Dancing in the Dark

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Chapter 8


I woke up to the feeling of a heavy comforter being draped over my bare skin. When my eyes peeled open, I noticed I was in Viktor’s room and the soft yellow light of a lamp glowed over his dark walls. Under the blanket, I was completely naked and squirmed against his soft sheets in a stretch.

Movement at the closet caught my attention, and I looked up to see Viktor’s wide back to me as he undressed. I said nothing at first, just watched as he took off his shirt and revealed the rolling muscles under his skin. My stomach fluttered, even though there was still an ache in my pussy.

How long ago had it been since our tryst in the car? I tried to think about how I got into the bed, but everything was dark after the driver came back.

“Viktor?” My voice croaked. At the sound, he twisted around, eyes landing on me sitting up. The blanket fell from my body, and I didn’t miss when his eyes flickered from my face to my chest and back up.

“You can go back to sleep, Stella.” He smiled at me, and I remembered riding him in the car’s backseat. My cheeks heated at the inopportune memory.

“How did I get up here?” I pushed my hair away from my face, feeling that even my ponytail was undone.

“Hm?” He tossed his shoes into the closet and looked over his shoulder at me. “Oh, I brought you up here. You fell asleep in the car, and I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Thank you,” I said while thinking about Viktor undressing me so carefully that I stayed asleep the entire time. My body was buzzing, and all thoughts of sleep were fading away. “I’m not sure if I’m tired anymore, honestly.”

“You were sleeping harder than the dead. I’m honestly surprised you’re awake at all.” Viktor smirked as he finished stripping down to his black briefs and pulled back the comforter. He slid into the bed and wrapped an arm around my waist. “It’s after midnight. There’s not much to do.”

“I guess all I needed was a power nap.” Despite not feeling tired, I laid back in the bed with him once the light was off. My heart thumped against my ribs as the heat from his skin spread across mine.

“Well, since it’s just the two of us here with nothing to do, I suppose I could do the nice thing and help you get back to sleep.” Viktor’s arm around my waist wandered until I felt his palm on my hip. Then his fingers delicately skimmed over the curve of my hip and down my thigh under the blanket.

“Help me get back to sleep?” I asked, out of breath from a few simple touches.

“Yes, baby. Come here, take a deep breath and relax.” One of his arms slipped under my head, cradling me against his chest, and the other hand continued trailing over my bare thigh.

It was dark, but I could feel how close his face was. His breath fanned my cheek, and I turned my head to admire the outline of his face in the pitch-black room. With his roaming hand, my legs spread in accommodation of what was coming. I didn’t need him to tell me, because I could read it in his body language and hear it in his tone.

Under a heavy blanket and pressed against his warm skin, my body still trembled like there was ice in my veins. Yet there was a carnal heat building between my legs the closer his fingers got.

“Just relax, baby. I want you to feel good.” Viktor’s lips pressed into mine and I melted into the mattress, and my muscles released the tension they’d been holding onto.

There was still an ache in my pussy from his cock stretching me in the car, but I just didn’t care. Not when his finger dipped inside and found me wet. It sent a spark through me, and tingles spread over my scalp and down my spine in a shiver.

My lips parted in a gasp, but his mouth slanted over mine again, stealing a soft whimper from me. Viktor coated his finger in my arousal before sliding it over my throbbing clit. His slick finger slipped over the sensitive bud and my hips jerked from the jolt of pleasure.

“Ahn!” I clenched my jaw to hold in my moans, though that only encouraged Viktor to elicit more lewd noises from my lips. His finger moved faster, increasing the pressure while he moved his mouth along my jaw. He breathed hotly against the hollow behind my ear before tracing the tip of his tongue lightly down the side of my neck.

Viktor added a second finger, quickly dipping them both into my wet cunt and back over my clit in torturous circles. My fingers curled around his forearm, and I loved the feeling of the muscles in his arm moving under my hand.

I felt protected and safe against him. As if I could close my eyes and spend the rest of my days comfortably in his embrace. The warmth of his body and steady beating of his heart enveloped my senses. Viktor surrounded me, and this is where I wanted to stay. In his arms, where I was not only voraciously desired, but tenderly cherished.

“Mnhm… Viktor!” All the air left my lungs when he bit my neck. The sudden jolt of pain caused me to arch into his body, but he quickly soothed it by laving his tongue over the bite. His fingers never stopped, and his wandering mouth continued to bite and suck on my neck.

Viktor’s attention on my neck made all my nerves feel hypersensitive. The pleasure from my clit intensified and crescendoed higher into something brilliant. My hips rolled to meet each pass of his fingers over my nerves, and my nails dug into his arm as the pressure in my core grew taut.

I felt like a tensing bow on the verge of being released. Growing, stretching, burning right until that sweet point where all the various sensations converged.

“Oh! Fuck!” My orgasm hit me. Waves of ecstasy rolled through me, and my hips lifted off the bed. I thrashed from the force of it, trying my hardest to hold still when Viktor’s fingers were still furiously rubbing me.

“Is that better?” He asked, face pressed into the curve of my neck and shoulder.

“That was nice,” I purred. My eyes closed, and I shivered as the last waves faded from my body. Yet I still wanted more. Now there was a deep ache inside of me to be filled by him once again.

Why did this desire for him never go away? Each touch only made the flame burn brighter.

“Only nice?” Viktor withdrew his fingers from my pussy. There was something teasing in his tone, leading me to turn my face towards him in the dark. “How do you taste then? Do you taste nice, baby girl?”

I didn’t have time to answer. Viktor pressed his wet fingers against my lips, and I parted them with no hesitation. He shoved his fingers against my tongue, and I wrapped my lips around them and swirled my tongue around, cleaning them off. Tasting my arousal on his fingers was provocative, and it made my head spin, yet I hummed and sucked his fingers.

