Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 7


Thinking about Stella with another man was bad, but seeing another man putting his hands on her was dangerous. The rage I felt days ago couldn’t compare to the murderous intent I was radiating on the dance floor.

When my hand was so close to that man’s neck, I didn’t want to let him go. I wanted to squeeze until I watched the moment the life faded from his eyes. And I could have done it, God save me, I would have done it.

Right there in the middle of the club dance floor, I wanted to wring the life from that motherfucker just for touching her. Stella was mine, and no one had the right to lay a finger on her divine head.

Shit, I don’t deserve to have her either.

He could have hurt her, and I wasn’t at her side to protect her. The fear in her eyes was a driving force pushing me into action. I didn’t care who he was, or that he was a VIP guest. Anyone who hurt Stella in any way would suffer the consequences.

In the alley, for a split second, I thought she was afraid of me, too. Could she tell that I was on the edge of ripping that man to shreds?

I couldn’t breathe until I realized she wasn’t scared of me. Instead of turning away from me, she embraced me back and smiled. She smiled for me, even though I didn’t deserve it.

There was a strain in the air between us. A pressure that needed to be relieved. And when she said, “I want you to dance with me”, I knew there was more than just dancing on her mind.

Every inch of her exposed skin under the shifting club lights drew me in. The little slips of black fabric covering her hid nothing from me. I knew what was underneath, and my hands trembled with the desire to touch her.

The sway of Stella’s hips was hypnotizing. There was no denying her natural talent to allure when her body was pulled by the music. It was magical to watch her move. But it was intoxicating to hold her, to smell her and taste her.

We moved on the dancefloor. At first, I stayed back, mostly watching her get lost in the feel of movement. I couldn’t stay away for long. Not when her golden skin sparkled under the strobe lights and her curves called to me.

My hands landed on her hips, spinning her around until her back was to my chest. I felt her gasp as one of my hands roamed up her body to land on her bare stomach, just under her breasts. Her heart was racing under my palm as we moved as one.

Her petite frame fit against my body like she was the missing piece of my puzzle. With the fast tempo and heavy beats of the music, we were grinding against one another, surrounded by other heated and writhing bodies. The surrounding air was supercharged with erotic energy, and I couldn’t stop my roaming hands.

Her ass moved perfectly against me. Each time she tilted her backside against me, it caused my pants to feel tighter. My dick was throbbing, and my hand on her hip pulled her harder against my groin. She trembled in my arms when my palm on her stomach moved over her breast, massaging it through the thin black fabric of her dress.

Stella’s head fell to the side when I buried my face in the apex of her neck and shoulder. I inhaled her sweet perfume and didn’t stop my impulse to taste her. Flicking over her skin, my tongue went from her shoulder up the side of her neck.

Even through the thumping music, I could hear the little moans slipping free of her lips. I bit down on her neck and Stella shuddered so hard she lost control of her movement to the music. She stumbled and my hand on her breast dropped to her hip.

With both hands on her hips, and her legs steady, I pressed her against my growing erection again. Stella was breathing hard and fast. Grinding her ass on me as we found the rhythm again. My mouth never left her throat, trailing kisses and gentle bites all over her sensitive skin. The moment my lips sucked her earlobe between my teeth, she bodily shuddered against me.

The song changed, and so did the lights. The darkness in the club grew and an intense song burst through the speakers. I had Stella in my arms, and we were dancing in the dark. Nothing else mattered. The people or the environment, all of it, faded into the back of my mind with Stella as the shining star in front of me.

Her dress was so short. It was easy enough to slip my hand under the hem of the fabric. In that moment, when she felt my fingers searching for her panties, Stella slowed down. But she didn’t stop me, instead she rolled her hips to the music in a way that spread her legs further apart.

I groaned against her neck when my fingers found her center through the lace thong she wore. The material was already damp, and I loved knowing that she was already so turned on.

At first, I started rubbing along her pussy through her thong. Stella’s rhythm was barely thrown off, though, and I wanted to feel her quivering against me. I needed to feel the reactions in her body as I pleasured her.

