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Pain or Pleasure

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Chapter two

The drive in Tyress's hunting rig was indeed long. We arrived to a long eery forest path. The tree branches in the midnight blackness threaten to take you down to the depths of hell. The atmosphere screamed danger at every turn. Just when I thought we'll ride this forest path forever, there appeared a clearing and at the end of the road stood a large three story rustic stone and wood home. There was a magnificent meadow on either side of the building, which I thought would look lovely in the spring.

"Are you waiting for me to carry you inside?" His remark snapped me out of my trance. I hopped out of the truck and quickly made my way inside. Once I was inside the coldness hit my face and I scanned the room. The floor and walls made of stone with simple furniture adorning the necessary spaces. A couch, a table, some chairs; it didn't look like much and it wasn't a welcoming home. "Go and settle in while I bring in the rest of your things." He spoke so casually now, like I wasn't hating him inside. I picked up my bag and wondered around until I found a room with double doors. The woodwork seemed more extravagant than the others so I guessed it was the master bedroom. I struggle to push the heavy doors open but when I did I was greeted with the saddest excuse of a room I've ever seen. It was gigantic but only had a bed and a chair. There were no windows and a door to the side that I soon found to be the bathroom. How can anyone sleep in here? This room was colder than the others and gave me a horrible feeling. Even so I picked out my nightgown and dressed for the night. Once I finally got to the massive bed the double doors swung open with a thud and the terror flooded me once again. I remembered I am married and this is my wedding night and I'll have to lay with this monstrous man yet again. I froze in place hoping he'll forget the formality. "Take off your clothes." My muscles clenched. I stayed still for a while frozen in fear. "I'll gladly assist."

Before I could object his hand was gripping my strap and teared it off with ease. I wore nothing underneath to his approval. He held me by the back of my neck while he placed his other hand all over me. When he closed the distance between our face I turned and pushed him off me but could move him. Since I wouldn't let him kiss me, his lips trailed down my neck to my breast."Mhmm..." I fought the moan trapped in my throat but my body betrayed me. He leaned over me forcing my body to lay flat for him. "Please....no." I begged him. He ignored me and let his right hand trail up my thigh to my core. I yelped at the sudden sensation.

He gave me no time to adjust. As soon as he had my folds in his grasps, his fingers gave no mercy. He rubbed his thumb against my clit while I fought his hold on me. "Mhmmm.." When he slid his index and middle finger into me another moan escaped me. His fingers hard at work, shoving into me rhythmically whilst his mouth would not release my breasts. He stayed this way even when I bit his arm. "It's no use. You won't be getting away." His voice a low growl laced in lust.

I started to feel myself about to orgasm by his handywork but denied release when he quickly pulled away. The popping sound of my wet pussy echoing off the walls. He slid his fingers into his mouth tasting me while he stared into my soul. My core clenched at the thought of what's to come. After he was done revelling at the sight of my arousal, he flung my body into the position he wanted. Before he could overtake me again, I turned around with my back again the headboard. He was unfazed by my rebellion, grabbing my ankles and pulling until I laid flat. The rest of my gown was ripped off exposing my skin to the cold air.

When he hovered over me aligning his monstrous cock to my entrance, I kicked and pounded his chest knowing what comes next. He stopped momentarily to grab my wrists and pin them over my head. His face now inches from mine. "Don't make this harder than it has to be." "I can't do it. I won't take it." He searched my eyes for my motive. "You are my wife. I'll have you when I want." With that he thrust into me causing me to scream from the pain of my pussy stretching. He pounded into me much more slowly than the first time but it still hurt. "Ahh fuck!" I cursed. His rumbling of grunts and moans filled the air as he picked up pace. He started to slam into me consistently. My whole body shook while taking in his every inch. "S-stop...... ppppleassse.... I can't take it." I pleaded for it to be over. "I would never put you through unbearable pain." He breathed into my cheek ignoring my begging.

I thought he was finally done when he slowed his pace and lifted off my body. He pulled me up and placed me on my hands and knees. "No...no no no." My arms and legs ached from the pressure of being held down. When he entered me again I could not hold myself up against the power of his advances. Soon I was face down digging into the surprisingly soft sheets. I pulled the pillow over my head to muffle my screams and irritating moans. "Take it. Take all of it." He spoke but I couldn't hear him. I felt his shaft start to buck inside me. "Hmmugh...ahhhhh." he quickly pulled away from my entrance to ejaculate all over my back. I flopped over in defeat but relieved that its finally over. Tyress just sat there until his breathing became normal again. I could feel his eyes on me but I refused to turn around to see him.

I slept only a couple of hours because of this unsettling bedroom. When I decided to get up and wash off I was happy to see Tyress was already gone. I relaxed a bit and got up to pee. Once I entered the bathroom I saw his back facing me as he leaned against his tub. It was basically a pool because of how massive it was. I slowly made my way to the toilet catching his eye. A smirk spread out on his face as he watched me relieve myself. We were silent as I finished and washed my hands. Just as I was about to leave a woman emerged from the water with a sponge in her hand. "I'm finished." She said with a huge smile on her face. She locked eyes with me and smiled even bigger, if that was possible. "Oh are you Lady Olivia? You must be." She jumped out the bath and ran to me when I noticed her naked body. The young girl was petite and pale. Her breasts were small but perky. And her short brunette hair hung over her ears. She trailed water everywhere as she circled around me. "This is Greta. She serves me." Tyress explained. "Greta, this is my wife. You'll treat her well." Greta nodded enthusiastically. "You may go. You won't be bathing me anymore." Her smiled was wiped away at his command. "But I've always bathed you. How would you get clean?" She pouted. "My wife will be the only one to do it from now on." Her smile reappeared and she nodded her approval. Without anymore hesitation she was gone.

"Come." His rough voice sent shivers down my spine. I dreaded the thought of being naked with him, but followed his order for fear of repercussions. I stepped into the steaming bath slowly making my way to him. He watch my every move as if I was a show. Once I was face to face with him, I picked up the sponge Greta tossed to the side. "Greta has already finished my bottom half." I couldn't help but rejoice internally knowing I wouldn't have to go towards his manhood. The sponge glides on his muscles. I make sure I get the curves made by his biceps and abs. His chest adorned with battle scars, none superficial. How did he survive so be serious injuries? He noticed me scanning his scars and puffs up his chest a bit more so I could see them all. Once I was done with his front he made no move for me to wash his back. He was against the side of the tub so I couldn't reach. I had to press my bare chest against his to reach around. "Hmmmm." He hummed his approval. Before he could lift his hands to touch me, I rinsed his body and made my way out. "Stop." He voice bounced off the bathroom walls making me shake in terror. "I'll clean you now." He picked up the sponge and grasped my shoulders. "I know how to wash my own body." I protested. He smirked and nodded his head in response but he did not release me.

He used slow gentle strokes with the sponge, never lingering over my naughty bits. After he was done he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and washed my hair. I actually enjoyed his service. It felt so good that started to lean back against his bare chest but jolted up when I made contact. He even conditioned my hair after. By the end of it all my face was hot from the ordeal. I dried off and got dress as fast as I could, not wanting to be naked around him longer than necessary. When I turned around I was greeted by his presence. "Take off your clothes." He demanded. I took steps back nearing the stone wall for support but before I made it his hands were on my dress pulling at it until it tore open. I screamed as he lunged at me placing kisses on my neck before replacing them with his hand. He pulled on my neck like a leash guiding me to the bed. And just like that the torture continued.

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