand, I enjoyed dominating and controlling Stella. More than that, I relished in her pleasure. The hitch in her breath and trembling of her body in the throes of passion was intoxicating. Every time she came because of me, I rejoiced, but needed more. I always needed more of her.

But now I wondered if I could push her further and reverse our roles. Could Stella muster up the courage to top me?

I set the case on the dresser and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. Even though I preferred using these on her, it would be enjoyable to switch things up this afternoon.

While she was in the bathroom, I stripped out of my shirt and pants, folding them on the other end of the dresser to deal with later. Left in my black boxers, I made the bed and waited another minute for Stella to join me.

She stepped out of the bathroom in nothing more than her underwear, as I had instructed. Today she was wearing a white lace bralette and matching thong. A vision in white with her golden hair falling in gentle waves down her shoulders.

“You look like an angel,” I told her, holding out my hand for her to come to me. When she placed her hand in mine, I pulled her closer and locked eyes. “But God knows you’re built for sin, aren’t you?”

“Viktor,” Stella whined. When she tried to look away, my free hand snatched her by the chin and forced her to look up at me again.

“I promise that’s a good thing, baby. At least it is for me.” Then I dipped my head and stole another kiss. After breaking away, I held up the cuffs and blindfold for her to see. There was a glimmer in her eyes, and I hoped she was remembering how fun these toys could be. “Are you up for this?”


If Stella didn’t genuinely want to play in this way, I would have been perfectly fine putting it all back in the closet. But I could see in her eyes that spark of fire and interest mixing with her desire.

“We’re going to switch it up a bit this time, Stella. Are you comfortable cuffing me to the bed?” I cocked my head, smiling as I watched her eyes grow to the size of dinner plates.

“You want me,” she pointed to herself, “to handcuff you?” then she pointed to me. She exhaled heavily while I nodded wordlessly.

“I don’t know, Viktor. I’ve never done that before. It’s one thing when you tie me up, but this is different.” Her hesitation was understandable, and I didn’t blame her.

“Think of it this way,” I placed the handcuffs into her palm, “this is your opportunity to do whatever you want to me.” One of her brows quirked up at that, and I latched onto her interest.

“Anything I want,” she repeated, feeling the weight of the cuffs in her hand.

“Absolutely. You can have me blindfolded and bound. Totally at your mercy. You can touch me and kiss me wherever you want. Explore me to your heart’s content.” I ran a hand over my chest and stomach, watching her eyes follow.

“Okay.” She glanced up and nodded. The determination in her eyes made my excitement swell.

“Okay,” I repeated back.

Climbing on the bed, I laid in the middle of the mattress. Stella gnawed on her bottom lip as she cuffed my wrists to the headboard in the same way I’d done to her before. I felt the tremor in her hands as she blindfolded me, but I was glad she was going through with this.

Darkness enveloped me and the smell of her perfume permeated the air, becoming stronger as I lost my sight. I could hear her soft, steady breathing and the whisper of her feet on the floor while she walked around the bed.

“Do you, uh, do you need a safe word?” It was cute that she would ask.

“I don’t think I will, baby. We can still use allegro if it makes you more comfortable though.”

“Alright.” A moment later, the bed dipped to my right as Stella climbed on the mattress. My heart skipped a beat in my chest, knowing that she was close, but I couldn’t touch her.

The heat from her skin pressed into my side. When her nails trailed across my chest, I inhaled silently. Her touch was so light, as if she was barely touching me at all.

And yet everywhere her fingers went, it left an electric trail.

Again, across my chest, then delicately up my bicep. Her palm skimmed my abs before moving over my hip to my thighs. Without pause, Stella pulled my boxers down off my legs and I chuckled when I heard them land on the floor.

She got on her knees at my side, going back to tracing the tips of her fingers over my skin. Her nails floated over my thighs and the muscles involuntarily tensed. The movement continued down the lengths of my legs, spreading a tingling sensation through me to my navel.

When her manicured nails caressed over a spot on the inside of my thigh, my toes curled, and my dick jumped. I heard her hum with interest as she watched my body react to her touch. Both of her hands moved up my sides and then again down my abs. She took particular interest in running her hands over the defined muscles in my body.

The touch of my little dancer was putting me on edge. I never thought that I could feel this receptive to touch in the way I was to hers now.

And then she used her sweet mouth. Those soft lips fell on my neck and a groan left me. Down my neck in little kisses and over my shoulder. She unexpectedly licked my nipple and my cock jumped again. Her mouth fluttered down my abs like the kisses of a butterfly’s wings.

My arms strained against the cuffs, and my hips jerked when she kissed the tip of my cock. I clenched my jaw, struggling to calm my racing heart as Stella began grazing her tongue over my shaft.

The bed dipped again as she tossed her leg over my waist and straddled me. I felt the heat of her damp panties on the base of my cock. But then she rubbed her fingers over the tip, and I could feel the wetness as she spread my precum around the head. A jolt ran through me when she rubbed her thumb in circles over the sensitive underside of the head of my dick.

“Stella.” It surprised me when I sighed her name. I bucked my hips under her, and she moaned. She lifted her hips to put space between us and suddenly grabbed the length of my erection to pump it with her hand. “Shit, that feels good.”

