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'The Happy Hooker Driver'

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'The Happy Hooker Driver'; An exciting, and interesting story of the human condition with all of its flaws, and triumphs, each episode will have you wanting more!

Erotica / Adventure
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'God Knows Your Soul'

I keep on asking myself if I should do it, or not? This is not just taking the road less traveled, it is driving my vehicle right off of the road, and right into the gutter. But, I am flat as a pancake broke! I am surviving off of one cup of coffee per day, and on Top Ramen Noodles. Also from any change that has been encrusted to the coffee table due to drink spills, which I am able to scrape off. “The poor always have to make the choices which the rich do not.”

I am fairly new to the state of Philadelphia, as I am originally from Out West. Now, I have been residing here for about a year, and things have not been looking too good. I lost my Auto Repair Business due to theft, and poor management. Now, here I am with not even a bucket to piss in, but a studio apartment which is infested by Mice to shit in. I had thought that the strange noises that I was getting accustomed to hearing at night were Spirits stopping by, but boy was I wrong, when I saw one by one...Three mice jump out from the Radiator. I could not believe it! I was so in shock, that I could neither scream nor move. I just stared at my terrified reflection on my television screen.

I know that I have to make a change, because I am living in dire circumstances. I am without a job, and money. I have become a squatter of all things. I was no longer able to afford my rent, but my conscience did not weigh too heavily upon me. I knew that my landlord would not be able to find another tenant to live in this hell hole, and I had no where else to relocate to, so I took advantage of the situation. But, I am more so on the losing end rather than on the winning end. My only way out of this unhealthy, distressing situation is that I have a decent, reliable vehicle to use to look for a driving job.

Craigslist Ads; Driving Jobs, “Let me see, hmmm let me see. There are so many of them to choose from. Hiring for a delivery driver for an Auto Parts Store. Driver wanted for Pizza delivery four days per week. Choose the hours that you want to work, and make good money doing it, delivering for The Philadelphia Inquirer. In need of a responsible, and trustworthy driver for a Private Escort Agency; Serious inquiries only, call/text Jessica after 10:00 pm. I skimmed back over this ad another three or four times to make certain that I was reading this correctly.

Call me naive, but I had no idea that I would come across a job listing such as this. I do not even know how to begin to process this newly found information. Should I even be contemplating giving this agency a call? I mean that I have had quite a few driving jobs in my life, but this one truly takes the cake! Actually, it not only takes the entire cake, but it smashes it in your face too! And their name, ‘The Escargot Agency’, what kind of name is that; Isn’t that French for snails? This goes against my moral code, and my belief system. This would be selling my Soul...for Money.

I wrestled with this thought for a few days, before I made the choice to call. “Hello, Agency Escargot, this is Jessica, how may I be of service?” I heard the most pleasant, and warm voice on the other end of the phone, it is a relief. Now, I could not hang up, I have to go through to the end with this call. I said: “Hi, I am calling about the driving position which you have posted online on ‘Craigslist’, Please will you give me some more information about this?” I sunk further down in my seat, afraid that her response might appeal to me.

“Yes, certainly; We have been in business for over a decade. We pride ourselves on taking good care of all of our girls. And, our Motto is: We are only as good as our last girl. For this position you will need a valid Drivers License. I am looking for a reliable driver who is available throughout the night. When are you looking to start...I have a really sweet girl who will be needing a driver tonight.”

At that moment I froze! I sank down so far into my chair that now, I was almost sitting on the ground. But, once I gained my composure, I stood straight up, and with a pleasant reply I said to Jessica that I could not do it tonight, but that I would let her know. I was relieved when the conversation ended. I do not want to be hasty with my decision, so I will just sleep on it for awhile.

The nights passed by, but one in particular, I remember very well. I do know that I was partially awake when I had a vision. I have a nice firm cot on the floor which I sleep on. My Studio Apartment is only about six hundred square feet, so the cot has worked pretty good for me. I was laying in bed half asleep, and my eyes were slightly open. It happened within a moment’s time, I heard a voice, it was an Angelic voice. At the same time that this was occurring an Image appeared to me. It was not a defined Image that I could make out, but I knew that it was not of this Earth, and I knew that it was special, And I knew that it was meant for me. It stated to me: “God knows your Soul.”

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