God, I just needed more of her.

Slipping my finger inside of her panties, I rubbed my finger over her wet slit. Stella gasped and her hips jerked when I found her clit. We never stopped the facade of dancing, still moving to the beat of the music, but my middle fingers were now rubbing circles around her bundle of nerves.

My dick was painfully hard, and the way she rubbed her ass against me was on the verge of making me come in my pants. Gritting my teeth, I breathed through the sensations of her body, rubbing on me to focus on what I was doing to her instead.

The lights flared again as a harder song started. This time the lights were red and harsh, flickering and spiraling around the crowded dancefloor. Neither of us paid any attention to the other dancers or the lyrics of the song.

In this moment, it was just me, Stella, and the pleasure I could give her. Feeling her legs shake and the roll of her hips was pure bliss. All I wanted was for her to feel good, but I wanted to be the cause.

Her legs seized up. Suddenly, she couldn’t pretend to dance anymore. I felt her small hands grabbing my wrists as her hips twitched against me. Victorious fireworks went off in my head, realizing that Stella just came.

“Baby, did you just come?” I whispered into her ear and pulled my fingers from under her dress. Stella didn’t answer out loud, but I saw her nod her head.

She turned around after stepping out of my arms, tugging the short skirt of her dress back into place. Those glorious blue eyes looked at my face at the same instant I drew my fingers coated in her juices in my mouth.

The taste of her in my mouth was luscious. It made the hungry beast in the back of my mind soar with a fresh wave of energy. Despite planning on drawing this out all night, I couldn’t wait.

I had to have her now.

“We’re leaving.” I grabbed her wrist and pulled her against my side.

“What?” She fumbled over the word, looking around us as if she was coming back down to earth.

“I’m sorry. Would you like to stay longer?” As much as it pained me, I stopped moving. Her wide eyes accompanied a growing smile, and even under the wild club lights I could see the flush in her cheeks.

“No. We can go.” Her breathless tone and the heat in her eyes would have been enough to tell me she was just as ready to leave.

First, we stopped at the coat closet to get our things. The valet responded to my rushed energy and retrieved our coats in record time. Once Stella was wrapped snuggly in her coat, she held my arm and followed me outside, where the driver was already waiting for us at the curb.

In the pitch-black back seat of the car, Stella pressed into my side. Although we weren’t alone, I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. The drive back to Upper East Side would take half an hour and that was far too long to not touch her.

“Viktor,” she whimpered in protest as my mouth fell on her neck again. Her eyes flickered to the driver, who focused on the road, but she was tense in his presence.

“What, baby? You can come in a crowded club on the dance floor, but I can’t touch you here?” I whispered low enough for her to hear, but not the driver. Stella shivered against me, her eyes flickering back to my face.

Streetlights illuminated the conflict on her face as the car moved through the busy streets. Those few seconds felt like an eternity before she licked her bottom lip and spread her legs for me.

My hand on her smooth thigh drove me feral. I didn’t care if we were in the car with someone. I needed to feel her. I didn’t hesitate as my fingers slipped into her thong again. This time, I found her dripping wet from her recent orgasm, and my middle finger slid easily into her tight cunt.

Her breath hitched, and she choked on a moan. I wrapped one arm around her shoulders and pulled her body closer to mine. Stella leaned her head back against the window, exposing her neck while she rode my finger.

One of her hands curled around my wrist and it pleasantly surprised me when she urged me to move my hand quicker. I obliged the wordless request, curling and twisting my finger inside of her faster while my lips fell on her neck to pepper her skin with kisses.

Her other hand twisted in the front of my shirt, pulling us closer. In the silence of the back seat, I was delighted to hear the moans she was trying to keep a secret. What I didn’t expect was for that hand curled into my shirt to fall into my lap. Stella felt my stiff cock through my pants and stroked me while I fingered her.

If she hadn’t done that, I might have lived through finger-fucking her the entire way home. However, feeling how wet she was on top of her touching me back was too much. I couldn’t wait another minute.

