Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 5


It was a hard morning to focus on work. On a Saturday I shouldn’t be working at all, but with the new club grand opening tonight, there was too much to be done. Sitting at my desk in my home office, I couldn’t stop looking up at Stella lounging on the couch.

Having her in the room with me after breakfast was such a simple thing. We weren’t fucking on every surface, though I was certainly thinking about it. It was simply her presence in the room, causing my mind to wander.

The buttery shafts of light streaming in through the wall of windows at my back were highlighting her golden hair, giving her a divine image. She was an angel in a world of men, and she was just sitting there in a sweater and leggings. So comfortable being herself while in the room with me, a book in her lap and a smile gracing her lips.

This felt intimate, yet normal. It felt right.

Waking up with Stella in my arms, her soft body pressed against mine, then having breakfast together side by side at the kitchen island? All of it was like a dream come true, only it wasn’t something I thought I would ever dream of.

It was a dream that I didn’t want to wake from. Having Stella here was bliss. The highlight of my day, every single day.

But, dear God, was she a distraction.

I couldn’t stop staring at the curve of her smile when something in her book made her happy, or the way she idly twirled a strand of her hair around her finger between turning the pages. The glimmer in her blue eyes was mesmerizing when she looked up at me.

And caught me staring at her.

“Can I help you?” she chuckled lightly before pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. She put the book down in her lap, returning my gaze.

“You could save me from the tediousness of work.” Leaning in my seat, I pushed away from my desk and gestured for her to join me. Without another word, she stood from the couch across the office, leaving her book behind.

The sway of her hips as she crossed the room caused me to sit up straighter. I licked my lips as I watched her, anticipating touching her and tasting her. Could she feel it too?

That yearning energy between us growing with each she took was all I could focus on. When I looked into her eyes, I imagined she did. Stella looked at me as if I were a man worth looking at.

I wanted to earn that look in her eyes, to be worthy of her.

“How could I save you from work?” Stella stopped at the edge of my desk, just out of reach. “I could toss your computer out the window. Would that do the trick?”

“It just might, but they would send me another one.” Stella didn’t have a second to react when my hand shot out and caught her wrist. She yelped when I spun her around and pulled her down into my lap.


“I could think of other ways that you can help me, baby.” My hands holding her hips roamed up over the curves of her body. Stella sucked in a gasp and wiggled her perfect ass against me.

As tempting as it was to go further, all I did was wrap my arms around her and bring her against my chest. She was warm and soft and there was a comfort in simply holding her.

It was like the heavy pebble between my ribs faded into nothing when I was with her. That feeling of lightness was addictive. Her existence freed me from the burdens weighing me down. With Stella in my arms, I could swear that I would float away into the clouds.

Stella didn’t move as we sat there together. Nothing more than the birds chirping in the trees and passing cars down in the street broke up the comfortable silence. I couldn’t say how long we stayed that way, but it would never feel long enough.

When had my desire for her changed into this?

“Are we just going to sit here all day?” Her voice was a soft whisper, and her fingers were lightly tracing circles over my forearms.

I didn’t want to let her go.

“No, there’s plenty to do today.” Speak of the devil, I heard the chime of an incoming call coming from my laptop. Stella tried to hop out of my lap when I spun my chair back to my desk, but I tightened my hold around her waist. “There’s one thing I need to do today.”

“Viktor, he’s video calling you! Let me go!” She squirmed in my lap. The friction of her ass rubbing against me was making my pants feel tight. The moment of cherishing her warmth was past and twisting into a heat that would burn me up.

The computer was still singing that I had an incoming video call, but I couldn’t let go of Stella just yet. I tightened my hold around her, buried my face in her neck, and inhaled her sweet scent. She ground her ass against me in her last second, in my embrace, and her breathy whimper told me she felt my growing erection.

I restrained myself from the urge to hold her still and keep her in place. As badly as I wanted to throw her on my desk and slide in between her legs, I needed to answer the call. The new club was opening tonight, and any little thing could spiral out of control if not handled immediately.

So, I let Stella go. We locked eyes as time slowed, and her delicate hand slipped free of mine. My opposite hand clicked on the video call, then I turned to the camera.

But I caught sight of her from the corner of my eye. Dropping to her knees and disappearing under the desk.

“Hey, Mr. Novak! Thanks for taking my call. We have a minor problem.” I heard the man’s voice through the computer and forced my eyes to the screen.

“Thanks for calling, Jimmy. What seems to be the problem?” I nearly bit my tongue when Stella’s hands landed on my knees.

