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Pain or Pleasure

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Lady Olivia Philips, a young noble woman in the kingdom of Ginuston, gets plucked from her cushy life when a notoriously brutal warrior takes her. Livy was a willful minded fair maiden questioning every authority. The way she moved demanded she be treated as royalty even though she wasn't born a royal. Her glowing caramel skin shined even in a dim room and her curly hair usually stayed tied up. Sir Tyress Hardeni is a infamous warrior of the land known for his horrific strength and even more horrific demeanor. Standing 6'8 feet high he towered over everyone he came across. His broad shoulders and large chest emitting the dominance he had over everything around him and his long blonde hair brushed his shoulders with every swing of his sword. The kingdom was overrun with monsters and villainess souls until Tyress stepped foot here driving them away with his godlike might. He would occupy a village or town taking as he pleased in return for keeping the people safe and killing their enemies. Any and everyone shook in fear at the mere sight of the man. Common women threw themselves at him any chance they could, happy to serve their savior. Livy thought the warrior brave for taking on battles no other could partake in, but feared the thought of his domineering presence. This brought shivers down her spine. Will this beast of a man break her or will it be her doing the breaking?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter one

The pain between my legs from his sudden penetration was still prominent. His huge torso pounding into me making my whole body move to his will. I could feel my warm red liquid gliding down my leg, smeared by unyielding thursts. I abandoned the thought that my screams would save me but still pressed my hands against him in the hopes of slowing him down to no avail. He was relentless in his roughness. I knew for sure I was covered in bruises and to think only a few minutes ago I was accompanying my handmaiden to the market for my favorite maroon silk thread.

As soon as my fight was done and I felt myself slipping into defeat, he slowed his pace. He slid his thick cock out of me and stroked himself for a few seconds until completion. He sat up with ease giving a devilish smirk admiring my vulnerability. Only now realizing his own injuries from the ordeal. Scratch marks all over, many drawing blood. He seemed taken aback a bit by it before going to wipe the blood away. Once his back was turned I took my chance and stumbled away quickly out the room into an alley. I didn't bother fixing my appearance before running into the market praying he wouldn't follow to continue my torture. I ran and ran as fast as I could without looking back.

Once I could feel myself losing my breath, I hid and fixed my dress the best I could. I stayed this way for 20 minutes. Once I was sure he wouldn't follow I dashed down the road towards Phillips' manor, my home.

I relished in my small victory of getting inside without what happened to me being noticed until reality sunk in. I laid waste on my queen size bed crying my eyes out. I've been ruined. All my efforts to becoming a proper steward wife had disintegrated before me. My dreams of marrying well up and being treated like a true princess all gone. What man would want a woman who's been defiled by that barbarian?

Two light knocks at the door barely broke me out of my sorrows. "Lady Olivia, where have you gone? I've looked everywhere for you." My handmaiden, Willow queried. The mere thought of it brought me back to my crying frenzy. "Oh my...my Lady why must you cry? Please calm yourself. I've told nothing to Mr or Mrs Phillips. You are in no trouble." Her attempts to soothe me did not go unnoticed but did nothing to change the intensity of which I wept. She took me into her arms and rocked me as if I were a young child and not a newly blossomed woman of 19 years. When nothing else worked she had no choice but to call for my parents.

I loved my parents with all my heart but if I am to be honest they never really cared much to my feelings. Always chalking it up as a drama queen moment. They cared enough so I never dwelled in it for too long.

"Olivia darling, what ails you now?" This spoke my mother. I didn't want them to see my face, for it all will be written there, so I buried my head in my pillows.

"Hmm..." my father sighed his annoyance.

"Livy just tell us and all will be well." She pried. I released my self from my pillow. "No it won't! Nothing will ever be the same again." It started to become hard to breathe and I knew I would drift off to sleep soon.

"Perhaps lady Olivia would feel better after having some time to rest." Willow joined in saving me from my embarrassment and probably no doubt noticing the bruising on my arms and neck. My parents shrugged it off noticing nothing and only happy to get away from my new drama queen moment. I didn't care I just wanted to be alone. Willow pulled me out some clothes and ran my water for my bath." Your bath is ready my lady." She pointed toward the bathroom and the steam from the tub called to me. I desperately wanted to wash that man off of me but I wouldn't move. Willow stared in confusion. "Thank you Willow but I prefer to wash alone tonight. " It came out as a whisper. Willow stared back at me for a moment but thought best to follow my orders. I never really liked being assisted in the bath anyway but after today I don't think I'll every have another person tough my body.

I sighed in relief when my door clicked closed. I got up for the first time since I ran home and winced in pain. The adrenaline rush was over and I could feel every ache in my body. Halfway to the bathroom I broke down into tears again until I finally made it into the bathtub. The water instantly turned red from the dried up blood from before. I wiped my tears away with a wet cloth and brought it down between my legs. I washed my body slowly and gently, my skin too sensitive from the assault. Once I rinsed the soap off my body I tried to relax. I reached my big toe to the faucet, like I always did, and felt the hot droplets land on me. I used to think it painful but not anymore. The color of the water was beginning to make me nauseous so I attempted to dress myself and get back into bed. Slowly but surely I did it. Soon sleep fell over my aching body.


