Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 3


A few sprinkles rained down from the sky when I stepped out of the office in the evening. Antonio was already waiting out front in the car, so I braced myself and jaunted out to beat the start of the storm. Thankfully, he had the windshield wipers going and the heat blasting for me when I settled into the backseat.

It was the end of the week, and I blissfully left the office early, after dealing with my uncle all afternoon. With the grand opening of our new club acquisition coming tomorrow, we were down to the wire to make sure all our plans were completed.

My head was pounding, and I wished I could melt into the backseats of the Cadillac. Rubbing my forehead, I forced myself to tune into my driver talking to me.

“Nice to see you leaving the office early today, boss. That’s a good start to the weekend.” He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as we stopped at a crowded intersection. The sounds of the rain pattering on the car broke up the following silence.

“It would be if I didn’t have to work through the weekend,” I muttered. So badly did I want to roll down the back window and have a cigarette, and I internally cursed the rain.

“Oh, that’s too bad, Mr. Novak. Taking work home again?”

“Unfortunately. Our new club is opening tomorrow night, though. Did you get those tickets I sent you?” I caught his eyes in the rearview mirror.

“I sure did! Thanks a lot, Boss. I really appreciate it. My girlfriend is going to love it.” Antonio was a good man and a skillful driver. It was the right thing to do, giving him gifts and bonuses.

“I’m glad to hear it. You deserve the break.” Looking away, I opened my emails on my phone to keep deleting all the useless ones.

“Well, I don’t mind driving. The city isn’t as bad as people think if you just know how to match the flow. Plus, Stella is sweet. It’s not bad driving her around to her appointments.”

“That’s right,” I mused. “She had an appointment today at the clinic, right?” My day at the office was still clouding my thoughts as I tried to remember what Stella had planned for the day.

“Yeah, we went there after the hospital.” That caught my attention.

“Hospital?” I snapped too quickly and cleared my throat.

“Yeah, she had some scans to follow up on?” Antonio questioned. He sounded as if he was now doubting what he said.

“Ah, that would make sense.” I loosened my tie, then rubbed the short bear along my jaw. “What else did she do today?”

Antonio knew not to ask too many questions. Which was good for anyone driving around someone in the Novak family. That included divulging information when they had it. It was understood that Antonio would monitor Stella for me while he was driving her around.

“Let’s see,” he muttered, turning the wheel with a hum as the car changed lanes. “Hospital for scans, clinic for the doctor, and then she met someone for lunch before I took her back to the house.”

Rain poured down harder, and it somehow darkened my mood. When I heard Stella met someone for lunch, that took every ounce of my attention. The dancer didn’t talk a lot about her personal life, though she seemed to enjoy learning about mine.

“Who did she meet for lunch?”

“Oh, I don’t know who it was. We didn’t talk about him,” Antonio shrugged out.

“Him?” My brows furrowed and my hand curled into a fist around my phone. Something sharp hit me in the chest to think that Stella was out with another man today.

“Some skinny little guy. Must be close with the way they were hugging and laughing. She must have had a good time; she was smiling huge when she got back in the car.” The information alone was innocent enough, and I appreciated Antonio being so open about what he saw today.

However, I was fuming. I felt hot under the tight collar of my shirt, and it felt as if a boulder was pushing down on my chest. My knuckles turned bone white as my grip on my phone tightened. A cigarette was needed more now.

Stella was with another man today?

Realistically, I knew that there was a chance she’d had a life outside of me. Before me and our contract. Yet the thought that there had been another man? That was enough to send my rage boiling over.

I thought I was mad when I witnessed Samara push Stella down those stairs. That had terrified me almost more than it infuriated me.

But it was the thought of another man being in Stella’s life that provoked the red at the edges of my vision now.

Was there a man waiting for her at the end of our contract? Some poor cuck waiting to get his girlfriend back.

It didn’t make sense to think that. Some part of my conscious mind knew that, realistically, there was no one else. Stella’s life revolved around the ballet, and she hated the meetings she went to before our contract. My logical mind knew all of that.

