Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 12


My eyes snapped open to see the early morning light creeping over the top of the curtains in the bedroom. Breathy pants were slipping through my lips, and my fingers clawed at the sheets underneath my back. I tried to close my legs against the rising tide of swirling heat in my core, but Viktor’s head was nestled there.

I couldn’t see him when I glanced down. He buried his head between my thighs under the blanket, and he was feasting on me as if he were a starving man with his last meal. The flick of his tongue over my clit sent goosebumps flaring across my limbs.

Viktor groaned in the back of his throat as he tasted me, pleasuring me and fanning the flames within me. A hot and heavy coil tensed in my core when he slipped two fingers into my dripping cunt and curled them against my sweet spot. That wicked tongue lapped at my clit expertly while his fingers pumped into me repeatedly.

The pleasure was swelling, and my head became lighter as my release barreled toward me. One of my hands dipped under the blanket to run my fingers through his hair, scraping my nails over his scalp in the way he liked. I felt his loud moan against my pussy in response and pushed my hips up, riding his face as he devoured me.

“Oh, Viktor!” I cried out as he pushed his fingers harder into me. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Ah!”

My body felt like a breaking dam releasing the Niagara Falls. Wave after wave of pleasure, my pussy pulsed on his fingers, and he didn’t stop pushing me further as I rode it out. The muscles in my thighs tensed and squeezed his head, but Viktor merely chuckled low in the back of his throat.

My body quivered as I sank into the mattress. Viktor pulled his fingers from my pussy but continued to lap his tongue slowly over my dripping folds. It elicited brief tremors from my legs, and my breath hitched each time. I draped my free arm over my eyes and continuing running my nails over the top of Viktor’s head as he drank in every drop of my arousal.

A content hum left me when Viktor pulled up and rose over my body. The blanket fell and revealed that he was fully dressed for work already. My hand dropped from his head and curled around his crimson tie to pull his face closer.

There was a naughty smirk on his lips, glistening with the evidence of my orgasm. He narrowed his brown eyes at me, full of intent, as we closed the distance. I could taste myself on his lips and I didn’t care, not when his kisses were tender. They made my heart flutter.

“Sorry to wake you. I just couldn’t leave without having breakfast.” Viktor’s smile was sinfully handsome. My core clenched at the sight, and I wanted to kiss him again and again.

“I don’t mind.” Not when he makes me come like that.

“Good, because I can’t get enough of you. If I want to taste you, I’m going to. I don’t care what time it is.” His morning voice was so deep and raspy, I could have listened to it for hours.

“I know.” I smiled against his lips before slipping my tongue into his mouth for a delicious, fervent last kiss.

“Hm,” he groaned, pulling back. “If you keep kissing me like that, I’ll be late for work.”

“I didn’t know the boss could be late,” I teased. But I released his tie to let him get up.

“You’re a dangerous vixen, Stella. I’d put you in my pocket and take you with me if I could.” Viktor choked back a laugh at his own joke as he climbed off the bed. I shivered at the kiss of cool air on my skin after losing the heat of his powerful body.

The mental image of Viktor putting a mini version of me into his front pocket made me giggle. I honestly believed he would do it, too.

“Alas, I won’t fit in your pocket, and I have practice today.” Flinging the blanket away, I stretched out on the bed, not missing the way Viktor’s eyes absorbed every inch of my skin.

“Right.” He turned to face the mirror over the dresser, straightening his tie and fixing his tousled hair. “Tonight’s the finale of the season. Your last performance of Swan Lake for the year.”

“Indeed.” A strange mix of elation and sorrow poured into my chest.

“Well, as you know, I’ll be there tonight with my aunt and uncle. I think Tetya wants to go to dinner after the show too.” He paused and looked at me in the mirror. “Is that alright with you?”

Even though Viktor and I were intimate with one another, his family coming to see the last show of the season was heavily personal. We were in a secret contract, and this felt like something that would happen between a couple. A real couple.

But his aunt was so lovely. I honestly cared about her and enjoyed the days she came to visit me while I was recovering. Annika Novak might appear to be a haughty woman draped in gold and jewels on the outside, but she was warm and as soft as a bunny on the inside.

That hidden part of me that missed having a whole family truly wanted them there tonight. So, when I answered Viktor, there was no hesitation in my voice. “Of course, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Wonderful.” Viktor came to the side of the bed and curled his fingers under my chin, lifting my face for a swift kiss. “See you tonight, baby.”

“Have a good day, Viktor.” I loved seeing that genuine smile on his face as he left. When we first met, I never would have fathomed he could smile like that at all. Maybe there was something different about him.

Once alone, I got out of bed to get ready for my day, feeling the erotic ache between my thighs and deep in my muscles thanks to Viktor.

Intimacy with Viktor this past week was ridiculously intense. Every day he came home from work, and there was this look in his eyes as if he was starving. His hunger went way beyond the need for food, and his wicked mouth devoured me nonstop.

Over the weekend, we went out to one of his restaurants for dinner and Viktor finger-fucked me under the table to the point my panties were too soaked to stay for dessert. Trying not to shake and moan in the back of a darkened fine dining establishment isn’t how I imaged that night would go, but it had felt too good to make him stop.