“Do you like the way you taste on my fingers, Stella?” Viktor’s gravelly tone made my head light.

“Yes.” I released his fingers, then turned on my side so that I pressed my chest into his. I threw my leg over his hip and instantly felt his erection through his boxers. Viktor groaned when I rocked my pussy against the length of his cock.

“Aren’t you tired yet?”

“Of you? Never.” I found his lips in the dark, locking our mouths and driving my tongue over his. Viktor growled as the kiss deepened, and one of his hands grabbed my face. Such a small, subtle touch of domination, and one that made my heart flutter.

“Viktor,” I panted, reaching up to hold him and grinding myself over his cock despite his boxers.

“Do you want me to fuck you again?”

“Mhm.” It was hard to speak while my body was singing and our lips searched for each other in the dark. His hand fell on my hip, holding me still as he pushed his cock against me.

“Speak up, baby. Tell me what you want.” Viktor’s hand moved to my ass. He groped my flesh and pulled so hard I could feel my pussy spread and my arousal leak from my folds onto my thighs.

“I want you, Viktor.” I took the lead, slipping my hand between our bodies and pushing the front of his boxers down. “I need you to fuck me.”

“Gladly,” he growled. Then suddenly, his grasp on my hip was flipping me over. With my back now pressed into his chest, I could feel his cock pulse against the curve of my ass. His arm that had been cradling my head now wrapped around my chest, one hand cupping my breast.

Viktor shoved one of his knees between my legs and lifted them apart. His free hand went to his shaft, and I felt him guiding the head of his cock to my center.

“Oh!” My legs tensed and my belly quivered with desire when his cock slipped against my pussy. I was so wet, and as Viktor began grinding his length over my slit, the slick sounds made my breath hitch.

“Tell me again, Stella, what do you want?” There was something in his tone that temporarily cleared the fog of blinding desire from my mind. The question was urgent, almost demanding.

“You. Viktor, I want you.” How could I ever want anyone else?

“Do you need me, Stella?” Viktor’s hand snapped up, again grabbing my chin, now angling my face as if we could lock eyes in the dark. I felt his lips so close, just a hair’s breadth from touching mine. And the desperation in his voice at that moment made my heart lurch.


“Tell me. Please tell me.” He rocked his hips forward, teasing my pussy with the length of his cock slipping over me. “Tell me you need me, baby.”

“Viktor,” my voice was soft, and I rose my arm back to hold his head so I could twist my face and press my forehead into his, “I need you. I really, really need you.”

More than he could ever know.

“Fuck,” he whispered, finally angling his hips to push his cock into me. He dropped his hand to grab my leg, lifting it higher. The other hand on my breast rolled a finger over my pebbled nipple and a long moan pulled from my lips.

Viktor thrusted into me from behind, and I pushed my hips back to meet him. My nerves already felt like a liveware, pulsing with energy from my last orgasm. It made my body come alive instantly when he began earnestly pounding me.

It didn’t matter how sore I was in the morning, or that my legs would ache. I just wanted Viktor to stretch and fill me until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Do you need me? Do you need my cock, baby?” Each hard thrust pushing me to the peak of pleasure again.

“All of you, Viktor. I need all of you.”

A dark chuckle left him, and the sound might have made me cold in any other situation. “All of me? You certainly take all of this dick like you need it.”

“Viktor,” I mewled, turning my face back to the front. His face buried in the back of my neck, and I could feel him breathing hard. He crushed me harder against his body and I gasped.

“You’re a good girl for me, Stella. You take my cock like it was made for you.” His lips pulled my earlobe between his teeth and goosebumps spread over my limbs. “Is this the only cock you come for?”

“Yes, Viktor. Yes!” Tears burned at the back of my eyes. Whirling emotions that I couldn’t name were building in my chest. Growing at the same rapid rate as my next climax.

“Then come for me, Stella. Be my good little girl and come for me.” Viktor’s demand could have swept the earth out from under my feet. It was powerful to hear those filthy words from his rumbling, deep voice.

My body reacted. Exploding into an inferno as another orgasm split me in half. It disrupted my rhythm in meeting Viktor’s thrusts, my legs spasming as the pleasure overwhelmed me.

“Ah! Oh, fuck. Viktor.” A few of the tears slipped free, rolling over my cheeks as I shook through my climax.

“That’s it, baby.” Somehow, he drilled into me harder and faster. “Shit, you feel so good squeezing my dick like that. I’m going to fucking fill you so deep with my cum you’ll be leaking for days.”

My mind dipped into another space. All I knew right now was that I wanted him to fulfill that promise. To fill me so much that it left a lasting mark on me. So that every time I moved, I could feel the evidence of him inside me.

Viktor roared with his release. His hips jerked against me, and his cock pulsed rope after rope of cum deep inside of me. And he didn’t stop there. He kept moved, fucking it deeper into me.

God, I loved it more than I should have.

His cock stayed inside me while we lay tangled together in his bed. Buried under a blanket and snuggled into his arms, I found sleep once again pulling me under.

“Are you alright, baby?” Viktor asked.

“I’m perfect.” My climax released the emotional turmoil building in my chest. Even if it felt like Viktor was trying to convey something in the heat of the moment, I was too tired to linger on those thoughts.

“Sleep, Stella.” I felt his soft kisses along my shoulder after he adjusted our embrace. With his arms holding me tight, and the hum of satisfaction in my veins, I couldn’t keep my eyes open in the dark any longer. He filled all my senses as I drifted off, and I didn’t want to fall asleep any other way.


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