The pulsing pain of my entrance woke me from my sleep. Then came a wave of other aches all over my arms and legs. Even my fingertips were in pain from my fight. Nevertheless I got up to change only to be stopped in my tracks by my own reflection. My long tightly curled hair a mess and my eyes red. My nightgown revealed the spots of black and purple riddling my glowing caramel skin.

A loud gasp from behind me tore my focus away from my body. Willow stood speechless taking in all that stood before her. Instantly pity hit her eyes. I didn't have to say a word. Just then a serious look appeared on my face and I stormed out my room. I strode confidently through the halls and corridors past many shocked faces similar to Willow's. I kept my head high and my bruises on display until I reached my parents in the sitting area. They froze simultaneously at a lost for words. Confusion littered my father's face but my mother knew exactly how I got these bruises. "You've lost your virtue. " she said plainly. It stung a little in my heart. I've never had my mother speak like this to me.

My father's confusion drifted away and anger took root. "How could this have happened!" His tone surprised me as my father never really talked much but who wouldn't be upset that their daughter was raped. "He overpowered me." Admitting it brought tears to my eyes again but I kept them down for now. Father started pacing back and forth. "Who will marry you now?" He finally blurted. I knew that most men wanted virgins as their bride and the only men that would have a non virgin were farmers or merchants. Perhaps a poor lord in need of a cheap pretty wife. "Ugh... this has ruined everything. " I also knew father was hoping I'd marry into a high branch so he could have a higher status and more money. I didn't mind before but now I think it should be less important. "Who was it?" Mother state as plainly as before. I lowered my head. "Tyress Hardeni." Both had their eyes glued to me. "That man....he's....hmm." she stayed silent. Father paced even more making me dizzy. I slowly sat down on the palen tufted ottoman. "What are we going to do with you now?" He stopped and glared at me in disgust. I only sat there ashamed.

Just then the door busted open and our doorman was thrown to the floor. We all stood up to see who the culprit was. I took a step back at the sight of him, earn a warning glare from him. Then he quickly turned his attention to my father. "My name is Tyress Hardeni and I've come to have your daughter's hand." His voice boomed shaking our bones. My father was so stunned that he didn't speak for quite some time. Finally he snapped out of it. "H-how c-could you possibly think I'd just give you my daughter?" Tyress smirked as he did yesterday. "Of course I'm here with gifts." Another man that we only just noticed tossed two huge bags in front of my father. He then gestured that the doorman open to see what it was. The man gasped at what he saw causing my father and mother to take a look as well. "Its all gold coins." Their eyes bulged as they took a handful out to see if it's real. "There will be more after the wedding." Tyress said almost bragging. My heart sank. "The wedding will commence in 2 months. That should be enough time for you to heal." And with that he turned around leaving the manor as my father accepted.

Time seemed to slow down and a ringing sang in my ears. I burst from all the pressure that pushed on me. I yelled, cursed, and I threw things in protest. He was having none of it. No matter the threat, no matter the bargain. My fate was sealed.

"Olivia stop pouting its unseemly." Mother chastised me again during my dress fitting.

"Mother I don't want him. He'll surely kill me."

"Why would he kill you after paying so much to marry you?" I turned away from my reflection hating that I looked so beautiful for that man. Why did she have to pick out suck a nice dress? It compliments my curves perfectly.

"Soon you'll see that this was best for you. If not him it would have been someone of lower status." I know my mother words to be true but this man is so aggressive. I'm sure my life will be hard. If anyone else had come to find out what he had done to me I would have died of embarrassment. Then I would have been cast out of the family. I stayed quiet throughout the rest of the fitting.

The wedding fast approached and I haven't seen Tyress since that faithful day. Willow and a few other servants dolled me up for the occasion. I wore a soft natural makeup look with my hair in a bridal bun with pearls pinned in. The soft lace dress hugged my curves and the neckline exposed my cleavage. I didn't want to feel beautiful today but it was hard not to when I looked like this. The stage is set and it's time for me to play my role. I won't let him win. Never.

My father grabbed me by the hand and squeezed hard. "Don't ruin this with one of your episodes." I words meant nothing to me now that I've numbed my heart. He practically dragged me down the aisle because of my slow pace. Once at the end I've noticed Tyress. He wore nothing fancy just some leather pants and a black pure cotton shirt. He didn't even put on a suit. He grabbed my hand yanking me away from my father and glared at him. Then turned his attention to me, looking me up and down nodding his approval. I didn't even notice the priest wedding speech until it came to my part. My mind went blank for a moment but I got brought back by the sound of my groom clearing his throat. If I didn't know better I would say that he was nervous. The rest of the wedding went by in a flash. A combination you people congratulating us and sympathetic looks.

I felt my left hand lift from the table. "Come." Tyress led me to the dance floor and I didn't dare to fight him. I've never danced with someone so big before but he made it seem easy. We glided around the room catching the eye of everyone. It was until we got closer that I wanted to pull away. Flashes of my assault coming to mind. He gripped me tighter keeping me in place. Fear rushed through my body at the gesture but I stayed still as he wanted. When the dance ended instead of returning to our table we slipped out to the entrance of the venue. "We must leave now if we want to make it by morning." He explained. "Make it where?" I asked stupidly. "Home."

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