There couldn’t be anyone else. As secretive as Stella was about her life, there was still a lot she let slip. I would know if there was a man in her life she wasn’t talking about.

Stella Sokolov was mine.

Our relationship notwithstanding, she’d seen another man today. Some stranger that I knew nothing about. He’d hugged her, touched her, and laughed with her.

“Seems like she had a good day then,” I forced through my clenched teeth.

“Absolutely,” Antonio agreed. “It’s good she’s recovering so quickly. I bet she’s ready to dance again.”

“She sure is.” Small talk became difficult to focus on as my thoughts revolved around Stella and this shadow of a man in my mind. All I could envision was a faceless figure embracing her and touching her in all the places only I could touch.

Another man had their hands on her today, and I didn’t know why that sent me spiraling the way I was now. Each hard beat of my heart echoed through my ears, and I couldn’t swallow over the dry lump in my throat.

When the house appeared through the window under a thick curtain of rain, my vision tunneled.

“Goodnight, Antonio,” I tossed out, sliding a tip over the center console. Then I shot out of the car and into the downpour.

Rain soaked me as I fumbled with my key to unlock the door. I needed a smoke to calm my nerves, but I was in a rush to get to Stella with my erratic thoughts burning a hole in my head.

Through the door, I tossed off my coat, not even caring if rainwater dripped onto the rug in the foyer. My laptop surely rattled around in my briefcase when I left it on the floor. I ran my hand through my hair, brushing water away, and took long strides through the first floor of my house.

Stella wasn’t in the kitchen cooking, and the doors to the patio were locked. I grabbed the bannister of the stairs and barreled up to the second floor. Soft sounds from the TV greeted me when my feet hit the landing. My home office door in front of me was shut, but when I turned around, there was a crack in the door to the living room.

Taking a deep breath, I tugged at the edges of my suit jacket to bring my head down from the tumultuous clouds above me. Swallowing over my dry tongue and trying to cool my temper, I marched forward.

Pushing open the door, I found Stella curled up on one end of the smoke grey curved sectional. The lights were off and the bare light from the three thin floor-to-ceiling windows fought to come in through the storm. Under the glow of the tv, Stella’s golden hair was illuminated like a red halo from the scary movie she was cowering under a blanket from.

Any other day and I might have found the sight of her hiding her face from the monster on the screen incredibly adorable. But now, I was overcome with jealousy, and it was making me angrier than I truly had any right to be.

Finally, she noticed me standing in the doorway like a dark apparition that popped out of the tv. She yelped and scrambled for the remote, quickly flicking the TV off. As soon as the screen was off, darkness blanketed us as the storm outside raged on and blackened the sky.

“Viktor,” she breathed with relief, placing her hand on her chest as she rose from the couch. “Sorry, with the movie I was watching you scared me.”

“What did you do today, Stella?” I couldn’t hold my tongue, and I snapped at her. She blinked those gorgeous blue eyes in surprise at me and stopped halfway across the living room.

“I had an appointment for my ankle today. You knew that.” Without greeting me like she usually did when I came home, she stayed put and crossed her arms. Perhaps she could sense the tension rolling off me in waves.

“I heard your day was a little more exciting than that. That you were with a man today. A man that you let embrace you. Hold you in his arms.” I felt my hands rising and my fingers curling into fists. I looked down at them, wishing my hands were around the man’s neck.

“What?” Stella audibly gasped, and the sound caused my eyes to whip back up to her shocked open mouth. “No, Viktor. It wasn’t like you’re making it sound.”

“We’re exclusive right now, remember? You’re mine, Stella. And only mine. I don’t share what belongs to me!” Without noticing it, I took another step into the room, closing the gap between us that felt like a gaping chasm.

“I know. It wasn’t like that. He’s just a friend.” Her arms uncrossed, and her delicate hands curled in front of her chest. An obvious defensive move and all it did was push me further up the wall, and I couldn’t climb down.

Closing the distance between us, my hand shot out for her. Stella flinched when my hand cupped her face. It should have made me feel bad. Part of me did, but I couldn’t stop the path I was on. My chest heaved, and I hissed between my teeth, “Did he touch you, Stella? Did it feel good?”