“Well, we have the completed guest list for the Grand Opening tonight, but the numbers don’t match up with what we were originally given.” On screen, I saw Jimmy squint at something on the side of his screen and a second later an email dinged in my inbox. “I think someone, along the way, tried to add extra guests.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” I sucked in as Stella’s hands floated up my thighs. My muscles tensed under her light touch and my groin throbbed the closer she got.

“I can run the names through a spreadsheet and compare it to the final approved list you sent me, but I wanted your eyes on the difference to verify if these were indeed meant to be actual VIP guests or if someone is trying to sneak people in.” Jimmy pushed up his glasses, frowning at the list as he examined it on his screen.

“Sure.” I nearly choked on air when Stella’s hands landed on my zipper. “How long will it take you to run them?”

I didn’t dare look down at the vixen between my legs. If I did, I knew I would instantly lose my composure. Stella kept going, and I didn’t move at all. She must have taken that as a sign to continue, because her petite hand slipped into my pants and freed my cock.

“Only about five minutes, Mr. Novak. Once I’ve copied and pasted your list against this new one, it’ll highlight all the differences in red.”

“Okay!” Her hot, wet mouth slipped over my cock. Too loud, and I needed to breathe through it. I cleared my throat when Jimmy looked up at me through the screen. “That sounds good, Jimmy. Thanks for catching it and bringing this to my attention.”

“No problem. With the A-listers and big-name celebrities that will be there tonight, I understand that security is important. We can’t just let anyone slip in.” Jimmy chuckled and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

Reaching out, I collected Stella’s hair, helping to hold it away from her face as she sucked my cock. I didn’t dare to look down, but my toes were curling at the sensation of her hollowing her cheeks on my shaft and swallowing my dick down her throat.

Stella’s tongue swept across the sensitive head of my dick each time her head bobbed down, and her fingers curling around the base of my shaft moved in time with her head. Up and down my dick in a rotating motion that made it hard to breathe.

“Security is very important. This is an enormous event.” My fist in Stella’s hair tightened, guiding her to move faster. It felt so fucking good to have my dick in her mouth, and I only wished that I could look down at her underneath the desk.

“A few names are already showing up in red and it’s not done running the entire list yet.”

“Oh!” Stella throated my cock and swallowed a lungful of air.

Shit, that feels too good. I’m gonna blow my load any second.

“Are you alright, Mr. Novak?” Jimmy looked at the screen and I plastered a smile on my face.

“I’m perfect. Just surprised.” No, I wasn’t surprised. There would be a long list of important people at the club opening tonight, and it was more than common for people to try to sneak onto the VIP guest list.

I couldn’t help myself any longer. Taking a deep breath, and clenching my jaw, I rocked my hips under the table. Holding Stella’s head, I listened to the sloppy noises from her mouth as she sucked me off. It was erotic, and her mouth felt amazing.

“Well, I think some popular musical artist was going to be there. It almost doesn’t surprise me so many Novak Inc employees tried to sneak onto the list, but it is a bit disappointing.” At this point, I couldn’t even focus on Jimmy on the screen.

“Yeah, I agree.” Fuck whatever I was agreeing to. I was losing myself in the sensation of Stella sucking my dick in secret under the desk while I was on a business call. It was so damn hot, and she was driving me wild.

Though I suppose after the places I’ve fucked her, I shouldn’t be surprised that this is something Stella had in her to do. But I was, and I loved it. The fact she could catch me off guard and make me feel like a million bucks at the same time only proved to me that she was divine.

My breathing became shallow and fast as Stella pushed me closer to release. I wished I could have lasted longer, knowing that she was just toying with me. This had to be a game for her. But she was easily winning.

I couldn’t resist her, and that hot mouth was licking and sucking in all the right ways. My dick throbbed, and I felt it coming any second now and I couldn’t stop it.

“Wow, it looks like there were almost fifty names added to the list,” Jimmy mused.

“Oh, shit!” With one hand, I held Stella’s head in place and my cock pulsed, shooting my release down her throat. She squirmed a little, but I could feel the hum in her throat as she swallowed me down.

“That’s a big difference,” I panted, slouching back in my chair. Stella was still under the desk, licking my cock and cleaning up the sloppy mess she made down there.

I pat the top of her head after letting her hair go, silently letting her know she was a good girl. When Stella popped up on the other side of the desk, her cheeks were flushed, and her plump lips swollen. The sight of her licking her bottom lip suggestively was almost enough to make me want to shut the computer and chase her into the bedroom.

“Yeah, it is. I’ve just emailed you the fifty extra names. Can you tell me if those are supposed to be on the list or not?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed, pulling my gaze away from Stella smirking at me. With one hand on the desk, I opened my email to read over the names, and the other went below to fix the front of my pants.