“This is okay?”

“Baby, it’s so good.” My head fell to the side as she stroked me with one hand. But I knew the moment she used the other to pull her panties to the side.

“Oh!” She lowered herself again, the length of my shaft resting against her wet slit. Stella was dripping, and her pussy slipped over my cock as she ground herself back and forth on me.

My dick ached to be inside of her, even though it felt fantastic to feel her wetness rubbing on my length. Stella didn’t stop grinding on me as she leaned forward to rub her hands up and down my stomach and over my chest. Her fingers lingered in the light trail of hair below my naval before going across my chest again.

All I could feel and hear and smell was Stella. My Stella, who I trusted more than anyone, to do this to me.

“That feels so good, Stella. So good.” I repeated to encourage her to keep going.

“Viktor, I need… I need-” she shivered and whimpered.

“Fuck, baby, you’re in charge right now. Take whatever you want from me.”

Stella picked herself up and grabbed my dick again. My heart skipped a beat and a second later, she was lowering herself onto my cock. The loudest moan of my life escaped my lips as she sank herself onto me.

“Ahn!” she cried out, her thighs squeezing my hips as she was stretched.

“Ohhh, fuuuck!” I threw my head back, and my toes curled when Stella slowly started riding me. Her pussy was gripping me like a vise, and I didn’t think I would last long with how she expertly teased my body.

“Viktor, oh, Viktor.” Her petite hands braced on my chest, and she fell forward. In the next second, I felt her panting against my lips, hovering just out of reach.

My arms jerked against the cuffs again as the overwhelming urge to touch her flushed through me. I felt like a caged beast, and I wanted to paw at her, claw at her delicate skin, and tear her in half. She gasped, but finally pressed her lips to mine.

In the darkness, I hyper focused on the feeling of her lips on mine. She pulled my bottom lip with her teeth, and I growled at her, yanking my hands again. Her small tongue passed over my lip and I opened my mouth. Stella’s tongue plunged into my mouth, deepening the kiss as she lifted and dropped on my cock repeatedly. In the background, I enjoyed the sounds of my cock slipping into her slick cunt and her little whimpers as she kissed me.

Even though my hands were bound, my legs were still free. I braced my feet on the bed to help me pump into Stella each time she her tight walls sheathed my erection again. The feeling of her bouncing on me and shaking as she got close to climaxing made me feel feral.

“Oh, Viktor, I’m… I’m gonna come.” Her nails dug into my chest, and I grit my teeth, knowing she would leave red welts as if I’d been clawed at. I groaned when her pussy pulsed and squeezed my cock with her orgasm. She howled with pleasure and her legs quivered as she came hard on my cock.

But I couldn’t see her lovely face, or the pleasure addled look in her eyes. I couldn’t feel her supple, delicious body under my hands. It was making my face feel heated, and I snarled, jerking my hands against the cuffs again.

“Ah!” Stella screamed. The metal snapped free, and my hands fell from over my head. Ripping away the blindfold, I opened my eyes to watch her still rocking on my dick.

Seconds after the handcuffs were broken, and my hands were on her warm, soft skin. I grabbed her and flipped her over until Stella was on her back underneath me.

“Viktor!” she squealed in surprise at the sudden tumble over the mattress and change in position. Her chest rose and fell fast as she panted, legs still shaking.

“Sorry, baby girl, I just…” There weren’t enough words to explain what I needed from her. “I had to touch you.” That’s all I could muster in that moment. And I slipped back inside of her with ease.

Stella’s head fell back on the bed and exposed her neck. My mouth fell on her as I drilled into her cunt. Like a wild beast, I felt the need to feast on her. To devour every inch of Stella, I could get my mouth on. She tasted sweet, and I loved the way her skin felt on my tongue. I yanked her bralette down to suck her nipple into my mouth, and she arched into me.

I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of her tight body squirming under me, finally in my hands again. My palms never stopped roaming all over her body, in a similar pattern as her light touches on me. I wasn’t nearly as gentle as she had been.

“Viktor,” her arms wrapped around my neck, holding me close, “you broke through the handcuffs.” A half chuckle slipped through her lips before turning into a long moan as I fucked her harder.

“And I’d do it again just to feel you.” I slanted my mouth over hers, pouring my need, my adoration and devotion to her all in that simple act. Her legs trapped my waist, and we rocked against one another as I hit her hard and deep.

“Fuck, Stella!” I shouted her name as I came. Filling her tight cunt with my cum as her tight walls milked me of every drop I could give her.

I looked up at Stella. She was breathing hard, sinking into the mattress with her eyes closed. Little shudders danced through her as she calmed down. Leaning forward, I pressed the hint of a kiss to her lips and the sight of her gentle smile that followed made my heart leap.

“Want to take a shower with me and get dinner?” Her eyes stayed closed as I peppered her face with more little kisses. If I could get her into the shower, then she would let me wash her gorgeous hair and delicious skin. I’d jump at the opportunity to care for her after a session like we just had.

Stella deserved to be spoiled, regardless.

“Only if it’s a really long, hot shower.” She stretched as I got off the bed, watching the beautiful curves of her body.

“Anything for you, baby.” Always, anything for Stella.


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