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Happy Birthday - a short story

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Amy, Ryan and Ethan are a polyamorous triad. This short story gives you a look into their relationships. It's Amy and Ryan's Birthday celebration and Ethan has just returned from a long work trip, a surprise guest puts their relationships to the test. This book is packed with gay sex scenes, threesome scenes, BDSM, extreme BDSM and more! Not for the faint of heart!

Erotica / Romance
MoriKai Valentyne
4.7 14 reviews
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Chapter 1 - The Gift

Happy Birthday

Ethan led Amy and Ryan towards the bedroom. Ryan and Amy exchanged excited and apprehensive looks. They usually loved it when Ethan took charge of them both, the fact they both worshipped him and the ground he walked upon had a lot to do with it. He was almost a God to them.

That being said, Ethan was in a mood tonight. He had been away for work and had taken Katie with him instead of the two of them. He always pushed them harder when he wasn’t in a good headspace... one of his few failings as their Master.

He had them both collared and leashed. Amy bit her lip and locked eyes with Ryan as they walked, he had to close his mouth and bite his tongue to stop himself from moaning without permission, it was always the hardest for him, he doesn’t switch, he is only submissive.

Sometimes Master Ethan and Mistress Amy would both top him, he loved to serve them both. Nothing made him happier than to be at their feet, adoring them, worshipping them, pleasing them, that’s everything he needs. Tonight was different though, tonight they were both on the bottom, both serving obediently. It worked out well that Ryan and Amy’s Birthdays were one day apart.

Ethan stopped and turned left in the hallway, they were heading for the Dungeon. As they crossed the threshold, Amy moaned loudly. They were in for some serious play tonight. She had missed Ethan so badly. Ethan’s head snapped towards her “Did I forgive you permission to moan Amy?” he said with a serious look on his face. That look made her bite her lip, thankfully Ethan let the lip biting slide. “No Master, I’m just so happy to be back in the Dungeon serving you” Amy said as she dropped to her knees. “Good girl” Ethan said and kissed her cheek

The heat between Amy’s legs was growing, just like Ryan’s cock. He would never get sick of seeing his beautiful, strong Mistress submit to the God of a man they called their Master. Ryan had an advantage over Amy in the Dungeon, being a bottom is what he does best. He rarely did much of anything he wasn’t ordered to do, espeically in the Dungeon.

Ethan smiled THAT smile as he tugged Amy’s leash, she shuffled forwards on her knees. “Knees bitch” Ethan said without looking at Ryan, that was his name in here, bitch. As Amy crawled towards Ethan he slowly undid his belt, looking her in the eyes the whole time. He slid off his boxers and his long, thick, hard perfect cock sprang back up. He was well hung, no two ways about that! Amy stopped in front of him, she was well trained.

“Open” Ethan said as he gently brushed her bottom lip. She opened her mouth and stared into Ethan’s eyes wih anticipation. “Tell me what you want Slut” That was her name when he was topping, Slut and she loved it, held onto it like it was a prayer.

“I want to suck your cock please Master” She was starting to drool. Ethan slowly slid just the tip into her mouth. She eagerly wrapped her lips around it, before she could start, he pulled away from her and stalked towards Ryan. Amy let out a cry, almost in pain, it wasn’t fair to do that to her.

Ethan grabbed Ryan roughly by the hair and dragged him across the Dungeon so they were both standing in front of Amy. Ethan clicked his fingers and Ryan dropped to his knees and opened his mouth, Amy wasn’t the only one well trained in this Dungeon! Ethan didn’t even wait for Ryan to take a breath, he rammed his hard cock into Ryan’s waiting mouth and fucked his face hard.

Amy’s hand immediately went towards her clit, hearing Ryan gag on Ethan’s cock was one of her top three favourite sounds. Ethan stopped Ryan and turned to Amy. “You are a glutton for punishment tonight Slut, Moaning without permission, touching yourself without permission... you seem to have lost your manners while I was away” Amy couldn’t read him.

Ethan walked over to her, his cock dripping precum and Ryan’s spit. “I’m going to have to cuff you now Slut, since you can’t control yourself.” He took the leather cuffs from the table next to her and fastened her hands behind her back. “Just watch” he said to her with a wink.

Ryan had stayed on his knees, exactly where Ethan had left him. His mouth was sore, his eyes were watering, he was in heaven! His eyes were glued to Mistress Amy, seeing her bound and waiting was driving him crazy. He bit down on his lip to keep himself quiet, he wouldn’t moan without permission.

“Do you like seeing your Mistress bound and begging bitch?” Ryan had gotten so caught up looking at Mistress Amy, he hadn’t realised Ethan had come back. “Yes Master, Thank you Master” he replied “Good Boy” Ethan said as he pulled Ryan’s leash upward. He led Ryan to the St Andrews cross at the back of the Dungeon and strapped him in.

“I’ll give you a choice tonight bitch, seeing as you’ve been so well behaved tonight, unlike that Slut” Ethan smiled at Amy, an evil smile... THAT smile. “Thank you Master” Ryan said almost immediately. “You have three choices, 1. I can fuck Mistress Amy and you can lick us both clean afterwards. 2. I can fuck you and make Mistress Amy beg to join us. 3. We can both fuck you”

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