“I’m not seeing any names that should be on there. No, make sure none of these are on the list for tonight.” Running my hand through my hair, I inhaled to steady myself and my racing heart.

“Can do, boss. I’ll make sure these names get cross-referenced through the employee directory as well, so we can learn who was trying to sneak in.”

“Perfect, Jimmy. Thanks for catching this and following up with me.”

“Of course. Anything else I can do for you before tonight, Mr. Novak?” When Jimmy asked that, and I caught the victorious glimmer in Stella’s eyes, an idea popped into my head.

“Yeah, you can actually,” I glanced up at Stella, giving her a quick wink before looking at the computer again, “I’ll have a plus one on the VIP list with me tonight. Make sure the name Stella Sokolov is next to mine.”

“Consider it done, boss. Let me know if you need anything else by Five.”

“Will do. Thanks, Jimmy.” I clicked off the call before it could continue, knowing that Jimmy might talk my ear off if giving the chance.

My eyes snapped up to Stella, and she bodily froze under my gaze. One of her hands curled a strand of her hair and she shifted from foot to foot.

“I’m sorry, I don’t really know what came over me.” Her blue eyes went to the floor, and she wouldn’t meet my gaze.

“No, Stella. That was fucking awesome.” Pushing out of my chair and stepping around the desk, I reached out for her. “God, that was so damn hot, baby. You have no idea what that does to me.”

Her breath hitched when I cupped her face and forced her to look up at me. Leaning down, I caught her in a quick kiss. I needed a taste of her.

“It was okay?” She pouted, but her lips twitched in the hint of a smile when I rubbed my thumbs over her cheeks.

“Okay?” I scoffed. “Baby, no one has ever made me come that fast in my life. I’ll work from home every day from now on if your pretty mouth is on my cock under my desk.”

“Oh,” she whispered, gulping hard while staring into my eyes. Those pools of blue were going to drown me, and I felt myself falling in them.

“You like to play games sometimes, you little vixen. Ty ne mozhesh’ vyigrat’ igru protiv menya. And now, you must come with me to the Grand opening.” It was a reward and a punishment. No matter, I wasn’t going out tonight with her at my side.

I had to have her with me. At first, my plan was to make an appearance at the club opening to appease Jameson. However, I now saw this as an opportunity to take Stella out. Give her a night in the city and tease her relentlessly.

“What? No, I can’t go to that.” Stella tried to back away, her eyes widening as she read just how serious I was in my expression.

“You can, and you will. You’re mine, and I would have you with me.” I dropped one hand to her waist and pulled her back into my chest. “And after, I will have you. Hell, maybe even during the Grand Opening. Regardless, sometime tonight I am going to fuck you and feel that exquisitely tight pussy coming on my cock.”

“Viktor,” she breathed out. Her cheeks were turning red, bet I felt the slight shiver along her body.

“How many times do you think I can make you come tonight before I’m even inside of you?” Lowering my face, I gingerly kissed her neck and watched her pulse racing under her skin. “You’ll be so wet by the time I’m pushing your panties to the side; I’ll slip right into that tight cunt.”

I knew she would be wet now. There was no way she wasn’t after grinding on my lap and sucking my dick under the desk. Just hearing my promises to fuck her tonight would do the trick. Stella was so receptive to me, and I wanted that tonight.

And if she wanted to play games, I would show her that she couldn’t win them against me.

“You’re so vulgar,” she complained, turning her head to the side and placing her palms on my chest.

“I can be,” I admitted, gazing over the lines of her beautiful face. “But you are coming with me tonight.”

“Fine.” Stella sagged in my arms as she relented to my request. Though I couldn’t miss the glimmer of excitement she was trying to hide.

Letting her go, I turned to Stella suddenly until she was facing the door. I slapped her ass and gave her a gentle shove towards the door. “Well, go on baby, you have to go and get ready for tonight.”

“But that’s hours away!”

“And you’ll need something to wear,” I countered. Even after the shopping I’d done for her, I knew she wouldn’t have the kind of dress I’d want her to wear to the club tonight.

She whirled on me in the doorway to my office; her plump bottom lip out in a pout. Stella crossed her arms, and I imagined she was seconds away from stomping her foot.

“I’ll order the dress; you just go to the store and try it on. I already have something in mind that I saw on the way home earlier this week.” A little black dress in a storefront window that was made for her.

“Why would I do that?” She tried to argue.

“Because you belong to me, and I told you so.” I gripped her chin and her defensive posture fell away. “You’re going to dress like a whore for me tonight, and I’m going to show you who you belong to.” Once and for all.


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