Shooting out, her small palms landed against my chest. A barrier I could easily get past. My eyes riveted on her mouth when her lower lip trembled.

“What’s gotten into you, Viktor?” she took a step back, but my hand curled around the back of her neck. The move forced her to remain in place and keep her gaze locked on me towering over her.

I wanted to be the only thing she could see. The only man in her eyes. Terrible and selfish, but those desires were driving me.

“I can’t bear the thought of another man touching you. It’s driving me up the fucking wall thinking that you were out there with some random motherfucker. The thought of him touching you, kissing you, being with you, enrages me.”

Her breath hitched and her eyes widened into the size of dinner plates. The fear in her eyes was replaced by clarity, as if she realized how I truly felt more than I did.

Stella didn’t move as my hands wandered. Down her shoulders and arms. Her body trembled at the hint of my touch along the sides of her long-sleeve grey dress. “That didn’t happen. He’s just a friend from the ballet.”

Our eyes locked, and she didn’t fight me as my hands went to the hem of her dress. The fabric was slightly bunched in the middle of her thighs from how she was sitting on the couch, and it made it easier for me to curl my fingers in the bottom. She stopped breathing as I lifted the dress without a word and dropped it on the floor.

“Nothing happened,” she repeated herself, completely out of breath already. I watched her swallow, admiring her long, graceful neck.

And I believed her. I really did. But my emotions were steamrolling me and I found myself unable to stop our current collision course.

“Regardless, I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll be thinking of me the next time another man is inside of you.” Even as I said it, my rage grew again.

The thought of there ever being another man to touch her, to be inside of her… I couldn’t breathe.

“Vik-” Stella bodily shuddered against me, but I interrupted her by slamming my mouth down onto hers. I could taste the sweetness of her lip-gloss and the smell of her perfume was wafting through my nose.

I wanted to breathe her air, and to fill myself with every aspect of Stella.

One hand grabbed the back of her neck and I pulled her away. Looking down at her chest, I glared at the sight of her purple lace bralette. With my free hand, I yanked the fabric under her small, perky breasts and my gaze devoured the sight of them.

Something akin to a growl slipped from my lips as I held her head in place and lowered my mouth to her one of her pink nipples. I moaned against her soft flesh, savoring the taste of her skin on my tongue. As I licked and sucked at her breast, I felt her nipple pucker and caught it gently between my teeth.

“Ah!” Stella cried out, her body spasming in my hold as I teased her pebbled bud. I trailed a wet path with my tongue across her skin before sucking the next nipple into my mouth.

While tasting her and holding her head, I slipped my free hand between our bodies. She was wearing lace panties that matched her bra, but it was in the way. It was easy to use my foot to nudge her legs apart. Stella’s breathy whimpers were music to my ears, and I slid my finger over her slit. The instant I pushed my middle finger into her folds, I found her wet, and a groan echoed from my chest at the feeling.

“You’re wet already, baby,” I hummed appreciatively against her skin, leaning my face into the space between her breasts. Her hands went to my head, and I felt her nails on my scalp as she curled her fingers in my hair.

God, I loved when she ran her nails over my scalp. A shiver raced down my spine and my finger pushed deeper into her. Stella’s legs trembled, and I remembered she was standing on her bad ankle.

“Viktor,” she mewled my name as a complaint when I pulled away from her and stood up straight. But I kept my hand on the back of her neck and walked her to the edge of the couch across the room, closer to the windows and the standing mirror in the corner put there for decorative purposes.

That mirror would have another purpose now.

Stella didn’t fight me at all when I forced her across the room or when I sat on the edge of the couch and pulled her down onto my lap, facing forward. Some part of her knew what was coming, and she wanted it.

That thought excited me. Knowing that despite how harsh I was, Stella still wanted me and to be with me. Even if it was only on a physical level, she wanted me.

It was enough for me. For now.

“Viktor, what are you doing?” Her breathing was hard as she pushed her question out.