I pulled away from Stella, quickly closing the front of her coat to turn to the driver. “I need you to pull over somewhere secluded. Right now.”

“Right now, sir?” The man looked back at me through the rearview mirror. Through the darkness, he caught my glare and tensed up as if he saw a beast instead of a man. “Of course.”

Stella was slouched in the seat, leaning against the window and clutching her coat around her shoulders. The mix of surprise and anticipation written across her features was making me antsy. And the clear lust in her eyes made my dick ache to fill her now.

It became darker inside the car as it pulled onto an empty back street. No one was coming this way, and the world seemed still in this area. Without a moment to spare, I pulled out my wallet and handed the driver a hundred-dollar bill. “Take a walk.”

“Yes, sir.” As soon as he saw the green bill and the number he was grabbing it and opening the driver’s side door.

Even as I watched him walk away from the car and around the corner, my hand was gliding over Stella’s thigh again. After a moment, when I was sure he was gone, I leapt into action.

“Fucking hell. Come here, Stella.” I tore her coat open and yanked it away from her shoulders.

“Oh,” she gasped as I pulled her up.

“I can’t wait. I’m going to fuck you now,” I groaned. Stella was easy to maneuver, and she didn’t fight me. When I pulled her into my lap, straddling me, she seemed more than eager to get on top.

“Oh, Viktor, yes,” she panted, wrapping her hands around my head. I grabbed her neck with one hand and slammed my mouth into hers. Stella moaned against the kiss, and as she parted her lips, I pushed my tongue over hers. I could taste the traces of rum and I wanted more.

Using my free hand, I reached between our bodies. She was grinding against my erection through our clothing, and I had to stop her to free my cock from my pants. The instant it was free, Stella was rubbing against me again and wrestling her tongue with mine in a frenzy.

“Fuck, baby, you need me that bad?” I broke the kiss, trying to tease her.

“Yes,” she whined. It caught me by surprise to hear the level of desperation in her tone. How could I deny her what we both needed?

“Good, because I’m going to fill that tight pussy now,” I admitted, before kissing her again. I loved the feeling of her full lips moving in sync with mine. The kiss of an angel and I never wanted to stop.

While I tasted her lips, my hand pushed her panties to the side. She was quick to rub her dripping folds against my cock, deepening the kiss as she did so. My shaft slipped against her wet slit, and I grunted when the head of my cock slipped inside of her tight walls.

“Ah!” Stella cried out into my mouth, our lips barely touching as she shuddered in the moment that I filled her.

“Fuck. Fuck, baby. You feel so good.” We stilled, breathing hard through the moment we finally joined.

Stella was so wet, and her pussy was ready from her recent orgasm at the club and fingering her leading up to this moment. We didn’t need any time for her to adjust or relax at the size of my cock stretching her. She was ready to move a moment later.

“Viktor!” Stella shouted when I lifted and dropped her on my cock. Both hands now on her hips, bunching up the fabric of her dress and lifting it to watch my cock slip into her. The sight was erotic, and I loved seeing her pussy being filled by me.

Suddenly, Stella leaned back onto the center console in the front seat. When I looked down, it gave me a better view of my dick disappearing inside of her with each thrust. Stella took the initiative and pushed the front of her dress until she bunched the black fabric up between her bouncing breasts.

Reaching forward, I fondled one of her perky tits in my palm. The open-mouthed grin on her face as she rolled her head back was sensual. Each breathy whimper telling me how much she was enjoying this wicked moment together in the back of the car on a street where anyone could find us.

Neither of us cared. The whole of New York could see us fucking right now, and it wouldn’t matter.

Stella’s cunt was gripping me so tight, and she knew just how to ride my cock. I didn’t think I would last much longer. But as usual, I needed her to finish first. I had to be responsible for Stella’s pleasure.

Letting go of her waist, my thumb found her clit. As dark as it was, there was just enough light from a distant streetlamp to show me the tantalizing smile on her face twist as she inhaled sharply. When I touched her sensitive bundle of nerves, her hips jerked, and she cried out.