Even last night, we were back in the living room in front of that mirror. Viktor had me in his lap, legs spread, while he used a purple vibrating dildo on me. After coming twice and making me watch, he’d slid his cock into my ass and fucked me over the edge of the couch.

Between Viktor’s insatiable desire and preparing to perform tonight, my body was exhausted. My joints ached and my muscles were tense, but all in the best way.

That man was doing sinful things to me I never would have done before. But I felt so comfortable and cherished with him. I didn’t mind how wild he wanted to get, because I found myself falling into the void of carnal desire right alongside him.

I felt enthusiastic as I got ready for the day. It was an important one, and I needed to get a head start on everything I had to accomplish. After a quick shower, I dressed casually and prepped my dance bag with more than enough time to spare before I needed to be at the studio. So, I left the house and went to the hospital to see Papa.

It had only been weeks and yet it felt like years ago I was sitting at his side, devastated at the prospect of an exclusive contract. How strange things were now that it was the opposite. When I walked in and sat at Papa’s side today, there was a fresh hole in my chest.

This time, I was distraught over the fact that Viktor and I would separate in a few weeks. Of course, Papa could tell something was wrong. He’d raised me and knew my expressions better than I did sometimes. Despite trying to keep the conversation on my show tonight, he cared too much to let me sit there moping.

Papa set his coffee cup down on the side table during a break in our conversation. More talk of the ballet was on the tip of my tongue, but he beat me to another subject. “What’s bothering you, Stella?”

“Nothing?” I lied, faking a smile.

His mouth curved down, and the lines on his face deepened with his frown. Papa was too smart for me to keep lying to him the way I was. And today he was lucid, alert and not coughing. It was the best I had seen him in a while, and that gave me hope.

But I still couldn’t tell him the full truth. At that moment, I told him just enough to let him know I would be okay.

“Okay,” I gave in under his intense stare. “I met a guy.”

Papa’s eyes went round, and he leaned back against the pile of pillows on the hospital bed. “You met a guy?”

“Yes!” I shot forward, holding Papa’s hand. “But I don’t think it’s going to work out. Not while I have the ballet and he’s important at his work. So, I guess I’m just a little disappointed.”

Silence stretched too long between us. I looked up into Papa’s eyes, waiting for him to say something. His eyes softened as he studied my features, and the smile that lifted his mouth was sad.

“Is he good to you?” His question took me by surprise. That’s not what I expected him to ask.

“Yes,” I answered without wavering.

Papa nodded his head and affectionately pat the back of my hand. “Stella, it’s okay if things don’t work out. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever, do you understand?”

It felt like there was a little more to that statement than he was letting on, but in that moment, I could fathom why.

“I know.”

“People come and go. What’s important is enjoying the time we have with them. Now, I won’t be around forever, Stella,” he started.

“Please, don’t say that!” I interrupted him, feeling my heart drop. “You’re all I have left.”

“No, listen to me,” his hand squeezed tighter, attempting to calm me, “I won’t be around forever, and I want to know that you’re going to find happiness where you can. With whomever you can.”

My mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water as I stumbled over what to say. Words failed me and I blew out a heavy sigh.

“You don’t think it will last with fella of yours, but that’s alright. Be happy while you can and remember that we are responsible for our own happiness. And you never know, maybe you and this guy can work things out.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Be happy while you can. I think I needed to hear that more than I realized.

“Stella, can you promise me you’ll find your happiness? Even if it’s not with this man. I need to know that you can do that.” I didn’t like the pressure his eyes were applying. But I couldn’t tell him no.

“Yeah, of course I will.” I forced a smile onto my face for him.

“If things work out, you need to let me meet this guy. Get the old family approval and whatnot.” He chuckled. “Though I’m not too worried about you, Stella. You have good taste.”

“Thanks, Papa.” Shaking my head with a soft laugh, I took comfort in his words and gentle hand on mine. “And I didn’t forget that I promised to take you to Fraunces Tavern at the end of the season. And you look like you’re doing great, so maybe they’ll let me take you out of here for lunch tomorrow?” I might have to fight the nurses to accomplish it, but it would be worth it to have lunch outside of the hospital again.

“That’s a lovely idea. Stella. I’d love that.” He beamed at me, and the glimmer in his eyes was a positive sign for me. “Well, it’s about time you made it over to the studio for practice.”

“You’re right!” I balked at the time on the bedside table. Leaning forward, I gave Papa a quick kiss on the cheek and got up. “I’ll see you tomorrow then. And thanks for the talk. I needed it.”

“Absolutely anytime. I love you, Stella.” He picked up the cup of coffee I brought him and settled in to go back to watching his shows on the TV.

“I love you too, Papa!” I lingered in the doorway for a moment, happy to see him sitting up and watching tv without coughs wracking his body. He didn’t look so tiny and frail today, and I was glad that all my sacrifices weren’t in vain.

Plus, I had Papa’s advice lightening the mood in my mind. Those sage words and my thrill from the morning with Viktor left me on top of the world on my way to the studio. I was more than excited about my show tonight, and despite my concerns for the future, I felt hope that things would work out how they were meant to.


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