“Hush, baby. Just keep being a good girl for me, and sit still,” I whispered against her neck. Goosebumps spread along her perfect skin, and I wanted to devour every beautiful inch of her.

Stella obeyed the command, and I felt triumphant. With no time to waste, I readjusted my arm so my hand on her neck was now around the front of her throat instead of the back of her head. My other hand and legs readjusted Stella until she was sitting on my lap with her legs over my knees. Completely spread apart.

Tilting my head up, I saw how vulnerable and wanton she looked spread open on my lap. The decorative standing mirror was going to become my favorite item in the living room if this was how I continued to use it.

“Watch this,” I barked, lifting my hand and snatching her chin, forcing her to look at her reflection. “You’re mine, Stella. I’m the only man for you.”

Right now. However, I couldn’t say that.

“Yes,” she purred, squirming against my chest. Her crystal-clear eyes watched, enrapt, as my free hand slid down the curves of her body. I enjoyed the feeling of her warm skin under my palm and felt the erratic beat of her pulse as I touched her.

Deliberately, I lowered my hand between her thighs, skimming my palm lightly over the sensitive insides of her thighs. She trembled and bit her lip to hold in her moan, but I wanted to hear it.

Pulling her panties to the side, my fingers slid over her slit. Using two fingers, I spread her pussy open. Stella whimpered, but I didn’t let her look away as I dipped a finger into her glistening folds and spread her wetness around, making sure she watched the entire time I touched her.

Her little moans picked up, and she rocked her hips against my hand each time my finger passed over her clit. The haze of desire was clouding her eyes, and I was glad to be the one to fulfill those needs.

“You really are a good girl, baby. You’re doing a good job being a little slut for me. Do you see yourself right now? Look at how wet this pussy is for me.” Then I slipped two fingers into her tight cunt, grinding my teeth at the sweet feeling of her walls squeezing me.

Stella moaned and her hips shook in my lap as she rode my fingers. The feeling of her perfectly round ass rubbing against my lap was making my dick impossibly harder. My groin throbbed and my pants felts terribly tight underneath her squirming body.

Pulling my slick fingers from her pussy, Stella whined, releasing brief noises that drove me wild. Each hitch of her breath and little moan only making me want to ruin her more.

Lifting my hand in front of her face, I spread my fingers to show her the evidence of her arousal. My fingers were glistening from her juices and a primal pride filled my chest, knowing this was for me.

Then I pressed my fingers against her parted lips. Stella sucked my slick fingers into her mouth with no hesitation. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, and her hot tongue swirled around my fingers as she cleaned them off. My dick ached at the feeling, and I forced my fingers deeper into her mouth. She gagged but didn’t stop, continuing to watch her reflection in the mirror as I fingered her mouth.

“Look at yourself. Do you see how needy you are sucking my fingers?” I breathed hotly against her neck. When the shiver raced down her spine, I felt it and loved how responsive she was to me.

Keeping my fingers in her mouth, I let go of her neck with the other and leaned back against the couch cushion to put some space between our bodies. With one hand, I quickly undid my belt and opened the front button of my pants. My eyes were on Stella’s ass and her purple panties as I freed my cock.

If I didn’t get inside of her now, that round ass grinding against my dick was going to make me cum in my pants. With the impulses swarming me right now, I couldn’t let that happen. I had to be inside her.

Removing my fingers from her mouth, I pushed at her lower back until she leaned forward and slipped my cock underneath her. Since she was straddling my lap and facing forward, I could feel the wonderful heat coming off her pussy now against my cock. I couldn’t wait a second longer, so I grabbed the shaft of my cock and angled the head against her needy cunt.

“Ah!” she breathed out and shuddered as I slipped inside.

“Oh, shit, baby,” I gasped at the sensation of finally being inside of her tight walls. At that moment of joining, we both stopped moving, breathing, as we just enjoyed the rapturous feeling of being so intimately connected to one another.

Readjusting my hands, I lifted one to the front of her neck again, and she melted against me. I leaned back into the cushion of the couch, taking her with me. Her back was against my chest, and I held her tight, looking over the top of her head at our reflections in the mirror.