Lifting my hips, I pounded up into her tight, wet heat and rubbed her clit in time with my movements. She was breathing quicker, and I could feel the muscles in her thighs tensing as she got close again.

“Come on, baby, I want to feel that pussy coming on my cock.” Stella’s head whipped up, slack jawed as she stared at me. With her lips parted, I could listen to every sweet sound she made as the ecstasy of her release grew near. “Come for me, Stella.”

“Viktor!” Stella whined, and I increased the pressure on her clit just as her body began shaking in my lap.

“Good girl!” I loved praising her when she came for me, and I loved it even more that she said my name when she did. It was as if I was training her mind and body to associate me with her pleasure. I wanted to leave that mark on her forever.

Suddenly, I moved forward, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her back into my chest. I wanted to devour her whole. Smashing our lips together into a kiss so hard I thought I might hurt her; I savored the taste of her and the hum of her moans on my lips.

Crushing Stella against my body, kissing her so hard there was no telling whose air we breathed. I braced my feet on the floor and drilled harder into her. Stella bounced on my lap, curling her fingers over the back of my head to hold herself in place as we kissed.

Without warning, I snatched the base of her ponytail and pulled her head back. Stella gasped, now forced to look me in the eye as I controlled her.

“Who do you belong you?” I growled through my clenched teeth.

“Viktor,” Stella answered without a beat of hesitation. Those blue eyes were glistening, and I was drowning in them. She was so pure and sweet, yet an absolute vixen for me at the same time.

Stella was mine. She knew it and I knew it.

But did she know I was also hers? That I would do anything for her if only she asked?

It was such a sudden realization that it might have knocked me off my feet in any other situation. Instead, I let go of her hair and grabbed her chin to pull her mouth back to mine.

In that kiss, I tried to be tender with her. I wanted her to feel the things I couldn’t say. Even my thrusts slowed, moving deeper with purpose. Filling her because it was the only way I knew how to show her I cared.

Stella bit my bottom lip, and when I opened my mouth, she drove her tongue against mine, wrestling and making the kiss utterly filthy. When she pulled back, I could see the string of drool connecting our tongues, and she went in for more without breathing.

Then her manicured nails were scraping my scalp and her little tongue was exploring my mouth, and I couldn’t hold back any longer as her warm body rubbed over mine. My cock twitched, and a second later I was groaning and pumping my load inside of her.

Even when I stilled, Stella continued to kiss me. It was fervent and needy and there was something insanely passionate about the sloppy kisses. It was different tonight, and I felt that in the core of my chest. There was something intensely profound between us in that moment. All I could do was hold her close and kiss her back.

My cock was still sheathed inside her, and she made no moves to get up. I didn’t want her to. What I wanted was to stay inside of her all night.

But we couldn’t do that here.

Finally, after what felt like an hour of kissing, I pulled away for air. “Are you ready to go home?”

Stella laid her head against my shoulder, but when she wiggled her hips, I knew she was fully aware of my still erect cock in her pussy. She giggled back, “Are you?”

“Baby, that’s not going anywhere if you’re still sitting on me.” I pecked her quickly on her kiss-swollen lips. “Let me get you home so I can make you scream my name some more.”

Not even the darkness surrounding us could hide the furious blush on her cheeks. Stella nodded and finally got up, shifting in the car to sit at my side again.

I pulled out my phone, calling the driver to make his way back to the car. Reaching over, I grabbed Stella’s hand, enjoying the feeling of it curled in my palm. We stayed like that the entire way back to my house.

It wasn’t a long car ride, but it seemed as if the night was dragging out. It might have only been ten minutes that passed before Stella’s head leaned into my chest. To my surprise, she had quietly fallen asleep in the dark, silent car ride.

It made an unusual warmth bloom within my chest that Stella felt this comfortable with me. From her first night at my house going cold and avoiding me, to this moment right here where she could fall asleep on me during a car ride. Things were changing quickly, and I didn’t know how to feel about it, or what to think.

All I knew, with every fiber of my being, was that we belonged with one another. She was mine, and I was hers, and at the end of the contract, I had to do something to keep her at my side, no matter the consequences.


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