Those glistening blue eyes flickered to me and I smirked down at her before pushing my cock deeper into her pussy. My hand traveled from her neck to the underside of her chin, and I made her look at the mirror again. “Watch yourself get fucked, Stella. I want you to see me fucking you right now.”

The image of her spread body in my lap would stay with me forever, even if she didn’t. Her perfect skin against the dark purple of her lace underwear, and the way her petite hands gripped my forearms. The way the pulled down bralette pushed up her perky breasts, and the sight of her panties pushed to the side as my cock slipped in and out of her divine pussy.

Being inside of Stella was as close to heaven as I would ever get, and that was alright with me.

Keeping a hand on her neck, I reached the other down over the front of her body. Stella moaned while I groped her breasts. She bit her bottom lip, and I could see her toes curling in the mirror when I rolled her puckered nipple between my fingers.

“Ahn!” When I lightly slapped her breast, she cried out, but I felt her walls clench on my dick pumping into her.

Oh, she liked that. A wicked smile spread across my face and a dark chuckle escaped me. So, I slapped her other breast and carefully twisted her nipple after. To ease the ache, I caressed her breast in a featherlight touch.

Stella had a daze in her eyes, like there wasn’t a thought in her head save for the pleasure I was giving her.

Good, I thought. I wanted to be the only thing in her pretty head. To dominate her mind and body, if only because it was the only way I could show her she was mine.

From her breasts, my hand traveled down the expanse of her smooth skin. Rubbing over her flat abdomen and feeling the muscles hiding underneath that told of her years of training and dancing. I loved the feeling of her creamy skin under my hands.

My hands found her pussy, and in the mirror, I could see myself rubbing over her clit while my cock repeatedly disappeared into her. Stella’s arm curled around mine and her hand landed on my bicep to squeeze as if she was holding onto me for dear life.

Tilting her head to the side with my hand on her throat, I leaned forward and grazed my teeth against the sensitive spot on her neck. Her entire body shiver and her pussy pulsed faster on my cock. With my fingers swirling over her clit and my lips teasing her neck, I knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

“Do you see how beautiful you are, Stella?” My chest panged to see her reflection watching us fuck, and her head nodding in response to my question. “You’re so beautiful, baby.”

Her body tensed up, and her pussy clenched. I rubbed her clit faster and pushed my dick even deeper inside of her. It only took seconds for her to begin quickly trembling in my lap. The feeling of her pussy gripping me as she came pushed me closer to the edge.

“Viktor!” she cried my name as she climaxed, and it was better than any song the angels could sing. I was responsible for her pleasure, and I wanted it all for myself.

Making Stella orgasm was euphoric for me. I went spiraling into my release as it hit me like a brick wall. My hand on her neck tightened and my hand on her pussy curled up so I could wrap my arm around her ribs.

Crushing her harder against my chest and falling deeper into the couch, I pounded up into her tight cunt. Breathing hard against the side of her neck as I reached for the end of the tunnel of ecstasy.

“Nnhnn,” I groaned through my clenched jaw as I shot my load into her pussy. My chest let go of the breath I was holding as all the tension in my body evaporated.

My anger and jealousy dispersed, leaving behind the satisfaction of knowing Stella knew who she belonged to. Based on the look in her eyes, she was sated and well fucked because of me. It was enough to make me feel like I was on top of the world.

But when Stella whimpered as I stared at her limp body in the mirror, my eyes snapped up to her face. The haze in her eyes was clearing and I could see the glimmer of tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Oh, baby, no. You’re okay. You did so good.” My hand whipped up to cup her cheek and turn her face to the side. Forced to look me in the eye now, I witnessed the first tear slip free as she choked back a sob. “Hush, baby girl. Let me wipe your tears away. Are you alright?”

I don’t know why she was crying suddenly, but I didn’t stop moving as the urge to comfort her washed over me. She was so light I easily pulled out and readjusted her in my lap, so she was curled up against my chest.

Whatever her reason, whether it was the sudden session or some other wild emotion I couldn’t pick up, I knew it was my fault. So, I held her in my lap, and let her cry.


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